Jayco Octane Super Lite (222) Toy Hauler

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There is absolutely no need for you to leave your Jet Ski, motorbike, mountain bike or kayak at home when going on a camping trip. This is because there are many campers on the market that have a special room, deck, or platform for carrying such toys. They are referred to as toy haulers.

If you have any toys or recreational equipment that you would like to take with you on a camping trip, one of the companies making some of the best toy haulers you can use is Jayco.

Jayco was started in the year 1968 by Lloyd Bontrager. He started the company with the mission to build unique, high value and high-quality recreational vehicles. Considering how successful the company has been over the years, it has obviously achieved its mission many times over.

In this article, I will share with you the five best Jayco toy haulers available to buy.

Let’s begin.

Best Jayco Toy Haulers For Sale in 2020

1. Jayco Octane Super Lite (222) Toy Hauler

Jayco Octane Super Lite (222) Toy HaulerThis is one of the latest and most modern toy haulers in the world! It is my favorite among the Jayco toy haulers I have reviewed on my list. This is because of several reasons including the fact that it has a very beautiful interior, that it has a private bedroom, that it can sleep six people, that it has a spacious garage, and that it has a big size awning. Everything about the Jayco Octane Super Lite Toy Hauler is just special in my opinion!

This toy hauler is perfect for loading up off-road toys because of its spacious garage and its wide ramp door. The garage is spacious enough for two dirt bikes, two or three bicycles, a small ATV, multiple surfboards, multiple kayaks, or a jet ski. 

One of the things I love the most about this toy hauler is the fact that once toys have been removed, it can easily be converted into a living space because it has wall-mounted sofas and a table.

If you ask me why this is my favorite Jayco toy hauler, I will tell you it is because of its private bedroom. The private bedroom or master suite is perfect for spending time alone with your significant other or solo. It has a big high-end mattress for optimum relaxation. It also has multiple storage areas.

Like the other Jayco toy haulers I have reviewed above, this one too comes with a full bathroom and a complete kitchen. Its full bathroom has a shower, a standard toilet, a medicine cabinet, and an exhaust vent. Not many travel trailers have exhaust vents so the presence of on in this trailer is a rarity. The shower will allow you to freshen up easily without creating a mess because it is well-enclosed.

The complete kitchen of this trailer includes cabinets, a 2-burner stove, a stainless steel sink, a countertop, a refrigerator, an oven, and a microwave. It is a kitchen that you can use to prepare hot home meals just the way you like them while you are camping far away from home. It is also a kitchen that will enable you to save money during long trips or when camping because it will eliminate the need for you to eat out.

The exterior of this Jayco toy hauler is feature-rich just like its interior. It includes lockable storage areas, a power service, tinted windows for privacy, a water heater, a winterization kit, LED lights, and an enclosed underbelly.

As I mentioned a couple of moments ago, this Jayco RV is a modern RV. This is because it has several automated things including an automated bed and an automated jack.

In summary, this is a brilliant modern camper with a separate spacious garage.

2020 Jayco Octane Super Lite Special Features

  • It is a modern toy hauler with multiple features
  • It has a wide ramp door to its large garage located in the rear
  • It has multiple features and amenities
  • It has a big bed with a Simmons mattress
  • It is perfect for making your own meals
  • It has a feature-rich exterior

2. Jayco Talon 403T Toy Hauler

Jayco Talon 403T Toy HaulerThis Jayco toy hauler is a stylish and well-designed travel trailer-style toy hauler like the other ones I have included in this list. It is something that will blow your mind the moment you step inside. 

It comes with a private bedroom in the front for you and your partner. In case you are traveling with your kids in it or in case you receive visitors, they can sleep in its convertible sofa or in the bunk beds in its loft.

Just like the 2020 Jayco Octane Super Lite, this toy hauler is very modern. It has multiple modern and convenient features and amenities including an entertainment center, a generator, a climate shield, two entry doors, a multi-burner cooker, a steel microwave, and a refrigerator. The entertainment center features a big LED HDTV and a system that is compatible with all sorts of connections. It also has big speakers. Opposite the center, there is a big sofa. It is very comfy for relaxing and watching sports or movies on the TV.

