Luxury Truck Campers

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With the prevalence of a new generation of explorers who are always looking for their next adventure, Truck camping has become a hit amongst travelers looking for an easy non-expensive way to travel.  Truck campers give you the freedom that traditional travel trailers do not afford, while still providing exceptional comfort. 

The freedom you have always been looking for when traveling. They do not restrict your limits to drive anywhere across the country neither to set your camp in the most exclusive places you can find and enjoy your journey ahead. 

Not only that but it is also one of the easiest ways to discover new places without the hassle of hotels and campgrounds. However, it is essential that you make sure that your truck camper has everything you need, all the tools and gear you might require during your adventure to ensure your safety as well as a remarkable experience.

Nevertheless, with the technological advancement and constant feature updates and development in the Camper industry, we have a sheer number of luxury truck campers that it’s hard to choose from. With these truck campers featuring everything from comfort to luxury to an upgraded camping game, you will definitely want to own one.

In this article, we have compiled together with the best luxury truck campers you can find out there. While each differs in terms of models, features, and brands, they all provide you with the luxurious comfort you are looking for your next ride. If you are interested to discover them with us, keep on reading.

The Top Luxury Truck Campers of 2020

1. Eagle Cap Luxury Truck Camper Model 1200

Eagle Cap Luxury Truck Camper Model 1200

Priced start at around $59,000

Let’s start today’s list with the best Luxury truck camper available on the market; the Eagle Cap Luxury Truck Camper Model 1200.

This truck camper is all about leisure and indulgence you can find in a truck; this is exactly what you need if you are looking for luxurious comfort and memorable life experience. This new and fine model features a very spacious and roomy open floor area thanks to the bed railed flooring construction style. 

Not only that, but the camper also incorporates a private dressing area giving our more private space in your own truck. This feature is quite hard to find in other truck campers. Yet, we can still find it in an upgraded version of the 1200 eagle cap. 

The dressing room has a 2persons wardrobe that includes four big drawers for dressing and movable shelves. Bedroom-wise, you will be amazed by the dual bed access to this area and the king-size bed that incorporates under it a storage drawer. 

Besides that, 1200 offers you a 30. In Micro/Convection oven model, with a large kitchen set where you can move freely and comfortably to prepare a delicious homemade meal. It also comes with an 8 cu ft refrigerator. 

We can’t talk about the Eagle Cap Luxury Truck Camper Model 1200 without mentioning its living room/ lounge area. The center space offers a spacious open floor place for you to chill and enjoy yourself. The living area includes a 32″ TV which can be viewed from a different angle of the truck or an Exclusive Theater Seating Recliners. We can also mention the incredibly huge outside storage.

You can read more about it here.

2. Host Mammoth 11.6 Triple-Slide Truck Camper

Host Mammoth 11.6 Triple-Slide Truck Camper

Prices start at around $69,999

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the Host Mammoth is the fact that it is one big huge truck camper.

With a weight that reaches up to 5.000 lbs and length of 20 feet, you know we will be talking about one of the largest truck campers in this manufacturing. The host Mammoth features 3 main slide outs providing an immense living space that measures around 180 footage squares. You know that you will probably need a big truck in order to safely haul this luxury beast camper.

Talking about luxury, the inside interior of the camper will keep you in awe. Built-in with High-end appliances and amenities, this truck is like no other. The Mammoth includes a leather couch, 32 in. It also includes a TV with a flat-screen, large shower and roomy bathroom area, an 8 cu foot refrigerator that has two doors, electric chimney. 

Besides all this kitchen and living area luxury offered, you will enjoy a comfortable king-size bed and a bedroom sofa with an adjustable table for you to work on or to put your belongings. Thanks to this lavish interior, your camping experience will be more than memorable and exceptional.

You can read more about it here.

3. NuCamp Cirrus 920 truck camper 

NNucamp Cirrus 920 truck camper 

Prices start at around $45,000

With much attention given to details, this is another luxury truck camper that should be taken into consideration. Simply put, the  Nucamp Cirrus 920 Truck Camper is an updated model from the previous 820 design. 

This new model includes an aesthetically built-in kitchen with a silver accented stove top that matches the interior wall enclosing it. The LED lighting reflection, it gives it more of a modern sophisticated finished look. 

