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If you are a travel freak, you might like exciting camping trips that are full of luxuries. What about the bikes, motor toys, and gear that you don’t want to miss on your next vacation? It’s time to buy a luxury toy hauler to keep those luxury items you want to carry on your trip. 

Do you know the best luxury toy hauler or you have some options in mind? If you are not sure about the purchase, this review is for you. I will discuss the 10 best luxury toy haulers, so you can decide which one to buy.

Top 10 Luxury Toy Haulers

1. Jayco Seismic 3914

Jayco Seismic 3914The Jayco Seismic 3914 makes sure that you have the best RVing experience with your family and friends. I’ll start with sleeping space as it is an essential factor for most people. This toy hauler offers a sleeping area for ten people. 

Inside the bedroom, there is a dresser and a slide. It also has a queen-size bed and two wardrobes that stand tall on either side of the bed. 

The main living area has a slide with a theater setting, a corner entertainment center, and a kitchen. Not only this, but this model also features an outside entertainment system, which is quite impressive. 

Like every other room in the toy hauler, the kitchen is also luxurious and neat. It has a 21-inch cooking range, solid countertops, dual sink, and ample preparation space that lets you enjoy cooking meals. A slide opens near it and includes a pantry, refrigerator, and a microwave. 

When you go up the stairs, you’ll find the bathroom on the right. It has a sink, a cabinet for medicines, a toilet, and a corner shower. 

The cargo area allows enough space to load your toys, bikes, and other stuff. As you move out of the hauler, there are two awnings of 12′ and 19′, respectively. Thanks to these extra shades, you can always sit here with your meal, or enjoy a barbeque with your mates. 

Notable Features

  • Sleeping space for ten people
  • Three slide outs
  • Oversized cooking range
  • Two awnings

2. Lance Camper Lance THE 2612 Toy Hauler

Lance Camper Lance THE 2612 Toy HaulerIf you are looking for a lightweight luxury toy hauler, this one will cover all your needs. It is a lightweight hauler with a dry weight of 1700 pounds. This model features a 7-foot and 2-inch ramp door accentuated with coin flooring, which can hold race bikes, ATV, cruiser, surfboards, and hunting gear.

Moreover, the 12-feet cargo space can support a pump station, a 40-gallon fuel tank, an exterior propane connection, a wash station, and an LED lighting setup. 

What I like most about this toy hauler is the lavish designer interior. It has enough space to set two queen beds, while the roll-over sofa beds offer seven people space. 

It has a cute residential kitchen to serve your taste buds while the dinette gives you a complete dining experience. In the kitchen, you can find a microwave, a three-burner oven, and a fridge. To keep the culinary appliances and foodstuff, you can use the overhead cabinets.

The best part is the dedicated entertainment area, from playing board games to watching Netflix, you can do anything in this space. Other than this, this toy trail has a wardrobe, a 100-gallon water tank, AC, and a 25,000 BTU furnace. It also offers overhead storage capacity, rear awning, satellite dish, and a solar panel.  

Notable features

  • Can hold surfboards and race bikes
  • Space for two queen-size beds 
  • Lightweight solution for RVers
  • Offers extra storage area
  • 100-gallon water tank capacity

3. Dutchmen Voltage Toy Hauler V4195

This toy hauler is the perfect plan to take your family and some guests for a fun trip. Starting with the master suite featuring a king-size bed with additional storage underneath, it offers a full residential feel with a sliding wardrobe and dual nightstands to put your belongings. 

A dual-entry bathroom is right next to the master bedroom. The U-shape kitchen is also ideal as it features enough counter space, 18 cu. ft refrigerator, microwave, and LED-lit backsplash. So, if you love to cook meals, the kitchen is going to be your favorite spot. 

Coming towards the living area, here you find three huge sofas that are great for sitting together and sharing stories. You can even watch TV while munching on your favorite snacks with everyone else.  

This model features a heating and massage sofa to relax. It also has two awnings, in case you want some fresh air. The garage includes enough space to keep your toys and bikes.

If you have friends along, they’ll be extra comfortable in the garage, which includes a Happi-Jack power bunk and two sofas making enough sleeping space. They’ll also appreciate the half bath and an exterior entry door. 

Notable features

  • Front master suite
  • Sleeping capacity for ten people
  • 18 cu ft refrigerator
  • 50″ TV
  • Two awnings
  • One and a half bath
  • Three slides

4. Sundowner Krawler Hauler 22-86KM

This model brings a twist to the traditional toy hauler design by featuring a back end open area for bikes, surfboards, and other vehicles. The open area allows free space for putting your favorites, as it doesn’t restrict the height of vehicles.  

If we talk about the residential section, this model offers a 22-foot spacious area. There is a loft sleeping area with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. A fold-over sofa in the living area provides extra space if you want to lie down or sleep. If you’re going to watch movies, the TV is there to entertain you well. 

The kitchen has a unique design with open counter space. It also features a stove, sink, microwave, and fridge to meet all your culinary needs. 

In the bathroom, you can see a corner shower and vanity with a dedicated wall full of cabinets to keep all essential stuff. Other than this, it has two storage compartments at the rear end that have locking lids. Last but not least, eight pull-out ramps complete the overall luxury look of this ingenious toy hauler. 