This toy hauler also comes with two ACs, tinted windows, and a furnace. It is very comfortable and convenient to stay in.

It also has a full bathroom.

2020 Jayco Platinum 403T Toy Hauler Special Features

  • It has an HDTV 
  • It features a large garage for toys
  • It comes with a big bathroom with an enclosed shower
  • It has a heated sofa
  • It has two air conditioners

3. Jayco Seismic 4212 Toy Hauler

Jayco Seismic 4212 Toy HaulerThis Jayco toy hauler is like the other Jayco toy haulers I have mentioned on this list. It is modern and it has a private bedroom, a kitchen, a living area, a bathroom, and a spacious garage. However, there is a slight difference between this toy hauler and the others. The difference is in the fact that this toy hauler has two bathrooms instead of one. This plus the fact that it can sleep many people makes it perfect for families. 

One of the things I love the most about this toy hauler is that its garage is big and it can be easily converted into a lounging area because it has a hidden big size bunk, convertible sofas, and a big-screen TV. The hidden big size bunk is easy to set up because it is electric. 

Above the garage, there is a loft where your kids (if you have any) can sleep in or play in. 

A large pantry in this toy hauler’s kitchen means you can carry a lot of dry food and ingredients to cook while on the road. This kitchen also has a stove, a microwave, and a refrigerator. The living room next to it has a nice sofa, a LED TV, a fireplace, and a thick carpet. It is very cozy and nice to relax in. 

2020 Jayco Seismic 4212 Toy Hauler Special Features

  • It has two bathrooms
  • It can sleep many people 
  • It has an electric bunk and electric awnings
  • It has nice and comfortable sofas
  • It has a big garage
  • It has multiple storage areas
  • It has a nice fireplace

4. Jayco Work ‘N’ Play

Jayco Work ‘N’ PlayThe Jayco Work ‘N’ Play is one of the best toy haulers ever made! In my opinion, it is the best Jayco toy hauler currently available on the market! It is the perfect toy hauler for those who love taking their toys with them to adventure-filled camping destinations to have fun there.

According to those who own this travel trailer, it is a perfect choice for those looking for a toy hauler/ camper with multiple camper features and a flexible garage. 

The camper ‘half’ of the Jayco Work ‘N’ Play is a well-designed and feature-rich camper. It designed in such a way that it makes camping in it to feel like staying in a hotel with tiny rooms or in a tiny New York one-bedroom apartment.

This is because it has everything including a spacious double bed, a bathroom with hot shower, a standard toilet, a kitchen, a large fridge, a microwave, a heating system, an AC, an entertainment system with a TV and a surround system with both outdoor and indoor speakers, and multiple storage areas. There is no way you will camp in this travel trailer and feel as if you are not at home.

The garage ‘half’ of the Jayco Work ‘N’ Play is located at the back of this camper. In my opinion, it is the best ‘half’ of this recreational vehicle because it is super impressive, and not many recreational vehicles are built like it to allow you to carry your toys with you.

The ‘garage’ area of this toy hauler is an open area that has enough space to carry toys such as bicycles, motorcycles, quad bikes, go-karts, kayaks, canoes, white water rafts, surfboards, jet skis and so on. Whatever toy or machine can use to have fun in a camping trip, you can easily load it into this garage area, tie it down and take it with you.

This garage is what makes this camper perfect for visiting adventure-filled camping destinations.  

As I mentioned above, this garage is flexible. It is flexible in the sense that once unloaded or when not occupied with toys, it has a hideaway lounger and a table that can be set up for use. In Case you do not want the lounger and the table, you can order this trailer with four hideaway bunk beds in this area. If you do this, your trailer will have enough sleeping areas for six people which is pretty impressive.

The fact that this toy hauler from Jayco has a separate garage area and multiple storage areas makes packing for long trips easy. Most RV critics agree that you can easily pack everything you need into it in under 15 minutes. Your toys will go straight into its garage and your clothes, your food, and your other essentials will go into its multiple storage areas. Filling its freshwater tank is also easy.

