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If you plan on camping in the winters, you need an insulated fifth wheel camper. An ordinary camper does not have the insulation to keep the inside warm. The best insulated 5th wheel provides the same camping experience, but with a little more coziness. 

RVs need what is called an arctic package to be usable in the extreme winters. This includes not only insulation but also some heating elements to keep the indoor temperatures cozy. 

Obviously, all of that comes at a price, so many of these insulated 5th wheel RVs qualify as luxury fifth wheels

If you live in a region that mostly has temperatures lower than 50 degrees, it may be worth buying an insulated fifth wheel. 

8 Top Insulated Fifth Wheel RVs That Are Worth Your Money

Here are the eight best insulated fifth wheel you can choose from:

1. Keystone Montana

Keystone MontanaThis fifth wheel trailer from Keystone is one of the all-time bestselling trailers. It’s been around for nearly two decades, so it’s earned quite a reputation. This is good enough for campers living in freezing point temperatures. 

The Keystone Montana is a truly luxurious trailer, as far as temperature control and insulation goes. It’s equipped with multiple heating elements that make sure it can survive even the most frigid of winters. 

Key Features

  • Free-flow AC with a heat output of 15,000 BTU
  • Dual thermostat
  • Ducted second AC (made with just frame and wire)
  • Remote sensor to keep temperatures accurate
  • Electric tank heaters
  • Heated water drains
  • Insulated slide-out floors and main floor
  • Insulated double-layer side walls made of fiberglass
  • Auto-ignition furnace with a heat output of 35,000 BTU
  • Insulated roof (R-38 equivalent)
  • Insulated and heated underbelly
  • Heat duct system
  • In-floor water lines
  • Insulated dump valves and holding tanks
  • Ventilated attic

As you can see, this trailer really takes it up several notches when it comes to heating. You have insulation in the floor, the walls, and the roof. Then, all the water lines are also insulated.

Heated tanks and water drain ensure no water freezes in the pipes. Also, you can enjoy a hot shower in the freezing temperatures. The roof is insulated with radiant technology, whereas the walls are fiberglass, so they’ve used the very best stuff for each part of the camper. 

You also have a heated exterior convenience center. This particular model was tested in some extreme temperatures in Indiana. They tested it below zero degrees Fahrenheit, not Celcius. The temperature inside was kept a nice 72 degrees, while the outside was a frozen tundra.


  • Thoroughly insulated
  • High power heating elements
  • Insulated valves and heated tanks
  • Very comfortable for extreme winter camping


  • A bit expensive for your average RV dweller

2. DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel

DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth WheelIf the budget isn’t your concern, then go for the absolute luxury with the DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel. It’s not just luxurious because of its design and interior, but also the high-level insulation it has through and through. 

With solid construction, this is as good as it gets. Another reason why it’s one of the best insulated fifth wheels is that it’s quite spacious. Even the smallest of the sizes offer a decent 32 feet area. 

This DRV fifth wheel is good enough for extreme temperatures, like below freezing point in the dead of winter. The insulation is equivalent to R-15, which is way higher than the usual standard and recommendation by the Department of Energy. 

You can add more heating elements to it if you have the money. You can even get it CSA certified if you’re going further up north. 

Key Features

  • Four season heat ducting in the floor
  • R29 wool floor insulation (free from formaldehyde)
  • R16 wood roof insulation (free from formaldehyde)
  • A furnace with a heating output of 40,000 BTU
  • LED clearance lights on the exterior
  • 20 floor plan choices
  • 3.25 inches thick wall with foam core
  • 12-gallon hot water tank
  • Sea level tank monitor

Another great thing is that the insulation materials, the EcoBat high-density wool insulation, is eco-friendly. Since it’s free of formaldehyde, it’s also safe for you. Also, you have some of the thickest walls in the RV world. 


  • Fully-insulated with high-quality and eco-friendly materials
  • Multiple floor plans
  • Stacked triple tube steel frame 
  • Customizable design and heating
  • Energy efficient


  • Very expensive

3. Heartland LM Arlington

Heartland LM ArlingtonThe Heartland LM Arlington has one of the best arctic packages you can find in RVs. It has the Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package. This is an optional feature that you’ll need if you’re camping or traveling in extremely cold temperatures. 

For this reason, it’s an affordable all-season fifth wheel. Those who want insulation can pay more and get the package. Those who don’t need it, don’t have to pay more for insulation. 

