Camping with the recreational vehicle is fun, addictive, and help you in many ways. Some travel as couples while some prefer going it alone. But we tend to have fun when we go camping within our budgets. In this case, we would discuss mini recreational vehicles, that is, mini motorhomes.

Motorhomes, always used interchangeably with recreational vehicles or campervans is a vehicle cum home providing you with accommodation along with vehicle engine. It can fit 2 – 8 people in it based on the type of motorhome acquired. Whether you want to go for business travels more often or enjoy long trips with your family, a motorhome is the best solution. And when you want to make your trips memorable, keeping everything within your budget, mini motorhomes is the best option.

Mini motorhomes are versatile RVs with which you can travel all around the country. Mini does not make these motorhomes small and congested. Instead, they are spacious and can easily fall within your budget.

An average mini motorhome is under 27 feet. It takes quite less space while traveling and camping. There are many variants of mini motorhomes.

Mini motor homes have many great features. They require less fuel as compared to other RVs, you can drive them easily, it gives you the amenities of a home. The tiny floor plan fits all the necessary features in the mini motorhome. Continue reading to find the 7 best mini motor vehicles suitable for everyone and the things to remember while comparing or checking out different mini motorhomes.

Why Mini Motorhomes

If you run a small business. And you are tired of renting rooms or cars, traveling long in spite of being tired and flying by plane. You may not want this hassle, no more. You can purchase a mini motorhome. It will help you to visit your clients. You can take breaks between work locations and spend time with your family if you have a motorhome. It is obvious that a large RV or a tow-behind trailer will not be suitable for you. Mini motorhomes will be the affordable and best option in this case.

Advantages Of A Mino Motorhome

  • It helps you park anywhere, travel anywhere and, sleep anywhere. You will not feel as if you are in an RV.
  • You get various mini motorhome styles such as contemporary, traditional, and modern according to your preference.
  • You can get the option of fuel and diesel as you will be driving through mountains.
  • The engine or chassis are serviceable. Any mechanic can work on it easily. Hence, no worries about repair and maintenance.
  • Buying a large RV will give you lots of space, but it will be a wastage 99% of the time if you have a small family and others travel with you occasionally.
  • You might not receive lots of space, but you can attach a bike rack or use the kayak on the roof for storing your extra things.
  • There is no need for any tow car and hence your mini motorhome is affordable.
  • They are self-contained and sets up easily at the campsite.

Classes of Motorhomes

No other sport or business trip is more joyful and enjoyable than the RV camping. Not all Motorhomes or RVs are used for the same purpose. Each individual has their own expectations, needs, and goals. The selection of a motorhome that fits your needs and expectations is an important thing.

There are three classes of motorhomes. Each one of these is designed to suit different needs and have different features. An overview of these is given below.

Class A

These motorhomes are the largest and most expensive type of motorhomes. Most dedicated travelers choose this type. Variants of this type are purpose-built models and converted buses. The drivelines have configuration options like pusher and pulley configurations. They are powered using diesel or gasoline engines. These motorhomes are 45 feet long. There is no need for any CDL license to use them.

They have plenty of storage. The interior space is also spacious and large. Many amenities and luxury options are provided. It takes lots of space. They are expensive to buy, operate, repair, maintain, and insure. One cannot easily take day trips as it requires towing a separate vehicle.

They are not practically suitable for many people. The full-time road travelers use this type of motorhomes.

Class B

This type is also known as camper vans. They barely qualify to be called motorhomes. It comprises of many small vehicles. The standard full-size van chassis are used for building a camper van. A raised roof is added to facilitate walking upright in it.

Again, it is powered using diesel or gasoline. These versions have the interior space cramped mostly. It becomes uncomfortable if two people are going to use them as the quarters are quite tight. As compared to the class A, the appliances in these types of vehicles are small and the luxuries like full fixed entertainment systems or laundry facilities do not have proper space.

These types of vehicles are easy to drive and maintain. It is suitable for day trips excursions and errands. The campsite setup is simple. It provides limited amenities, small cargo, and storage areas. The interior living space is also restricted. Only one or two people will fit in comfortably.

People without children or single travelers choose class b vehicles. They are an affordable and convenient type of motorhomes. Business people who have occasional time for trips prefer these types of vehicles.

Class C

These types of vehicles are called the mini motorhomes. They are the midsized RVs. They are 20 feet to 33 feet long. Existing truck and van chassis are used as a base for building the mini motorhomes. They are designed for groups or families having a limited budget and mostly used for vacations. The advantages and considerations of mini motorhomes are the same as the class A vehicles, but the overall cost is less.   

Mini motorhomes have more living space than class B motorhomes. The amenities are also the same or better than class A amenities. Facilities like the toilet, shower, adequate kitchen, and plenty of sleeping space are available in class C motorhomes. Some of the models also have a master bedroom kind of design.

Convertible types of furniture like couches and tables save space and are multifunctional. There are also compartments above the motorhome that acts as a storage place or additional sleeping space as at when needed.

These mini Motorhomes can be easily managed in campsites, but are a bit challenging to drive on the road as compared to class A Motorhomes. They are also cost-friendly in terms of purchasing, maintaining, repairing, and insurance.    

