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If you are passionate about camping but you absolutely hate the idea of taking only the bare essentials then the off-road campers are an excellent fit for. They are compact, lightweight, and mostly they’re a lot more budget-friendly than the large RVs and trailers. 

Off roads camper contains many features like toilet, shower, kitchen, etc. which previously only seemed like a luxury. They will provide a homely feel even when you’re out there in the wilderness. These camper will enable you to enjoy the open and spacious design of the camper while blocking out unnecessary hazards. 

There are different manufacturers out there in the market with tons of different products. Also, investing in a camper is quite a major decision as they don’t come with a cheap price tag. You need to invest quite a handsome amount on therefore, it’s extremely important that you invest in the right one. Among the wide array of off-road campers, we have picked thirteen amazing off-road campers that will ensure that you have the best experience on the road.

Top 13 Off Road Camper Trailers

1. LXV Off-road Hybrid Caravan

LXV Off-road Hybrid Caravan


If you’re going to camp in a mountainous area the LXV Off-road Hybrid Caravan is the best choice for you. It’ll enable you to get to a remote campsite that is hard to reach while providing the utmost amount of comfort and ease of use.

The electrical awning one of the luxuries that you’ll get to experience with this bad boy. The outdoor mountain kitchen system will enable you to cook delicious foods and enjoy the divine views of the mountains at the same time. 

The kitchen includes all the necessary appliances which will make sure that no matter which corner of the world you’re, you’ll be able to enjoy your morning coffee and mouth-watering meals. There’s also a fusion multimedia system and ninety-five-liter dual-zone fridge which ensure that everything is in perfect temperature no matter what the weather condition is.

There are multiple storage compartments on the camper so you’ll be no longer in dilemma about which items to take with you on the journey. Once you step inside the LXV, you’ll be surrounded by luxury and convenience. 

The walls and roof of the camper are made with a composite panel which is not only strong but it’ll also keep you warm and insulated from the cold winter nights. It features a large bed that’s surrounded by windows to keep you ventilated and cozy at the same time. There’s also a large LED TV where you can watch your favorite show as you rest. 

Key Features 

  • Electric awning
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Strong and durable composite panel made walls
  • Outdoor kitchen with two stove burner
  • Fridge
  • Large queen-size bed 
  • LED TV

You can check it out here.

2. Turtleback Getaway

Turtleback Gateaway


If you’re on a budget and looking for something affordable then the Turtleback Getaway is your guy. It comes with two different option packages. The standard Getaway comes with a spacious utility box, rear access door, and gas assisted weather-tight lid. You may also upgrade it with some more features at the time of build or later if need be. 

Once you’ve selected your campsite, disconnect the trailer and deploy the stabilizer jack by lowering them slightly beyond level. The Gateaway trail can be outfitted with many different rooftop tent models of various sizes and its overall low profile makes the setup process easy as a breeze. 

The kitchen is equipped at the rear door and when you’re ready to cook, just open the door and lock it into position. The kitchen includes a single bowl sink and there’s a camp stove with guards to provide you the best campsite cooking experience. 

The main storage box has ample room to carry all the necessary items that you need to carry to have a great camping trip. There’s also optional roof-rack storage which is also a great spot for carrying your camping essentials. 

Inside the tent, there’s a spacious sleeping space where two adults can easily sleep cozily. Also. There are windows that allow light and air to pass through, making the environment inside super comfortable and cozy. 

Key Features

  • Available in two different sizes
  • Lightweight and nimble setup
  • Multiple different tent size options
  • Spacious main storage compartment 
  • Strong ladder to safely reach the tent
  • Can accommodate two adults inside the tent 

You can check it out here.

3. SylvanSport Adventure GO

SylvanSport Adventure GO


Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an off-grid adventurer the SylvanSport Adventure GO is suitable for all campers. It has a lightweight and sporty design which is perfect for outdoor adventures.

This has a sturdy aluminum frame build therefore, you’ll be able to use it for years. Its superior build quality enables you to carry toys such as kayaks and bikes as well to make the camping trip even more exciting. 

