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On a sunny day, the best thing about camping is to enjoy and relax outside but what can be done to prevent yourself from the killing heat and sunburns. 

If you are on a campsite planning to spend a week or two chopping planks of wood and enjoying the fresh air, install RV awning covers that will make your camping experience smooth and hassle-free. The RV awning covers provide shade by pp the extra space. 

Take a look at the 10 best RV awning covers. 

Carefree Vacation’r Screen Room: Model 291800

If you want to spend time sitting outside your RV without worrying about the sunlight or rain, then Carefree Vacationr’s is a perfect choice. The product not just provides shelter but also adds some space to the vehicle. A small room to relax and at the same time protects from bad weather. Carefree Vacation’r is made of polyvinyl chloride that makes it lightweight and durable. 

You can place the door of this flexible screen room to the left or right side. It has zip shut clear panels that keep the view clean in the rain. The awning also supports a slope that is ideal for the drainage of rainwater. It also comes with privacy screens to protect the privacy and provide shade from the sun. 

Carefree Vacation’r is very easy to install and remove, all you have to do is attach it to your RV awning and have a comfortable space in just a few minutes. This product does not require any drilling to set it up. It works best with a 12-volt awning outlet making it a quick and convenient option for camping. 

The screen room comes with an additional storage bag that can fit the screen easily. The awning covers are available in different sizes ranging from 86 to 150 inches to cater to all kinds of recreational vehicles. 

Carefree Vacation’r 291800 is a pocket-friendly and durable option for RV awning covers. The only drawback is that it does not support windy weather and privacy screens are not located inside. Therefore you have to go outside of the room to close the screens. 


  • Available in several sizes to fit all kinds of RV
  • Offers an additional room to relax 
  • Easy installation and removal 
  • Made from polyvinyl chloride to last for an extended period 
  • Protects from sunlight and rain 
  • Accompanied with mesh windows for privacy 


  • Zipper doors are not long-lasting and easy to use 
  • Not provide support in windy weather 
  • Does not come with the cover to protect the fabric 
  • Privacy screens can only be closed from outside  


SunWave Ocean Blue Fade Awning Fabric

You must have seen people raving about this SunWave product when planning for camping. SunWave Ocean Blue Fade is one of the best RV awning covers available in the market. It is highly recommended due to its high-performance benefits and top-notch features. 

Ocean Blue Fade is made of vinyl, which is the most reliable fabric to give protection against sunlight and rain. This model also comes with a weather shield making it more durable and long-lasting. I’d recommend getting this RV awning cover without worrying about the replacement from time to time. 

In addition to the durability and performance, SunWave awning’s blue tone gives a very appealing touch to the patio. I personally like this one because I can match my RV decoration with the color of the fabric. If you are out camping, a pleasing atmosphere around you enhances the whole experience. 

Another amazing thing about SunWave is that it is very easy to install. It comes ready in a box with all the accessories required to set up. You can install the awning manually. However, to attach the fabric with the trailer, you might need some assistance.

Overall, it’s an amazing product. If you are looking for an easy, high quality and appealing awning for the RV, make this product yours. 


  • Comes with a three-year limited warranty 
  • Easy to install and store 
  • It is durable and lightweight 
  • Aesthetically appealing color and design 
  • User-friendly and easy on the pocket 


  • You need to be careful when installing the awning 
  • Instructions on the manual are not clear 

ALEKO Retractable RV Awning

ALEKO Retractable RV Awning Cover is a perfect choice for your road trips. It is specifically designed to give protection in rough weather. For me, it’s a top selection because no other brand ensures durability as ALEKO. The secret of its durability lies in its heavy-duty vinyl material that has no comparison in the market. 

The RV awning cover also comes with a hand crank that can be used to open and close the awning in a few seconds. ALEKO is an electricity-free awning, which means you do not need electric power to make it work. They have designed this RV cover to provide protection that you can rely on. 

In addition to this, it protects the front of the recreational vehicle that gives shade to relax in the sun. I like the material of the fabric as it’s resistant to water and UV rays. It prevents defects and makes the cover stay for long. 

Aside from the durability, I also like the color of the fabric that makes the RV look fresh and brighter.  

