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I started Crow Survival in February 2018, the idea at the time was to create a blog that covered topics related to outdoor pursuits, specifically survival, camping, and fishing. Over the course of the year my tastes began to change, I travelled for a while in an RV and I emigrated to another country with much fairer weather and easier access to the ocean.  As my interests changed, my blog changed to reflect this. As it turns out, this was for the better.

I’m very excited to see where this blog takes me.  2018 was an interesting year and 2020 promises to be even more exciting.

Over the course of this article, I’ll look back over the earnings of 2018, what worked and what didn’t work, and how my income has changed over the first 6 months of 2019.

January 2018 – December 2018 Income Report

55,000 page views for the year of which 50% was organic and the remaining was largely referral traffic.

In all of 2018, my blog earned a total of $1,317.

This was roughly 60% Adsense and 40% amazon affiliate.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is not a lot of money, in fact, it works out to barely more than $100 a month.  Once you factor in hosting and other costs I barely broke even.

So, at the end of 2018, I looked back at what I’d published, what worked, what gained views and ranked in google and what didn’t gain any traction.

I did a ton of research into content publishing, effective keyword research and what to write about so that readers remain engaged. I turned my focus away from link building and instead focused entirely on content production.

At this point, it would be very easy to become disheartened and give up, but thankfully 2020 is looking much more promising.

January 2020 Income Report

19,000 page views, 63% organic, the remaining amount was a referral.

Total earnings $68.

One of the worst months yet and made up of only Amazon Affiliate earnings.

But, at this stage, I’m producing at least 20 new articles a month and they are beginning to slowly move up the search rankings.

February 2020 Income Report

13,000 page views, 80% organic.

Total earnings $237.

  • Amazon Affiliate – $171
  • Ezoic – $66

A big jump in earnings, but still not earning a lot of money.  The biggest change was switching from Adsense to Ezoic. This substantially increased Ad earnings, which is a trend that will continue over the coming months.

March 2020 Income Report

23,000 page views, 82% organic.

Total earnings $583.

  • Amazon Affiliate – $163
  • Ezoic – $420

More than double the earnings of February and largely due to better Ezoic optimisation.  Over the course of the month, the earnings per thousand visitors have increased from $8 up the $28 mark.

April 2020 Income Report

33,000 page views, 90% organic.

Total earnings $1,045

  • Amazon Affiliate – $250
  • Ezoic – $795

Nearly doubled earnings again.  This has mostly been driven by an increase in organic traffic and continued optimisation of Ezoic.

May 2020 Income Report

70,000 page views, 90% organic.

Total earnings $1724

  • Amazon Affiliate – $230
  • Ezoic – $1,489

May has obviously been the most successful month to date, seeing a revenue increase of 65%.  Substantially increased page views drove most of the increased revenue as well as being accepted into the Ezoic premium network.

What Does The Rest Of 2020 Look Like

I’m fully expecting revenue and page views to increase every month, and in the last week I have seen page views jump to around 4,500 page views a day and ezoic earnings increase to around $130 a day.  

If page views remain consistent I can expect to break the 100,000 page view mark in June and hopefully break the $3,000 ezoic earning mark for the month.

In an ideal world, I’d like to break the 500,000 page views mark by the end of the year and exceed $10,000 earnings a month.  It’s an ambitious target but one I feel is achievable with enough planning and work.

How I Increased Earnings by Over 3,000% in 5 Months

Going from $66 in earnings in January 2020 to $1,724 in earnings in May 2020 is something I’ve very proud off, it may still seem to be a very small amount to some people, but it’s a decent revenue boost to my family and me.

However, the work to increase earnings really started at the end tail end of 2018.  I was frustrated that what I was writing about wasn’t gaining any traction, and the truth of the matter was, it was the same content that everyone else was producing.  It didn’t stand out and there was no reason why my content should have been ranked higher than anyone else’s. So, to that end, I decided to change my approach.

Rather than chasing after keywords that were already saturated, I began trying to produce ‘useful’ content, stuff people where searching for that didn’t necessarily have a buyers intent behind it.

I’ll no go into to much detail in this article about the exact methods I used as it’ll likely need a dedicated piece.  I can, however, recommend Income Schools Videos. The guys at income school have a ton of interesting videos on keyword research, writing, and how to scale things up.  Well worth a look.