Newmar Kountry Star 4045 Class A Motorhome

We are living in a fast world where things frequently tend to get stressful. This is the reason why many people buy RVs and frequently travel away from urban areas to be one with nature. 

If you want to regularly spend some time in nature with your family, you need to get an RV with multiple beds so that everyone gets a comfortable space to sleep at night. Most RVs have beds but not as many as motorhomes with bunk beds.

10 Top Motorhomes with Bunk Beds

Here is my list of amazing motorhomes with bunk beds. These motorhomes are some of the best that money can buy!

1. Tiffin Allegro RED 38 KA

10 Best Motorhomes with Bunk Beds 1Tiffany makes some of the best quality and most durable RVs. Therefore, if you want an RV that is tough and that will serve you for a long time, you should strongly consider getting a Tiffany RV.

The Tiffany Allegro RED 38 KA is one of the best quality motorhomes with bunk beds. It is perfect for guys with large families. This is because it can comfortably accommodate many people. 

MY20-Red38KA_1700px-800px-2-1The main sleeping area is at the back of the motorhome. It has a Queen-style master bed that has a nightstand on both sides. The bed has a quality thick mattress for comfortable sleeping. The quality mattress and the nightstands make this bed and the sleeping area to feel like home. So you will not have any trouble finding sleep at night on this bed. 

In addition to the main sleeping area, this Tiffany motorhome has another sleeping area that accommodates bunk beds. These beds are perfect for kids and big enough even for adults. So if you are traveling with kids in this motorhome they will be quite comfortable at night.

The Tiffany Allegro RED 38 KA also comes with multiple storage areas. The storage areas include overhead cabinets in the main bedroom, nightstands, drawers in the second sleeping area, a wardrobe, and overhead cabinets in the living area. So there is plenty of storage room in this Tiffany RV for the storage of everything needed for an amazing trip or wilderness adventure.

While many of the things I have mentioned above about the Tiffany Allegro RED 38 KA are impressive, the fact that the motorhome comes with four slides is even more impressive in my opinion. The slides make it very spacious and perfect for large families.

MY20_RED_Web_LivingRoomWide2Like most motorhomes, this travel trailer comes with a kitchen and a bathroom. However, its kitchen and its bathroom are not ordinary. They are exceptionally well-made and extremely functional. The kitchen, for instance, comes with plenty of storage areas for cookware and dishware, a solid microwave, a three-burner cooktop, and a double sink. It makes food preparation very easy. 

The bathroom includes storage areas for medicine, conditioners, soap, and shampoos plus a toilet, a sink, and a standing shower.

One more thing I must mention about this motorhome is the fact that it also comes with two air conditioners, a modern driver center, a flat panel TV, and porcelain tiles. If the description I have given you of this amazing motorhome trailer is not the perfect definition of a luxury RV then I do not know what is.

2. Gulf Stream Conquest Class C Motorhome (63111)

10700_conmh63111extcampsitedec2016emailDespite this Gulf Stream machine being a class C motorhome, it comes with bunk beds. And in my opinion, it is one of the best Class C motorhomes ever developed!

In general, what makes this Gulf Stream motorhome to stand out is the fact that it has many features and amenities and that it can accommodate a large family comfortably.

This camper can accommodate a large family comfortably because it has multiple sleeping areas. The main bedroom at the back of the motorhome is the main sleeping area. It comes with a 74 by 60-inch bed that can accommodate two people.

The bed has a quality mattress for comfortable restorative sleep. On both sides of the bed, there is a nightstand for storage. Extra storage spaces are available in the bedroom. I like this bedroom a lot because it is private as it is separated from the rest of the motorhome by a door.

Gulf Stream Conquest Class C Motorhome (63111) floor planThe second sleeping area is the bunk area. It has two bunk beds and a wardrobe. This area is perfect for accommodating kids or guests. The third sleeping area is the space above the cab. It has a mattress that can accommodate two kids. It can also be used as an extra storage space.

