Nada RV vs. Kelley Blue Book RV

Are you thinking of buying new RV or are you simply looking to put your RV on sale, then you probably need to consider the RV values?

Determine your RV values are one step toward making the right and appropriate thing for fair business value. Every business has values that need to be followed in respect of every exchange made.

This might look to you an easy question? But the answer to this question might be hard to determine as there a sheer number of factors that need to be considered in order to determine these values. These factors include age, types of accessories available, mileage, expenses, appliances and more. 

We will discuss them in brief later on in this article. For this reason, in order to have accurate RV values, there exist two popular guides that can help us distinguish these values within this process. These two guide solutions that are mainly the highlight of this article are the NADA RV Vs Kelley Blue Book RV.

In this article, we will look into these two books separately and then conclude which one of them is the most accurate and would probably give correct and right values to the buyers or sellers who are constantly looking for an answer

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But before we jump right into that, let’s discover the different factors upon which the values depend.

Nada RV vs. Kelley Blue Book RV: Variables In Prices

Here is the list of different factors that should be taken into consideration:

  • The model brand and the year of design
  • New model VS old model ( new models are always priced higher than the old model no matter what)
  • The size also matters, usually bigger RVs are more expensive than the smaller RVs
  • Higher mileage is not favored compared to lowers ones
  • the engine status
  • The configuration of RV’s interior and its state.

Apart from these factors, some additional aspects can add up: 

For example, if you have done some improvement or enhancement in our RV it might alter its price. High-end gadgets and other appliances and devices can add up to your overall RV Value. These devices can include TV, air conditioner, kitchen appliances, solar panels and more.

RV Values Change every year

You should keep in mind that the pick seasons for RV are usually the spring-summer period. Therefore, their prices are usually higher compared to other seasons. RV values in this scope are quite reliant on what period of the year you are selling or purchasing an RV.

Therefore, if you are looking for affordable and reasonable prices, you should always check the fall and winter seasons. Yet, exceptions to this exist depending on where you are in the world.

What is NADA anyway? What does it stand for?

Simply put, NADA is the National Automobile Dealer Association situated in the United State of America. They are an industry corporation, composed of a segment of potential dealers spread across the states, and they barter with RV purchases and deals. 

They can easily access sales data and combined with their own method in which incorporates different factors into account. That way the NADA RV bluebook Value was created.

Now the question to ask, what is it about these RV Blue Book Values?

This is a common question for those who are not familiar with the RV industry. Simply put, the RV blue book values are books of RV evaluation which take into consideration different aspects. For NADA RV blue book Value these aspects include the make, model and year of the RV.

The thing about the NADA value book is the fact that it does not include other details like enhancement, additional extras and more.

As a buyer

As a buyer, you can use the NADA RV Bluebook values to define the range of prices you should pay for a particular vehicle depending on the model and the year. You should keep in mind that the NADA bluebook only considers RV that is already in a good state or has not been used for a long time. 

It also does not take into consideration other aspects. It simply gives a brute price of what that vehicle worth. It can be a good starting point, to have an overall idea about the RV price in general. It will ensure that you won’t spend an extra cent of a used RV compared to its worth in the market

As a seller

As a seller, you can use the NADA blue house book to also acknowledge the worth of your RV which is you are planning to sell. It ensures that you have a reasonable price tag in accordance with your RV state. 

However, it makes sure that you get a good deal in the end. simply put, knowing your RV blue book values in comparison with similar RV can assist you in selling your RV faster with a good deal.

However, this goes for both seller and buyer, a NADA book valuation is dedicated to the best state RV conditions. That means if you have an RV is an excellent condition and if you haven’t done anything to it even if it moderately used, then the NADA bluebook value is what you need. 

Other than that, it is not recommended to use it as it does not give an accurate and precise worth value for the RV, it is more of a general rate of alike and comparable RVs in the market.

What Is a Kelley Blue Book RV Value?

Kelley Blue Book markets two distinct ranges of RV evaluation patterns. One is The Travel Trailer Guide for towable trailers and the other is the Motor Home Guide for motor-driven recreational RVs. 

The Motor Home Guide is usually issued 3 times each year. The book generally offers values of used RVs for almost 20 years now. The Travel Trailer Guide is printed twice a year. It provides you a sheer number of years of practiced values for tour trailers. In our case, we are more interested in the first series.  

Now you might want to ask what it is about this Kelley Bluebook values. 

Simply put, the guiding book offers a formula-based evaluation that takes into consideration almost all the factors that we have mentioned in the first paragraphs. Again, just a reminder, the factors include mileage, make, model and damage added extras and other things.

While it incorporates all these aspects, it certainly does not bring any individual evaluation. In fact, it gives you real worth at given circumstances. It certainly serves as a benchmark for a specified manufacturer.

As a Buyer

if you are planning to purchase a used RV and you are looking for Kelley bluebook value to see if you are getting yourself the proper price or not then you should bear in mind a couple of things.

Before you start negotiating your price with the dealer, take notes of any kind of damages, tear or reparation that took place in order to convince him that you will need to work again on bringing your RV to a new and better condition.

Once you determine these aspects, figure out their cost price and subtract it using the Kelley blue Book RV evaluation. Once you finished this procedure, you will end up at a reasonable price with which you can make a negotiation.