These motorhomes are suitable for the entire family. The extra sleeping and storage spaces are additional perks. It supports all basic and advanced amenities. The mini motorhomes are cost-effective, yet they are expensive to operate and maintain. The challenging part of these motorhomes is driving and fueling.

Mini motor homes are the perfect option for families and for those who have a limited budget. All the fundamental aspects of traveling and camping are covered.

7 of our favorite Mini Motorhomes

1. The Thor Chateau class C Mini Motorhome

Mini Motorhomes

The Thor Chateau class C Mini Motorhome offers standard types of equipment, line-up floor plans, and unique options that make your journey a memorable one. It is extremely well designed, functional, and comfortable for traveling 100s of kilometers.

It is obviously the very first choice of people traveling with their family as it has many remarkable features and specifications. The floorplan of this motorhome covers all the essential features of a mini motorhome. They are durable from outside and comfortable from inside. The roof is a one-piece TPO and has an aluminum frame. The frame is sturdy and gives a stylish look.

Along with comfort and luxury, equal importance is given to the security measures. A fabric dream dinette booth and ceiling ducted air conditioner are installed inside the motorhomes. Additional upgrades and expansions are also added to them.

23 interesting and comfortable floor plans are available for you to choose from. Detectors like smoke, LPG, and carbon monoxide detectors are also installed for security reasons. The floor is made of welded tubular steel. Residential vinyl flooring is also another option for the floors. Windshield curtains are attached to the windows for privacy purposes.

2. Winnebago View 24M

7 Of Our Favourite Mini Motorhomes With More Space Than You Think 1

Winnebago View 24M is spacious, wide open, and has the roadside slide outdoor. Its design is like class A design itself. It is a nimble and stylish motorhome having many cutting-edge features. Enhancing interior amenities provided by this motorhome are mid-coach HDTV, bench seats, Ultraleather furniture, ample sleeping space, smooth gliding shades, and satellite system ready.

The exterior features consist of LED lighting, powered patio awning, premium high-gloss skin, automatic entrance door steps, front and rear mud flaps, and rotocast storage compartments.

When this motorhome is parked, you have plenty of living space available. It is possible using the giant slider attached to the driver’s side. So the bed is also movable and foldable. It is above the driver’s seat in the loft area. So the bathroom and shower area increases, adding to your fun and pleasure.

There is also a pull out sofa designed mainly for visitors. 1-2 visitors can comfortably sleep on this sofa. All the necessary appliances are available in the kitchen like the stove, refrigerator, and a larger sink. The storage area is five times more than the storage area of class B motorhome. It is compact compared to class C vehicles and wider and taller than a camper van. It is also fuel efficient option.

3. Coachmen Galleria motorhome

7 Of Our Favourite Mini Motorhomes With More Space Than You Think 2

Mercedes and coachmen made a combined effort to design and introduce Galleria, a motorhome offering the top quality, luxury, and value. The platform used to build galleria is the 3500 Mercedes Sprinter extended platform along with the “Blue TEC” engines. These engines are turbo-diesel engines. It provides an excellent fuel economy.

Components used by galleria are high-end components such as nan generator, furnace or water heater system, and maple cabinetry. The cabinets have soft close doors and drawers, custom trim and radius cabinet doors.

Some of the remarkable features are black tank flush, high rise kitchen faucet, individual reading lights, and USB ports, rear sofa with cup holder, motion sensor lights, composite cabinet and kitchen base cabinets, plate drying rack, sink cover, one-piece carpet mat, hardwood expandable table, shower miser water saver, different wall color and texture with interior PVC, flat memory foam power sofa and multiple USB ports.

It is recommended for couples that love camping together. The motorhome is 24 feet long. Two people can comfortably sleep in it. It provides many storage and luxury features. There are many floorplans available for you to choose from.

Coachmen Galleria motorhomes are less expensive and provide motorhomes of great quality. Every detail in the motorhome is paid perfect attention. The bed used is a residential 80-inch queen style bed. Small furniture like swiveling seats is placed for driver and passenger seats that give comfort to a good extent.

Many upgrades are available from time to time.

Almost 30-35 furniture upgrade options are available to design the motorhome as per your choice. Four different floor plans are available. As mentioned earlier, heated swivel seats are used. Features like auto start and gen start are added. The countertop has a solid surface. USB ports are available at multiple locations in the living area. Hardwood expanding tables are designed along with the cup holders.

4. Sportsmobile Sprinter Extended

7 Of Our Favourite Mini Motorhomes With More Space Than You Think 3

Imagine yourself deciding plans for your weekend, heading to a nearby lake, or going on a road trip to breathtaking mountains, solitude dessert, or refreshing seashore. How about going on such a trip for a lifetime, like circling the United States. Continuing your adventures for years is possible with the sportsmobile sprinter extended.

This type of motorhome is far more than just a luxury motorhome that is used occasionally. Invest in this motorhome series for weekend enjoyment, extended cross-country travel as well as everyday transportation. It is one of the most preferable family cars. Their wheels are comfortable for driving on city streets, mountains, snowy regions as well as back roads and also easy to park.

