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Top 10 Best RV Awning Lights in 2019: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Have you ever wanted your RV camper to look neat or even smart with some nice lighting, especially at night? Well, LED awning lights are exactly what you need for you to achieve that look in your camper. These lights will surely brighten your camp area and at the same time, they will give it a more comforting ambiance for you to enjoy.

So, in this article we will talk to you all about awning lights, what are the types you should buy, the benefits you can get and other factors relating to RV awning lights. This will serve as a detailed guide for you in buying that RV awning light that can transform your camper into the one you want. It also includes a list of reviewed top 10 best awning lights in the market today.

Best RV Awning Lights quick picks:

Editor's Choice
RecPro RV White LED Awning Party Light w/Mounting Channel & Black PCB 12v Light (12')
Camco Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights- Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor, Great for...
Coleman LED String Lights, 10 Lanterns
Polymer Products LLC 1601-00515 White Ten Globe String Light Set
RecPro RV White LED Awning Party Light w/Mounting Channel & Black PCB 12v Light (12')
Camco Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights- Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor, Great for...
Coleman LED String Lights, 10 Lanterns
Polymer Products LLC 1601-00515 White Ten Globe String Light Set
86 Reviews
374 Reviews
564 Reviews
25 Reviews
Editor's Choice
RecPro RV White LED Awning Party Light w/Mounting Channel & Black PCB 12v Light (12')
RecPro RV White LED Awning Party Light w/Mounting Channel & Black PCB 12v Light (12')
86 Reviews
Camco Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights- Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor, Great for...
Camco Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights- Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor, Great for...
374 Reviews
Coleman LED String Lights, 10 Lanterns
Coleman LED String Lights, 10 Lanterns
564 Reviews
Polymer Products LLC 1601-00515 White Ten Globe String Light Set
Polymer Products LLC 1601-00515 White Ten Globe String Light Set
25 Reviews

RV Awning Light

RV awning lights are those lights that you can attach or hang on the awning of your trailer or RV. They are usually available in various colors like blue, purple, white and many other more. The length of a regular strip of an LED awning light is measured at 16 feet long. They produce powerful and warm light.

You can cut a regular strip of awning light into a smaller piece if it is too long for you. You can buy these lights not just in strip form, but you can also select in hanging light form or the rope light from.

There is also an option for you of these awning lights that you can control remotely.  Some awning lights come with a remote control that you use in its coverage area. If you have to turn these lights on you don’t have to go on its switch anymore, you just have to use the remote control to turn the light on or off whenever you like.

There are those awning lights that have capabilities to blink in a specified interval to decorate in your camper. Others have the feature that can be synched up with your smartphones so that you can gain access to the light using your phone alone as a remote controller. With your phone, you can now turn on or off the lights.

People usually use these lights for their camping parties. While others use these during their barbeque sessions in the woods. These awning lights just give your camping place or anywhere you use it, the right ambiance for you to enjoy.

What are the Types of RV Awning Lights

A vast amount of RV LED awning lights are available in the market today that differ in the features and styles they offer you. But are those types that most campers usually use, and this makes that vast number down to just four types. Here are the four types of awning lights that most campers use.

The LED Porch Light

This type is the most used among the other types of awning lights. The lights that belong to this type are the strongest and can brighten up your camping place better than any other type of LED lights, which also make this type of one the favorite lights for campers.

This type is just simply beautiful to look at. You can also use this type of light as your interior light source as this just produce the right amount of heat, so it won’t make the room to hot stay in. And also, in your outdoor space to light up your campsite. This is just the most practical and useful among other types for campers.

The Rope Light

The rope light type of awning lights will be of use to you especially if you are into elegant designs and lights that are ideal for camp parties. You can just hang this type of light in one end of your place and to another and it gives you a string of lights.

They are easier to install than the LED Porchlight and look classier. They just don’t need that much installation process, unlike the LED porch lights. To install this type. you will have to plug it into a power source then just hang it wherever you want.

Best of all, this type is mostly remote-controlled, you can just turn it on or off wherever you are in the covered range. And there is no need for you to install some switch since its remote-controlled.

The Fairy Lights that is solar-powered

The solar-powered fairy light is great during the night-time and underneath the starts, while you are relaxing alone or with friends. With these lights, you will surely want to relax under it and maybe have some drinks for you to enjoy.

This type of light does not really produce bright lights, but it can still shine brightly in the dark. It serves as a beacon for you to locate your RV after coming from the woods. The powerful lights produced by the LED are visible in the dark making it easy for you to find and return to your camp safely.

