jon boat accessories

Jon boats are well-known semi-luxury mode of transport. Boating enthusiasts must be familiar with how handy these small boats are. When it comes to fishing in small lakes and rivers, Jon boats are very useful because of their lightweight and easy portability. 

Like most luxury items, there is always room for customization. You can re-style and accessorize your Jon boat with some cool accessories. This will help you to add more functionality and value to it. 

I have compiled a list of 40 amazing Jon boat accessories that can revamp and upgrade your Jon boat to a whole new level. 

For your convenience, I have broken down the list into three categories i.e. 

  1. Jon Boat Accessories
  2. Fishing Accessories
  3. Anchor Accessories

Jon Boat Accessories

Here are some things you can add to have a smooth boating experience:

1. Boat Cover

Molds and mildews can affect your boat’s life. A simple but highly effective accessory is a boat cover. 

If you start using a boat cover, you can increase your boat’s life by up to 30%. Also, boat covers make it easier to transport your boat on the ground, keeping it from dust and other hazards too.

Therefore, it is the first really important accessory to keep in mind. Make sure to pick the right size, and you’re good to go.

This one of the must-have Jon boat accessories we can’t live without.

2. Jon Boat Trailer

Boat trailers are as important as the boat itself. You can’t carry the boat to the waters on your head. There are two things to look at while buying a boat trailer. 

Now, there are several trailers to choose from, but it will depend on your boat’s size and weight. 

It’s better to buy a lightweight trailer, so it is easier for you to carry and store it. Another useful add-on is a boat trailer step. These little Jon boat accessories can help you when you’re trying to get on and off the boat while it is still on the trailer.

3. Trailer Lock

While you are away on your boat, you must keep a hold of your trailer. I believe that a good trailer lock is worth just as much as the trailer itself. 

The good news is that there are multiple trailer lock options to choose from, and they are all quite sturdy and long-lasting. 

A good trailer lock will give you two advantages. Firstly, you can secure your trailer in its place when you are away boating. Secondly, it will secure tightly with your carrier vehicle when you are on the road. 

Nobody wants a trailer coming off in the middle of a busy road. 

4. Dry Case for Cell Phones

Losing your valuables such as your phone or wallet is the last thing you want on a boat. Also, even if you find your phone in water, the chances are that the water will most likely destroy it. 

Don’t let that happen and use a dry case for your smartphone.

A dry case for cell phones will keep you worry-free if you accidentally drop your phone. It comes with a lanyard that hangs around your neck. You can use your phone just like usual, and since it is waterproof, so nothing gets damaged. 

5. Key Floats

It’s always good to have something to hold your items in the boat. Key floats save you from major losses in case you drop your belongings in the water. 

They are small, lightweight, easy-to-carry, and serve a very important purpose. Key floats also come with a lanyard that reduces the risk of dropping keys in the water.

6. Seat Mounts

This is almost a necessity if you are a hunter. Wooden boats with wooden seats can often be uncomfortable. This is why it is difficult to go on longer journeys on such boats. 

Seat mounts come in handy for numerous reasons. Firstly, they can improve the line, and you can swivel your seat. Secondly, seat mounts can accommodate a variety of seats that enable a 360-degree view. 

If you want to enjoy a comfortable fishing trip, seat mounts should be on your to-buy list. You can also get extenders and mounting accessories for seamless installation.

7. Seats

What good is a seat mount without a seat? Because of the 360-degree seat mount, you can now choose from a wide range of customized seats. Customized seats are important because they are much more comfortable than original Jon boat seats. 

You will see several options to choose from. Normally, plastic or fiber seats are preferred by boating enthusiasts. 

Whatever type you choose, you must make sure that your seat is compatible with the seat mount. It is even better if the seat comes with all the mounting accessories. 

8. Float Tube Adapter

Float tube adapters are quite useful, especially for anglers. They allow you to carry extra float tubes. 

Float tube adapters are made of extra sturdy material for both wet and dry use. Also, they have quick release systems that are both useful and time-saving. 

9. Bluetooth Speakers

Just like in normal households, Bluetooth speakers are quite effective on boats too. They let you work without wires, which are most needed on boats. 

Secondly, modern-day Bluetooth speakers are so powerful that you can’t hear your boat engines when they are turned on. 

