Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife Review
Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife Review

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The new Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife is probably the jack of all trades among all the survival knives that we see, due to its large size and lightweight body which makes it an excellent middle ground between carrying a pocket knife and an axe. This spectacular knife is very sharp and will work wonderfully if you need to do tinder shavings off a small piece of birch bark. The quality of the knife can be felt the moment you hold it in your hand and this knife turns out to be a lifesaver in dangerous situations.

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This is not a toy pocket knife or a casual gimmick. Combat utility knives can prove to be a valuable option in tough situations where everything seems to be going out of your hand. The knife is a perfect mixture of durability, utility, and affordability, all in a single model. It can get you out of any possible trouble and it is the best knife for multipurpose use. The knife is one of the rarest knives that offer so many facilities under the two hundred dollar range and a number of people are buying it and saying proudly that you will not find a better knife in that price range. And also, if you decide to spend a bigger amount of sum, there is no such guarantee that you will be getting a better blade than the one offered by a Combat Utility Knife.

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The product philosophy of the company is really great and it is apparent that they have invested in amazing engineering skills and also invested a huge sum of money into producing the highest quality blade available in the market. The Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife does not have any fancy removable parts or accessories because it will only be more complicated. This is the main reason the company has been able to keep cost down as much as possible just by making an extraordinary tool and keeping it very simple. This lifesaver Ka-Bar is known for its amazing design and great performance; you may need to use it when you are facing some problem or trapped somewhere. So let us take a look at the features of the item:

Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife Review

This knife is specifically designed for field soldiers, travelers and adventurers who need a strong but lightweight combat utility knife. The BK7 is specially built for rough use and for fighting battles. The super strong knife blade is made of thousand ninety-five cro van steel, with an easy to sharpen carbon steel that smoothens its edge quite nicely. The knife comes with an original Swiss made grivory handle and is made up of a glass fiber filled with nylon to achieve extra strength.

The BK7 also has a nice coating, quite thick and much stronger than what is expected from a knife of that price range.  If you place an occasional thin layer of lubricant, we can be very sure that this blade will prevent moisture and corrosion quite well. There is no doubt that the long edge, substantial heft, superb balance, and very sharp piercing tip will make this knife quite efficient as a defensive as well as an offensive weapon if you ever get into any sort of trouble. The small thumb ramp on the side of the blade is also very convenient to use. Most importantly, it does not interfere with any possible grip that one may use or different cutting techniques that one maybe habituated to, though it provides a stable, smooth spot to place your thumb which also seems to provide a bit extra leverage during continuous slicing practice.

Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife
Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife

The Ka-Bar is known for its comfortable grip technique and unconventional slicing methods. There are many blades that have waved patterns on the spine for better grip. Though if you are slicing into anything solid that offers considerable resistance, you may have to tighten your grip and exert a great amount of pressure with the thumb to get the job done, which in return puts a lot of pressure on the palm muscles. The Ka-Bar actually permits a bit more extra leverage. This knife offers a big flat surface area because of its big blade and for design complimented bushcraft which is particularly done for comfortable gripping. This new system may seem to be a bit hard to explain to others, but it does offer you a very nice opportunity to lock your thumb to transfer more pressure from the wrist or forearm muscles and that in turn eases the pressure on your thumb. This amazing feature makes the knife a handy tool for any slicing, cutting or bushcraft technique.

The Comfortable Knife Handle

The new factory prepared handles are made from grivory which seems to be a very high-density nylon or plastic-like material. It is quite smooth in texture, so the grip feels to be a bit more slippery than what you would normally wish for on a knife, but it does not cause any significant problems for sure. Especially the huge size and excellent sharpness in the Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife does the necessary trick. The strong handle is wider than most of the combat utility knives in this price range and is very little tilted on the flat side. This simple design increases the grip surface quite nicely, that is in contact with your hand, and this makes it very comfortable when you try to throw it at your target or are trying to mark something. You can easily overcome the slippery nature with the help of sandpapers or wrap them up with a fantastic grip tape. Though the slippery texture of the knife is present, the perfect shape and contour of the handle will definitely fit your hand very nicely. And no matter how you hold the combat utility knife, it will not slip. This will help in a one-on-one combat situation and also when you are behind enemy lines facing some trouble. The inbuilt grip seems to be working quite nicely, and if you think it is causing too much problem to you then maybe you need some extra classes to learn about combat utility knife handling. A single wrap of elastic tape could fix your problem very easily.