Since this type is solar-powered they run through the use of high-powered solar energy that allows you to save as much energy.

The Hanging Lantern

It is another good option for you to have in your RV awning and install it there. Same as the fairy lights you can also enjoy a night under the stars with this one. But this is the most beautify type of awning light among the choices.

But sadly, this is not the most practical type of awning lights to have as it does not have enough power to illuminate your camping place brightly. And they are easily blown by winds, especially during the windy days. Though, they still offer you wonderful designs that are nice to have on parties or on your barbeque sessions with your friends.

Benefits you can get from RV Awning Lights

best rv awning lights

Other than the fact that these RV Awning Lights can turn your dull and unexciting RV camper into a neat and vibrant looking one. There are other things that these lights can do for you that you should know.

They are good as party companions

You can use them for parties as they are beautiful in the eyes and at the same time, they can set the mood in your party, depending on the colors you use and the styles.

Bright colored lights can make your camping place liver and with more energy. While warm colored lights are great for your relaxing dinner under the night stars.

They act a beacon to locate your camping place

Usually, campers just leave trails behind when they want to explore the woods then later they can track the trails going back to their place. But unfortunately, some of these trails are blown away by winds or gotten covered up thus making the campers unable to find their camping place and getting them lost.

But with these powerful LED lights you can easily locate your camping site after your hike by just following the light emitted by the LED lights. White and bright lights are the most effective for this use.

They are power savers

As LED lights are designed to produce powerful heat energy without using that much electricity in the process thus letting you save more electricity. And the most electricity saver of them all is the solar-powered fairy lights, as they are powered using solar energy instead of normal electricity.

They are just easy to install

These lights are just easy to install, you can just hang them on your RV awning or attach them to the awning without giving much effort. And because other types of awning lights have the feature to be controlled remotely, you do not have a need for an extra switch to install with the lights.

And finally, they are cost efficient

Lastly, since these lights are electricity savers making them cost-efficient. You won’t have to worry about spending more money paying in paying your electricity bill as they don’t consume that much electricity anymore.

Installing Awning Lights in your RV

Awning lights are simply straightforward to install in your RV awning. You can just cut the strip of light in your preferred length or you can even measure your RV awning using the strip to match the exact length as to your RV awning then cut it there. Then you connect the light to the power source of your RV. You can follow the instruction manual on wiring your RV lights. The manual is included upon purchase of the RV lights.

The best part of these RV light strips is that they have this adhesive material at the back that you can use to stick them to your awning rails. But you can just add another layer of adhesive just to make sure it is secure enough that it won’t fall down.  You can even use mounting tape or even a silicon glue in securing it to stay in place.

How can you hang lights on your RV Awning?

In general, hanging lights are much easier to install than those strip lights. In installing them, you need to fix hooks on both ends of your awning rails and after that hang the lights through the hooks, that it. To make it more secure and durable instead of using regular hooks you can use sticky clamps as they can do better in keeping your light hang in your awning rail.

Another alternative to securely hang your lights is by drilling holes on both ends of your awning rails and insert a wire through each hole. You use these wires to hang your awning lights.

Can you hardwire RV Awning Lights

These are tips you can follow if you are not certain about how to hardwire your awning lights.

  • Connect the red and black wires by placing them parallel to each other
  • Use solder to fully connect them, or you can just twist both wires until they merge
  • After that, wrap them with electric tape or a splice where the wires are nearest to the main terminal in which the wires should be connected

Buying an Awning Light for your RV, what are the things you should look for?

And now that you know about the fundamentals of awning lights and why there is a need for you to buy one, the next thing you should do is selected the best one for you.

There is really a wide selection of these RV awning light for you to choose from, and it can give a hard time choosing the one that best fits your preferences and needs. That’s why you need to set up a criterion for you to effectively and easily choose the one for you.

That’s why we have here a list of criteria for you to use in choosing the best RV awning lights for you.

The type of Awning Lights

You now have an idea of the types of awning lights as it is talked about in the previous sections. Naturally, the type that you eventually choose will depend on your personal tastes and needs in a camping adventure.

For example, if you are planning to have a party in the woods around your campsite and it involves lots of people, I suggest you get a rope light or a hanging light as these are the best lights to use in this situation. Or if you are looking for a multi-functional light, you can have the porch light as this offers you lots of functions. You can have a solar-powered innovation lights for your RV awning if you are looking for energy saver lights.