To make your boating experience more enjoyable, consider buying Bluetooth speakers. They come with all the right tools to recharge and play when and where needed. These devices are lightweight and compatible with most smartphones. 

10. Boat Trunk

Storage space will always come in handy no matter where you might be. In Jon boats, storage trunks help save space and give options to secure and organize your belongings. 

Storage trunks can be luxurious items depending on your Jon boat’s size, but they have their benefits as well. 

They are lightweight, portable, and a convenient storing point for storing valuable belongings.

11. Safety Life Jacket

Unsurprisingly, safety jackets are must-have items no matter what type of boat you might be using. For Jon boats, in particular, life jackets are vital because beginners may experience a fall-off if they aren’t careful enough. 

Life jackets come in standard sizes, and there are so many options to choose from. If you don’t have a life jacket on board, I suggest you don’t take your boat into the waters at all. 

12. A Waterproof Bag

A dry bag is essential on a boating adventure. You never know when and where the next spill might come, so you have to be prepared. Thankfully, there are several dry bag options available that will keep your valuable stuff safe and dry. 

Waterproof bags are easily available in the market, and they are mostly made of long-lasting material. There are options such as backpacks and cross-belt to choose from.

13. Outboard Motor

Outboard motors are critical when you go to larger waters and rivers. Secondly, if you are carrying a heavyweight, you will need outboard motors. 

I would suggest not to go for a heavy motor. Instead, a 2 to 3 HP motor will be enough to power a standard Jon boat. 

In my opinion, a 2.3 HP motor will be ideal because you won’t have to mix oil. Secondly, it’s lightweight, so it doesn’t add much to the weight of your vehicle. 

However, if you own a heavier boat, you might need a 5 HP motor for that. 

14. Repair Kit

An emergency repair kit must be there in your boat all the time. Having no emergency kit at the time of need is the last thing you would want to deal with. 

Although Jon boats don’t require frequent repairs, sometimes the aluminum may need some maintenance and repair. Depending on the needs, a repair kit can have several items starting from little things such as a wiring tape. 

15. Paint and Primer

Paint jobs will always keep your boat fresh and attractive. Not only does it keep your boat from rusting, but it also allows you to experiment with your creativity. 

You can completely revamp your boat using one coat of paint and primer. Yeah, it’s time to make a style statement of your own. 

Another good thing? They are easily available in a hardware store, so you can grab a pair and get started right away.

16. Plastic Adhesive

The plastic adhesive is one of the most crucial repair kit elements on a boat. These adhesives work well as sealants and enable you to carry out the repair work more efficiently. 

Moreover, they can work well on most surfaces, such as metal, PVC, glass, and ceramic, etc. 

These adhesives can also work on wood, so they are essentially all-purpose equipment. This makes them a valuable addition to your repair kit. 

17. Ball Cradle

Ball cradles for downriggers are essential to ensure your boat’s safety while carrying and bringing it to the ground. There are a variety of models available for ball cradles. These models effectively hold a cannonball so you can seamlessly mount a downrigger on it.

High-quality ball cradles are capable of holding multiple rods. They mostly have a sturdy design and are made of aluminum with a black powder coating.  

18. LED Trolling Motor Light

LED lights are vital for night time. They are particularly important for bass fishing. Being powerful, they can light up the water very well, making them useful for fishing and security purposes.

The good thing about these lights is that they can be easily mounted. You can quickly connect and disconnect them and are easily portable. 

19. Navigational Lights

According to the US coast guard regulations, if your boat is motor powered, you need to keep additional LED lights.

I have seen several cheap and efficient navigational LED lights, so there are a lot of options to choose from. Some of these LED lights are ideal for starters.  

Also, as per the regulations, the stern must have white light, and red/green lights must be present on the bow. Furthermore, the navigational lights must stay on from sunset to dawn regardless of the weather and visibility. 

20. Bilge Water Pump

To stop bilge water from collecting, keep a bilge pump inside your Jon boat. Like most Jon boaters, I prefer an electric pump to avoid any sparks during the pumping activity. 

Among many options, I liked the submersible bilge pump design best because of its sturdy design and easy installation. Bilge pumps come in a variety of sizes, so the price range also varies.

In addition to size, consider features like the application of the pump, either manual or electrical, Bilge counter and your boat size, etc. Therefore, there are many technicalities to look at while buying this product. 

