How Much is a Speed Boat

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Are you interested in buying a speed boat? You can find a variety of different models offering various sizes and speeds.

But apart from all that, you need to consider your budget first. 

So, how much is a speed boat? Speed boats can cost as little as $15,000 and upwards of $1,000,000.  On average, expect to pay around $120,000 for a basic model and in excess of $500,000 for something upscale.

Many factors affect prices, such as the type, speed, size, and added amenities that may interest you. 

However, all this information may get overwhelming. With such diverse speed boats and associated prices, it is essential to know what exactly you are looking for. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the speed boats in the market and their features.

10 Price Examples of Speed Boats

Outerlimits SL41

If you are planning for racing, Outerlimits speed boats are one of the best options to go for. With a stunning speed of 100+mph, they have won several events in America and outside.

To keep the supercharger ventilated with fresh air, Outerlimits SL41 is equipped with a cool air intake system, having three Mercury Racing 400Rs. Cool air means more horsepower and, ultimately, a higher performance rate. 

Outerlimits employ carbon fiber post-cured epoxy in their vessels while manufacturing, resulting in lighter and stronger boats. Thus, they keep their high performance despite intense conditions and extended use.

This mighty boat also has two Garmin GPS 7612xvs touch screens, which displays engine gauges, charts, Mercury vessel view, and stereo controls.

Key Features

  • Price – $489,000
  • Length – 41 ft / 12.62 m
  • Hull Material – Fiberglass
  • Hull shape – Modified vee
  • Beam – 9 ft / 2.74 m
  • Dry Weight – 9500 lbs
  • Fuel capacity – 210 gallon
  • Maximum horsepower – 1400
  • Mercury digital throttle and shaft
  • Maximum 5 Props

Mercedes AMG 50 Marauder

Mercedes AMG 50 Marauder is the striking outcome of continued collaboration between Mercedes AMG and Cigarette Racing Team. It can hit a top speed of 140 miles per hour. 

Inspired by Mercedes-AMG GT R, you will find this speed boat faster and proportionally lighter than the preceding models. Although bigger and having more seating capacity, this is 1300 pounds lighter than its predecessor.

The manufacturers have used extensive carbon fiber while designing Mercedes AMG 50 Marauder for better durability. With improved dynamics, it can effectively achieve very high speed. 

Using advanced laminate analysis techniques, they have constructed the cockpit, deck, and consoles from carbon fiber with foam cores. It effectively reduces weight, as well.

Furthermore, it is powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 1550/ 1350 quad-cam four-valve engines and can deliver up to 3100 hp. 

With an electronic key fob, you have the control to choose between two engine power levels. The race key fob unlocks up to 1550 hp and pleasure key fob operates at 1350 hp.

You will find an artist’s approach to the overall design of this speedboat. Even on interior seats, a unique and striking geometric pattern is crafted by AMG performance studio. 

Key Features

  • Price – $2,000,000
  • Length – 51 ft 7 inches
  • Beam – 8 ft
  • Height – 6 ft 6 inches
  • Weight – 17850 lbs
  • Aluminum 332 gallon capacity fuel tanks
  • Mercury digital throttle and shaft

Wright Performance Powerboats 360

Wright performance 360 catamaran is the joint venture of Doug Wright Designs and performance boat center in Osage Beach, Missouri. Doug Wright Design, in particular, is well known for its race boats. 

Since the boat is equipped with twin Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboards, it easily runs at 120+ miles per hour. 

The highlight of this model is the custom interior with Alcantara suede accents and custom dash panels.

Moreover, LED navigation lights, cockpit lighting, underwater, and bilge lights add to the additional features.

That’s not it. You will also find Germin (22 inches display), isotta steering wheel, audio sound system, and sea deck flooring, all features with the best quality.  