These are just examples of how you can choose your awning lights base on your purpose and usage. Take in mind, that you should first know the use of your awning lights and do you prefer then select the one from the list that perfectly fits your purpose.

The color of Awning Lights

Color affects more of your mood and the ambiance of your campsite than design does. In the color, you can know the heat level and strength of the LED awning lights.

Colors are effective in setting your mood and the ambiance of your campsite. Bright colored lights can boost your energy while warm and cooler color makes you at peace and relax.

They are generally divided into three categories:

  • Warm light is warm colors like dark orange and dark yellow
  • Cool light are those colors that are cool to the eyes like blue and white
  • Natural light is the brightest of all in the category and they shine brightly like the sun

Bulb Voltage with each Awning Lights

You should check if the bulb is suitable for your RV awning lights. This indication for you to see if the bulb is suitable is by checking its voltage. Usually, the voltage of awning lights is within the range of 10 to 30 volts. And the most common is the 12 volts LED awning light.

You need to check the suitability of the bulb as there are dishonest sellers that will try to sell you an “RV LED bulbs” which are not suitable for your awning lights.

Lasting power of the Awning Light

You should know how long your awning light can last when in use. The packaging or box that comes with the light when you purchase it, this will indicate the total number of hours you can use it before the light burns out.

If you want to make sure you can use a reliable way to determine your RV lights’ life span by checking if the light comes with an aluminum heat sink. With an aluminum heat sink, your awning light for sure can last for a long time.

Lastly, the Price and the Brand of the Awning Light

And lastly, you should pay attention to the brand and price. I will advise you to buy awning lights from reputable brands as they produce their product with the highest quality. Buying cheaper RV LED lights can save you some money upon purchase of the item but it might burn out quicker than expected, thus making you spend another buck to buy another one.

Just make sure to always purchase those of high quality and durable ones. In the next section, you can browse some of those high-quality RV lights, durable, reasonably priced and from reputable brands.

Our Reviews of the Top 10 Best Awning Lights for your RV in 2019

There really lots of Awning Lights which are readily available in the market that you can choose from. But you cannot really be certain which one to buy. That why we created this list that consists of the Top 10 Best Awning Lights in the market today. And this list will server your guide in choosing your own Awning Light.

White LED Awning Light for RV and Travel Trailer by RecPro

RecPro RV White LED Awning Party Light w/Mounting Channel & Black PCB 12v Light (12')
86 Reviews
RecPro RV White LED Awning Party Light w/Mounting Channel & Black PCB 12v Light (12')
  • Brand new, 12' white with black awning light and channel

This awning light by RecPro does not use that much energy from its battery and does not even use up much electricity. This LED light gives you a strong lighting power and makes use of exactly 1,500 lumens. This awning light is easy to install thanks to the mounting channel which is the 4 pieces of 4-inch polycarbonate that comes with it.

The best thing about this awning light is its multi-functionality. You can use this as a regular porch light in your camp area to light the place up which is due to its powerful light emitting capability. And because it gives off a bright light, you can also use this in the dining area of your campsite while you and your companions are enjoying your sumptuous food or while relaxing in the lighted place.

You can even use this awning light to throw your own small party. This one just gives you the right ambiance you needed in your campsite.

There is also a remote-control switch for this awning light from RecPro that you can purchase separately. I would highly recommend buying the remote-control switch for this awning light as it gives you control over it anywhere you are in your campsite.

This type of awning light is great during the night-time with your friends. Where you and your friends have gathered around in place of your campsite, having some drinks, relaxing and enjoying the rest of the night with this awning light illuminating your place.

I highly recommend this awning light from RecPro to you and to other campers. As this one will be of great use to you or to any campers out there no matter if you are an experienced camper or just getting started as one.

Product Summary


  • This one uses exactly 1,500 lumens thus making this a powerful light emitting LED light
  • It has a strong background light (White LED)
  • It includes a super strong adhesive that you can use to easily stick this awning light to your RV awning rails
  • This light can last for a long time without changing the lights, you can use it for about 2 years
  • It includes a comprehensive manual and instruction guide upon buying the awning light


  • You will be having a hard time sticking the lights to a fiberglass material
  • This one emits too strong light as an interior light source

Hanging Indoor/Outdoor Lights for RV Awning and Campsite Décor by Camco

Camco Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights- Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor, Great for...
374 Reviews
Camco Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights- Perfect for RV Awnings and Campsite Décor, Great for...
  • Nostalgic retro travel trailer party lights
  • 120V with overload protection

This Hanging Glow Lights by Camco comes in varying unique designs that are fun and beautiful at the same time. The designs also come in varying shapes, there are designs that shaped like a trailer and even beer mugs.