The Sheath:

The sheath as expected in the BK7 Combat Utility Knife is matted with a foldable strip of plastic or thin velcro. Though the sheath received mixed reviews from the users it is not too bad for sure. You will not find the sheath to be so bad and it, in fact, does quite a good job. Also, considering the very low price range and high quality of the blade provided, the quality of the sheath can be adjusted. The sheath is designed in a particular way so that both left-handed users and right-handed users can hold and carry it easily. The smooth and simple handle is held quite tightly against the firm sheath with two strong straps that do the job perfectly. The sheath of Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife is made up of excellent quality ballistic nylon with double stitched piping around the outer edges. The upper belt trick loop has a fast attach or removes a feature that permits it to open with velcro and a one-step snap. This feature is added so that you do not need to remove your belt to connect the sheath with it. When it is absolutely shut, you can be very confident that it will remain shut and cling securely to your belt. At the very lower point, the sheath has a small sewn loop along with two rivets and any one of them will keep a strap to keep holding the tip end to your thigh or a tiny pack to prevent it from wiggling or flapping freely. The tiny sheath inside the outer pack will not be able to fit in the Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife. That is provided for other knives with small blade size. There is another plastic sheath inside the pack where you can keep the Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife as it fits in quite easily. Then there is plenty room available inside the pack for other accessories. As we can observe in this exciting model, there is a small sheath that has an added sharpener which is easily accessible by removing some of the sheath straps. This is very handy for keeping the Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife blade sharp enough in the field. You may need to use it when you are facing some problem or trapped somewhere and in these situations, this item will not let you down.

Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife Blade

There is not a single knife that will not have issues with moisture. Definitely, the only part you need to worry about rusting is the blade. If you remove the coating of the knife as many other people have done, then you have extended areas to worry about. Keep the knife perfectly oiled and dry when possible, and it will provide you better results for sure.

The combat utility knife actually uses drop point blades and these drop point blades usually have a convex nature of the curve, from the tip of the blade spine to the endpoint. As we know, drop point knives prove to be really powerful across the whole length of the combat utility knife, even including the endpoint. This outstanding feature makes this knife a handy tool for throwing, slicing and cutting.

Extremely Useful During Battles:

As we know, that the BK7 is specially designed to be used at one on one fights. The knife has been thoroughly tested by seasoned troops in the battleground, and this should definitely end the argument about whether the three-quarter-long construction of the knife is strong enough to withstand in a real-world war or not. And there are many other things that you can do with the knife like, you can throw the knife at the opposition, as the grip is specially designed for these purposes.

Customer Reviews:

This amazing product received positive reviews mostly because of the durability and strength. Customers are concerned about their safety during short beach trips or road trips and they feel safe when they carry the Ka-Bar BK7 Combat Utility Knife. The other reason is the price, this product offers amazing features at a very low price point. The variety of the features that the knife offers is really outstanding being in that comfortable price range. From its shape to the blade, everyone praised this knife seeing how powerful it is.


  • The size of the knife is very big and because of its strength, you can cut through anything very easily.
  • The blade is very strong and because of the bigger surface area, you can use it during one-on-one fight scenes.
  • The knife is made up of such material that you do not need to worry about rusting at all.
  • The grip in this knife is very comfortable to hold and to throw it at the possible target.
  • It proves to be extremely useful during fights.
  • It is the perfect knife for bushcraft.
  • The price is very low in accordance with the features offered.


  • The knife is a bit too heavy because of its size
  • It is difficult to carry it everywhere.


The Ka-Bar offers so many amazing features and it is very tough and will definitely last for a long time. It proves to be very helpful during battles and it can also perform other works.


Value for Money
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