21. Inflatable Fenders

You might be a great boat rider, but accidents can occur at any time. An inflatable fender protects your boat from unnecessary damage as it hits the shoreline. 

This is a cheap yet highly effective way of preserving your Jon boat from any damage. The inflatable model simply mounts to the edge of your boat and does its job reliably when needed. 

22. Repair Lights

While there are various types of lights you can keep onboard, repair LED lights are one of those you cannot travel without. Anything worse than having a boat emergency in the middle of the night is being unable to see anything. 

To avoid such situations, keep a bunch of LED repair lights with multiple batteries. Several rechargeable models are also available, so you can buy what works best for you.

23. Trolling Motors

I mentioned trolling motors earlier when discussing LED lights. Trolling motors are critical for simpler and more effective guidance during your boating experience. They are usually compact, lightweight, and easy to operate. 

Because trolling motors are one of the key components for motorized boats, anglers and boaters are willing to spend some extra bucks on these products. 

Trolling motors come in both wireless and handheld remote control options so they can make your boating experience smooth and hassle-free. 

24. Eliminator Nut for Trolling Motors

Trolling motors can be noisy at times. Thankfully, there are solutions to reduce this noise too. The eliminator nut is useful equipment that can reduce propeller noise and vibration.

Due to less vibration, the average temperature of your motor will also reduce. As a result, it can work for longer durations without any hiccups. Thus, it adds to the life of your trolling motor in a longer run. 

25. Trolling Motor Protectors

Trolling motor props need protection from wear and tear. Prop protectors will ensure protection to not just your trolling motor but also your boat cover. Although boat covers are made from tough material, they can get damaged from the areas with sharp corners. 

I found this really strong and sturdy protector made out of high-grade vinyl. It’s available in multiple sizes based on the number of propellers.

26. Trolling Motor Lock

An effective security lock is necessary to keep your stuff safe. Among several lock systems, I prefer this high-quality lock that provides stable security. 

It fits tightly to the engine’s mount. Moreover, it’s made of stainless steel, and its anti-theft design provides all-needed security. 

27. Telescoping Paddles

Manual paddles are always a fallback option. It doesn’t matter if a motor powers your boat or not; you must keep a pair of paddles for emergencies.

If you are stranded in the middle of a lake and the motors run out, there will be no option but to paddle your boat to land. Hence, telescoping paddles can turn out to be lifesavers for you in such situations.

Paddles are easily available in many online stores. They weigh only about a pound and are available in collapsible models to help save space on the boat. 

28. Oars

If you like rowing, then a pair of oars is a good tool to have in your Jon boat. Since oars have to be operated by hand, they are not as convenient as trolling motors. However, they can be valuable in case your trolling motor stops working.

With a wide variety to choose from, I suggest you look for detachable and space-saving options. Oars are also useful if you don’t want to add a trolling motor or an outboard motor to your boat. 

29. Oarlocks

While not in use, your pair of oars need to be secured firmly in its place. Oarlocks enable you to do that. They are small yet highly effective, having sockets to mount the oars. 

Moreover, they come in a sturdy design with a stainless steel body, which makes them durable. However, it is always good to choose the right material for your oarlocks to keep them from rusting. 

While buying oarlocks, you can also get additional features such as oarlock socket inserts. Some packages also include a full set of oarlocks, socket inserts, and a pair of oars, so they are quite economical. 

Also, because of the same manufacturer, you can also avoid compatibility issues between the lock and the oars. 

30. Cup holders

Cup holders may seem like a luxury item in this list. However, if your boating adventure lasts longer than a couple of hours, you may want to have a nice cup of coffee. 

Without a cup holder, you will have to search for a suitable place to keep your drinks from spilling. 

Cup holders of several sizes and designs are easily available in the market at cheap rates. There are different materials and mounting options to choose from. 

I like the package from Robocup because it gives a luxurious feel. Also, there are additional features and a simple clamp-on mounting option. Make sure to buy high-quality cup holders for better durability. 

31. UV Light Protection Glasses

UV protection is essential, especially for regular boat riders. Since there are hundreds of brands and models to choose from, it’s natural to get a little confused. I don’t have a favorite as such, but I do recommend these classic UV protection sunglasses

They have a multi-layered design that filters almost all the UV light along with polarized lenses. What’s more? There are several other filters to keep away glare and intense radiations. 

You get all this at quite a reasonable price. These glasses are scratch-resistant and lightweight, so they are perfect for your boating trips. 