Other shapes for the lights are, chili, beer bottle, retro trailer, cacti, and a star. So, if you are a camper who is looking for an awning light that offers you unique design this one is right for you.

This type of light is easy to install in your RV awning rail as this a hanging light. The light will also appeal to kids and they will love this due to its colorful and beautiful designs. The kids will surely enjoy looking at the lights during the night.

You can even throw a party in your campsite by using the Hanging Glow Lights by Camco. And for sure you will have a great party and your RV camper friends will surely love your party and the lights.

The designs are not just the good part about this awning light. This one can produce a strong and bright light as it uses 120 volts of power. It also comes with an overload protection device that prevents it from overheating or burning out. These are great features in awning light for you to have.

Best of all, when you buy this RV light it includes two extra bulbs and a fuse in case you need to replace the bulb and fuse.

Not all RV lights are suitable for indoor use because the LED bulbs make the room too hot to hang out. But with this one, you can definitely use it indoor as it only produces the right amount of heat that would not make your indoor space too hot that you can’t even hang out. And with its designs, they can really add to your indoor ambiance.

Product Summary


  • The designs are cute, even kids will love them
  • This RV light has just the right amount of heat and brightness produced for indoor usage
  • It is just easy to install
  • It has a feature that prevents overloading
  • It produces a beautiful glow, especially at night


  • It comes in a bulky design
  • This RV light does not emit that much light brightness

String Light LED Lantern by Coleman

Coleman LED String Lights, 10 Lanterns
564 Reviews
Coleman LED String Lights, 10 Lanterns
  • String of 10 tiny LED lanterns
  • Portable

This RV lights by Coleman make use of Victorian style lanterns and they are grouped together in a string which makes this a classy set of lights. If you are a person who is into Victorian style designs and cutesy things, this one is great for you.

This RV light uses batteries, three AA batteries to be exact, to power it instead of plugging it into a direct electricity source. Even though you will have to change batteries when they are already depleted, you should not think of it as a hassle as you can save money and at the same time, you can save energy by this way.

The batteries of this RV light usually last for about 20 hours. But when if you don’t always turn it on all day and all night non-stop, the batteries can last longer than 20 hours.

Another great thing about thing RV light is that it comes from a brand with a high reputation in the industry of camping lights. The brand Coleman is widely known for producing some of the best outdoor products in the market today.

Taking in mind Coleman’s over 100 years of history in the industry, the brand offers excellent service, high-quality products, and a vast selection of varying and interesting merchandise that you can choose from.

If you are in the brand’s reputation, this RV light from Coleman will surely not let you down. And the best thing about this product is it offers you really good warranty damages and defects. For more details about its warranty, you can check its packaging upon purchasing the product.

This one is a highly commendable RV light from a highly commendable brand that offers you outstanding features, stylish design, and efficiency.

Product Summary


  • This RV light comes with a beautiful Victorian lantern design
  • This one is both lightweight and portable
  • This RV light makes use of an energy-efficient battery pack
  • This RV light comes from a highly reputable brand
  • The batteries of the RV light can last about 20 hours, or more depends on the use


  • This RV light emits dim lights
  • You need to change the batteries from time to time when depleted

Globe String Light Set by Polymer Products LLC

Polymer Products LLC 1601-00515 White Ten Globe String Light Set
25 Reviews
Polymer Products LLC 1601-00515 White Ten Globe String Light Set
  • Weather resistant and shatterproof Polycarbonate housing
  • Coiled cords between lights extends up to 30-Inch

The Globe String Light Set is durably made and elegantly design by Polymer Products LLC. You will also love this one if you love those globe lights found in some garden parties and from Christmas parties.

The design of this RV light is just so simple, yet elegant. If you like to throw a night relaxing parties that do not require a high level of energy, this RV light handle that for you in terms of lighting. The warm light it emits and the design it has, it will surely calm and relax you.

This RV light is weatherproof, it can survive through rain or even snow and without damage on it. You can just leave it outside of your RV without any worry of damages that might happen to it. It is also waterproof as it can survive the rain. But this light does not short-circuit when it gets wet in the rain, but not the case when it is soaked in water.

