Modern RVs can deliver a lot of comfort and convenience for the journey. Maybe they won’t be as cozy and comfy as your home, but they can get pretty darn good.

But most often, comfort equals large size, heavyweight, and steep price. And not everyone can and wants to deal with any of these tradeoffs.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to showcase the top 10 of our favorite micro campers. Needless to say, they don’t have the room necessary to deliver luxurious levels of comfort, but they do have plenty of things to surprise you with nonetheless.  They’re often cheap to rent or easy to finance.

The Best Micro Campers

Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer


Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer

Up first on the list of our favorite micro campers is the HC1 travel trailer by Happier Camper. Measuring 13 feet in length, this is the third smallest camper on our list, and it is perhaps the most remarkable model among the showcased campers.

Retro-looking from the outside, the HC1 travel trailer packs all kinds of tech stuff inside. The most notable among the features of this camper is its Adaptiv modular platform system, which allows you to modify the layout of the camper on the fly.

For example, if you are traveling with your entire family, you could cover the entire floor of the camper with bed sheets to get 5 sleeping areas at nighttime. Or you could set up a bathroom- or kitchen-oriented layout. You may also leave the floor in the camper naked to allow you to take your toys or watercraft with you.

Needless to say, you’ll need to get all the Adaptiv stuff available for this camper separately. But the fact that such a compact guy has so much potential is pretty amazing.

Aside from the Adaptiv system, there are a couple of other things notable about this camper. For example, how amazing is it that its shell is made from double insulated fiberglass? Not only is this camper warm inside, but it also offers a very strong yet light build, even for its size.

Speaking of size and weight, the HC1 camper weighs 1,100 pounds when dry. However, since you probably wouldn’t be using this camper empty, the weight with add-ons is a more useful metric – the HC1 tends to weigh from 1,200 to 1,800 pounds with optional packages.

All in all, for the size, the Happier Camper HC1 travel trailer has plenty of interesting features to offer.

TAXA Cricket Camper

TAXA Cricket Camper


The Cricket camper by Taxa is a rather cool-looking model. It has a strong futuristic feel to it, which may be to some people’s taste.

Appearance isn’t the most critical thing to look for in a camper though. Fortunately, there are plenty of things the Cricket camper can boast aside from the cool design.

This camper isn’t as light and compact as the HC1 camper we’ve just overviewed, but it nonetheless is quite a portable model. Weighing 1,500 pounds when empty and measuring 15 feet in length, it is among the lightest campers out there. It isn’t quite among the shortest trailers, but 15 feet isn’t too much nonetheless.

A notable feature in the Cricket camper is its pop-up roof. It not only allows for increased headroom but also delivers better ventilation.

The amount of sleeping space in the Cricket camper is noteworthy as well. This camper has two sleeping areas for adults and two for children, which means that it can accommodate most families out there.

When it comes to amenities, the Cricket delivers everything one would expect for the size. It doesn’t come with a bathroom, for example, but it does come with an outside shower, and there is an optional portable toilet for it.

On the other hand, the Cricket camper does have some dining area, as well as kitchen amenities for food cooking.

It should be noted that TAXA offers the Cricket in two packages – the Cricket Camp and the Cricket Trek. The main difference between the two options is that the Cricket Trek camper comes with a roof rack for gear like surfboards or bikes.

TAXA Tigermoth Camper

TAXA Tigermoth Camper


The Tigermoth camper by TAXA arguably looks less interesting than the Cricket camper, but some people are going to like what it has to offer more.

First of all, the Tigermoth camper is more compact than the Cricket. Sized at 12 feet in length, it is the second shortest camper on the list. Weighing 1,300 pounds, it’s also very light.

Needless to say, this camper’s more compact size relative to the Cricket means that there are fewer amenities for you to enjoy. For example, the Tigermoth doesn’t come with an interior kitchen, though it is available for it as an option. Plus, there obviously is overall less free room in this camper.

There is a pull-out outdoor kitchen in the Tigermoth camper though, which is an excellent feature for those who are spending most of their time outdoors.

By default, the Tigermoth camper only offers two sleeping areas for adults. But with the optional roof top tent (called RTT by TAXA), you’ll get two more sleeping areas, which essentially makes this camper suitable for family trips.

What also lacks in this camper is an outdoor shower. TAXA offers a shower tent plus a portable toilet as an option, but by default, you aren’t getting any bathroom amenities with this camper.

A thing that TAXA boasts in the Tigermoth camper is its NASA-inspired design. This camper is designed to allow you to attach bungees, hooks, and points to create space for wall- and ceiling-mounted cargo. This modular-like design increases the storage efficiency of the Tigermoth camper quite a bit.

In the end, if you were looking for great storage capacity in a small size, the TAXA Tigermoth camper may really interest you.

Scamp 13 Feet Deluxe Camper

Scamp 13 Feet Deluxe Camper


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If you definitely want your camper to have an interior bathroom, then the 13 feet Deluxe camper by Scamp should be a good option to consider. Scamp offers two floorplans in the 13 feet Deluxe line, and one of them has a bathroom with a shower and toilet.

