The Top Five Luxury Travel Trailers

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Travel trailers are expected to offer a comfortable and safe space for you to camp and sleep during your adventures on the road. You could be headed for the mountains, the forests, the beaches or some remote place that is tucked away from the distractions of the modern world. You could be traveling cross-country or you may prefer to stick to the highways.

Regardless of the types of facilities that might be available at your destination or are available en-route, luxury travel trailers should provide more than the basic necessities and should offer more than a convenient location to your head at night. Some travel trailers are of course more luxurious than others.

They will not only offer you a homely space where you can unwind, rejuvenate and attend to your daily needs but also a generous dose of fun and entertainment that is more often than not more akin to a well-appointed apartment.

We are now more than ever spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury travel trailers. However, luxury should be properly defined, as an abstract view will lead to inappropriate and possibly irrelevant comparisons. When we talk about the top five luxury travel trailers, we are prioritizing design and features, build quality and floor plan, ratings, and reviews from experts and fellow adventurers.

So, without further ado, here is our tailor-made concise list of the five best luxury travel trailers right now. It perhaps goes without saying, but most of these are relatively expensive but they are more than worthy of being described as premium travel trailers.

Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

If you were to open up a dictionary, this travel trailer might just be the definition of what grandeur looks and feels like. There are five-floor plans you can choose from. The unloaded weight of the travel trailer ranges from around 7,500 pounds to almost 9,000 pounds.

As few as five and as many as ten people can sleep in the trailer which is not surprising considering the dimensions of the trailer are thirty-three feet to thirty-seven feet long. The unloaded weight is in an ideal range but the loaded weight may be a tad too high for vehicles weighing half a ton, so make sure you know the towing capacity of your vehicle.

This series of travel trailer is a fine example of a design that is a combination of substance and style. It looks amazing and is practical at the same time.

There are a reasonable number of variants so you may want to focus on Reflection 315RLTS or Reflection 285BHTS. The sleeping capacities of these two make them more desirable, especially for larger families. There is not much of a difference in regards to features as they remain the same regardless of the floor plan you choose.

The more luxurious travel trailers in the Reflection series have a skylight with a wide view in the shower. All Grand Design Reflection travel trailers come with hand polished maple cabinet doors, a tri-fold hide-a-bed sofa, king sized wardrobe and oversized storage under the bed.

Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer

This luxurious travel trailer is one of the most spacious options that’s available on the market at the moment. The trailer is twenty-three feet to thirty-seven feet long. There are as many as forty-four different floor plans. The unloaded weight ranges from 4,100 pounds to just over 8,500 pounds.

The trailer is spacious enough for three to ten people. The trailer is as spacious as it is versatile, boasting a range of features. The sheer number of floor plans offers you an opportunity to pick a unique layout to suit your specific needs, you’d be hard pressed to not find something that meets your requirements. The length, weight and other capacities would obviously vary depending on your choice.

You can choose a more versatile plan if you want, provided it is sufficient for the number of people you want to accommodate. Or alternatively, choose a floor plan that provides ample room for your family, guests, and friends.  Just make sure you’re assessing all the floor plans if you wish to find the perfect Keystone Hideout travel trailer.

Hideout 28RBS and Hideout 32BHTS are relatively more popular right now owing to the features and the sheer number of choices available. There are variants that come with a roof upon which you can walk or camp and even sleep overnight if the weather is conducive to camping out. There is a high definition television inside and it is complemented by surround sound speakers, so it has your entertainment sorted if you want to have a movie night or if the weather has turned bad.

There is enough storage. Most of the space under the master bed has been used for storage. There are the usual storage cabinets and spaces as well. Nearly all the variants of Keystone Hideout travel trailers come with reversible dinette cushions, six cubic feet fridge, surround sound speakers and full strutted storage under the master bed.

Palomino Puma Travel Trailer

The Palomino Puma travel trailer falls short by just one-floor plan compared to the Keystone Hideout travel trailer. There are forty-three-floor plans but they come with the same features, so you are not going to compromise on any of the luxuries assured by the brand in this series.

The length ranges from twenty-seven feet to thirty-eight feet. The unloaded weight ranges from just over 5,000 pounds to nearly 9,000 pounds. As many as ten people can sleep in the trailer, which even when maxed out, it doesn’t feel overly cramped or lacking in space.  If you’re traveling as a couple or even by yourself, the space available is a little bit excessive, we think it’s best for four or more travelers.

Palomino Puma travel trailer is versatile and spacious. It’s really comfortable and has in our opinion a really swanky interior. The luxury features are simply great given the price range. Many manufacturers tend to limit luxury features when creating some of the more reasonably priced variants. This brand does no such thing with this series, with prices that are substantially more appreciable than those of some of the other luxury travel trailers on this list, you’ll be hard pressed to find better value elsewhere.

The Puma 32RKTS and Puma 27RLSS have been critically well received, and we think this is well deserved. Both have decorative kitchen backsplash, bath skylight, jackknife sofa, nickel finish kitchen faucet and extra storage space such as under the sofa among other places.