Key Features

  • Multiplex lighting system
  • Stainless steel oven
  • Lockable safe
  • 1000-watt inverter with surge protectors
  • Power bed lifts
  • Three AC units (45,000 BTU)
  • Fully laminated and insulated floor (R38 equivalent)
  • Laminated walls (R11 equivalent)
  • Dual-pane frameless flush mount windows
  • USB ports
  • 80-amp converter
  • Soft tables

With so much going on in the construction and interior of the camper, this is quite a heavy one. The dry weight is 15,170 pounds, whereas the hitch weight is 3,100 pounds. Furthermore, the carrying capacity is 2,780 pounds. 


  • Yeti Extreme Cold Package
  • Lots of amenities and extra features
  • Multiple floor plans
  • High-quality construction


  • You have to pay extra for the Yeti package

4. Northwood Arctic Fox

Northwood Arctic FoxCan a winter RV list be complete without the Northwood Arctic Fox? Absolutely not! This is one of the most popular insulated RVs, with so many features to offer. 

Basically, it has everything a small family could ask for. On the other hand, a solo camper might question if he or she needs all that stuff. It’s more about your preference, whether you like your trailer to be full of amenities or you can make do with just the basics. 

If you do choose the Northwood Arctic Fox, you’re covered for more than what bare necessities in a camper are. The crazy part is that these campers aren’t that big either. With a moderate size and some design hacks, they have managed to pack in quite a lot of stuff. 

Key Features

  • Foam insulation equivalent of R-18
  • Ten cubic foot large fridge
  • A full-size tube with a retractable shower screen
  • Fan vents in the bathroom
  • Porcelain toilet with foot-pedal 
  • Skylights in kitchen and bathroom
  • TruRest queen mattress
  • USB ports
  • Microwave with a range cover
  • Sofa and dinette with throw pillows
  • CO (carbon monoxide) detector, smoke detector, and liquified petroleum detector
  • LED TV
  • 15-inch aluminum wheels with shocks

This is a full-fledged luxury camper with most amenities you could think of. It’s as close to a luxury home as possible. In terms of insulation, it’s a four-season camper that’s good enough for sub-zero temperatures as well. 

Of course, you can always make it even more luxurious. Throw in some cameras, tank heating pads, more fan vents, and some nice awnings. You will have yourself a great and highly comfortable fifth wheel camper. 


  • Loaded with features
  • High-quality materials
  • Thick foam insulation 
  • Easy to upgrade


  • Extremely pricey
  • A bit short

5. Heartland Bighorn

Heartland BighornHeartland is one of the remarkable companies when it comes to four-season RVs. Their Bighorn RV delivers quality, features, reliability, and value for money. What’s not to like there?

With lots of floor plans on offer, it’s good for basically every budget. Whether you’re tight with money or burning a hole in your pocket, this is a good choice. 

The biggest one has a dry weight of 14,000 pounds and a hitch weight of 3000 pounds. There are ample heating features to keep you warm and cozy in frigid winters. Those features come in virtually all floor plans.

Key Features

  • Insulated roof AC duct system
  • A single piece below-floor heating duct
  • A furnace with a heat output of 42,000 BTU
  • R-14 equivalent upper deck flooring insulation
  • R-38 equivalent main flooring
  • R-34 equivalent roofing insulation
  • R-11 equivalent wall insulation
  • Insulated and heated underbelly
  • Pump-PLEX water lines

The flooring is laminated, while the windows are tinted to keep the light out. The walls are fiberglass, so even though they are insulated, they don’t seem so thick. That has an effect on the overall look of the camper, making it look sleek. 

As for the amenities, you have a memory foam mattress in a king-size bed, a closet, ceiling lights in the bedroom, and a pullout storage drawer. The bedroom is just perfect, to say the least. 


  • All surfaces are insulated and can stand freezing temperatures
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Lots of amenities
  • High-quality water lines
  • Multiple floor plans


  • No insulation on pipes

6. Forest River Arctic Wolf

Forest River Arctic WolfForest River Arctic Wolf gives you two options when it comes to insulation. You have two packages to choose from: the Arctic Package and the Extreme Weather Package. 

As the second package’s name suggests, it’s for the extreme winter sub-zero temperatures. So if you’re camping in the Midwest, say Michigan or Minnesota, you should go with this package. 

The Arctic package is still quite decent and should be able to get you through some rough winters. But it’s essential for the normal winter conditions. 

