9 of Our Favorite Hybrid Travel Trailers

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One of the best feelings is getting out and hitting the road on a long and adventurous road trip.

There’s no better way to see the country than traveling with a camper in tow – allowing you to set up shop wherever you are and simply camp, sleep – and most importantly maximize the time you have in any given location.

This is especially important for those taking a family trip – what better way to get a number of people across the country than to pack a trailer and hit the road?

These days, people want to feel like they’re really experiencing something. A hybrid travel trailer lets you get most of the benefits of a traditional RV trailer while allowing you to still feel like you’re camping in a traditional tent set up. It’s really the best of a few different worlds.

When you are looking at purchasing a hybrid travel trailer, you need to ask some serious questions because this is such a big investment

Does this hybrid trailer match your needs as far as how much space and how many people you’ll be bringing?

How much weight can your vehicle support?  How much weight will you be adding to your hybrid trailer?

What additional features will you want to be included in your trailer?

There are tons of quality options out there on the marketplace and trying to pick one from your bevy of options can be a really difficult decision.

It’s important to think about your specific needs and what things you’ll be willing to sacrifice as well as what features you might be willing to pay extra for.

The following are our favorite options to help slim things down so that you can make a purchasing decision and end up as a happy camper.

1) Rockwood Roo Travel Trailers

hybrid travel trailers

Forest River is a premium name when it comes to the trailer industry, and their hybrid offering is called the “Rockwood Roo”.

The high-quality trailer company is one of the best in the game so you know when you purchase from them you’re getting a serious product that you’re going to be able to use for a long time into the future.

As far as the Rockwood Roo goes, this model is an absolute beast. I dare anyone to check one of these out in person and not fall in love with the idea of traveling around the country in this bad boy.

Basically, the Rockwood Roo could be considered a hybrid plus. It has tons of space for anything you need and you’re definitely going to be living in comfort with this – there’s not even any doubt about it.

The quality of materials on the inside and the outside both are at the highest level – you feel the luxury while you’re inside it, and everyone on the outside will be admiring it from afar.

The interior is made with driftwood which gives it such a homey feel and just looks nicer than almost any other camper you’ll find out there.

Some of the other interior features are so amazing – you need to be prepared to be living in luxury if you’re thinking of buying this trailer model.

First of all, the interior also has maple throughout the inside of the trailer for a great finish.

But the real perks start to come when you get into the electronics area. This trailer has a mounted LCD Tv – great for rainy days or for those who need to stay connected or have family that need a little break from the rugged outdoors.

On top of that, you have various audio capabilities at your fingertips as well. Options to play the standard radio are available as well as hooking up to music players like an iPod or your phone.

As we talk about technology, there’s even a WiFi extension to get some connection if anyone in your family has business that needs to be attended to – a realistic part of life on the road at this point.

You’ve got an outdoor shower to keep everybody clean – another important aspect of living outdoors together for an extended period of time.

The floorplans can vary for these trailer models, but these hybrids are all basically similar enough to discuss spacing throughout.

The living areas are quite spacious – especially for what you might expect from essentially living out of a vehicle.

Family dinettes are included in most models and give you a lot of space for you and your loved ones to eat in comfort.

On top of the dinette area, because this is a hybrid model you have that extra area for bed space that is utilized quite well.

If you’re someone who needs a lot of space to sleep in, you’re going to be happy with what you’ve got here as far as beds go.

The sidewalls made of laminated fiberglass are an extra benefit as well so that you’re going to be protected from whatever life throws at your trailer. The roofing is quite secure as well – everything on this model is built for perfection, as we’ve said.

Overall, this Forest River model is unbelievable. You’ve got plenty of features stacked up to give your family the ultimate comfort when traveling in a hybrid trailer.

Pros: The Rockwood Roo provides a ton of space and a high level of luxury for traveling on the road. You still get the feeling that you’re out camping because of the design, and the different floorplans make sure your model matches your needs. You should have more than enough space than you need

Cons: Some of the hard-side models can be a bit heavy, and the Rockwood Roo is definitely a premium model.

2) Aerolite Hybrid Travel Trailers

9 of Our Favorite Hybrid Travel Trailers 1

The Areolite comes to us from the folks at Dutchmen. Dutchmen is a great brand offering some really premium products and I think that the Aerolite hybrid trailer is no exception to this rule.

Everything from the seating to the exterior is built with a premium experience in mind so consumers can be sure that they’re getting the best of the best.