To sum it up, we can say it’s a long-lasting product that can add sophistication to the recreational vehicle on the go. 


  • Durable and hard-woven vinyl 
  • Water and UV rays resistant 
  • No- electricity required 
  • Easy to install with a hand crank 
  • Provides protection and shade to RV 


  • Warranty information is limited 

Lippert Components RV Solera Awning 

If you are looking for a cover that gives reliable protection, then Solera RV Awning by Lippert Components is the best option. It is made of solid black fabric that makes your slider room visually appealing. The awning comes with black hardware that is both durable and strong. 

It is available in different sizes that fit all types of RV, so you don’t have to worry about the sizing. The material is incredibly durable and prevents all kinds of dust, smoke, and debris from coming inside. 

Solera can be easily attached to the RV and its slide room without putting extra effort. It can get permanently attached to the vehicle and retract when you slide out. The material is also water-resistant that makes it a long-lasting product. 

Another interesting fact about Solera is that it can extend up to fifty feet. Therefore, this cover is more affordable in the long-run as compared to other awnings. 

The only drawback with this awning is that you have to buy the hardware separately, and there is no warranty on online purchases.  


  • Fast installation 
  • Water and sunlight resistant 
  • Protects in harsh weather
  • Easy manuals to operate 
  • Extension up to fifty feet 
  • Available in different sizes 


  • No warranty with the product 

Shade Pro RV Vinyl Awning Fabric

In cases when your RV awning fabric is torn or damaged, there is a perfect replacement fabric available in the market. Shade Pro Vinyl Awning Fabric can be used to provide protection when the awning fabric gets damaged. 

It is an easy and quick option to cover the RV from unwanted sun rays. This RV awning replacement fabric can be fixed to any type of RV, including Carefree and A&E, in just a few minutes. It is highly compatible and comes with a manual that can help in self-installation.  

The replacement fabric also comes with a three-year limited warranty on shipping. In case of damages or worn outs caused by weather changes, you can get it changed. The material is not just durable but also appealing to the eyes. 

Shade Pro replacement fabric is a good option to hide cracks, and it also prevents fading. I like this product because it’s easy to install and made of top-notch awning material. 


  • Three years limited warranty 
  • Easy installation 
  • Compatible to all types of vehicles 
  • A clear and concise manual 
  • Durable awning material 


  • Windy weather can cause breakages over the period 

Camco Durable RV Awning Mat 

If you are looking for an appealing yet reliable cover for your awning, Camco Durable RV Awning Mat is the best option. This awning mat is much different than the product I have already mentioned. This mat can be used to place in your RV to lie down and relax without worrying about the terrain. 

One of the things I like about this product is its rust and mildew resistance feature. It is made of high-quality material that is easy to clean and store. I washed the mat with soap and water to remove dust and left it to dry for a few hours. The mat was as new as it was at the time of purchase in just one wash. 

Aside from that, I also like the reversible design feature, which means you can flip the mat when one side gets dirty. However, you cannot find variety in Camco mats as they come only in one simple design. So you cannot expect much to make your RV look appealing. 

This mat can be used on the beaches and other campsites for family picnics. It prevents the feet from getting dirty and also won’t let the dust enter the RV. I also like how the breathable material doesn’t suffocate the grass beneath the mat. 

When it comes to the installation, the products come with ground stakes and grommets that are included in the package. Heavy-duty ground stakes keep the mat in place and let you enjoy the day comfortably. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective, high quality and easy to use awning mat, then Camco is an excellent product. 


  • 400;”>Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Can be used on any type of terrain 
  • Package includes ground stakes and grommets 
  • Reversible mat design 
  • High rust-resistant material 


  • Not long-lasting as other awning mats 

Innova Pacific Blue Vinyl RV Awning Replacement 

Innova is famous for its highly durable and heavy-duty material RV awning products. The Pacific Blue Vinyl Awning Replacement is my personal favorite. 

The most distinguishing feature is its pacific blue color that keeps the RV fresh and gives a soothing appeal. I like my RV to give a relaxing feeling, especially during summers, and this blue color is just perfect. The comfortable and refreshing vehicle makes the journey more memorable with your family.  

