Pop Up Camper Vs A-Frame

If you enjoy camping with a tent but would like something that gives you a couple more amenities, then getting a popup camper can be a great move.

It is also a nice option if you want something you can tow, without having to upgrade your current vehicle to a truck.

For most people, a popup camper is the most affordable route to getting an RV. You get quite a lot of value for your money when you purchase one of the most economical RVs. When it comes to a popup camper, you have two different styles.

You have your typical soft side popup camper which has its roof material made from canvas and you have the A-frame camper, named after the shape its roof makes when raised and stretched out.

To the surprise of most, the A-frame camper is a type of popup camper. It isn’t quite as popular as other forms of popups but that does not mean it does not have its fans.

Compared to popup campers that utilize pop-out sections and canvas sides, A-frames are completely rigid. They get their name from the shape they make when they are set up. While they are rigid when set up, they share the popup camper’s characteristics in the sense that they can be folded down for storage and transport.

Here are a few reasons why you should pick a popup camper

Pop Up Camper Vs A-Frame: Popup campers are inexpensive

Considering just how many types of RVs are available for purchase, a popup camper is for sure the most inexpensive option. New popup campers can be purchased at affordable alongside incentives.

The average price of a brand-new popup camper is $16,000, with a low model costing $9,000 and a high-end one with more amenities costing $20,000 or more. The preowned market for popup campers is also an affordable one as it is possible to purchase a preowned popup camper in great condition for under $8,000.

The reason why a popup camper is seemingly inexpensive compared to other RVs is due to its simplicity. This ensures that costs remain low, however, that does not mean you can’t have amenities.

The majority of popup campers tend to have 2 queen-sized beds, a dinette, and a decently sized kitchen with one sink. This is the minimum, as some popup campers even come with a wet bath.

The number of amenities and features you get typically depends on how large the camper is and also what the brand fits into the chosen floorplan. Needless to say, popup campers that have larger floorplans tend to have more amenities and features which results in the manufacturer charging a higher price.

Popup campers are lightweight 

A popup camper is light simply because of the way it was designed. The majority of popup campers weigh under 3,000 pounds, with some even being under 2,500 pounds.

What this means for most people is that they do not need to purchase a different vehicle to tow their camper as the low weight of a popup camper makes their current vehicle capable.

with other forms of trailers, such as a travel trailer or fifth-wheel you have to consider its weight and your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity before you can make a purchase.

For certain RVs, you might need to upgrade to either a full-size or heavy-duty pickup truck before you can tow it. Nevertheless, a popup camper can be towed by just about any vehicle. Your SUV, crossover, minivan, or midsize truck. 

Popup campers are maneuverable and small

Another advantage of a popup camper is that it is maneuverable and small. This is especially true when it is folded away ready to be hitched to a vehicle.

Popup campers by design can seamlessly fit into smaller campsites which other RVs won’t be able to.

This advantage avails additional parking spaces and new locations that other campers would be unable to go to.

If you ask anyone that has ever towed a fifth wheel or any type of travel trailer, they will tell you that they can’t make see anything out the back and that makes reversing a particularly difficult job.

With the popup camper, you have no such thing. Given that the camper can be collapsed into a flat box, you are bound to feel much more comfortable towing it along compared to other types of campers.

Here are a few advantages of an A-frame camper

An A-frame camper does not cost as much as you think

If there is a general theme shared by both the A-frame and the popup camper, it is that both campers are relatively inexpensive and are great choices for individuals looking to start their RVing lifestyle inexpensively.

To this end, a brand-new A-frame camper is likely to cost anything from $11,000 to $20,000. A preowned camper in great condition will cost anything from $5,000 t0 $16,000.

A-frames have a lightweight design

Having a lightweight camper can save you quite a bit of money in numerous ways. First of all, when your camper is lightweight, the required towing capacity of your automobile is lower as well.

This means that you do not have to purchase a truck when you get an A-frame, as you are bound to find out light enough that your car can tow it. This means you avoid the additional expense associated with getting a larger car or even renting one.

Fuel efficiency also comes to mind when you get an A-frame. Given that it can seamlessly fold up into a flat trailer, it is less likely to cause your engine to work harder to tow it. This reduced effort adds up and can translate into you saving a bit of money while on your camping trips.

An A-frame camper offers convenience

If there were two major reasons as to why RVers selected a-frames over any other type of campers, it’s down to ease of storage and towing.

Just as with other forms of popup campers, even the smallest A-frames are light enough to be towed by a regular car. Larger ones will require an SUV or a light truck rather than a full-sized truck.

A-frames are also much easier to maneuver compared to typical travel trailers. This means that they can easier put in tight spaces and stored in a garage. A large draw of this type of camper is down to the convenience it offers when stored.

 A-frames offer a lot of comforts

Compared to popup campers, A-frames can be comfortably used all year. While it is possible to go camping in the wintertime using a popup camper, you are bound to be uncomfortable as the camper is not insulated, causing heat to quickly dissipate via the canvas.

A-frames, on the other hand, do not have any such complaints, and this is due to the rigid sides. This feature ensures that they capture heat better, locking it in for longer, so you can not only feel comfortable but cut down on your need for heating.


By reading this article you can tell that A-frames and popup campers are really from the same family of campers, what makes them different is the design used, with popup campers choosing a soft like canvas material and A-frames choosing a rigid structure. What you eventually choose depends on your preference.

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