As a seller

if you are planning to sell a used RV and you are presented with Kelley bluebook value to see if you are getting yourself a reasonable price or not then you should also bear in mind a couple of things. It’s the same thing as a buyer; you will want to deduct all these values that made an alternation on your RV worth.

Note all the damages, tear or reparation that took place. Once you determine these aspects, figure out their cost price and subtract it using the Kelley blue Book RV evaluation. Once you finished this procedure, you will end up at a reasonable price with which you can make a negotiation.

Eventually, if you are a seller, you could see at the Kelly blue book RV values for exchange-ins of comparable RVs, and apply those values.

Should the Kelley bluebook value serve as an absolute reference? 

Certainly, it does not consist of absolute truth but it does at higher rates confirm you’re the average used RV values worth depending on that type of RV, its mileage, its age, its manufacturer and other essential factors. 

The thing about Kelley RV’s bluebook Value, it offers you details about whether the RV is in good condition or not. No matter what condition, what replacement, what reparation or enhancement have been taking place on your RV, the blue book will evaluate it at a fair and reasonable price.

This kind of evaluation is like a medium that assists both the buyer/seller involves in the trade-in to get a good and reasonable deal.

Do Dealers provide the Kelley Bluebook RV value guides?

This is another important question on how to get you a Kelley RV value guide.

While some of the RV buyers do, indeed, offer their client the Kelley Bluebook value, others don’t.

 For those who do offer, these deals are usually honest with their clients regarding the prices and everything. Therefore that always kind of signals a good sign to the buyer. However, if you can’t get them, there is always a way to do it. You can always look for it at publishing agencies including Kelley or NADA, or any corporation or public library to verify if the pricing is reasonable.

Now let’s talk ACCURACY!

Starting by asking how Accurate Are RV Blue Book Values in general?

Book values serve as a guideline only and they are not an absolute statement. They are generally based on certain RV scenarios in general and do not go in details for every individual case. In short, they don’t take separate circumstances into consideration.

If you have an RV book value for a utilized RV, you are still demanded to evaluate or estimate the damages, minor enhancement or reparation, changes that took place and more. All these aspects play a major role in altering the price range. It can either raise the price or reduce the price depending on the factor.

However, if your RV is in perfect condition and not degraded in any way possible, only then you can blindly rely on the prices offered by the bluebook. That’s the only condition, where the book can apply wholly.

Another thing you should keep in mind, the RV bluebook is only applicable and sold in the United State, no other. You will have to make some modifications and changes if you are trying to figure the value worth in different countries.

Now if we have to compare between the NADA blue book value and the Kelley Bluebook value, both have the same purpose, which is to help the seller or the buyer to get a better idea of the value worth of their RVs. 

While the NADA book can be less informative and detailed when it comes to different RVs, the Kelley one have so much to offer in terms of details. This later, unlike the NADA, takes into account a lot of aspects in the Value formula which makes it more accurate for traders to use it. 

When you have an RV that is in a good condition, which no prior damage or touch, you can use the NADA bluebook Value in this scope. If you have made several enhancements and improvements to the cars due to prior accidents or damages than the Kelley book is the one for you, as it includes all the details.

How much does it cost to get RV bluebooks value?

While they are usually can be accessible for free, sometimes you have to buy them from a store if u can’t find them anywhere around. A lot of cases, the dealers give the buyer or the seller the bluebook in order to make the selling and purchasing process much easier. 

Therefore, you can ask your dealer if he has a printed copy that he can give it to you to check the prices of the value. In case he doesn’t have one, then check out the nearest public library and make your search there for free.

How to Maximize Your Used RV Value

Before you even enter the RV market, you have to make sure that your RV is free from any damage or disrepair. This will only take your RV value to a better scale. As a seller, you should always put yourself in your customer shoes. People like to see neat and aesthetic designs, make sure you provide the best to your customer if you want a good deal.

Now that you have looked at all these factors it is time for you to determine our RV value. And there is one way to do so; it is by using an RV price checker. Generally known, there are two poplar guide books that can help you determine your RV worth, the NADA guide, and the Kelley Bluebook guide. 

However, before you check any of these books for the pricing guide value, it is recommended that you do your research online. Make sure to check out all the RVs that are the same make and model as the one you planning to sell or purchase. 

A website like Auto trader and CarsDirect can help you get a general idea of what to expect. Once you have gathered some price references, try to figure out the average sale price. Now that you have got a primary average price, you will be able to make some comparisons.

Remember prices that you get from the internet are not priced nor finalized, you have to go back to one of these RV books to get a more accurate worth of the vehicle.

Bluebook values assist in determining the real worth of a vehicle whether you are selling it or purchasing it. This ensures you not going over or under the price value.


To sum up, RV blue book value can be a great starting point for you to ensure that you are getting the right, fair and reasonable price for the targeted RV. While it does not give you an absolute result, it gives you approximately the market worth and available prices.  

Before you even get yourself an RV bluebook Value, it is important to get a general look over the prices online on the internet, check out different forums and website that has your RV choice and check out the different prices available and that are displayed on the market.

You can read more RV guides here.

Make you an average estimation based on what you found on these websites and take notes of them. Once you have done, the RV bluebooks value now can become another good starting point to ensure that you are not being fooled by the seller or even by the buyer himself. Get your average prices right and you are good to go.