Setting up the SylvanSport Adventure GO is also easy as a breeze. Once you’ve found your desired campsite, start by pulling the pin to release the dolly jack and rotate the wheel down towards the ground. Disconnect the wiring harness from the vehicle and tuck it into the plug holder of the coupler.  

As you open the front storage lid, you’ll find two self-inflating mattresses and everything you need to set up the tent. It comes with a large rear awning which you also need to set up using the holes and tent stakes that it comes with. Unfold the awning and make sure the logo is facing up and the zipper is facing down. 

There are two-bed support panels inside the tent. These panels need to be set into place on the bed platforms. Place the open end towards the window and insert the ends to the pocket on either end of the bed platform. 

Key Features 

  • Suitable for adventurous expeditions
  • Enough storage to hold necessary camping essentials
  • Large king-size bed
  • Easy setup procedure

You can check it out here.

4. Timberleaf Classic Camping Trailers

Timber Leaf Classic Camping Trailers


The Timberleaf Camping Trailers is a unique blend of both performance and looks. It has a lightweight design and you can tow it using most passenger vehicles. The rock armor and electric brakes will enable you to travel across all sorts of terrains without any trouble. 

It features 4” lift, 33″ all-terrain tires, and axle less suspension which will provide you the best camping experience no matter what your destination is. Also, the durable build quality with aluminum frame enables it to withstand all sorts of weather condition. 

One of the best features of the Timerleaf Classic is the outdoor kitchen. The kitchen is placed at the back of the camper and it contains all the necessary appliances to help you make the best camping meal. There’s a sink, stove, and a pull-out cooler which also acts as a countertop. 

Another cool factor is you can add a custom-made topographic map on the kitchen countertop as well which makes it one of a kind. The interior of the Classic is also well-organized and well-designed. 

It comes with a queen-size bed which can easily accommodate two full-grown adults easily. The mattress is also super comfortable and thick. There are windows on the sides of the trailer which ensures that the insides are ventilated properly and there are also a number of cabinets in front of the bed where you can store all necessary items. 

Key Features 

  • Durable and strong build quality
  • Kitchen with high-quality appliances
  • Multiple cabinets
  • Suitable for all sorts of terrains
  • Large queen-size bed with a comfortable mattress

You can check it out here.

5. BruderX Ultimate Off-Road

BruderX Ultimate Off-Road


If you don’t mind spending some pretty penny on the trailer and looking for a model that will give you a luxurious experience then the BruderX Ultimate Off-Road is the perfect match for you. It’s larger than the other regular off-road campers but you can easily tow it with most passenger automobiles. 

The BruderX is an absolute beast that features all the conveniences that you need to have a smooth and comfortable camping experience. It comes with a shower, retractable sink, and flush toilet to provide you with a homely feel even during the adventure. 

The slide-out kitchen is made with a composite material that provides ample space for all your utensils and cookware. With the BruderX Ultimate, you can cook with diesel, gas, or induction and also there’s plenty of space to accommodate large portable gas BBQs. 

The interior of the BruderX has a premium finish and it’s supremely comfortable which will give your camping experience a new height. It comes with a queen-size bed, a convertible sofa that can accommodate two people, and also space for two bunk beds if necessary. 

It also comes with a flat-screen TV, climate control heating, and swivel ingenious table to ensure you receive the ultimate convenience throughout the trip. The TV can also be swiveled so that you can enjoy your favorite show from outside of the trailer as well. 

Key Features 

  • Aesthetic design with strong build-quality
  • Slide-out kitchen with top-notch appliances
  • Flat screen TV
  • Spacious
  • Queen size bed and a convertible sofa
  • Plenty of storage facility

You can check it out here.

6. Schutt Industries Xventure XV-3

Schutt Industries Xventure XV-3

If you love to go on camping at harsh terrain then the Schutt Industries Xventure XV-3 will definitely be your best companion. It comes with manual parking brakes, 3-axis hutch, and electric brake. 

The Xventure XV-3 has 100% aluminum construction and they also use huck-bolt frame construction which provides durability like military-grade trailers. Huck-bolt allows the trailer to flex without making any crack ore tear. 

It comes with a dual battery system that helps to run the water pump and the lighting system of the camper. Storage will no longer be an issue with the Xventure XV-3. It offers plenty of storage facility which will help you carry all your camping needs along with you. The lower cargo deck provides enough space to carry all your camping gears and toys. 