Each piece inside this motorhome is customizable. All your expectations like having a big wardrobe space, big kitchen and 2 beds will be fulfilled in these motorhomes. The design is contemporary mostly. Cabinets are available that store many things. A sofa that converts into 2 twin beds or 1 queen bed. It is also suitable for driving on off-roads or driving in the snow a lot. There are also pop-up roofs available that increases the storage or sleeping space as, and when, needed when the vehicle is parked. Approximately, it may cost you $76900. It changes according to the customizations you do.

5. Gulf Stream Conquest motorhome

7 Of Our Favourite Mini Motorhomes With More Space Than You Think 4

Gulf Stream Conquest motorhome provides the best quality, affordable and innovative motorhome. Each model consists of a fuel-efficient Ford E350 chassis, “cradle of strength” construction, and a welded aluminum perimeter frame, stainless steel appliances, Onan generator, and upgraded exterior graphics. It makes the motorhome durable and enjoyable for years.

The conquest class c mini motorhomes come with the bunkhouses. They are very spacious, durable and a bunk over cab is offered by each of the models. It has a sleeping capacity of 5 people. Various floorplans are available for your convenience. Each floorplan provides slight variations in the features.

Features like beautifully designed cabinetry, necessary kitchen appliances, shower skydome system monitor control, and many others are provided in the mini motorhome. Almost all the devices are inbuilt and the rest can all be upgraded according to your preferences like attic fans and power leveling jacks.

Twelve different floor plans are available. 2-way passenger and driver cloth seats are available. A system monitor panel is built. The interior fabrics upgrading is available. Roanoke light cherry cabinetry furniture is designed for storage purposes.  

6. Volkswagen Transporter

7 Of Our Favourite Mini Motorhomes With More Space Than You Think 5

The Volkswagen Transporter, a series designed by the Volkswagen group of companies are a series of vans named as t1, t2, and t6 till date. The T6, the 6th generation of the motorhome is the latest design having higher loading capacity and sliding doors for ease of use.

The Volkswagen Transporter is a standard bearer camper van or motorhome. It measures about 16 -18 feet, which depends on the version selected. Out of all the versions, the FreeNature Eco from Reisemobil Manufaktur is the best to date.

The perks of this mini motorhome are the natural wooden interior, super-surfy and vibrant graphics, rustic lodge on wheels, fully accessorized pop-top exterior and nicely paired upholstery. The model is costly compared to all the other mentioned motorhomes in this article.

7. Kei car

7 Of Our Favourite Mini Motorhomes With More Space Than You Think 6

Japan’s unique vehicle standard is the Kei car. It measures 3.4m in length, 1.48m in width, and 2m in height. The engine is of 660cc. The design resembles a studio apartment. A bed and a table are installed in it. This is one of the smallest camping motorhomes. The types of equipment installed in this motorhome support the Japanese mastery techniques and have unique mechanisms.

Kei car can be used for traveling, business purposes, and even as a mobile office. This is also one of the expensive motorhomes. Other features like ample storage space, high-quality ceiling, fully equipped sink with water tank, aluminum windows, cooking facilities and curtains preserving the privacy of users are available in this motorhome.

It accommodates four adults. The roof structure is pop-up for storage or sleeping space as and when needed. The delivery happens after six months of booking as attention is given to minute details while designing. Heaters are also installed for keeping the users warm in winters. 4WD type is used in regions of heavy snowfalls if you want to go skiing.

Key things to remember while looking for a mini motorhome

While going through different mini motorhomes. The more you search, the more you will tend to confuse yourself. Given below are some of the points that one should use to compare the mini motorhomes.

You can buy second hand and used motorhomes. They quote a price that is 50% less than the MSRP that is older than 3 years. It helps you save your money.

Most of the motorhomes brands sell their vehicles in a profit margin of 20% to 30%. So you can negotiate according to the price quoted to you.

If you cannot pay the cash for buying the motorhome in one go, there are loans and other finance options for you. The loans for buying motorhomes are similar to that of buying homes. The loan period is extended to more than just a normal vehicle loan. It makes the monthly loan payment easy and affordable.

Tax deduction at a high rate is possible if you are buying a motorhome. You will have to take advice from a CPA for this.


There is no need of spending a figure of six or seven digits for enjoying a comfortable motorhome for your road trips. The mini motorhomes are meticulously furnished and beautifully designed according to your expectations. Even the smallest of the motorhomes can be comfortable and well equipped if they are designed strategically by using latest techniques.

Many compact mini motorhomes are 17 feet long, with many of them under 16 feet. Most of the models do not need stretched and tower-roofed sprinters.

You get to choose from a wide variety of types of furniture and components for your mini motorhomes. All these components are different from your regular home components. Some of the examples are RV refrigerators, swivel seats, sensors, and foldable furniture.

Make sure you check for the brand and manufacturer reviews before investing in their motorhomes. There are also several budgeting tools that calculate payment and loans. Also, check for other needs like tow vehicles and finance options as well. Start making memories with your families.

Happy Camping!