Now that you know this motorhome can perfectly accommodate your large family, let me tell you about its kitchen area. The kitchen is one of the best-designed motorhome kitchens for food preparation.

This is because it is spacious which means you can move around and it has all the amenities. Its amenities include multiple storage cabinets, a sizeable refrigerator, a large countertop, a microwave, and a cooktop with three burners. 

Opposite the kitchen, there is a dinette so after preparing meals you can quickly and easily serve everyone. Just next to the dinette, there is a sofa in the living area. 

Gulf Stream Conquest Class C Motorhome (63111)In addition to everything I have mentioned above, this motorhome comes with a bathroom that features a medicine cabinet, a sink, a toilet, and a bath. Not many RVs come with a bath. 

So if you are looking into acquiring this Gulf Stream Conquest model, you should be very excited because you will get a motorhome that has many luxuries most motorhomes don’t. 

3. Thor Chateau 31E Class C Motorhome

Thor Chateau 28E Class C MotorhomeThis Thor Chateau 31E recreational vehicle is the first of the two Thor Chateau motorhomes with bunk beds that I have included in this article. 

I love this motorhome a lot because despite being a Class C motorhome, it has a sleeping capacity of seven. In other words, it can sleep seven people. So if you have a large family and you want to go camping or see the wilderness with everyone, you should strongly consider getting it. 

This Thor motorhome can accommodate many people because it has multiple sleeping areas just like the Gulf Stream Conquest 63111 above. It has the main sleeping area, a bunk sleeping area, and another bunk above the cab.

10 Best Motorhomes with Bunk Beds 2In addition to sleeping areas, this motorhome comes with a leather dinette, quality vinyl flooring, a large mirror, overhead storage cabinets, and privacy curtains. Moreover, it comes with a nice kitchen featuring a microwave, a multi-burner cooker, a large sink, and storage spaces for dishware and cookware.

It also comes with a nice bathroom for freshening up and for toilet business.

This Chateau 31E camper is the Class C motorhome I would buy if I ever needed to buy a Class C motorhome.

4. Thor Four Winds 31EV Class C Motorhome

Thor Four Winds 31EV Class C MotorhomeThis is the second Thor Chateau motorhome on my list. It is a brilliant motorhome just like the Thor Chateau 28E. However, it is slightly better because it has a sleeping capacity of eight people while the Thor Chateau 28E has a sleeping capacity of seven. 

The sleeping areas in this motorhome include a bunk area, a bunk over the cab, and a converted sleeping area in the living area. The bunk area has a set of bunks and it is, therefore, the main sleeping area.

The converted sleeping area in the living room can accommodate two adults and can, therefore, be considered the master bedroom. The bunk over the cab is big enough to accommodate two teenagers. 

10 Best Motorhomes with Bunk Beds 3So if you have a large family and you are looking to buy a Class C motorhome, you should strongly consider this Thor Chateau model. You should also consider this model if you want to hire a motorhome to travel across the country.

One of the things I love about this motorhome with bunk beds is how spacious it is. Its living area is spacious, its kitchen is spacious and its bathroom is spacious. Even its bunk beds are spacious.

Kitchen amenities and features in this Thor Chateau motorhome include a large sink, overhead storage cabinets for cookware and dishes, a 3-burner cooktop, and a microwave for cooking things quickly. While bathroom amenities and features include a sink, a toilet, a shower, and a bath. The storage area for toiletries is opposite the bathroom.

The living area has a 40-inch TV that can be watched from the living area or the kitchen. Another TV is located in the bedroom.

So if you want to go on a fun road trip or camping trip with a large family, you should strongly consider getting this motorhome.

5. Newmar Kountry Star 4045 Class A Motorhome

Newmar Kountry Star 4045 Class A MotorhomeThis is a super luxurious and super spacious motorhome with bunk beds. And it is the first of two Newmar Kountry Star motorhomes with bunk beds on this list. 