But for those who don’t necessarily want a bathroom, there is a floorplan with a front dinette available. It lacks things like a heater system, water pump, and a grey water tank, but it does offer some dining area in exchange.

For the size, the Scamp Deluxe camper does have plenty of features to offer. When you have a look at the floorplans, you notice some resemblance with larger travel trailers. That is, the Scamp campers have all-in-one layouts with a sleeping area, a kitchen, and a bathroom/dining area.

So with the 13 feet Scamp Deluxe, you are getting everything you’d get with much longer RVs, albeit in a smaller size.

You might have been wondering what the Deluxe in the model name of this camper means. Well, there is also a Standard 13 feet camper available. The two 13 feet campers are essentially the same, but there are some minor differences in the layout.

The most important difference is that the Deluxe camper comes with Deluxe curtains, wall liners, and a carpet, which may make you feel cozier inside.

Lastly, the weight of the Scamp 13 feet camper is around 1,300 – 1,600 pounds, which is relatively heavy for the size. But that’s what you’d expect from this camper, given that it has plenty of amenities in it.

Tiny Camper 5X8 Classic Sleeper

Our 10 Favorite Micro Campers: Small Yet Brilliant 1

Some people need nothing more from their micro camper than some sleeping space. If this applies to you as well, then the Tiny Camper Classic Sleeper is quite an interesting option to consider.

This camper comes with no kitchen, dining, or bathroom amenities in it – only some sleeping space. As Tiny Camper writes, the camper fits a queen size bed well, so you could get at least 2 sleeping areas out of this camper. Maybe more if you really make use of the space available to you.

Even though the Classic Sleeper has no furniture or appliances in it, it does have some equipment to allow you to make a comfortable sleeping or resting space.

For instance, Tiny Camper equipped this sleeper with one air vent to allow for good ventilation in the sleeper. Plus, there is the option of installing an AC unit in this camper, so hot summer days shouldn’t be an issue in it.

There are also a couple of 110V outlets and two USB ports, which would allow you to charge your mobile equipment. In addition, you theoretically could use home appliances in this camper, but then, the issue of their storage and transport would arise.

This camper is very cheap as well – it was priced about $5,000 at the moment of this material’s writing. So if you are on a tight budget, you may like what this thing has to offer.

Airstream Basecamp

Airstream Basecamp


If you are ready to pay the money for quality, then the Basecamp travel trailer by Airstream may interest you. This camper costs quite the money, but it does have several features to offer to make up for it.

The sleek design is the very first thing notable in the Basecamp camper. This not only makes this travel trailer look great but, according to Basecamp, also increases aerodynamics and helps conserve fuel. And this claim becomes pretty believable once you have a look at the shape of the Basecamp travel trailer.

Inside, this camper is no less interesting than from outside. Note the huge panoramic windows in the front that let plenty of light in, as well as allow you to enjoy the beautiful views at the campground.

Aside from that, the Basecamp travel trailer comes with a plentitude of amenities. The shower is the most notable – Airstream equipped this trailer with a wet bath system, which is a thing that is commonly absent from trailers of this size.

The entire front end of this travel trailer is dedicated to a kitchen area equipped with a sink, a two-burner stove, a two-way 3 cubic feet refrigerator, a microwave, and ample countertop room. The kitchen area is surprisingly roomy in this travel trailer.

The back end of the Basecamp travel trailer is occupied by a dining area equipped with large sofas and convertible tables. And if you remove the tables, you will get free room to unfold the sofas and make a decently sized bed.

Another remarkable feature in this camper is its large 26 x 46-inch rear hatch. This hatch is quite big, which should allow you to easily fit toys or watercraft in this camper.

It should be mentioned that everything described above is possible due to the longer 16 feet 3 inches long body of the travel trailer. But while this allows for greater room, the Basecamp is a relatively heavy camper, weighing 2,585 pounds when empty.

So all in all, for quite a steep price tag, the Basecamp travel trailer has a plentitude of features and conveniences to offer to those who wish to pay the price.

Airstream Nest

Airstream Nest


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The Nest travel trailer is a little bigger alternative to the Airstream Basecamp we’ve just overviewed. For those who found the Basecamp camper a bit too restricted, the Nest may be a more interesting choice.

When you look at the numbers, the Nest doesn’t seem too much bigger than the Basecamp – it is sized at 16’ 7” x 7’1” vs the 16’3” x 7’ of the Basecamp. However, there actually is noticeably more free room in the Nest travel trailer.

While the additional inches of space do have their own contribution, the thing that affects the free room in the Nest the most is its less sleek, less aerodynamic design, and the more rectangular-like shape. The oval-shaped Basecamp trailer sacrificed some corner room for aerodynamics, but there is nothing like that in the Nest camper.

As a result, you are getting considerably more room in the Nest.