One of the best features of this camper is that it offers separate sleeping space, unlike most trailer. The adjustable upper deck can be used as a sleeping area, however, you can also put a mattress on the rig as well. 

There’s ambient lighting system around the bed that will enable you to read your favorite book even at night. There’s also a proper lighting system around the trailer which will enable you to see around your camping site. The Xventure XV-3 also features a slide-out kitchen that features a stove, heater, and a propane stove. 

Key Features

  • 100% aluminum construction
  • Uses huck-bolt technology
  • Ambient lighting system
  • Slide-out kitchen
  • Comfortable sleeping area

You can check it out here.

7. Taxa Outdoors Cricket Camper

Taxa Outdoors Cricket Camper


The Taxa Outdoors Cricket Camper has a unique outlook with phenomenal durability that’ll make you fall in love with it at the very first sight. This camper is small but it’s designed in a way to easily accommodate all the camping necessities.

When it comes about durability, Taxa has really outdone it with the Cricket. The body of the camper is made with high-grade aluminum and it’s coated with Kynar paint which provides UV resistance therefore, you’ll not face any issues with fading as well. Also, it’s protected from salt which makes it an excellent choice for tropical weather. 

The outside shower comes really handy if you’re traveling during summer. The sun can crazy hot during summertime and a nice cold bath outside will definitely make you feel better. Also, there are plenty of windows on the trailer which will keep you ventilated and comfortable even during the scorching summer heat.

The interior of the Taxa Cricket Camper is fabulously designed and they’ve made good use every inch of space.  There are multiple attachment points throughout the camper where you can attach straps to get extra storage facility. This unit also comes with air conditioning facility which makes it an excellent buy if you’re going camping during summer. 

There’s a large bed with an extended body which will also work as a sitting space. The kitchen is inside the trailer that consists of a sink and a stove to make sure that you can eat your favorite foods during the journey. 

Key Features 

  • Aluminum exterior
  • UV protection
  • Outside shower
  • Interior has been smartly designed
  • Air condition
  • Indoor kitchen

You can check it out here.

8. XPLOR GT Off Road Camper

XPLOR GT Off Road Camper


The XPLOR GT Off-Road Camper offers everything that you look for in an off-road camper. It has a lightweight, spacious, and aerodynamic design which will give you a memorable camping experience. 

This model features 10-liter water tank with gauge, 10-liter water tank with gauge, and dual water jerry can storage. It features off-road electric brakes and premium cooper tires which makes it suitable for all sorts of terrains. It features full-length front and back awning as well.

The interior of the XPLOR GT Off-Road features all the amenities that you need for a great experience on the road. It comes with a king-size bed to accommodate two adults. There’s a U-shaped lounge which also provides additional sitting space. There are two USB power outlets inside the camper to keep your electrical devices charged. 

The kitchen is equipped with high-quality appliances such as two-burner gas stove, single bowl sink, and plenty of cabinets to store the utensils and cookware. Also, you get 10-liter compressor fridge to store all your favorite foods for the road. 

Both the interior and exterior of the XPLOR GT is well-lit. It features LED galley light on the inside of the trailer and LED boot light, LED reverse/floodlight on the outside. 

Key Features 

  • Sturdy build construction
  • King-size bed and U-shaped lounge
  • Suitable for all-terrain
  • 10-liter compressor fridge
  • Plenty of storage cabinets
  • USB power outlets
  • Full-length front and rear awning

You can check it out here.

9. Colorado Teardrop Canyonland

Colorado Teardrop Canyonland


If you’re looking for an affordable off-road camper with outstanding features then the Colorado Teardrop Canyonland is your guy. It comes in two vibrant colors: red and black, so, along with superior performance, you’ll also be getting good looks. It has a durable finish and it’s built to last you for generations. 

The exterior of the camper is made with light Birch Plywood and sealed with a low VOC Polyurethane which helps with the cleaning procedure and enhances the durability as well. It has a lightweight design therefore, you’ll not need a heavy-duty truck to tow it. 