Not only that, but the kitchen area includes more cabinetry and slide-out storage spaces to stock your kitchen tools and appliances. The high-quality structure, slide-out devices and the advanced features of the interior presents an ample indication of its luxury.



Prices start from around $66,000

‘This is no ordinary camper. Our flagship double-slide version of luxury in the wilderness.” Packed with an impressive number of quality and advanced features, this truck camper has everything you will be looking for in a camper. Thanks to its versatility, the Lance 1172 has so much to offer. 

Thanks to its skylights and huge dual paned and tinted windows, the camper is always airy and bright. The slide-outs are a great component of what makes the Lance Quite exceptional. With the wall slides out with an inclined sofa that comes after it, you will enjoy more comfort and relaxation. 

You will be amazed by storage areas and all the amenities and gadgets provided inside the camper.  You will never want to get out of our truck camper again. Your interior journey does not stop there as the first thing you will notice once you step inside the truck camper is the fancy, comfortably looking couch and a closet that slides onward of the rear. 

All these build slides out, offer more interior open space inside the camper alluding of spacious living area. Truck camper model 1172 is Lance’s kitchen is another area you will feel excited to be at it. The galley area offers you all the things you need to prepare a delicious home meal. It includes a stove with  3 lamps, double part sink, a storage place above the area and refrigerator.

You can read more about it here.

5. Palomino Real-Lite truck camper

Palomino Real-Lite truck camper

Explore a brand new world of adventure with the Palomino Real-Lite truck camper. These campers are known’s for their versatility to fit a sheer number of various trucks that can be found on the highroads nowadays. 

Despite being relatively small in terms of size when compared with other luxury campers, this model has everything you will need while enjoying our adventure. Loaded with a great number of advanced features, the Palomino truck camper is built-in with Tenon high-quality hardwood cupboards and floor with a high dense Congoleum product material. 

You will also find a U-wrapped sofa that incorporates a storage space under it to save all your belongings or valuable things there. The interior space offers a luxurious yet intimate place to chill and feel at home.

Bedroom wise, the private area included a lofted king size bed with a cozy sofa to rest and relax. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances and gadgets in order to prepare a hearty meal.

You can read more about it here.

6. XP Camper V1 Truck camper 

XP Camper V1 Truck camper 

Prices start at around $150,000

The XP camper V1 stands out naturally from the crowd thanks to the refined and modern inside and outside design look. Built-in with a flatbed pop-up design, this XP camper V1 truck camper is created with solid and thick fiberglass and shell fabrication offering the ultimate durability and protection, especially during the old season.

The best thing about this camper is you can use a controller for an easy and quick electrical lift. This lift provides some extra additional inches of room space.

Bedroom wise, this private area includes a big size bed with storage located under it. You can put your belongings or clothes in the storage. Besides that, the camper includes a large and convenient kitchen area that is facing a large dinette.

You can read more about it here.

7. The Kodiak “Trailhead” Pop-Up Truck camper 

The Kodiak “Trailhead” Pop-Up Truck camper 

This luxury pop-up mounted camper that comes with extended modern and advanced capacities and features. The Kodiak “Trailhead” truck camper is built-in with exceptional floor design that provides two big beds. One of these two big beds transforms into a dinette area that can fit for four people. 

The dinette includes a high-quality cherry hardwood product material table that is easy to remove and adjust whenever you need it. 

Kitchen wise, the Kodiak features a cutting edge cuisine outfitted with a stove that operates with diesel, a stainless steel sink, a refrigerator, and a big microwave. Apart from that it mostly functions with solar power; the camper has two stainless steel 40-gallon water containers.

You can read more about it here.

8. The Tahoe ShortBed Double slide Truck Camper

The Tahoe ShortBed Double slide Truck Camper

Host industries have always been known for their luxury slide-in truck campers’ designs and variety of models. In their recent campers’ lines, we find the Tahoe ShortBed Double slide Truck Camper. 

This latest model features whole wall slide outs, huge bathroom, and 8 footage square open space floor. The truth to be told, let’s be honest, there is no other short-bed Double slide truck camper like this on the market. The Tahoe camper holds a large kitchen that includes 8 cu feet Refrigerator, with a nice and well-built dinette and 6 ft couch.

