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The RV lifestyle as the veterans often call it is gaining more and more prominence. People these days, love to explore the countryside and tourist destinations at their own pace. Many families are even opting for full-time living in an RV to reduce costs and to have a flexible lifestyle. However, the entire experience revolves around the RV which you choose.

It is not every day that you would change your RV. Hence; it is utmost essential to go with a reputed brand.

If you have been looking around for RVs, you would have come across the name Kz. The company has been manufacturing RVs for a long time. However, it is apparent that before choosing your RV, you would have the question is KZ RV a good brand?

Only when the company is reliable and has a clean and reputed brand name, can you go ahead and buy their RV. Today, we will not only provide you the answer to this question but also share with you the top 10 RVs by Kz.

History of KZ RVs

Let us first help you understand why Kz brand is so popular among the RV users. Kz has been manufacturing RVs since 1972. The company started in a gas station in Middlebury. The founder of the company, Daryl Zook, first made truck campers. The company was able to gain popularity and loyal customers in no time.

The company has since then progressed from producing RVs in a gas station to 450,000 ft.² workspace in Shipshewana, Indiana. The office of the company spans across eight buildings, and it employs 300 people. Recently, it was acquired by one of the biggest RV manufacturers in the country, Thor Industries. The main USP of Kz is that it has been able to maintain quality, which is what has made it so popular over the years.

Right from the start, it has manufactured some of the most popular RVs like Sportsmen classic, Kz Spree. Currently, as well, it has industry-leading products like the Sportsmen, Durango, Venom V3214DK. Over the years, it has been the recipient of the DSI award at least 11 times. It is among the top 20 Best RV manufacturers in the nation.

Even when you look at the user testimonials, the company has been able to get raving reviews for almost all of its models. The answer to the question is Kz RV a good brand? Is a definite yes. Over the years, it has been able to create a brand for itself by manufacturing world-class RVs with excellent after sales support.

Top 10 Best RVs on offer by KZ

These are just 10 of the best RV offerings by KZ. There are numerous other models. Owing to its large offerings, it has become quite popular. Today, it is a well-known name in the RV industry.

Now, we will share with you a buying guide which will help you choose the right RV.

Buying guide

There are a few factors which you should consider when comparing different RV options. Even when you compare the above ten options, you can check these factors and choose the right one.

• The capacity of the RV:

You have to look at the sleeping capacity of the RV and then make the buying decision. The size of your family will determine the RV which you choose.

• Type of bed:

It is not just necessary to look at the capacity but the type of beds on offer. It can be bunk beds or sofa-cum-beds or power beds. You have to decide which one you prefer the most for you and your other family members.

• Privacy:

If you require privacy in your RV, it is a good idea to choose one which has a separate bedroom area. It will allow you to have your privacy while traveling along with your family.

• Length of the RV:

The length of the RV is directly proportional to the weight of the RV. It will determine the type of truck which you need for moving it. That is why; you have to take into account the length of the RV as well.

Once you consider these four factors, it is easy for you to pick the right RV for your family.

So, if you’re still wondering, Is KZ RV a good brand? Yes, it is an excellent choice. You can go through our list above and choose the RV which you prefer. You can also use our buying guide to make your buying decision easy. With the decades of trust and a variety of different options, KZ RVs is one of the best options you have.  You can check out the KZ website here.