The RV itself has six floor plans. The biggest model is 10,000 pounds, with a hitch weight of 1452 pounds. The maximum height on all the RVs is 11 feet, which makes it an under 25 feet fifth wheel

Key Features

  • Upper bunk windows
  • Solar wiring and prep
  • A pullout kitchen faucet
  • Outside TV bracket and outside shower
  • Home entertainment system
  • Friction hinge entry doors
  • Dinette drawers 
  • A furnace that can run at 35,000 BTUs (only with Extreme Weather Package)
  • Upgraded arctic insulation (only with Extreme Weather Package)
  • Racetrack ducted air conditioning (only with Extreme Weather Package)
  • Enhanced fiberglass high-gloss sidewalls (only with Extreme Weather Package)
  • Insulated upper decking (only with Extreme Weather Package)
  • A high-circulation ceiling fan (only with Extreme Weather Package)
  • An enclosed and heated underbelly (only with Extreme Weather Package)

As you can see, most of the heating features are available only with the Extreme Weather Package. 

Even if you’re not camping in extreme winter conditions, you may still want to get this particular model as it has a lot to offer. And on the off chance, if you do end up in a snow blizzard, it’ll keep you warm. 


  • Two weatherproofing packages
  • Decent size 
  • Shower and TV attachment on the exterior
  • Thick insulation
  • Many heating features in the Extreme package


  • Very heavy
  • May be tough to move

7. The Ice Castle All Seasons Traveler

Ice Castle All Seasons TravelerYou know you’re getting something for the winters when it’s called the Ice Castle. This Ice Castle All Seasons traveler can easily go out on the ice. The insulation is strong enough to keep freezing winds at bay. 

This is designed, keeping in mind groups and families that camp at a single place when it’s extremely cold. Nevertheless, it’s decent enough to travel too. You can use a heavy-duty generator to live in this thing for months on end. 

You also have 12-volt and 110-volt outlets when you want to go off the grid. Although you can take it on ice, only do that if it’s super thick. As a precaution, avoid taking it on the ice at all. 

The weight of the trailer is 9,740 pounds, so it’s quite heavy to stay on ice for a couple of hours. That said, a lot of campers use it for going ice fishing on the frozen lakes.

Key Features

  • Dual axle hydraulic frame
  • An air furnace with 30,000 BTU output
  • 13,500 BTU AC with a built-in thermostat
  • Fresh water capacity of 15 gallons
  • Black water capacity of 30 gallons
  • Grey water capacity of 30 gallons
  • Six-gallon water heater
  • Arctic insulation package 

The Arctic insulation package is available for many trailers. It makes sure your trailer is good for even the most extreme winter conditions. 


  • Great for going off the grid
  • Generous water capacity
  • Multiple heating options
  • Good value for money


  • It’s a bit heavy for ice

8. Redwood RV

Redwood RVRedwood offers many different kinds of RVs, but this one is its eponymous model. When it comes to quality, this particular model beats even the other Redwood models. Moreover, the construction is absolutely flawless if that’s something you are looking for. 

This is yet again one of those RVs designed to live in, so you have a lot of amenities at hand. The underbelly of this RV is heated and enclosed, making it perfect for winters. The ducts are also wrapped in aluminum and have foam cores for insulation. 

The floor has fiberglass construction equivalent to an R-14 rating. Similarly, you have the dual pane windows option, holding tank heating pads, and a furnace. All these features together give you a cozy interior in the winters. 

Key Features

  • A furnace with 35,000 BTU output
  • Electronically-adjustable awning with LED lights
  • Heated underbelly
  • Insulated floor and sidewalls
  • Solid surface countertops
  • Batten fiberglass insulation
  • Sofa and recliners
  • 12-foot Norcold refrigerator
  • Three burner stove
  • 15,000 BTU AC

In addition to the heating and insulation, the interior of this RV is also pretty great. Everything is high-quality and will last long. This is one of those RVs that don’t lose much value over time and may sell for a good price. 

There are whopping 22-floor plans to choose from, so it’s safe to say you’ll find one you want in your RV. The weight and size vary by the floor plan. These floor plans can accommodate four to six people.


  • Insulation throughout the exterior
  • Generous storage
  • Beautiful interior
  • Big bathroom
  • Plenty of seating in the living area


  • Quite expensive


Before you buy the best-insulated fifth-wheel trailer, do your homework. Dealerships are mostly trying to push their agendas, so you have to know exactly what you want. 

Not all insulations may be enough for below zero temperatures, so if you’re camping in such an icy tundra, make sure you understand what kind of insulation works. It never hurts to add more heating options on top of what comes with the RV. 

Also, keep in mind the weight of the RV and your own experience driving it around. It will be even tougher to move around in winters, especially when it snows or there’s a blizzard. If you’re new at this, make sure to master maneuvering it first.