This beautiful trailer has been painstakingly designed to not only function quite well in the environments you’ll be taking it out into, but its designers wanted it to look beautiful as well and I have to say I believe they succeeded.

On top of the fact that they have a beautiful design, the people from Dutchmen have created something that has a lot of technology included and is really great for those families who have some people who need to take care of business while on the road.

Another surprising feature found in the Aerolite is that they have a tub shower which is incredible to be found in a travel trailer like this.

While we’re in the bathroom, the fact that this model has a porcelain toilet is kind of amazing and what better way to feel right at home than comfort from home in the bath?

The design of all the appliances is stainless steel which leads to a really sharp look inside the trailer.

The height of the trailer gives even the tallest members of your family a lot of room to breathe, so to speak, and you should be comfortable no matter what size you are.

Speaking of space – this Aerolite model features a ton of it. The queen bed size means you won’t be sleeping in any discomfort at all.

The fridge is a double door model that gives you loads of room for your food, keeping your family eating healthy and eating well on your long trips.

As a matter of fact, the Aerolite features a lot of items that give you a ton of comfort. The technology involved in this camper just can’t be beaten.

If you’re looking for some tunes either to relax to or to break up the silence of the wilderness, you’re covered with a Bluetooth stereo hook-up. Most people are familiar with Bluetooth these days so that hook up should take literally minutes at most.

You also have the ability to watch TV through cable or satellite with their booster hook-up. While I can’t imagine you’ll be spending a ton of time with the tube, it’s a nice feature for those with younger children or those who need a bit of catching up to the “real world”.

The patio and power awning give you a great and protected place to hang out outside the camper, and if you’re feeling a nice night out like a campfire setting or something, you’ve got outside speakers to keep the party going as long as you need.

The remote system from the Aerolite is one of the best I’ve seen. This touchscreen model gives you control over the entirety of your Aerolite from one place and I mean the entirety of your model. You’ve got control over the lights, awnings, slide-outs, honestly, everything you need is in one place which makes this convenient for families who don’t want to spend a ton of time setting everything up, taking it down, and getting ready to set something up the next day.  You also won’t be fumbling around in the dark for light switches or trying to find the one button you need in an awkward space.

There are some other various features that you may be interested such as aluminum wheels for durability or the patented StabiliTrak suspension rig that is going to keep your Aerolite stable and comfy no matter where you take it.

Pros: Aerolite has a great shower area and many will be impressed by that specific part of the trailer. The outdoor area is nice with patio and power awning.  Trailer is built to be quite sturdy and hold up over time.

Cons: The Aerolite offers a bit less protection than the traditional full hard-side model. Some may not love the design of the trailer.

3) Coleman Hybrid Travel Trailers

9 of Our Favorite Hybrid Travel Trailers 2

Coleman is a well-known name in the trailer business and this specific model is a nice offering from Dutchmen.

You have two different models here with the Coleman name, you have a “Light” and a “Lantern”.  While you’ll want to check your specific needs, the features we talk about here are spread across these different slight variations and should still help you make a decision on what you need.

The Coleman Lantern models have an absolutely amazing claim – they can sleep up to 10 people!

That’s a huge number that even the largest families will enjoy. If you were looking for your hybrid trailer that can fit the cousins too – you’re staring at it right here.

One of the best features that the Coleman can boast is the fact that it uses a Power Tongue Jack as well as a stabilizer. This is a big deal because now you’re going to spend less time setting things up and more time doing whatever it is you came to do in the first place.

You also have an absurd amount of USB plug-ins in this trailer. When you think about it, this design makes a lot of sense. In today’s society, if you can sleep up to 10 people in a trailer, you better have some heavy USB capability because you might need 10 plugs (or more) for those 10 people.

The dinette has a lot of storage space and to be honest there’s a vast amount of storage space throughout the trailer, so your family should have space for any toys, clothing, camping gear – anything they need to bring.

The Coleman RV trailers are absolutely beautiful on the inside. The interior design has been done by some people who really know what they’re doing. When you see the inside of this trailer for yourself, you’re going to be surprised that it’s not a full house – it feels that much like you’re right at home.

To add to the homey feel, you even have features such as a medicine cabinet.

The Coleman model is appropriate for camping in all four seasons due to the insulated bottom of the trailer. It’s completely enclosed so that you don’t have to worry about freezing or any other problems that may occur.

Overall, this model is a thing of beauty. The different variants give different families everything they need from a hybrid trailer and if you do purchase one of these models, you’ll be sure to be happy with what you get.