The Colorado Teardrop comes with two entry doors with locks and keys for extra security. Also, there are windows that provide plenty of air and light flow inside the cabin while the vents help to keep the bugs and debris away. 

The interior of the camper is sophistically designed with proper space management. The modular setup can convert the queen-size bed platform into a table and bench. The bed configuration is sufficient enough for most camping needs and it’s suitable for two adults. 

There’s an outdoor galley kitchen which is at the back of the trailer. The back hatch opens up with multiple shelves of varying sizes and depths. The kitchen is equipped with stove, cooler, and sink. It offers plenty of space for prepping and plating. 

Key Features 

  • Durable finish
  • Two doors 
  • Plenty of air and light flow
  • Outdoor galley kitchen
  • The kitchen offers plenty of space for prepping and plating

You can check it out here.

10. Air Opus 

Air Opus


At first glance, the Air Opus might look like an ordinary camper but we can assure you that it’s loaded with plenty of incredible features. Its comfortable interior with durable construction has made it quite a hit among the off-road campers. 

It features a large dome-shaped tent with air pole technology and the best part is, you don’t need to manually set up the tent. All you need to do is unpack the canvas, flick the switch and the tent will pop up itself. The Air Opus air pump system inflates five lateral and two medial tubes or air beams that help to hold up the tent over the sleeping and living area of this trailer. 

The construction of the Air Opus is absolutely top of the line. They have multiple videos on their website which demonstrates how tough and durable the build quality is. There are multiple other factors that differentiate this from the other campers like it’s built for the backcountry. It features independent trailing arm suspension with twin shock absorbers on each side. 

Camping doesn’t always have to be about roughing things down. It features an outdoor shower with a shower tent and on-demand hot water that will make your camping trip a lot comfier.

There’s no built-in awning with this model, so, if you want shade then you’ll need to open up a canopy or park in shades. The insides of the Air Opus is surprisingly roomy. It features high-rounded ceiling with a double bed at each end and a huge dinette which also folds down to a bed. 

Key Features

  • Strong construction
  • Outdoor shower
  • Can be equipped with a microwave oven
  • Spacious interior
  • Large beds
  • Convertible dinette 

You can check it out here.

11. Highland Expedition Outfitters T3

Highland Expedition Outfitters T3


The Highland Expedition Outfitters T3 is an excellent choice for the people who’re looking for a budget-friendly off-road camper with plenty of features. The box on it is about 46″ inches above the ground where the roof-top tent sits. The base size is perfect for accommodating two people and you’ll be getting receiving all the conveniences that you need for the road. 

The Highland Expedition Outfitters T3 comes with an awning which enables you to enjoy your time during camping while staying in shade. It also provides plenty of storage space therefore, you’ll be able to carry all your camping gears and toys along with you on the trip. 

Setting up this camper is quite easy and hassle-free. Once you get accustomed to the procedure, it’ll not take you more than five minutes to complete the entire task. As the tent sits around 46″ above the ground, once it’s fully deployed, you’ll need to take the help of a ladder to enter it. 

The inside of the Highland Expedition Outfitters T3 is quite spacious and well-ventilated. There are screen mesh zip windows that let enough air and light to pass through the camper while keeping the bugs and unwanted elements away. There are some small pockets around the camper where you can keep your phones and all the necessary items handy in a secure way. 

Key Features 

  • 46” above the ground
  • Compact size 
  • Plenty of storage facility
  • Can accommodate two adults easily
  • Easy and simple setup procedure

You can check it out here.

12. Airstream Sport Camper-16 RB

Airstream Sport Camper-16 RB

The Airstream Sport Camper is one of the most popular models by Airstream which is absolutely loved and adored by campers all around the world. It has compact yet durable construction and you can tow it using any passenger vehicle as well. The Airstream Sport has a length of 16 feet 2 inches with a dry weight of around 2860 pounds only. 

You’ll be surprised to see how innovative the design is and how well everything is put despite the small space. It comes with a dinette which also folds down to a 40” x 90” bed which can easily accommodate two adults or children. Also, the dinette is upfront providing a panoramic view of everything around you. Above the dinette, there’s a Bluetooth stereo, therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music while eating as well. 

