Must-Have Dog RV Accessories

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RV living allows you to explore numerous parts of the world while providing you the comfort of home.

A home on wheels where you can sleep, work, and move around without the need to rush back, for you can’t wait any longer to meet your pets back there.

How about bringing your dogs with you? It seems fun; however, it’s not as easy as it sounds. With pets come significant responsibilities.

There are several factors you need to consider when you’re planning to bring your fur babies on board.

Along with many tips and recommendations, I’ve formulated a list of 15 must-have dog RV accessories. Make sure to go through it all before you set out on your expedition.

15 Must-Have Dog RV Accessories

1. Tag / Chip / ID

The first and foremost thing you must have on your dog is tag or ID. You can get your dog chipped. It’s to ensure, if due to any unforeseen situation, your dog is lost, you can find it.

Put your contact number on the tag. When a person finds it, they can contact you. Similarly, if the police or other authorities find you, they can scan the chip and inform you about its whereabouts.

2. Dog Food

Well, most of the people keep dog food with them. However, some chose to buy it along the way. What if the food you feed your dog is not available everywhere?

If the brand of food is available everywhere or you choose to buy from Costco or Wal-Mart, there’s a strong chance you’d find these in most of the places in the US and Canada. However, finding a unique or specific brand may be hard in new places. I’d suggest you take your stock beforehand.

3. Pets First Aid Kit

I would recommend you to bring a pet’s first aid kit along with you. Sometimes, it takes hours to get to your destination with no civilization in sight.

Some of the medicine I recommend you to bring along are:

  • Medicine for diarrhea
  • Styptic powder to stop bleeding in case of small cuts or torn nails
  • Diphenhydramine or Benadryl (an antihistamine) for mild allergic reactions (consult your vet)
  • Nutrical, if you have small breed dogs for when they get stressed

These medicines and numerous others can help you. However, I would recommend you to consult your vet first, and then prepare a first aid box for your dogs.

4. Vet and Shot Record

One of the most important things to bring on your journey with dogs is their vet and shot record. Do you know, some states are very strict about these records so much so that they keep your dogs for weeks until you can prove them clean?

You don’t want your fur babies to spend days in a facility with unknown conditions. So, keep these records up-to-date with you.

5. Spill-proof/ Splash-Proof Bowl

Another must-have dog RV accessory is a spill-proof bowl. These bowls allow you to put water and dog food in the bowl without the need to worry about any leak or mess.

You can find some really good spill-proof bowls such as the Road Refresher spill-proof bowl and feed your furbaby without any hassle.

6. Portable Water Bottle

Sometimes, when you’re out hiking or exploring the trail, you want to keep your pet hydrated. I’d recommend you bring a portable water bottle along with you.

The pet-friendly design allows you to detach the cup so you can pour in the water for your dog to drink. When he’s done, you can seal the lid and be on the move again in no time.

7. Flea and Tick Medication

I know most of you get your dog treated for ticks and fleas every three to six months. However, when you’re RVing with your fur baby, I’d recommend you get it treated every month.

Moreover, keep flea and tick medication with you at all times. It may come in handy, more than you think it would.

8. Portable Kennel

Keeping a kennel or something to hold your dog has its benefits. You need to prioritize your dog’s safety.

Firstly, you may not want your pet to move around in a moving vehicle.

Secondly, at some places when you need to pull over because a police check requires you to. You don’t want your pet to freak out the cops by suddenly jumping on them or creating a ruckus.

9. Kong / Treat Dispenser

No matter how much you want your dog to tag along with you, there are some places that don’t allow you to take them with you. In such cases, you need to leave them behind, if the state allows.

I’d recommend you to take a Kong/ treat dispenser with you. Set it to release a treat after intervals. The dispenser would engage your pet in some activity while you return.

10. WebCam

In the same scenario mentioned above, if and when you need to leave your pet behind for a few hours, having a webcam would be ideal.

Webcam allows you to keep an eye on your pet while he moves around, plays, waits for you, or hides somewhere. You can view live video through your mobile phone. Some designs come with motion sensors or support a feature where you can move around the webcam through your cell phone if your pet gets out of the frame.

However, these webcams require a Wi-Fi / internet connection to provide the live feed and to record as well.

11. Pet-Inside Sticker

Although it seems like an unnecessary thing to some, I would highly recommend buying some Pet-inside stickers. You can paste these in front of your RV and on the sides as well.

When you’re out somewhere with your pets staying back in the RV, there could be any incident. A fire may break out, or some other kind of incident could occur.

With the sticker on your RV, there is a strong chance people may notice it and try to rescue your pets and save them before you could reach back.

12. Temperature Monitor

The temperature monitor is a must-have to keep while you’re RVing with your pets. It helps you to monitor temperature and take measures accordingly. Why would I mention it in my list of 15 must-have dog RV accessories?

The reason is pretty obvious. While you’re out at someplace, they don’t allow you to bring your dogs; you can keep a check on the temperature of your RV. You don’t want your pet to lie in very hot or freezing temperatures.

With the help of a temperature monitor, you can not only observe the conditions but also turn the air conditioner on or off as per requirement. Additionally, you would know and take steps if the air conditioner is malfunctioning.

13. Chew Toys/ Toys

Don’t forget to bring your dog’s toys with you along the way. Dogs love to play with their chew toys as well as regular toys. Keeping your dog busy and engaged during traveling is extremely important.

You don’t want your pet to stress out. Moreover, you may need to take a break every few hours to let your dog take a break and move around with you. Playing ball during this break could be a good idea, leaving your fur baby calm for the next few hours.

14. Poo Bags

With pets, you have to take several breaks on nature’s call. While you take it out for the break, we’d recommend you to take poo bags with you. Always clean up after your pets.

Don’t be an irresponsible citizen by making the area dirty and leaving behind the waste.

In case your dog gets sick and needs to poop several times, having these poop bags make your life a lot easier. You may not find a proper place in enough time. Thus these come in handy.

15. Dog Harness

Last but not least, bring a dog harness with you. While you’re out at a completely new and strange place, you can’t risk losing your dog. Someplace may get rushy, thus keeping your dog on a leash is the ideal thing to do.

You can comfortably go hiking, running, walking, or exploring with the fear of losing your beloved dog. You’d know it’s with you completely safe and sound.

An Additional Must-Have

In addition to the 15 must-have RV dog accessories, I would recommend you another important set of products you may want to bring on your RV.

These accessories are some pet-specific toiletries with you on your RV such as medicated shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, and, most importantly, dog towels.

Dog towels are the accessory you may need in a lot of quantity. Why?

Well, because they are dogs!

Final Thoughts

Dogs are adorable creatures. Having them on board RV makes the journey a lot more special. The moment you return from some day-time activity (you couldn’t take your dogs with you to) and your dog welcomes you so warmly, all the exhaustion just washes away.

Taking care of these lovable pets is essential. I hope my list of 15 must-have RV dog accessories could give you a better idea of the products you should add in your checklist.

Have fun, Rving with your furbabies!