Newmar makes some of the best quality and most luxurious recreational vehicles and this motorhome is proof of this. It is an impressive home on wheels with a great sleeping capacity and multiple impressive features and amenities.

The Kountry Star 4045 features and amenities include a tough walkable roof for amazing views and photos in the wilderness, a retractable ladder for easy climbing into the RV, and a mini shoe rack.

Other features and amenities include overhead cabinets, an exquisite sofa, a European-style driver’s seat, a big microwave, a spacious kitchen, a spacious bathroom, and a one-way windshield.

Newmar Kountry Star 4045 Class A Motorhome floor planThis Newmar RV is a truly superb motorhome with bunk beds that you will definitely love traveling in or camping in with your children, relatives, or friends.

While this Newmar Kountry Star 4045 motorhome is luxurious and everything, it is also quite pricey. So if you want to seriously look into it, you should have this in mind.  

6. Newmar Dutch Star 4310 Class A Motorhome

Newmar Dutch Star 4310This is the second Newmar Dutch Star bunkhouse motorhome on this list. Just like the first Newmar Dutch Star above, it is luxurious and super spacious and comes with multiple features and amenities. 

The best thing about it is that it comes with three slide-outs. The slide-outs significantly increase the space inside the motorhome and they are very easy to operate.

So when you reach a destination where you want to stay for a bit, you can open the slide-outs to make the motorhome feel spacious and like a home. The Dutch Star 4310 only has two slide-outs.

The second best thing about this Dutch Star model is that it comes with a private bedroom at the back with a Queen-style mattress. This bedroom sleeps two. In addition to this bedroom, this Dutch Star motorhome has private bunk beds near the bedroom.

The bunk beds can sleep several kids and they make this bunkhouse motorhome perfect for families with many kids.

The third best thing about this Class A Motorhome is its living area. It is extremely spacious and has a big LED TV opposite a jackknife sofa and a dinette. 

Dutch Star 4310 floor planThis camper also comes with a kitchen and a bathroom. Both are quite impressive. The kitchen is spacious and comes with a sink, a large counter, storage cabinets, a microwave, and so on.

While the bathroom features overhead cabinets for toiletries, a sink, a shower, and a toilet. The shower in this bathroom is bigger than most RV showers.

Lastly, this Dutch Star 4310 has numerous storage cabinets and spaces throughout that make it easy to store your things and keep it clean and tidy.

It is definitely a great option for those looking for a luxurious and spacious bunkhouse motorhome to travel to far places with their families.

7. Fleetwood Southwind 37F Class A Motorhome

Fleetwood Southwind 37F Class A MotorhomeThis Fleetwood Southwind RV is probably the most feature-rich Class A bunkhouse motorhome. So if you are looking for a motorhome with bunk beds and with all the features and amenities you need for fun and memorable trips to faraway places, it is an option you should definitely consider. 

There are 5 types or styles of Fleetwood Southwind Class A motorhomes. However, only one version has bunk beds – the Southwind 37F. The Southwind 37F model has two separate bathrooms. It is quite impressive. 

The thing I love the most about this motorhome is its spaciousness. It has two slide-outs that can be opened to make it very spacious. When the two slides are opened and everything is set correctly, this Fleetwood Bounder motorhome looks and feels just like a normal living room.

In addition to its spaciousness, the fact that its living area has a comfy sofa also makes it feel like a normal living room. There is a 40-inch TV opposite the comfy sofa to entertain your family while you guys are traveling and to enable you to keep up with your favorite shows or sports while on the road.

Fleetwood Southwind 37F Class A Motorhome floor planI also love its kitchen a lot. I love it because it is big and feature-rich just like the rest of the motorhome. Its features include solid countertops, a microwave, a three-burner cooktop, a refrigerator, and storage areas. It is a kitchen you will find very convenient when preparing meals.