Key Features

  • Price – $450,000
  • Horsepower – 400
  • Length – 35 ft 2 inches
  • Beam – 10 ft 7 inches
  • Weight – 5500 lbs
  • Fuel – 180 gallon
  • Hull Material – Fiberglass
  • The digital throttle and shaft
  • Full power steering
  • 36’ Hull with a wrap-around windshield

MTI V-42

If you want a custom-built boat for cruising, fishing, etc., then MTI-V series have you covered. MTI V-42 offers good seating capacity up to 10+ passengers, so you can take your whole family and even friends along.

It also comes with Mercury Marine 400R Verado triple or quad system and can reach up to a speed of 75 mph.

With its unique hull design, this speed boat performs well in extreme conditions. You know the best part? The design is also user-friendly, ensuring comfort and maximum protection.

The company offers customized specifications and construction, so you can choose from a variety of options. It includes outfitting the boat to your lifestyle, exterior color, graphics designs, and multiple interior seating options with different seat fabrics. 

Key Features

  • Price – $585,000
  • Length – 42 ft
  • Beam – 11 ft 6 inches
  • Weight – 15,000 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity – 460 gallon
  • Water capacity – 35 gallons
  • Bridge clearance – 10.5 ft
  • Class – Center console
  • Hull material – fiberglass

Skater Powerboats 388

The Skater powerboat 388 is one of the fastest powerboats from the firm Skater, also known as “Rolls Royce of powerboats”.

Skater powerboat 388 won several competitions at speeds over 190miles per hr. With this high speed, the 388 became a leader in both inland and offshore waters.

In engine configuration, both inboard and outboard options are available. In the outboard version, the 388 is pushed by a pair of Mercury Racing 450R. However, in the inboard version, it is powered by a pair of Mercury Racing QC4V 1,100hp engines.

The firm offers a custom flat deck, six man cockpit wrap-around windshield, and width modifications. Standard models can be widened up to 10 ft. As a result, the seating capacity increased from 5 to 7 persons in the widened configuration.   

Moreover, the widened configuration has comparatively better ride quality at high speed. Apart from that, this boat is also 10/10 on aesthetics.

The firm builds its deck, entire hull, and subcomponents using epoxy and vacuum bagging techniques with Carbon fiber, S2-glass, and balsa core sandwich. 

Key Features

  • Price – $699,950
  • Length – 38 ft
  • Beam – 11 ft
  • Weight – 4400 lbs
  • Fuel capacity – 360 Gallons
  • Sponson deadrise – 19 Degrees
  • Bow and stern lights
  • Engine configuration – Inboard or outboard

DCB Performance Boats M35

DCB Performance M35 is powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350s with M8 drives, having a top speed of 170 miles per hour. 

The company utilizes the latest construction techniques, manufacturing each boat individually.

The boats are constructed with carbon fiber, foam core, and fiberglass. Besides, vacuum infused resin technique is used for fabrication. These materials and techniques ensure the strongest and lightest products.

Other features include M series wrap-around shield, GPS, a stereo system, a six-passenger seating capacity, and a retractable swim ladder.

Key Features

  • Price – $685,000
  • Length – 35 ft 4 in
  • Maximum Beam – 115 ft
  • Cockpit length – 100 ft
  • Cockpit beam – 87 ft
  • Weight – 9250 lbs
  • Fuel capacity – 180 Gallons

Adrenaline Powerboats ZRX47 Carbon Series

Adrenaline ZRX is another leading firm in hull design. Excellent CAD design and five-axis CNC mold production facilities provide state of the art ZRX 47 hull design.

The latest hull design can provide a perfect ride during turns and maneuvers at various speeds (reaching up to 135 mph). 

You have two options for the power compartment: a pair of Mercury Racing Staggered 110 QC4v engines, and a pair of Mercury Racing Staggered 1350 QC4v engines. 

The firm may provide few upgrades on request. This includes a fully enclosed canopy version, customized paint/graphics, carbon fiber engine hatch with louvers and sea deck and underwater LED lighting.

The ZRX 47 is built with epoxy carbon fiber infused with E-glass. To reduce the weight, six-person carbon-fiber bucket seats are used.

The highlight of this model is the full cabin. You will find its access from the tilt-up center console, which opens electronically with a single touch. It also has a single built-in cooler.