This replacement awning cover is highly durable that works best in weathers that can prevent us from enjoying outside. In addition to this, it is made of four-ply fabric, making it more long-lasting than other covers. This cover is equipped with weather guards that protect in harsh weather. 

This installation is very simple and can be done in a few minutes. All the instructions are mentioned in the manual guide, so you just have to follow that for setting up. 

Innova Pacific blue is a user-friendly product that gives ease to your camping adventures. Although it’s more expensive than other replacement covers, it’s a one-time investment for a peaceful experience. 


  • Weather guard for protection
  • Limited warranty on shipping and parts 
  • Compatible to different types of awnings 
  • Easy to understand manual 
  • Quick and hassle-free installation 


  • A bit expensive than other awning replacements 

Tentproinc RV Awning Sunshade 

Camping during a summer season is not possible without surviving in scorching heat and rainfall. To enjoy a peaceful vacation on a campsite, you can rely on the Tentproinc RV awning sunshade. It provides maximum protection against harsh sun rays, heavy raindrops, wind, and bugs. 

The package includes plastic stakes and bungee balls that can help in a super-quick and easy setup. The material is not heavy yet durable and supports its hassle-free installation feature. In addition to this, you can also dismount the shade whenever you want. 

Aside from its weather protective feature, the shade comes with a breathable mesh screen. It keeps the RV cools and blocked from sunlight. You can enjoy a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere without worrying about anything. 

Tentproinc sunshade can be found in the market in multiple colors to match your RV. To give extra protection from all sides to the vehicle, you can install a side shade. 

Overall it’s an amazing product to provide protection. However, you cannot get 100% privacy due to a thin mesh screen. 


  • It is long-lasting 
  • Not heavy 
  • Protects from sun rays and raindrops
  • Available in multiple colors 


  • Limited privacy protection

Carefree Tan/Light Brown RV Awning

Carefree is my most favorite and preferred RV awning brand due to its great variety and longevity feature. They are consistent in providing innovative and quality RV products to the customers. You can rely on Carefree RV Awning products for years without worrying about finding the replacement. 

Not many bands come in light brown or tan shade awnings to match the wooden interior of the RV. However, you can find this color option in Carefree. The product is affordable and perfectly fits other types of awning brands as well, such as A&E, Domestic, etc. 

To set it up, you’re going to need a rail, roller tube, and valance that comes in the package. This means you do not have to pay extra to purchase products used for installation. I like awning brands that provide installation kits that can be used to replace the damaged covers. 

This product works best in protecting from the sun, rain, and harsh winds. You can enjoy peaceful camping trips for years without worrying about the awning replacement. 


  • Compatible to other awning brands 
  • Easy installation 
  • Comes with setup accessorize such as; rail and valance 
  • Color options 


  • Does not works best in high altitude winds 

Dometic RV Awning 

This best selling product is for those who are looking for a compact and durable awning for their vehicles. It is specifically designed to give maximum protection from UV rays so you can enjoy the outdoors. 

It is 11 feet long and can easily fit inside any camping trailer. Then, there are additional products as well. The setup process takes less than a few minutes and can be done by yourself. The instructions are mentioned clearly in the manual. Therefore you do not need extra help to install. 

Dometic RV Awning is high in terms of performance and longevity. You can enjoy your camping tour peacefully in all kinds of weather conditions. I like this product because when it comes to durability, Dometic RV Awning can be trusted fully. 

I also recommend this awning to everyone because it adds an aesthetic touch to the vehicle. You can enjoy your camping in a comfortable and refreshing environment with Dometic RV awning. 

In addition to this, it does not take much space to store as it is compact and light in weight. It does not have color options and only comes in sandstone shade, which is the only drawback.  


  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Compact and light in weight 
  • Storage and maintenance is easy 
  • Gives an appealing look to the vehicle 


  • Expensive 
  • No color options

Features to Look for When Buying an RV Awning 

There are a few important features that you need to pay attention to when buying the perfect awning for your RV: 


Right fabric or material is very important to plan your camping trip. Sometimes weather can be unpredictable so you need a fabric that works best in all conditions. 

In summers, the breathable acrylic awning is the best. On the other hand, for winters, nothing works better than a heavy-duty Vinyl. 


