Leica Noctivid Binoculars Review

Truly remarkable binoculars from Leica, the question is, are they worth the price tag?

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A pro in the lenses and optical industry, the Leica Camera AG Company has made its mark through providing excellent services. Catering to the segment of camera and sports optics backed by creativity and continuous innovation, this company stands out from the others, growing at a fast pace. Leica provides what the consumer wants by innovating and demonstrating time and again that their products are well worth money. Their products feel great in the hand a scream quality. This is true of the Leica 10*42 Noctivid Binoculars. The high aperture lenses and laser rangefinder technology keep them ahead of the competition.  Read on for the rest of the Leica Noctivid Binoculars Review.

The company, inspired by the idea of an owl that can see even in a low amount of light, leading the field by boasting 91% of light transmission in their binoculars at any time of the day or night. This set of binoculars can provide a high-quality view even in a low-light environment. This is what makes Leica’s offerings outstanding. The products of Leica are not only elegantly designed, but the resolution quality and exclusive picture rendition make it irresistible for a person to first see and then buy it. They focus on the intricacies of the products and improvise upon it. This company is the ‘El Dorado’ for a photographer or an adventurer who loves exploring and observing the living things around them.

Leica Noctivid Binoculars Review

Leica Noctivid Binoculars Review
Leica Noctivid Binoculars Review

The Leica 10*42 Noctivid Binocular is one of the newer products offered by this German company. This product gives the rich experience of high-quality image processing for which Leica is known. With improvised eye relief and compact design, Leica is offering it at a premium price at $2699.

The specialty of Leica is its optical crystalline image quality. No other company has researched as deeply as Leica did in improvising upon its optical capacity. The enhancements offered in this product are its design and optical quality.

Leica Noctivid Binoculars Features

Magnification: The 10*42 Noctivid, a premium product, allows 10 times the clarity in the picture. The resolution works extremely well in low-light times of the day. A closeness to nature can be felt along with this set of binoculars as it allows you to zoom in on the subject up to 10 times.

Objective Size: The objective size in a binocular is nothing but the ability of the device to gather light. The greater the capacity for gathering light, the better will be the resolution. With 42mm objective size, Noctivid is outpacing the competition by enabling the buyers to experience a near-perfect image quality. There are, however, some concerns about the field and chromatic aberration.

Eye Relief: This feature used to be a con for Leica in all previous product ranges. But this time the company claims 19mm eye relief. This enables the users to look at objects, even with their eyeglasses on. The eyes feel comfortable while looking through the aperture. Blackouts are completely eradicated by Leica’s 10*42 Noctivid Binoculars. However, when measured, the eye relief comes in at about 17mm and not 19mm.

Actual Field of View: It is not just the magnification of the binoculars which counts, but also the field of view. The field of view enables the user to see a wide area through the aperture of the binoculars with clarity. Some items or objects are quite big and they can only be seen when a binocular is paired with good optical lenses having a greater field of view. As for this product, Leica’s binoculars allows 112m at 100m field of view. This field of view allows you to capture a handsome view of a bird from a distance of 100m. The center field of the resolution is an excellent feature of Noctivid.

Apparent Field of View: The apparent field of view is the true view divided by the magnification of the optical lenses. In simple words, it is the picture through which a focused object is seen by the eyes of the observer. It is 64 degrees in the case of this product which is satisfactory. The off-axis optical aberrations can be detected which is a problem with the product.

Close Focus: The minimum distance from which an object can be captured by the binoculars is the close focus. The focus quality of Noctivid is crisp and sharp. Leica offering close focus of 1.9m is the high bar of quality image viewing.

Fast Focus: The Noctivid offered by the company is not only close, but the fastest in changing focus from one point to another with greater efficiency of the focus wheel.

Transmission: The transmission is the capability of light to pass through the lenses and produce a picture at the lenses. The binoculars gather light in unfavorable or low lit environments. They are generally used by those people who want to track objects far away, which would not be otherwise visible to the naked eye. 91% transmissivity is a very good specification or feature of the Noctovid which shows the efficiency of the lenses used in the binoculars.

Length: The greater the focal length of an eyepiece, the greater will be the resolution of the object seen. Leica offers a focal length of 150 mm in its binoculars which is phenomenally high. This allows the user to see objects in higher resolution and get a clear picture of the objects being watched.