Notable Features 

  • 22 ft. residential space
  • Eight pull-out ramps
  • Open- area for loading vehicles

5. Jayco Talon 413T

The perfect option for adventurous souls and sports enthusiasts, Taylon 413T, is packed with amazing features. 

The 13-foot garage is available at the best price. This space can easily hold a motorcycle, ATV, or a golf car. This considerable space can be used as a living space with a cargo table and seating arrangement if you don’t want many toys. 

There is a queen bed in the garage with a loft storage area. This model is suitable for sleeping eight people, so you can always take family or friends on a trip. 

The best thing is that the master bedroom has an ideal location. It is at the front unit and set apart from the other parts on the RV. This toy hauler features a full bathroom and a half bath that’s next to the garage. 

You can see a massive shower, linen closet, and a toilet when you enter the main washroom. 

The kitchen is right in the middle of the floor plan and features solid countertops, a fridge, microwave, ample storage space, and a stove for a complete cooking experience. 

Other than this, the Taylon has a 21 ft power awning that covers both entry doors. I like the entertainment center in the living area, which makes this hauler a complete travel package. 

Notable Features

  • Sleeping capacity for eight people
  • One full and one half bath
  • 13′ 6″ garage  

6. Heartland Cyclone 4115

Get ready for an adventure with the Cyclone 4115. It has a gorgeous floor plan with extra space for everything. 

Starting from the master bedroom, which has a king bed, sliding wardrobes, and storage cabinets for a comfortable experience. The bathroom includes a shower, toilet, and storage shelves for necessary supplies. 

As you move out in the living area, a large 40″ TV offers you a full-time entertainment session. You can binge-watch movies, or catch some shows sitting on the sofas while having your meal. 

This model features two kitchens! Yes, you read that right. It has a main kitchen in the living space that has a three-oven burner, refrigerator, and a pedestal table. The outside kitchen offers a roadside view and refreshing cooking experience. 

There is an awning close to the outside kitchen, which has LED lights.

The garage has a large 15’1″ area, and the ultra-light ramp door allows loading all your toys there. Whether it’s a dirt bike or other road toys, everything can find space there. This full air-conditioned toy hauler sleeps nine people and offers a queen-size bed over the garage and a convenient half-bathroom. 

Notable features

  • 15’1″ garage space
  • Two kitchens
  • Two awnings
  • King size bed
  • 40-inch TV

7. Keystone Montana High Country Toy Hauler 381TH

Are you looking for a toy hauler to take your golf cart to your next trip? This model answers all your expectations. It has a garage with LED lights and a ramp door for effortless loading of toys. 

Above the garage, a room includes a queen bed, offering a sneak-out place for gossiping late night. This model offers sleeping space for eight persons.

The living room has a LED TV with lots of seating to relax and enjoy the trip. It also features a LED fireplace and a front patent-pending windshield design for beautiful views. Moreover, the hide-out beds can be used for extra sleeping space.

The kitchen includes a 21″ cooking range, microwave, and an 18 cu ft refrigerator to fulfill all your cravings and cooking desires. You can use the overhead storage space and cabinets to put all appliances and kitchen stuff. Moreover, it has a dinette on the slideout, offering you a total residential feel.

The main bedroom includes a queen bed, LED TV, and a slideout wardrobe. The bathroom features a skylight over the shower, vanity, and drawers for storage.

Notable Features

  • Patent-Pending Windshield
  • Below Bedroom Floor Garage
  • LED Fireplace
  • Two Awnings

8. Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler 425TS

This furnished and up-to-date model with AC makes you feel like home. It has a big L-shaped kitchen with a pantry, cooking range, microwave, solid countertops with LED lights, and a sink.

The living space has an entertainment center and two recliners on the slides, which can be transformed into a dinette if you wish. Other than this, you have a refrigerator to hold your juices and eatables to stay full. 

This toy hauler has two bathrooms, one full and a half bath attached to the garage. The master suite has a king-size bed with a wardrobe and a dresser. Even then, there is enough space to move around in the bedroom. 

It has a separate door that opens into an awning so you can find comfort after using the toys on the road.  

The garage has enough space to hold your road gears and hunting supplies. Above the garage, you have a queen bed, with sofas and a TV. Moreover, another awning leads the way from the garage. Overall, this Raptor toy hauler masterpiece ticks all the boxes for comfort and luxury. 

Notable features 

  • King size suite
  • 12 ft. garage space
  • Sleeping area for eight people
  • A full and half bath
  • Two awnings

9. Forest River RiverStone Toy Hauler 37FLTH

The Riverstone Toy Hauler 37FLTH is a complete dream package as it offers a list of luxuries. It has a bedroom in the rear area, which features a queen-size bed with closets on either side. Moreover, it has a wardrobe and a 43″ LED so you can relax and enjoy while staying in the room. 

There is an attached bathroom, which includes a shower and a seat, toilet, and sink. Coming out of the room, you will find the kitchen with a two-burner cooktop, microwave, and a kitchen island. 