There are four choices of interior décor, which is in addition to the floor plans you choose. The single control kitchen faucet has a high rise, the splashboard is utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing, the pull-down drink tray at the center of the jackknife sofa is well positioned and practical, and the extensive list of possible expansions and upgrades are going to be sufficient to satiate even the most demanding users.

Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer

The Heartland North Trail travel trailer excels at providing an environment for relaxation and entertainment, which are two quintessential elements that ensure you finish your travels relaxed and rejuvenated. The Heartland North Trail travel trailer has twenty-one different floor plans.

The trailers weigh anywhere between 4,500 pounds to just over 8,000 pounds when unloaded.  The heartland is suitable for between four and nine people and is available in varying lengths from twenty-six feet to thirty-seven feet. The spectrum of choices is almost mind-blowing, which means that I will put money down that you’re bound to find one that meets your needs.

So, while other luxury travel trailers might not meet all your requirements, meaning you’ll be forced to make compromises. For example, you may find some luxury travel trailers are unsuitable for vehicles with lower towing capacity, but this is not something you’ll run into with the Heartland.  The heartland boasts so many options, sizes and configuration options that there’s something for everyone.

If you choose to go with the lightest Heartland North Trail which weighs 4,450 pounds without any additional load, it is well suited for those driving a half ton vehicle or have a little more towing capacity.  Anyone with this sort of vehicle is unlikely to be able to choose a trailer that weighs a whopping 8,000 unloaded pounds.

If your towing vehicle is up to the challenge, and you can afford to pull 8,000 pounds of unloaded weight, you’ll be rewarded with an impressive amount of floor space in which you can stretch your legs. That is more than enough space for as many as ten people, or less if you really like to stretch out. The diversity in the floor plans ensures you can find just the kind of layout you need for your adventures without compromising how you wish to go about your daily tasks, relaxation or anything else.

North Trail 33 BUDS and North Trail 31BHDD have been well received by the press recently and for good reason. They are exceptionally well appointed and incredibly spacious as well. It should be noted that the more compact models or variants within the series do not necessarily compromise on the luxurious features.

You can still get the high definition LED television and the swivel feature so you can point the television towards the bedroom and fall asleep while watching your favorite show or movie. The interiors are brought to life courtesy of the accented walls, the decorative inserts made of glass and you may even choose outside speakers if you want to take the fun outside. All models or variants come with a monitor panel in the bathroom, shower skylight, designer accent walls, and decorative glass inserts and you can have outside speakers with any.

Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer

The Jayco White Hawk travel trailer has a sleek external appearance, and it has just as comfortable interiors as the others on this list. The unloaded weight of this trailer ranges from over 5,200 to nearly 7,800 pounds. The length varies from twenty-six feet to thirty-seven feet. You can comfortably accommodate four to nine people depending on the floor plan you choose, which will determine the legroom to a large extent.

Jayco White Hawk travel trailer has a standout décor. There are three distinct options to choose from. While all the luxury travel trailers listed here look amazing inside, this one is sophisticated and chic at the same time. One décor makes it just another version of a typical home and another makes it look like a motorhome or vanity camper used by celebrities.

Jayco White Hawk travel trailer has more than sufficient versatility in regards to floor plans. Sure, you do not get as many as forty-three or forty-four options but twenty-six variants you get to choose from are enough to satiate your need for distinctness. It is unlikely you would not find at least half a dozen plans suitable for your family and friends. White Hawk 32 BHS and White Hawk 31BH are the more popular ones right now but the others are equally worthwhile.

Jayco White Hawk travel trailers come with wood grain accent paneling, furnace with auto ignition, skylight in bathroom, thermostat and a whole gamut of optional upgrades that you can choose from on the basis of need, preference and of course affordability. For instance, you can choose tub surround, a better air conditioner or a secondary air conditioner, frameless windows or a skylight in the kitchen perhaps. Why should a bath or shower be under the sun or a starry sky, cooking could be too. The high output furnace with a thermostat in the wall, the décor and the variants, the closeable and directional vents for the air conditioner and floor plans pave the way for the versatility you would want.

Choosing the Best Luxury Travel Trailer

It is always imperative to tick the essential checkboxes prior to delving into the luxury features or additional amenities, regardless of how much you have prioritized the latter.

You have to comply with the towing capacity, bear in mind the restrictions in length and in some cases weight depending on the routes you take or wherever you are headed, the accommodating capacity would always be important and so would be the storage space. The more people you have onboard, the storage requirement would escalate proportionately and not every travel trailer has the same space for such needs.

You should focus on imperative features that you need and which will satiate all the requirements of your family and friends. Prioritize the best manufacturers or the most reliable brands. Use some budgeting tools such as payment calculator and always explore finance options, tow vehicle ratings, and trade-in values before you choose a particular brand, model or specific variant.

These may seem to be facilitating factors but they can be crucial and almost consequential when you have to account for a substantial difference in what you can conveniently afford and what you must pay, whether or not the value would be worthwhile and if the travel trailer will be appropriate given the towing capacity of your vehicle. You may want to consider upgrades or optional features after you have zeroed in on a model or variant. The surplus factors would only complicate the process of choosing the best among the top five luxury travel trailers.

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