32. Underwater Camera Adapter

A boating trip without any pictures? That can’t be right. Underwater camera adapters allow you to capture intriguing underwater footage. 

Now, you can brag about your experiences on social media and look cool. Since it’s too risky to take your phone underwater, an underwater camera is just what you need.

With 4K resolution and 16MP camera, your underwater experience is set to take a new definition. It can also work in extreme depths of nearly 40 meters, which gives it a clear edge over other similar models. 

33. Starter Battery

Extra batteries never cause harm. It’s always a good idea to keep an extra, charged battery just in case your main battery fails. 

When it comes to Jon boat batteries, there are multiple options to choose from. However, I would suggest you go for a compact and lightweight battery to avoid adding unnecessary load to your boat. 

This one of those Jon boat accessories that could save your life.

Fishing Accessories

Fishing can be a nightmare if you don’t have the necessary items. Here some accessories that can help you out:

34. Rod Holders

If you love fishing, then you may already know the value of rod holders. They are very easy to mount on the boat and help secure the rods firmly in place. Several rod holder models are available with add-on accessories such as extenders etc. 

You can start with some basic rod holders, which come with all the mounting accessories required. 

35. Fish Finder

Fishing enthusiasts simply love this product. Whether you are a professional or if it’s just a hobby, a fish finder will make your work much easier. You will come across many options, but for compact and smaller boats, you need a portable fish finder.

Fishfinders usually have interactive displays ranging from 3.5 inches to 7 inches. They have features such as sonar, maps, and flashers to help detect fishes underwater. 

Additionally, handheld fish finders are more useful because they aren’t bulky and can be carried in a pocket. 

36. Cooler and Fish Storage

If you’re out fishing, you will need some storage. If not that, you might need some extra place to keep your drinks cool. You see, a cooler is a must-have item on a Jon boat.

There are a couple of things to consider while buying a cooler. Firstly, it must have enough space inside to fulfill your requirement. Secondly, it shouldn’t take up a lot of space inside the boat because you might already be short on that. 

37. Planer Boards

Planer boards must be there on your boat if you are planning on troll fishing. Fishing becomes a lot easier when you can measure every move, and planar boards allow you to do just that. 

Planer board kits come in a variety of sizes, and the prices vary according to the available features. 

I prefer the power grip planer boards because the design keeps them from tangling in the weeds. From as far as 150 feet, you can precisely measure the depth of the bait and adjust the tension in the line. 

Hence, it has all the ingredients to set up a perfect fishing line. 

This is one of the must Jon boat accessories for anyone serious about fishing.

Anchoring Accessories 

For your own safety, you should know the correct way to anchor your boat. You can only apply the right techniques if you have some basic anchoring Jon boat accessories.

38. Anchors

Securing your boat is very important. It’s easy to guess that a boat can never be complete without an anchor. Hence, a decent-sized anchor must be in your boat all the time. However, it’s not necessary to buy a heavy-duty anchor, especially if you have a lighter boat. 

At times, even a mushroom anchor would be good enough. These anchors are good, especially on muddy surfaces, weighing up to 20 pounds depending on your boat size.

39. Anchor Cleats

Without anchor cleats, the anchor would be of no use. Anchor cleats let you tie your anchor to the boat. These are handy little items that are sturdy and can last for years. It’s very easy to install them. You just need two screws for that. 

Anchor cleats can be made of different materials, but basic nylon cleats are good enough to do the job. They can hold on tightly to ropes and belts, and you can even use them for towing in case of emergency.

40. Poles

Anchor poles are another anchor accessory, highly useful if you’re floating in shallow waters. These anchor poles can go as deep as 10 feet. You can secure your boat firmly in its place due to its sturdy design. 

Normally, anchor poles come with coated layers to protect from corrosion and have a certain amount of flexibility to stand strong in shallow waters.  We can live without one of these Jon boat accessories. 


When it comes to adding Jon boat accessories and customization, there is no end to what you can do with your Jon boat. However, it is equally important to keep an eye on the budget and then select the best options accordingly. 

Now that you know the best Jon boat accessories, it will be much easier to customize and upgrade your boat. You can also explore other accessories to add more functionality and attraction. 

Furthermore, it is also important to know your boat to the core. This helps in selecting the right kind of Jon Boat accessories and keeps you from facing compatibility issues.