Pros: The Coleman models are well-designed to today’s society with USB plugs essentially everywhere. The design looks great and I think anyone would feel at home in these models.

Cons: The number you sleep may be in question depending on what model you buy. Even though models are built for four seasons, you’ll want to take care to make sure everything is taken care of correctly.

4) Kodiak Hybrid Travel Trailers

9 of Our Favorite Hybrid Travel Trailers 3

Kodiak is another version of a hybrid trailer that doesn’t really sacrifice much to earn its status.

The Kodiak can sleep an absurd ten people, and although may not believe that – it just means that a family of 6 or even 8 should have a ton of space since you could feasibly get 10 into the trailer.

This is a lighter unit that can be towed by most SUVs. It’s kind of incredible to think about, you can live out of a vehicle like a SUV but still have room for up to 10 people! That’s the kind of efficiency some family leaders can only dream of when planning a trip across the country.

Dutchmen offers their custom made “iN-command” remote operating system with this model. What that does is allow for everything to be controlled out of one convenient position.

Everything is controlled from this “home base” including the indoor and outdoor lights – a nice plus. But you also control other things from this remote such as awnings or even generator settings.

The Kodiak has a great feature for those who need a lot of sleeping room – they have Queen beds in each and every one of their floor plans.  The 60 x 80 bed size gives couples room to breathe and if you’re a single sleeper, you’re going to have plenty of room to spread out across the whole mattress. Comfort matters when you’re in a trailer, and the queen beds that are in a Kodiak receive high marks there.

Another thing that Kodiak does right is make sure they have sturdy entry steps. They’re made out of aluminum so if you have elderly or young family members getting in and out of your camper, they’re going to feel quite secure using these entry steps. They’ll also last as long as the trailer does, no concerns there as far as durability goes.

The underbelly of the Kodiak is completely protected. If you’re out camping in the cold, that’s an extremely important factor that you shouldn’t overlook. Freezing lines can be a huge deal where your whole plans are going to be ruined, but that won’t happen here with the Kodiak. On top of that, if you hit some literal unexpected bumps in the road, you won’t do any damage to this premium trailer.

The décor of the interior design has 3 different options and they’re all quite beautiful. It’s amazing when you think about the attention to detail that Dutchmen has put into this hybrid trailer, and it really shows when you’re walking through the interior.

These looks that you get whether you’re in the bed area, the dinette, or even the kitchen – it could feel a bit almost like a well-done regular apartment. That’s fantastic value for those who are going to be on the road a bunch and really living in this unit.

Pros: The remote system to control everything from one spot is easy to control and feels very intuitive. The interior design shines through and allows for a hybrid trailer that feels just like home inside. There’s plenty of space and storage throughout

Cons: May not be quite as heavy-duty as some are looking for. Definitely, a premium product so may not fit everyone’s budget.

5) Flagstaff Shamrock Travel Trailers

9 of Our Favorite Hybrid Travel Trailers 4

Forest River is top of the line when it comes to travel trailers, and I believe this Flagstaff Shamrock is one of the tops in the industry.

There’s a lot going on when it comes to hybrid trailers, but Forest River has been able to check all the boxes.

The expanded interior means you and your family is going to have plenty of space – especially when utilizing the bunk beds. While some people think bunk beds mean there’s no comfort whatsoever, that’s not really the case here. I like the comfort throughout the whole trailer and I think the whole family will feel at home.

The Flagstaff Shamrock is designed to be used throughout all 4 seasons and has heated mattresses for that specific reason.

When you start to look around the inside, you see some amazing interior design sights. The interior is made from driftwood and you have optional maple glaze finishes on some parts of the cabinetry. I can’t even begin to describe how at home this can make you feel when on the road for a long time.

For those with young children, you know how important it can be to have a TV with you for those rainy sessions – and the Flagstaff Shamrock has you covered here.

The mounted LCD TV is great for settling down those fussy children or even just tuning in to see the news for a brief catch-up. I’ve known families to take cheaper video game systems on the road for a bit of old-school fun.

Depending on the model and floorplan you choose, the dinette can be a bit different, but either way, it usually feels quite spacious.

While we’re talking about technology, the trailer comes with a WiFi booster so you can stay connected even closer while you’re even farther away.

As we move to the outside of the trailer, it’s great that you have magnetic door locks so the outside stays outside. That’s a great feature that is utilized well with young children.

The power awning system is fantastic because it clears you up to do more important tasks like making food or building a fire after a long day out – you’re not going to want to be adjusting and dealing with the hassle of a manual awning.

