Specifically designed to offer casual styles with plenty of orthotic comfort and support, the Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes are designed to offer anatomical art support and cushioning to the entirety of your foot – really conforming to the individual contours of your feet and each footfall in a way that’s almost impossible to successfully pull off with “off-the-shelf” shoes and footwear.

Well-made utilizing high-end construction materials but remaining relatively affordable, the Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes are stylish, casual, and comfortable – not to mention breathable and perfect for wearing when the temperatures start to rise!

Orthofeet Women’s Comfort Review: Overall impressions

The odds are pretty good that you’re going to first notice the casual style of the Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes right out of the gate, noticing that they don’t look like traditional orthotics but instead look like the kind of “slip on” shoes so many people where in the summer on boardwalks and beaches all over the world.

But after slipping your foot into these shoes, you’ll then immediately notice the premium orthotics sole design, the anatomical art support, and the extra cushioned heel pad that we highlighted above. These orthotic choices are designed to not only alleviate pain in your feet but are also designed to alleviate pain throughout your legs, your knees, your hips, and even into your lower back.

You’ll feel as though you are walking on a cloud when you have the Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes strapped to your feet!

How true is the fit?

According to the overwhelming majority of online reviews, the Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes provide for an accurate and true fit that you can depend on matching up with the sizing of the “normal” shoes you wear on a regular basis.

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Available in full and half sizes, and providing the ultimate level of comfort and stability thanks to the orthotic inserts and nonbinding extra depth design, these shoes are going to feel as though they were made for your feet right out of the box from the moment you first!

As far as the overall width of these shoes is concerned, the fit-again is pretty straight and true. These shoes are middle-of-the-road as far as width is concerned, not extra wide and certainly not extra narrow.

What kind of shoes are these, really?

As we highlighted above, the Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes are certainly in the “ultra-casual” category as far as footwear is concerned.

These are the kinds of shoes you’d want to wear after work, on a lazy weekend, or just knocking around town but not exactly the kinds of shoes that you’d want to have strapped to your feet when you walk into an important meeting or head out to meet a client to conduct some serious business.

The style of these shoes is very much ultra-casual, and while the overall look and aesthetics of these shoes are impressive and certainly not “cheap”, they aren’t anywhere close to formal or even athletic wear footwear options from a stylistic standpoint.

What kind of gait are these designed for?

The beautiful thing about the Orthofeet Women’s Comfort footwear is that they have been designed with a system of lightweight air cushioning insoles that are going to absorb each and every single footfall independently and individually, shifting and adjusting dependent entirely upon your foot lands squarely on the ground.

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Folks that under-pronate or over-pronate will find that these shoes suit them right down to the ground with no issues whatsoever, thanks entirely to the biomechanically engineered insoles and overall support system throughout the Orthofeet Women’s Comfort footwear.

These are as close to a “one-size-fits-all” pair of shoes as you are likely to find in the world of orthotics, at least from a footfall and walking/running gait standpoints are concerned!

Orthofeet Women's Comfort Review
Orthofeet Women’s Comfort Review

Support and comfort

Trying to find the perfect pair of orthotic shoes, particularly if you are living with diabetes and deal with the chronic and constant pain that this disease inevitably causes, is regularly a bit of an uphill battle – but not with these shoes!

On the outside of the shoes, you’ll find high quality synthetic fabrics and leather throughout the provide these shoes a level durability and support you just won’t find in most other orthotics.

Inside the shoes is when things really start to heat up from a support and comfort standpoint.

The premium orthotics insole offers that same anatomical art support and extra cushioned heel pad we highlighted above, and you’ll find the air cushioning lightweight insole also self-adjusts depending upon how you walk, how you run, and how used to – with each individual footfall – to cushion and cradle your feet as though you had your very own suspension system built right into these shoes.

The soft, nonbinding upper of these shoes have an extra deep design and a super wide toe box to avoid placing pressure on your feet or your toes. This all but eliminates the possibility for bunions or hammer toes to rear their ugly head, increasing the support and comfort of these shoes across the board.

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Quality of materials and design

While perhaps not the highest end construction materials available (these shoes aren’t going to set you back hundreds and hundreds of dollars because of exotic leathers and synthetics), the materials and the design that goes into each and every pair of Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes is nothing short of exceptional.

The synthetic fabrics are designed to withstand some pretty significant amounts of daily wear and tear, and the leather that is found throughout these shoes is high quality enough to provide extra support, extra stability, and extra suppleness – not to mention a big boost of style at the same time!

Orthofeet Women's Comfort Review
Orthofeet Women’s Comfort Review


These are the kinds of orthotic shoes that can be expected to last for at least two years of daily wear without showing any signs of breaking down, and there are even some reviews online stating that these shoes have lasted even longer than that.

This all goes back to the quality of the materials, the intelligent design principles, and the overall build quality that you should come to expect from the company behind the Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes themselves.

Final Verdict

All things considered, with so many different orthotic shoe options available to pick and choose from – including those that have been designed specifically for those living with diabetes and the inevitable lower body pain associated with this condition – it can be difficult to sift through the footwear choices and land on a pair you are really happy with.

Get your hands on Orthofeet Women’s Comfort shoes, however, and you won’t ever feel any regret with your decision to wear them on a regular basis!

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