Always measure your RV before buying the right awning replacement. You can use your old RV awning as a guide to measuring the size. Too small or too large can be difficult to manage and fit. Manufacturers can also help in deciding the right size if you are buying for the first time. 


Price affordability is the key element before buying anything, and this goes for RV awning as well. Set a budget as per your needs and look for the options surrounding that budget. This will help you in selecting the best RV considering your requirements. 


Easy and quick installation can save a lot of time and makes your camping tour hassle-free. Always select products that have detailed manuals and accessories to help in the set-up. 


Durability should also be your major requirement before purchasing the RV awning. Read or ask the manufacturer about the fabric details to be sure about the durability. In addition to this, go for the product that comes with a warranty for at least three years. 


RV awning should match the style and interior of your RV. Many brands make awnings in different colors, select the one that goes well with the vehicle. 

Blue, black, light brown, tan/sandstone are some colors that are available in the market. These colors add a refreshing and aesthetic look to the RV making it more attractive.


The whole purpose of having an awning is to give maximum privacy to the vehicle. Get a patio awning that you can place outside the RV. This will cover the RV from all sides so you can relax with the family and stay out of other’s sight. 


Another important purpose for having an RV awning is protected from harsh weather, bugs, and dust.  UV rays, rainfall, wind, etc. can disrupt your camping trip. Get an RV awning and place it outside to have a safe trip. 


Comfort is also an important feature to consider before purchasing an RV awning. Camping tours are organized with family or friends to relax. Easy installation, lightweight, durable, and privacy protection are a few things that can make the trip comfortable. 

Different Types of Awnings 

Screen Room 

Screen room awning provides additional foot space to your RV to give extra room to enjoy and relax. It also helps in keeping the bugs and dust out of the vehicle as well as keeps it protected from UV rays, rain, and wind. 


To get protection from outside elements, you can get shelter awnings for the RV.  It comes in fiberglass or plastic to provide maximum coverage as compared to fabric awnings. 


To provide shade from sunlight and rainfall, you can opt for shade awnings. It adds a cooling feature to the vehicle so you can enjoy and relax with your family. They are easy to use and install. 


Retractable awnings come in manual and electric options. For manual installation just requires a crank. On the other hand, with a click of a button, you can operate the electric awning. 

They are collapsible; therefore, it does not require extra effort to fold and store. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need RV awning? 

RV awning replacement covers make your camping comfortable and peaceful. Harsh weather and outdoor elements can affect your camping trip. Therefore you need an awning to stay safe. 

RV awning also protects from getting in view of people on the camping site, so you relax with family. 

What are the good RV awning brands? 

There are many good brands available in the market that provide high quality, privacy, comfort, and protection. ALEKO, Carefree, Dometic, Innova, Camco, Shade Pro, and Solera are some famous and recommended brands. 

Where to buy the RV awning? 

The best places to buy online are Amazon and Camping World. Check both sites for regular promotions to get the one that fits your requirements. 

You can also purchase from Walmart or other local RV stores. The advantage of these stores is that you can get customer service that does not come with an online purchase. 

How to choose the right size for my RV? 

Measure the ⅓ or ½ length of your vehicle before purchasing the right awning. If you are buying for the first time, then consult with the manufacturer. On the other hand, if you are just replacing, then use your old awning as a buying guide. 

How can I clean my RV awning? 

You can buy RV awning cleaners available in the market, or you can also use soap and water. But before opting for either of the options, read the manual and cleaning instructions. 

How can I repair my RV awning? 

Holes and tears can easily appear on your RV awnings. Just follow the tips below to repair your awnings: 

  • Use a non-abrasive cleaning solution to clean the top and bottom of the awning 
  • Dry the awning with a towel and leave no wet spots 
  • Place it on a flat surface and cover the damaged area with clear repair tape 
  • Repeat the same procedure for both the sides


To sum it all, I can guarantee that this article will help you in picking the right RV awning. You can find the information provided to be a perfect guide for affordable, appealing, and durable RV awning cover options. 

Before selecting the RV awning cover for yourself, always study the features and reviews to compare with other options. Get the best RV awning cover for yourself today.