The kitchen is equipped with high-quality appliances. It features a two-burner cooktop and a single bowl sink. Both of them has a cover over them which will enable you to have additional prep space as well. There’s a small fridge and a microwave oven to ensure that you meet all your craving while you’re on the road. 

The bedroom features a queen-size bed with a super comfortable mattress. There’s a window cum emergency exit right beside the bed as well. There is plenty amount of ventilation inside the bedroom which will ensure that you don’t feel claustrophobic or congested at all.  

Key Features

  • Can be towed with a passenger vehicle
  • Foldable dinette converts into a bed
  • Panoramic view from the dinette
  • Kitchen with quality appliances
  • Bluetooth stereo
  • Air conditioning

You can check it out here.

13. Lead Day Motorsports The Extreme Off Road

13 Best Off Road Camper Trailers That Will Take You Anywhere 1


The Lead Day Motorsports The Extreme Off-Road features an all-over aluminum black frame exterior that provides superior quality with a rugged look. The 17” steel black wheels with 33″ tires are suitable for all sorts of terrains. So, no matter what your destination is, you’ll be in safe hands with the Lead Day Extreme Off-Road.  

It has an entry door on both sides which enables you to easily get inside the trailer. The interior of the trailer has a compact size but everything is placed in a proper way ensuring the ultimate level of space management. 

The bed is equipped with a super comfortable mattress and the size of it can easily accommodate two adults. There are cubby holes near the bed where you can store all the necessary item that you need handy. Also, it features LED lighting which keeps the trailer well-lit without being too gloomy or too bright. 

There are multiple windows that effectively keeps the environment inside the trailer properly ventilated and comfortable. There’s another small vent on top to allow more air and light to flow in. 

There’s a retractable awning that you can open up to enjoy some leisure time in the shed. Also, it comes with a mechanism to hold a roof rack with a rooftop tent that will provide additional sleeping space. This feature is extremely handy if you’re traveling with children as they can sleep up there. 

Key Features

  • Solid construction
  • LED lighting inside 
  • Multiple windows
  • Storage facility inside the camper
  • Retractable awning
  • Rooftop tent

You can check it out here.

Things to Consider before Purchasing an Off Road RV Camper Trailer

With the wide varieties of different options available out there, it gets really daunting to make the right decision. Choosing the right off-road camper relies on several factors as one model can work extremely well for someone but it might not meet your expectations the same way. 

Camper is quite expensive and we want to ensure that you settle for the best model which meets all your needs and requirements. We have come up with a few common factors that play a vital role while choosing the camper. Let’s take a look at the factors that you should take into account before purchasing the camper. 


Budget is the first and foremost concern for most investors. Buying a camper is not something that you do for fun or on a whim. It’s rather a choice of lifestyle that you make hence it’s very important that you invest in the right off-road camper. 

Buying on a camper is indeed a hefty investment. You should always go for a camper that comes with upgrade facility so that you can make a change in the future if needed. Also, many manufacturers offer a warranty on their product so we always encourage people to invest in the model that comes with a warranty so that you can make the best use of your money. 

However, if you’re planning to invest in a used model then make sure that you buy from a reputable seller so that you can avail the best product. 

Towing Limitation

The towing limitation is another important factor that you should take into account. You need to figure out your vehicles towing limitation so that you can get an estimation on how much weight it can tow. You can get an estimation about it from your vehicle’s manual but bear in mind that as you start adding more appliances and gears, the weight will rise up. Also, make sure that the trailer is specifically designed for off-roading or not because as not all trailer is designed for a beaten path or off-road. 

Size and Storage 

When you’re camping you have to leave many of your luxuries at home and carry the essentials. However, modern-day campers are engineered to make the best use of the space despite their small and compact size. 

If you’re an occasional camper and you’re looking for a quick gateway then a small camper with moderate storage facility will suffice. However, if you’re a hardcore camper who prefer going on long camping trips then getting a camper with proper storage facility will be the best choice. 

Upgrade Facility 

Since you’ll be spending a large amount on the camper, you should ensure that it’s suitable for making upgrades or customization in the long run. You never know what modification might come handy for you in the future so it’s always better to opt for a model which is suitable for making modifications and upgrades. 