Key Features

  • Price -$1,000,000
  • Length – 47 ft
  • Beam – 9 ft
  • Weight – 11,000 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity – 220 gallon
  • 3 piece windshield
  • Six person carbon-fiber bucket seats

Cigarette Racing Tirranna

Featured with six Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard V8 engines, Tirranna can attain 72 mph.

The Cigarette Racing Tiranna is built using the twin step hull design. Furthermore, it also has an advanced engineered hull, ensuring remarkable performance and ultimate comfort during high speed.

Moreover, the eight ft hard top of this boat is deliberately engineered and skillfully designed. Hence, without compromising the looks, this hardtop provides a lower center of gravity for increased performance and additional comfort.

You will see other remarkable features as well. For instance, if the sun gets too harsh, the sky blinds will block out excess light. Also, you can enjoy the sea view from three windows available on each side of the hull.

The control system makes it easy to use this boat. It’s quite simple; you can sequentially start all four engines through one push button.  

Moving on,

With the user-friendly digital system, you can control almost every function. German Multifunction Displays inform you about all the vitals of a boat.

Other features include complete spectrum ambient lighting, boarding handrails, windshield wiper with cleaning system, floodlights, and electrically actuated sunshade.

Key Features

  • Price – $3,500,000 
  • Length – 59 ft
  • Beam – 14 ft
  • Fuel capacity – 1000 Gallons
  • Dry weight – 31,000 lbs

Mystic M4200

Due to the speed and size of M4200, it is ideal for rough water adventures. It can achieve the speed up to 90 mph, and the best part is you will enjoy a dry and safe ride.

In terms of power and color options, you have a wide range. You can even customize the boat according to your style and requirements. M 4200 is equipped with four Mercury racing 450 R outboards.

In Mystic boats, you can see several customizable options like horsepower, navigation, and audio equipment.

Besides, the boat has many other amazing features, including autopilot, radio, GPS, cockpit speakers, VHF, and depth sounder. Moreover, to achieve easy maneuverability around the deck, M4200 is equipped with a bow and stern thrusters.

Key Features

  • Price – $629,995
  • Length – 43 ft
  • Beam – 11 ft 
  • Fuel capacity- 300 Gallons 
  • Class- Centre console
  • Freshwater capacity – 44 Gallon
  • Power- 300 hp
  • Hull Material – Fiberglass
  • Dry weight – 15000 lb
  • Stepped hull

Midnight Express 60’ Pied-a-Mer

Midnight Express is a well-known boat building firm with high-quality performance and luxury options. You can customize the power plan to two different options, inboard, and outboard. 

Having said that, Pied-a-Mer can be powered by seven marine 627 outboards, racing up to 70 mph. However, If you choose for inboard diesel with surface drivers, the boat can maintain 90 mph.

The manufacturer extensively used carbon fiber for the stronger and long-lasting build. For better performance, it’s important to achieve the ideal strength to weight ratio. This is why the boat is constructed by molding with resin fusion and coring throughout with high-density foam.

One of the unique features of this model is the availability of twin staterooms, one forward and another aft. Both are spacious enough and can furnish queen berths. It also has a gallery and a settee.

The 30 ft long center console is another feature that sets it apart from most of the models.

All in one, Pied-a-Mer is a cruiser, racer, and fisher, making it an ideal choice for people with different tastes.

Key Features

  • Price – $1,600,000
  • Length – 60 ft
  • Beam – 15 ft
  • Fuel capacity – 1000 Gallons
  • Water capacity – 100 Gallons
  • Dry weight – 36,000 lbs
  • Hull material – Fiberglass
  • Maximum HP – 2508
  • Twin stepped hull
  • Engine configuration – Inboard or outboard

Final Thought 

Finding the right speedboat isn’t a piece of cake, I get it. However, you can make an informed decision if you know which points to consider. I hope you have figured out the necessary information in this review.

Before buying, you can also ask for recommendations from someone who already has a speed boat. And yes, make sure to keep your budget in mind.

Have fun boating!