The biggest difference in free room lies in the dining/sleeping area. Thanks to the increased amount of corner space, there is a bit more wiggle room in the dining area (and in the sleeping area once you unfold the sofas).

By the way, there also is another floorplan for the Nest which has a permanent bed instead of the dinette. People who don’t really care about dining space would probably appreciate the bed more.

An additional thing that the Nest has is a small storage area in the rear left corner, which is a thing that the Basecamp didn’t have.

All in all, the Basecamp and the Nest campers are very similar to each other in terms of amenities. The things that differ between them is the amount of room and the general layout. Plus, the Nest doesn’t have a large rear hatch to allow you to fit toys or watercraft in it.

Airstream Sport


Our 10 Favorite Micro Campers: Small Yet Brilliant 2

Yet another camper model from Airstream! This time, it is the Sport travel trailer, which has quite a bit different orientation. Unlike the previous two Airstream models, the Sport camper line is more centered around sleeping space.

The Sport series has two floorplans – one sized at 16 feet and the other at 22 feet. Since we are talking about micro campers today, we’ll focus around the smaller 16 feet floorplan.

Both floorplans have four sleeping areas. In the 16 feet Sport camper, two of them are in the fixed rear bed and two in the convertible dining area in the front. For the size of this camper, you are getting quite a remarkable amount of sleeping space.

Of course, there is something that one would need to sacrifice in order to gain the bigger sleeping area. While you still have all the essential amenities in this camper – like a fully-equipped kitchen or a wet bath – you’re getting less wiggle room overall.

The kitchen area, in particular, lacks the roomy countertop that the other two Airstream campers had, which may be a downside for some people. The increased width of 8 feet somewhat compensates for the overall lack of free room though.

In the end, if you are looking for a moderately-sized camper with a big sleeping area, the 16 feet Sport may be an interesting option for you.

Wide Path Camper Bicycle Camper


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Our 10 Favorite Micro Campers: Small Yet Brilliant 3

If you are looking for ultimate portability, then the Bicycle Camper by the European manufacturer Wide Path Camper could be excellent for you. While the manufacturer is European, you shouldn’t have problems with receiving their campers from abroad.

Well, what makes this camper a great option for those who don’t have much storage space to spare?

The Bicycle Camper has a foldable design – before transporting or storing it, you could fold the camper’s back over the front. And when folded this way, the Bicycle Camper measures just around 5 feet in length.

Even when you unfold the Bicycle Camper, it doesn’t get too big. When fully set up, it is just above 9 feet long, which makes this camper the smallest camper on our list. And speaking of unfolding, Wide Path Camper writes that it takes just 3 minutes to fully set up this camper, without any tools.

Weighing around 100 pounds when empty, it is also designed to be towed to a bicycle. Perhaps not everybody will be able to tow this thing while biking, but if you are a seasoned cyclist, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Inside, this camper has just enough space to allow you to make a little resting or sleeping area. You won’t be getting things like a kitchen or bathroom area with this camper, but it does have ample room for a 78 x 34-inch bed, a compact dining table, and an overall storage volume of 300 liters.

The headroom in this camper is quite limited – its interior height is around 55 inches, which is comfortable enough for sitting. But the limited room is the tradeoff of this camper’s weight and compactness.

In conclusion, the Bicycle Camper seems like a suitable option for short trips. There are some things that you may need to add to this camper – like a refrigerator, for example – but it is pretty ready for not so demanding journeys by default.

TimberLeaf Classic Teardrop Trailer

Our 10 Favorite Micro Campers: Small Yet Brilliant 4

And the last model on the list of our favorite micro campers is the Classic Teardrop trailer by TimberLeaf. Weighing 1,400 pounds when empty and sized at 15 feet in length, it definitely isn’t the lightest and smallest camper on the list. But it does have a couple of features to boast.

The most remarkable feature in this teardrop trailer is its rear galley. In contrast with most RVs where the kitchen area is located indoors, the entire kitchen of the Classic Teardrop trailer is outside. It has its separate storage compartment in the rear of the camper – when you need to take some snacks or cook food, you just pull the protective cover up to access the kitchen.

Such a design, in our opinion, really makes this camper excellent in terms of kitchen amenities. With the entire rear end of this camper dedicated to food making and storing, there is a plentitude of stuff available to you.

Just have a look at images of this camper’s galley, and you’ll understand what we mean. Here, you have a lot of free room for storage and food preparation, much more than the majority of RVs out there can offer to you. Plus, the kitchen in this camper is equipped with a space-saving two-burner cooktop and a compact cooler.

By the way, the kitchen in the Classic Teardrop trailer essentially is an outdoor kitchen. So for those who spend most of their time outdoors, this camper is a very interesting option to consider.

Inside, the Classic camper has a custom-made queen mattress, as well as plenty of insulation to help you feel cozy when resting. A couple of overhead cabinets and storage shelves also provide the inhabitants of the camper with a nice amount of storage space.

Well, all in all, we think that this camper is an excellent choice for those who need as much cooking space as possible for their needs.

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