Other than being waterproof and weatherproof, this RV light is also shockproof as it can survive certain falls without any damage done to it. Even when it is hit, there no real damage was done which is due to the polymer material that is being used in this product.

It is also easy to install in your awning rails as this is a strong light. And best of all, it comes with stainless-steel. You can use these to hang the lights in your RV awning rails, so you do not have to buy some extra hooks when you go in your camping adventure. As the hooks are stainless-steel, you won’t have to worry about it getting rust.

You can consider buying this product as it is durable and elegantly designed string lights.

Product Summary


  • This RV light includes some extra stainless-steel hooks upon purchase
  • This RV light comes with a 20 ft power cord
  • This RV light is compatible with any bulbs up to 60 watts only
  • This RV light classily designs that you can even use in parties


  • Though it says its weatherproof, it can really withstand the wind
  • There are no bulbs included in the package upon purchase of this product

LED Utility RV Exterior Porch Light by Leisure LED

Leisure LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light with Switch - 12v 280 Lumen Lighting Fixture....
152 Reviews
Leisure LED RV Exterior Porch Utility Light with Switch - 12v 280 Lumen Lighting Fixture....
  • 280 Lumens Leisure LED Rectangle Porch Light Fixture with on/off Switch - Wide Voltage Range : 11-18 volts
  • Made with Environment-friendly technology and materials - Applications include 12 Volts DC recreational vehicles.

This LED utility light bears a resemblance to a car light and it’s a good exterior porch light. Even though this RV light is in small size, but it still produces a powerful beam of light that shines brightly on your porch at night and this one has a good lighting coverage. Installing some of these lights on your RV awning rail will surely give you the exact illumination that you needed in your campsite.

Talking about its powerful beam, this RV light uses 18 volts and 280 lumens. Other than its power another aspect of this RV light that you should take into account are the materials used in this light, they are all eco-friendly. This is a great RV light, especially for those campers who value environmental safety and preservation.

The LED bulb of this RV light will not make you worry in terms of how long it can last. As the bulbs can last up to 60,000 hours. You don’t have to constantly change the bulbs with the feature it has. The bulbs can last longer than usual which is dependent on your usage and maintenance.  

To sum it up this RV light is a practical choice for you as produce a powerful light and a string lighting power and can last for a long time.

The design of this RV light is not really an ideal one for patties.

Product Summary


  • One light of the RV awning light has a 280-lumen illumination power
  • This RV light has a total 60,000 hours of usage before it burns out
  • This RV light has a wide coverage of beam pattern at 120 degrees
  • This RV uses a cool light
  • This RV has a covering in orange color for colorful light production


  • It is not ideal for parties
  • The plastic lens of this RV light easily comes off

Multi-function and waterproof Lights by Dream Lighting

Dream Lighting LED 12V DC Heavy Duty Awning Light Bar for Outdoor RV Trailer Boat, IP65 Porch Light...
11 Reviews
Dream Lighting LED 12V DC Heavy Duty Awning Light Bar for Outdoor RV Trailer Boat, IP65 Porch Light...
  • A utility light bar with high brightness up to 720lm (dimmable) for 12volt DC applications. You cannot only use it for all kinds of vehicles; you can also light it up in your garden or yard for a...
  • Its downcast light output makes it convenient for side awning illumination or outdoor activities. The focused light beam will add more joy to your camping.

This RV porch light by Dream lighting is a multi-function light. As the name indicates, this RV light can be used in various types of vehicles like caravans, trailers, trucks, even boats and you also use this on your yachts.

You can even use this one on your boat when you go fishing during night-time. This RV light has wide coverage and can produce a bright illumination.

Another interesting feature of this RV light, it keeps the bugs away from your campsites or your RV. Bugs will try to keep away from this RV light due to its high brightness level and the heat produced by the light. This feature also makes this RV light perfect for your outdoor camp adventure as this will surely repel those pesky bugs. At the same time, you are saving money because you do not have to buy those insect repellant products anymore having this RV light.

This RV light has an angled design making it modern and smooth looking. This design is specifically added to increase light efficiency because of the downward illumination at 40 degrees. And it’s the only RV light that comes with this feature.

If you are concerned about this RV light overheating due to the power, this RV light has. You will be put at ease with this concern as this RV light comes with an aluminum heat housing (black in color) feature which helps in balancing out the heat.

This feature makes the LED light last longer before burning out. And this makes this RV light last longer than most LED RV light in the market today.