There are two main sleeping areas in this motorhome – a private bedroom and a bunk area. The private bedroom has a king-size bed with an amazing mattress. It is a bed you will probably find more comfortable than your current bed. You can use it with your partner. The bunk area has two drop-down bunk beds for kids.

There are also multiple storage areas throughout this motorhome. 

One more thing I must note about this motorhome is that it has a special control system that allows you to control most of the electronic features in the vehicle using a smartphone app. Not many RVs come with an app that can control electrical systems. 

As you can see from the features and amenities above, this is one of the best bunkhouse motorhomes. 

8. Jayco Redhawk 31XL

Jayco Redhawk 31XLThe Jayco Redhawk 31XL is perfect for big families. I say this because it is an amazing bunkhouse motorhome. 

One of the most amazing things about this motorhome is the fact that it has a queen-size bed for adults and a bunk area for kids. So if you want to go with your kids to faraway destinations in comfort, it is an option you should consider. (I keep saying this because all of the motorhomes on this list are top quality bunkhouse motorhomes).

The fact that this motorhome has a large living area and a large full bathroom is also amazing. In addition to being spacious, this motorhome’s living area has a big TV to entertain your family. It is also big enough and high-quality enough for watching live sports.

This Jayco RV also comes with a large kitchen with everything you need to conveniently prepare quick meals or large meals. This is amazing!

Jayco Redhawk 31XL floor planOne most thing I must note about this bunkhouse motorhome is the fact that it comes with interior and exterior storage compartments. These compartments allow you to carry everything you need in a neat and tidy manner. 

Lastly, this Jayco motorhome features a backup camera, which you can use to quickly and safely park the rig.

9. Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS (Ford 450)

Coachmen Leprechaun 311FSThis motorhome can sleep eight people. Imagine that! This fact should tell you that it is one of the best motorhomes for families. But I am sure at this point in the article, you already know this. 

Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS can sleep eight people because it has four sleeping areas – a private bedroom, a convertible, an over the cab bunk bed, and two drop-down bunk beds. So if you have a big family of eight that you want to take for a long road trip, it is a solid option to consider. 

In addition to the fact that this motorhome can sleep many people, it has plenty of storage areas. This means you can use it to carry everything necessary to make your road trip or camping experience possible, fun, and memorable. 

Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS floor planLike most motorhomes, this Coachmen RV has a bathroom and a kitchen. The bathroom has a toilet, a medicine cabinet, a vanity, a storage cabinet, and a shower, while the kitchen has a 3-burner cooktop, a microwave, a double sink, and multiple storage areas for storing your food and utensils.

In short, this motorhome with bunks is brilliant!

10. Coachmen Leprechaun 31BH (Ford 450)

Lep311FS_34RFrtExt_4Side_IMG_6134This is the second Coachmen Leprechaun on this list. Like the one above, it is a quality RV. Nevertheless, it can sleep more people than the Leprechaun 319MB. It can sleep a total of nine people. This is because it has multiple sleeping areas.

They include a master bed for two, a double bed for two, a set of bunk beds for two, and a living area that can be converted into a sleeping area for three. In other words, it is the bunkhouse motorhome to buy or rent if you want to go on a vacation with your kids and/ or friends.

In addition to the above features, it comes with a bathroom, a kitchen, and multiple closets and storage areas. The bathroom has a shower and a toilet, while the kitchen as a 3-burner cooktop, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a sink. 

Leprechaun 319MBThe living area in this motorhome is big enough for eight people. Moreover, it can be made bigger by opening the two slide-outs this vehicle comes with. It has a nice sofa and convertible seating areas.

The motorhome’s 68-pound propane tank and 50-gallon freshwater tank makes it perfect for long trips and staying in the wilderness for a long time.

In summary, this motorhome is one of the best for big families and for long trips.

The Final Word

You now know the ten best bunkhouse motorhomes on the market. If you are looking to rent one or buy one, it is now time to evaluate the options based on your needs and your family’s needs. If you do so you will end up with the best motorhome for long road trips and vacations.