Regarding the water tanks, unlike its other competitors in the industry, the Tahoe ranks higher with its 65 gallons fresh water container. This camper is a four-season camper. You won’t have to worry about the water getting frozen in cold weather, as the camper is equipped with water lines that are resistant to freeze and cold. 

You can also find a large storage tray at the exterior of the camper where you can store our tools and equipment. Unlike other campers available on the market, the Tahoe highlights a high-quality structure composition. 

This composition consists of 100% aluminum, complete fiberglass for the outside surface, walls, floors, and ceiling are made of Vacuumed foam. All this gives the camper a lightweight feeling yet the camper is strong and capable enough of carrying huge slides.

9. Alaskan 8.5 Truck Camper Rig

Alaskan 8.5 Truck Camper Rig

Ever since it entered the market, the Alaskan truck camper rig has been getting all the attention from our targeted audience. This telescopic truck was created with the idea of offering luxurious comfort and protection to their owners.

It has more or less a relatively low profile in order to make sure that the RVer is having a safe and comfortable driving. This truck camper rig has set its bar high with its high-quality construction materials inside and outside. This four-season camper is Built-in with a hydraulic mechanism that lifts and drops the whole head camper.

Once you enter the inside of the truck, you will be amazed by the availability and the presence of modern and advanced features all over the place. The camper has an eye-catching dinette made of leather material. The roof is made w high-quality panel wood.

Furthermore, you will find plenty of storage space to store your belonging, they are almost everywhere overhead. You don’t have to worry about where you have to stock your food and other items. Just put them in the storages and forget about them.

Inside the galley, you will find a NovaKool 3808 compressor refrigerator, a stove with two-burner cooking tops and an air conditioner. Isn’t that amazing? Moreover, the camper includes a 27-gallon clean water container. All in all, the interior of the truck is something to look for sure, its exquisite design and the charming material choice will make you want to stay in the camper the whole time.

10. Hallmark K2 SherpTek Rig truck camper

Hallmark K2 SherpTek Rig truck camper

Last one on the list for the best luxury truck campers on the market, we found the Hallmark K2 SherpTek Rig. This is another great and charming model by Hallmark. To start with the truck camper includes a 30-gallon clean water container. The Hallmark K2 SherpTek Rig includes 2 large double windows, water heater, an adjustable and movable table and a variety of closets made of amber bamboo. 

You can also find numerous rear cases where you can store your belongings to remain safe and protected. The camper also has an outside shower, bullfinch. In the galley, you can find a NovaKool compressor refrigerator and a convenient cooking area with everything you need to make a nice meal. 

In the private area, you can find a comfortable light bed. Underneath the bed, you can find large storage space that reaches up to 60 cu feet, this is ideal to store your valuable thing, papers, snacks or even some of your clothes.

All in all, this camper is designed to make you feel at home even you are far away from home. The interior is for owners who used to live in more or less higher living standards than the average standard.

The main living area includes a nice couch along with a completely stocked galley. The bathroom is easily accessible. The bedroom is a self-indulgent shelter for the owner and also presents a comfortable design.


Who said we should go a hard time just to camp? What’s wrong with glamping in your own truck moving from one place to another? Aren’t these everyone’s dream, having your own place stocked with them advanced and modern luxurious facilities and appliances to make your life better? I don’t anybody will say not to that even for a shorter period.   

And one more thing, there is no better way than experiencing this than with your Luxury truck camper. They offer you the chance to get on the highroad with lavish style and design. With everything provided inside the campers, from a nice king-sized bed to a dinette, to a fully equipped kitchen, to a complete bathroom and an outside shower. 

This is everything you will be looking for to add that luxury comfort and sense of relaxation you need after a long day driving from one destination to another exploring the different areas of your county.

Luxury truck campers provide the extremely organized nearly anything they need on wheels. They are a growing travel trend among this young generation and for a genuine intention. What is stopping you from discovering, exploring and enjoying your adventure with your own luxury home on wheels?

Whether just for vacations or the long term camping life plan, investing in a truck camper is growing more popular since it allows you that unrestricted t freedom you need.  Not only that, you will be able to make some memorable life tie experiences and advantages that you can share with others.