The entry step is built to be quite stable and durable so you won’t have any concerns no matter how old or young some of your family may be.

The ceilings and walls are all insulated and built with your comfort in mind so no matter what season, you’re going to be quite comfortable with the great technology that Forest River has used to build this trailer.

On top of all of this, you get some great basic features like a microwave oven and a kitchen sink with a double bowl design. Those little things just keep you closer to home.

This model is a big win from Forest River, it’s an excellent hybrid truck trailer that is going to keep you happy no matter what the wilderness throws at you.

Pros: Has a high level of technology so those families who want a mix of home and outdoors won’t be afraid to hit the road.  The kitchen comes with appliances that fit the space quite well, and quality is apparent from top to bottom – inside & out.

Cons: Could be heavy for what some are looking for, may need to look for something with less weight.

6) Starcraft RV Mossy Oak

Starcraft RV is a well-known name in the trailer industry, and if you’re looking for hybrid trailers, it makes a lot of sense to check their offerings out.

While it’s named for a tree, you’ll have a lot more comfort than just pitching a hammock up and bracing the outdoors – Starcraft is a premium name in comfort.

The construction in this trailer is outstanding. The biggest plus of the Mossy Oak is that it uses fiberglass insulation to keep you comfortable no matter what is happening outside your trailer – a big deal if you’re planning on dealing with any kind of inclement weather.

You also have a roof that can be walked on with ease, that’s a big draw for those who need to get up and on top of their trailer.

The cabinetry inside the trailer is quite fantastic and really has this amazing hardwood look that is going to seem like you’re inside a premium home.

The kitchen is good, but not great, you have a fridge with a lot of storage coming in with 6 cubic feet. That’s not the highest I’ve seen – but it should hold plenty of food for you and your family.

As we move through the interior, you’ve got some great technology to keep your family engaged.

The fact of today’s society is that everyone probably wants a TV in some capacity, and the Mossy Oak has you covered with a cable hook-up as well as a satellite one.

Any kind of light or control switches are all in one coordinated area, which means no stumbling through the dark.

The trailer really shines in its exterior construction. Everything feels sturdy and durable so you’ll have a long lasting trailer.

I like the Mossy Oak and what it has to offer for those who are looking for a nice sturdy trailer that gives them a lot of comforts.

Pros: This is built to be a long-lasting trailer that you can be sure will be with your family for a long time. The construction in this trailer is awesome. Technology aspects are solid so you should be covered there. Feels nice throughout the trailer.

Cons: For such a premium product, you may want to see some better “action” in the kitchen. That might not live up to some’s expectations.

7) Jayco Jay Feather 7

9 of Our Favorite Hybrid Travel Trailers 5

Jayco is a leader in the industry as far as travel trailers go and the Jay Feather 7 is a sharp looking blue and white entry.

The outside of this hybrid trailer looks sleek and you’re going to be turning heads when you drive past. The diamond plating gives an extra feel of a premium model – and for good reason, this is definitely a luxury item.

On top of that, the outside of this trailer has a nice spot for bicycles on the back so you get a little extra storage if you’re a serious cyclist.

Getting where you’re going can become quite the test when you’re hitting some remote areas, but the Jay Feather 7 is built with tires from Goodyear, quite possibly the most famous tire manufacturer.

Moving to the inside, the Jay Feather 7 features a serious kitchen that is great for those families prepared to spend a little bit of extra time on the road, where meal prep begins to matter greatly.

The kitchen has a decent-sized fridge that will allow for some food storage, but the microwave and cooktop make sure that you’re always going to be eating in comfort.

The interior is amazing – most people in apartments would love it if their interior looked like this, but you’re actually rolling across the country with this style! The LED lighting does a great job of illuminating all of the areas that need it, and the wooden feel up and down in the camper just makes a great job of feeling like you’re almost in a cabin instead of a vehicle.

The living area is so spacious, especially when you take into account the fact that the fold-down bed can go down or up to give you exactly the look and feel that you need.

The sofa feels amazingly comfortable as well, this trailer wants to be compared to apartments and it succeeds in that fight because everything feels so homey.

Jayco has a deal with Simmons to provide an amazing bedtime feel – these mattresses are quite comfy. I know that matters to a lot of people who can struggle to sleep on the road, and having experienced one of these Simmons mattresses, I can say that this is a very comfortable way to live.

Resting up after some serious adventures has never been easier.