Weight: The heaviness of a product makes it less desirable as this leads to problems in compactness. Lack of compactness leads to problems in carrying a device from one place to another. However, as the product is designed very well, the heaviness of the product measures out to 896 grams measured with cups. The company, on the other hand, claims the heaviness of the product to be of 890 grams.

Design: With a metallic covering of magnesium over the product to prevent it from rusting and the finished overlay of the product makes it an irresistible choice. The emphasis on design and packaging gives the product its style and sophistication with which it attracts customers. The customized premium option of Leica makes it altogether lucrative for people interested in adventures or astronomy to purchase the product handily. The size and weight of the product allow it to be lifted any way you want and being able to hold it without the fear of dropping it makes the device even more attractive. This gives a handling advantage to the product.

The features of the product are contained in the detailed explanations of the product specifications and the reasons why they are important in a product. Let’s step through the pros and cons of the product in order to decide whether purchasing the Noctivid will be a smart step for attaining your viewing objectives.

Leica Noctivid Binoculars Review

Leica Noctivid Binoculars Pros

  • Long Eye Relief: The eyes really feel comfortable when we look through the lenses and there is no chance of blackouts. This is one superb achievement in itself for this German company as they never before scored high on providing high eye relief products to the customers. This feature makes it a popular option.
  • Greater Field Area: The center field of resolution is highly commendable. Also, the depth, capturing capacity of the field is also very good.
  • Resolution: The fabrication quality of its optics makes this an outstanding product which can be bought to enjoy dusk and daytime phenomenon. During the day when there is full light on a sunny day, the view from the binoculars is at its best, whereas even in contrasting situations such as a wintry morning, the accumulation of light and accessibility of looking at a distant object is also impressive.
  • Design: Compactness and ease in handling the product add to the value generated. The waterproof nature plus being fog proof plus its durability makes these binoculars even more desirable to the consumer. The sharp-edged quality of this new product enhances the field of view on the outer edges. The coatings provided at the edges are anti-reflective which brings out the totality of the color.

Leica Noctivid Binoculars Cons

  • Heavy: The metallic body not only makes it look good but also increases the weight of the binoculars. This becomes the negative aspect of the product as people usually carry them while traveling and heavy items are the last things you’d want to put into your bag.
  • Diopter adjustment: The diopter adjustment knob is very innovative but it does not allow the user to adjust according to his/her needs. Instead, it self-adjusts.
  • The outer field softening: The lenses are not able to show the color of the objects being viewed when they are in low light environments. A sleek line of mixed color appears between the object and the environment. The observation of the moon with the binoculars shows ghostly outlining around it which distorts the view of the moon. The image that the observer sees is a faulty image since the same is not the case in reality.
  • Expensive: For those who are professionals the price does not matter that much. But for those who want binoculars for viewing objects while traveling or activities like observing stars at night, this can be a costly option.

With some analysis via charting out the positives and negatives of the product, the decision making can be made easy. To all those who really want to purchase this product, I hope the information helps you in making a wise decision.

But there is another important aspect of the product not yet mentioned above. This is one of the most important features which is reviewed before purchasing any expensive or substantive product. This feature is the warranty.

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Warranty: Leica allows its customers to stay carefree and enjoy the product by providing a warranty against any defects in the manufacture of the product. The warranty period, in this case, is for the lifetime of the product. There is another warranty option offered by the company to its customers, which is the 3 year Leica Plan for Passport Protection. This plan basically aims at providing coverage against accidental damage. However, the damage can be anything except fire. Also, the buyer is required to register on the website of the company within 30 days of purchasing the product. Only then will the buyer be able to use this warranty option. The products are valid for the provision of warranty if and only if they are purchased from authorized dealers. Otherwise, the company will not issue a warranty letter to the customer. These points must be kept in mind in order to benefit from the warranty and reinforce the advantages of product purchase from reliable vendors.

The Leica’s 10*42 Noctivid Binoculars are good for terrestrial venues. The bright colors, clear view, and exact focus allow the product to be a valid option available on the market which can grab the attention of the customers and sell itself without any marketing. The Leica’s 10*42 Noctivid is a complete package with both design and internal specifications ranked among the top binoculars available on the market or in the world. The close competitors of the company are Swarovski, Zeiss, and Nikon. Maintaining market share in this particular market is a tough task which can only be accomplished when the delivery of value is a driving force of a company. The products which this company offers are works of art which take a lot of time to develop and deliver to the market.