If you purchase this toy hauler to be able to go to a camping destination with bikes, the thing that you will probably like the most about it will be how easy it is to load bikes onto its garage. You will also love how easy it is to unload bikes from it. It is easy to load and unload bikes from the Jayco Work ‘N’ Play because it has a fold-down ramp

If you are purchasing this to go to a destination that can get pretty hot or pretty cold, the thing that you will probably like the most about it will be its powerful aircon and heating system. The aircon can make hot days more bearable, while the heating system can turn cold nights into cozy and comfortable nights.

One more thing I must mention about this toy hauler is the fact that it has massive awnings that provide amazing outdoor shade. 

Jayco Work ‘N’ Play Special Features

  • It is a part camper, part garage 
  • It is lightweight and easy to tow
  • It has an external slide-out kitchen 
  • It can sleep six people comfortably 
  • It has a fold-down ramp for easy loading of bikes
  • It has a large and spacious garage
  • It has all home comforts
  • It has a powerful aircon
  • It features a beautiful interior


Jayco BASESTATIONJayco BASESTATION is a high-end toy hauler from Jayco. It features a spacious and clever part-camper and part-garage design that is perfect for both camping and taking your toys with you for fun outdoor experiences.

The Jayco BASESTATION is one of the biggest toy haulers available on the market! It is absolutely perfect for those who love outdoor pursuits such as riding motorbikes, riding quad bikes, surfboarding, and so on. So if you are looking for a toy hauler that has enough space to easily accommodate a big quad bike or two, your bicycles, or your surfboards, you should strongly consider getting this one.

The best thing about Jayco BASESTATION is the fact that its camper has everything you would expect in a home – a kitchen, a living area, a bedroom, and a bathroom. And everything is well-made and has everything you would expect in a normal home including a complete kitchen with a multi-burner stove, an oven, a microwave, and a residential fridge. A 4-person dinette occupies this trailer’s living area, its bedroom has a big double bed, and its bathroom is a full bathroom with a standard toilet and a shower.

The toy hauler’s garage is located in the rear. It is a spacious garage that can accommodate a quad bike, a kayak, a dirt bike (or three), a go-kart, or several bicycles. If you buy it you will never have to leave your toy or toys behind when going for a camping adventure. 

People who want to go camping into the bush usually don’t take their bikes or toys with them. This is because they usually do not have enough space in their campers to haul their bikes or toys. Those who do, usually have to cram their bikes and their camping supplies together in minimal space. Those who have a Jayco BASESTATION do not have to leave their bikes or toys at home. This is because, the Jayco BASESTATION, as mentioned above, is a wonderful camper that has a garage in the rear.

The garage in this toy hauler is 11 square meters large. This means it is very big. In fact, it is sufficiently big to transport motorized toys such as motorbikes, ATVs, jet skis, and surfboards. This space can even accommodate a golf cart. So it is a very spacious garage.

The garage is covered by a rubber floor that is easy to clean in case of mud or dirt. The door to this garage is lockable and this garage can be accessed from inside this Jayco RV. 

I mentioned a few moments ago that the best thing about this Jayco BASESTATION is the fact that it has everything. The second best thing about it is the fact that it is easy to load or unload bikes or any other motorized toy from this toy hauler. This is because after it is parked and its stabilizer jacks are set up, its big door folds down on its bottom hinges to convert into a ramp. The ramp can obviously be used to load or unload a bike or any other motorized transport. The door can also be folded in such a way that it can be used as a floating deck.

There are three wall-mounted bunk beds in this trailer’s garage. They can be set up at night to accommodate friends, guests, or kids. Where will you sleep? Well, there is a master suite at the front with a comfortable double bed for a good night’s sleep at the front of this toy hauler. 

In short, this toy hauler is amazing and perfect.

Jayco BASESTATION Special Features

  • It is a high-end toy hauler with multiple features
  • It comes with bunk beds making it ideal for families
  • It comes with a four-person dinette 
  • It features a complete kitchen with a 4-burner stove and a big fridge
  • It has plenty of storage areas
  • It has a big garage for toys 
  • It has a TV, a stereo and brilliant LED lights
  • It has a standard toilet
  • It has a powerful air conditioner for keeping you cool after a day in the sun


You now know the best Jayco toy haulers available on the market. Buy the one which perfectly suits your needs and get out there and explore the world with your very own toys.