While resting up, you’ll probably want to wash off as well. The Jay Feather 7 bathroom is another plus for the model.

You have ample room in the shower as opposed to just a spot to stand seen in other models. The countertop looks like it would be in place in any home or apartment.

One of the most important parts of a hybrid trailer is the tent areas. The Jay Feather 7 uses Duratek materials to keep water out as well as any other weather, animals, or miscellaneous threats that come past. The tenting material feels sturdy and built to last, so you shouldn’t be concerned that you’re getting something cheap in that area.  Since this is one of the biggest draws of a hybrid truck trailer, it’s important that you get some quality in these tents and the Jay Feather 7 passes that test.

All of the walls, roofing, and outside construction is extremely well done. That should give you the comfort that if you buy this trailer model, your interior is going to be well-protected for years on end.

Pros: There are a lot of pros to mention when it comes to the Jay Feather 7. The outside of the trailer is extremely durable – high marks all around. The tenting materials are grade A stuff. When it comes to the inside, the bathroom is a model of luxury. You should feel right at home with your fold up bed and that lets you get the space you need in just the right way.

Cons: The fridge could use a bit more space potentially and I could see some people not enjoying how the dinette is set up.

8) SolAire EXpandable Travel Trailers

9 of Our Favorite Hybrid Travel Trailers 6

Palomino has been making RV’s since 1968 – that’s a long time to be improving your product and listening to customer feedback.

That’s good news for you as a consumer as their new SolAire models are designed to be made with a lot of quality and comfort with everything they’ve learned.

There are different floorplans to choose from so that you have exactly what you need, but all models are made with a strong frame made of full aluminum. That will keep your trailer chugging along for a long time.

Not only that, but the floorplans you see available at the least will offer a queen sized bed in every scenario, and since rest is so important on the road, that’s a nice thing to see.

The eXpandable trailer models come with cabinetry made of walnut – a nice looking wood with a premium feel to it.

The spacing in the trailer feels really great due to a skylight in the kitchen, really lighting things up during the day. While in the kitchen, the countertops feel quite solid and the double door fridge has a huge amount of storage with 8 cubic feet.

With that fridge space, you also get some extra dinette space to go along with that. Families should feel comfortable (or as comfortable as you can) eating in the trailer with all of that space.

As far as comfort goes, you have a lot of indoor lights (LED) that light up the space quite well. USB charging ports will keep your family powered up and connected to the world.

As we move to the outside of the trailer, the eXpandable is well-equipped for durability.

The doors are magnetically latched so that you know they’re closed when they’re closed and nothing can be damaged by slamming doors or anything crazy like that. It also adds a level of security to your hybrid trailer.

The walls and roofs are laminated for extra protection from inclement weather and to keep the trailer safe from the elements.

Pros: Multiple floorplans give you the chance to get a model appropriate for your family. The kitchen, fridge, and dinette areas all have a lot of space, so if you do a lot of eating out of your trailer, you’re going to be quite happy with this offering.

Cons: May not have the most high-tech available for families who find that important. Some may not like the design from the outside

9) Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2190EX

9 of Our Favorite Hybrid Travel Trailers 7

This model has a great offering that can almost sleep a small army. 3 queen beds allow for a sleeping number of up to 8-10 people.

For an extended family or just a large family that is looking to get out across the country, you’ve got to take a look at this model in particular.

The sofa and dinette are placed in a nice way to allow a lot of space when it’s food time. The dinette has a lot of room – more than usually see in trailers like this.

The queen beds are comfortable and come with a thick mattress that allows you a lot of ability to sleep well on the road.

You do have a TV hook-up with an HDMI cord and Bluetooth capabilities, really nice for those with young children – which is a high probability if you’re taking 8-10 people.

The kitchen is well-equipped and most should feel comfortable making food in the Bullet Crossfire.

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The bathroom has a full toilet and shower area with a tub (!) and the sink top has a ton of counter space for whatever you may need like toothbrushes, deodorant, etc.  The hand wand design keeps water in the shower where it needs to be.

The propane tanks are more than enough as you need, and diamond plating on the front help protect from any debris that gets kicked up to your trailer from your regular vehicle.

Overall, I like this Crossfire model for bigger families who need a lot of space for sleeping, eating, and comfort.

Pros: Dinette area is huge and the 3 queen beds mean you have a lot of space for adults to sleep in comfort. The design is nice and I love the bathroom area with a huge counter top for lots of bathroom storage.

Cons: Some may not like the square design from the outside, some storage options may be a little different from what some want.

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