Different Types of Off Road RV Trailers

Softfloor Camper

A soft floor camper is an ideal choice for you if you love camping under the canvas but need more space in the tent to store all your gears and necessary camping essentials. Softfloor campers usually come with a 6x4ft box to store all your camping gears and bed. 

The bed base also acts as the roof when you’re on the road. This kind of campers also incorporates kitchen and toolbox as well. These campers are an excellent choice for extended camping trips in remote riversides. 

The tents of the softfloor camper usually fold far away from the longer side of the trailer to provide a large deep covered space to let the children sleep or play. You can also store extra gears, cots, and toys in there as well. As you need to take quite a hike up there so many campers come with a ladder next to the bed. 

Bear in mind that it takes longer to prepare and set up a campsite for the softfloor campers as the floor rests on the ground. Those of you who are already familiar with large tents will face no problem with them. Also, modern designs are much more convenient and have an easier setup mechanism as well. 

Forward Fold Campers 

This sort of campers is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an organized internal space rather than a massive storage space. In forward floor campers, the floor is placed above the ground and have a large hinge at the front to open up the trailer. These campers occupy very little space and they are super easy to park as the bedroom resides above the drawbar.

The setup procedure for the forward fold campers is simple but it’ll require three poles to adjust them properly. You might need to adjust a few pole extension as the tent is in a high position due to the raised floor. 

You need to enter the forward fold campers through a small staircase, however, the hike is less compared to softfloor campers. They also provide a raised and panoramic view of the campsite which will definitely help you enjoy your trip more. They usually incorporate a U-shaped lounge that converts into bed making it an excellent choice if you’re traveling with children and guests.

Forward fold campers also provide storage facility under the seats and many travelers prefer to pack their necessary items in there. The kitchen in this sort of campers is generally divided into two different sections. The pantry, stove, and the sink slides from a cavity under the lounge and the fridge slides from the toolbox. 

Refold Campers

Refold campers are an excellent choice for long term tourers as they come with all the conveniences that come with a canvas trailer. These campers have been in the market for decades and they’re absolutely loved by campers all around the world. 

They provide quite a nice balance between softfloor and forward fold campers. The tent opens up through the hinge that’s located at the rear end of the camper. Also, they provide plenty of storage facility which makes them a great choice for long term camping tours. The main storage is placed under the bed which helps to keep all your necessary gears nearby and handy. 

The setup procedure for the refold campers is quite simple and straightforward. They need to be placed on the ground. The kitchen of the refold campers is generally placed in a slide-out cabinet near the front of the camper with the fridge or cooler near it. 

Hybrid Campers 

If you don’t like towing down a large camper but you still prefer the security of a lockable door and solid rig then the hybrid campers are a perfect choice for you. These campers provide both comfort and security at the same time. 

The setup procedure is a bit complicated with the hybrid campers. If you’re a newbie it might take a while to complete the entire procedure. However, as you gather more experience, it’ll not take as much time. Before making the investment, rent a similar model to see if that works well for you or not. If you find the procedures too complicated and something beyond your reach then it’s always better to opt for a model which will be easier for you to handle and maintain. 

These campers are also an excellent choice if you travel through different sort of weather conditions. They feature hard walls that provide the optimum amount of insulation which enables them to easily air-condition and heat. Some of the hybrid campers come with cassette toilets inside the camper, however, those models are generally more expensive than the regular ones. 

With hybrid campers, headroom can arise issues if you’re tall as they feature multiple amenities despite their small space. However, you may have a talk with the manufacturer to see if they can modify it according to your needs. 

Final Thoughts

Going on an adventure with your recreation vehicle definitely sounds comforting but the price tag that comes along with is not always feasible. Off-road campers are usually a lot cheaper than RVs while providing you most amenities that you need for the road.

There are countless different models out there in the market. We have picked 13 awesome off-road campers with a varying price range so that everyone can find the one they’re looking for within their budget. All the models that we reviewed here offer exceptional durability and comfortability. 

These off-road campers will make sure that you can have a fun and carefree camping experience without breaking the bank. So, get yourself the one that fits your requirements the best and enjoy your camping trip to the fullest. 

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