Then there is a living space, which is the most exciting part of this hauler. It’s a carpeted area with tri-fold sofas on the opposite walls. It also has an entertainment center paired with theater seats with cup holders that give the right theater vibe. 

The garage is below the main bedroom with a zero-gravity ramp to slide your road gear smoothly. The central vacuum system and three awnings add up to this luxury appeal. 

Notable Features 

  • Sleeping capacity for six people
  • Kitchen island
  • Rear bedroom
  • Zero gravity ramp door 

10. Heartland Fuel Toy Hauler 352

This Fuel Toy Hauler is the perfect partner for an exciting getaway. A 13ft garage ensures that all your favorite toys, including bikes, are with you. You will also find the 30-gallon fuel station in the garage, and it is a blessing when you need to gas up your bikes while camping.

The kitchen is perfect in every sense. It features a three-burner range top, pantry, and a countertop peninsula so you can cook together and have fun.

The queen-size bed rests in the bedroom with a wardrobe to keep your belongings. Complementing the bedroom is a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower. There are overhead cabinets and a sink as well.

The living space is not as big as in other toy haulers, but the vast garage space makes up for it. In the living space, you can watch TV and sit on the couch to enjoy coffee and have a talk-session with your family.

There is a queen-size bed above the garage, so that means more sleeping space. There is a half bathroom, so anyone can use it instead of going to the main bathroom. With that, this model can make space for nine people.

Notable Features

  • 13′ Separate Garage
  • Full and Half Bath
  • Loft
  • Queen-size bed

Buying Guide 

Buying a luxury toy hauler is an exciting idea, but choosing one is a tough decision to make. This is why, I have narrowed down the list of luxury toy hauler features to help you find the best-fit according to your needs. No decision’s too hard when you know what to do and what factors to consider. 

So, let’s dig in. 


One thing that might skip your mind is the capacity of your towing vehicle. Think about the weight of the toy hauler and the stuff you put inside. Make sure it doesn’t exceed the towing vehicle’s capacity. 

If you’re thinking about finding the capacity of the towing vehicle,  here’s the answer:

You can find it on the data plate inside the driver’s door or in the owner’s manual. If you can’t, search it online. Now, we’ll move on to the important step.

Get Ready for Some Calculations 

Calculate the weight of your new toy hauler, and don’t forget to add the weight of toys and other stuff that you’ll put inside the hauler when going on a trip. 

The sum should be within your towing vehicle’s capacity. It allows you to rethink the toy hauler you intend to purchase. 


Another factor that influences your buying decision is the size of the toy hauler. Why, size?

Firstly, the luxury toy hauler should be convenient and comfortable for driving. It would be best if you didn’t look for something that: 

  • Takes a lot of space on the road 
  • Is more challenging to drive than your car 

Secondly, the toy hauler should have ample space for your family. You can match the number of sleeping berths with the number of people that will accompany you on the trips. 

However, it is best to keep some extra space if you wish to hit the roads for long trips. Some people would love to have limited sleeping space, but others might have different preferences. 

Also, don’t disregard the probability of cabin fever to set in after a few days, especially, when:

  • The weather isn’t right
  • Anyone accompanying you has already caught a viral or bacterial infection

If you are looking for a bigger space, get the 5th wheel toy haulers.

In a nutshell, the toy-hauler should be spacious enough to accommodate all your luxury items. Your job is to strike a balance between all these factors while thinking about your budget too. 


Watching out for the bathroom is crucial when you choose a luxury toy hauler. It is purely a personal choice, but you must see if you need an extra bathroom or more sleeping space. 

If you have many friends or a large family to join you on the trips, an extra bed is much better than an extra bathroom. It would be much better to wait for 10 minutes outside a single bathroom than to sleep on the driver’s seat because of the lack of sleeping space. 

A hauler with more bathrooms makes life more comfortable but shoot for this plan only when you can compromise on the living space. 


How do you entertain yourself when you are short of ideas to enjoy inside the hauler? Slideouts do the big favor for you. They create an additional living space to enjoy some time outside the rig. 

There are many toy haulers with one to five slideouts, so you can always choose the one that fascinates you more. Slideouts offer the best escape idea when things are going a little off inside the hauler. 


Lastly, we come to the essential factor that shapes the buying decision – The budget! 

Determining the right budget for a luxury toy hauler requires a lot of attention, but some elements can help you figure out the costs. 

Firstly, consider if you will customize it according to your requirements, as it would cost you extra bucks. 

The next question is about the generator. See if it has a built-in generator or you have to purchase a new one. Then, calculate how much fuel it will need to run and tow the toy hauler. 

The towing vehicle also makes an impact on the budget if you need to purchase a new one. 

These are all crucial details that would affect your budget, so consider all these factors with a clear head before buying your luxury toy hauler. 

Wrap up

To sum it up, I feel that buying a toy hauler should be a fun experience. A powerful luxury toy hauler is an excellent choice to enjoy the RV living with your road bikes and toys in tow.

With these 10 best luxury toy haulers on the list, it will be easy to choose the best one for you and your family. Just make sure you keep all the buying factors in mind while purchasing the hauler.