New Balance shoes long been considered some of the best active wear shoes and boots available on the market today, prized by serious outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, explorers, weekend warriors, hikers, and even the US military. New Balance shoes are issued to new Marine recruits when they hit basic training! Read on for the rest of our New Balance Men’s MW769BR Walking Shoe Review.

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Well-made, and specifically engineered to cradle and cushion your foot without messing up your natural footfall – regardless of what that may be depending upon your own biomechanics – the New Balance Men’s MW769BR walking shoe is one of the better options for those that spend a lot of time walking in the woods, camping, hiking, and doing general climbing.

High-quality materials throughout

Like all other New Balance shoes, the New Balance Men’s MW769BR walking shoe takes full advantage of only the highest quality construction materials and engineering practices across the board.

50% suede and 50% leather, this shoe has the kind of strength and durability you would expect from a leather walking boot/shoe but with a lot of suppleness and breathability that only suede could bring to the table. Perforations near the toe section of each of the New Balance Men’s MW769BR walking shoes guarantee that your feet stay cool even when you are active, and the suede material (as well as the synthetics inside of the shoe itself) are going to actively work to wick moisture away from your feet and away from your socks to keep you dry and comfortable.

New Balance Men’s MW769BR Walking Shoe Review

The bottom of the shoe is finished with a high-quality rubber sole, providing the kind of protection and shock absorbing properties you’ve likely come to expect from New Balance. The sole design on this walking shoe is engineered to protect your foot on uneven terrain and to cradle your footfall with each and every step, regardless of how you may pronate your feet when you are walking.

The New Balance Men’s MW769BR walking shoe also features ABZORB shock absorbing cushioning that is proprietary to this brand. Your feet are going to be protected without ever overheating, and you won’t feel as though you are losing out on any “touch” you need to manoeuvre around rough and rocky terrain the way you might have with other more traditional foam and shock absorbing supports.

A lugged outsole features prominently in the New Balance Men’s MW769BR design as well. This is a smart choice for shoes that are designed to have the same kind of traction capabilities out of the woods as they would out in a mall, and you won’t ever have to worry about missing a step, slipping, or sliding when you are walking around in the New Balance Men’s MW769BR walking shoes.

New Balance Men's MW769BR Walking Shoe Review
New Balance Men’s MW769BR Walking Shoe Review

Fit and finish is the New Balance standard

Like all other New Balance shoes, the fit and finish of the New Balance Men’s MW769BR walking shoes are dead straight right down the middle, with an accurate fit and high-quality finish that’s going to snug right up against your feet without being too tight or too sloppy.

You’ll want to make sure that you order your “true” foot size when you are purchasing the New Balance Men’s MW769BR shoes, especially if you’re going to be using these walking shoes in spring, summer, and fall. If you’re going to be wearing these walking shoes in wet and wintry weather, you’re probably going to want to go a half size up – if only so that you will be able to slide a wool covered foot into these shoes without any a headache or hassle going forward.

As we highlighted above, the engineers at New Balance have always been serious about producing shoes that match the natural biomechanics of our feet and our bodies as much as possible without sacrificing comfort or control. Too terribly many other shoes out there are fashion-forward and fashion first, forcing your feet to move in an awkward way when they hit the ground and causing a considerable amount of pain in both the short and long-term.

You aren’t ever going to have to worry about that with the New Balance Men’s MW769BR walking shoes.

Super lightweight (thanks to the combination of 50% suede and 50% leather construction materials that we broke down above), these shoes are going to feel right at home on your feet as long as you size them appropriately – and the mid-top is going to give your feet plenty of protection without adding any extra bulk, any extra weight, or too much ankle support.

The lug pattern on the outsole of these shoes also aids in the traction you’ll be able to enjoy as well as helping you to maintain the perfect “foot posture” with each and every single step. They aren’t exactly the deepest lugs available in a walking shoe these days, but they do have plenty of “bite” so that you’ll have no trouble manoeuvring around uneven terrain, wet and slippery surfaces, and even climbing sloped rock faces.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, finding the perfect walking shoe is going to come down to a variety of different factors – some of them more important to you personally than others.

With plenty of different options available on the market, today to pick and choose from it can feel almost overwhelming to try and find the perfect walking shoes for your needs, but you really can’t go wrong with the New Balance Men’s MW769BR walking shoes.

Not exactly full-blown hiking shoes, but not exactly casual athletic shoes, either, these are ideal solutions for those that want to adventure off the beaten path every now and again with lightweight, durable, supportive, and reliable shoes in almost every weather condition.

They are obviously best in warmer weather situations and do not feature the kind of waterproofing technology you might be looking for (though third-party waterproofing materials can be sprayed on these shoes to great effect), but they will stand up to wet and wintry weather pretty reliably as well if you have them in a pinch.

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Like all other New Balance footwear options, the New Balance Men’s MW769BR walking shoes are certainly worth the asking price and likely quite a bit more. You won’t be disappointed getting your hands on a pair of these shoes anytime soon!