Product Summary


  • This RV light comes in a modern and smooth looking design
  • It produces a strong cool light
  • This light has a special feature, it has a downward illumination at 40 degrees
  • It also has an insect repelling feature


  • This RV light has a short length
  • This light is not also ideal for parties

4th of July Memorial Day Extendable LED Rope Light by Green LongLife

Green LongLife 18-Feet Red, White, and Blue Decorative Extendable LED Rope Light RV July 4th...
44 Reviews
Green LongLife 18-Feet Red, White, and Blue Decorative Extendable LED Rope Light RV July 4th...
  • Show your patriotism for America with Green LongLife's Red, White, and Blue LED Rope Light all year long or decorate your home for July 4th, Memorial Day or other American Holidays
  • This rope light is 120V AC and UL certified for indoor and outdoor use, one rope light is 18 feet long and can be extended by connecting end to end of each rope light kit. Each rope light comes with a...

This RV light commemorates the 4th of July Memorial Day. This RV light is also stunning to look at as it combines the colors of red, blue and white which are the colors of the United States of America.

This one produces bright light and colorful ones which make this great for you to use during your barbecue sessions with your friend. You can even use it during the 4th of July parties as this is the most appropriate light to use on the occasion.

This RV light is very flexible that you can bend it in any shape you want. You can still stick this in your RV awning rail in the most common way as a string light. But you can do it in a more fun way, you stick in your RV wall in a circular shape and any other fun shapes you can think of.

Other fantastic features this RV light offers you, one is that it can last for a long time. And the others are it is UV light resistant and cold temperatures resistant. You can still use it on those hot days or even on the cold winter season, it can survive all those conditions. The strength of light it produces does not falter or change when faced with those harsh conditions.

And best of all, it is fireproof. This is due to the material used in making this light, a fireproof PVC. It can survive your campfire when it accidentally dropped. Or even a small fire breaks out in your camper, you won’t have to worry about this RV light as it can survive it.

You can even detach various parts of the light for you to use it easier. You can match the exact size of your RV awning rail by doing that one.

This RV light has a total length of 18 feet long when they are put together which is long for an RV string light.

Product Summary


  • It comes in a 4th of July color scheme and design for an overall patriotism
  • This RV light comes with a flexible covering for you to easily handle
  • This light makes use of a fireproof PVC and a weatherproof material
  • It has a total length span when combined at 18 feet long
  • It includes an extra fuse for each rope when you purchase the light


  • Color coating of this RV light is easy to come off
  • This RV light is not that durable

44-key Remote-controlled 5-Meter Waterproof LED Light by SuperNight

SUPERNIGHT 32.8ft 10M Waterproof Flexible Strip 600leds Color Changing RGB SMD5050 LED Light Strip...
167 Reviews
SUPERNIGHT 32.8ft 10M Waterproof Flexible Strip 600leds Color Changing RGB SMD5050 LED Light Strip...
  • Easy Installation. Plug and play without wiring.
  • Safe to use. The working voltage is 24V. extremely low heat. It is touchable and safe to children.

This RV light has lots of really cool functions to offer you. This is really a high-tech strip light. You can roll it up nicely for you to have a hassle-free time bring this light around. This is really easy to install as it comes with an adhesive back which makes it an ideal light that you can leave outside even if it is raining.

The most amazing part of this RV light is its 44 key controller that has lots of working remote functions. The remote controller has an option to control the brightness of the light produced, much a TV remote.

With the remote, you can control the brightness or the dimness of the light at a distance. You can even change the color the light produces using the remove. The available colors you can choose are green, blue, yellow, red and white and other more colors you can check out.

You can even use this RV light indoors in your living room or even your kitchen as you can control the brightness it emits.

You can even unlink a piece of this light and use it as a decoration in any part of your RV, may it an interior decoration or for the exterior.

When you change your mind, you can just link the parts back together. There is an indicated mark for you to know which part to link it again or unlink it.

Product Summary


  • This LED string light measures 5 meters long
  • This light makes use of a waterproof material
  • It comes with a 44-remote controller for you to have complete control of the lights
  • You can link and unlink parts of this string lings, there is also linking indication mark
  • You are done using this light you can just easily roll in with the roller that comes with it when you purchase the light


  • This RV light comes at an expensive price
  • Other parts of the light, the color easily fades

Multi-colored LED RV Awning Light by Boogey Lights

Boogey Lights KRV-VS-MC-BK-AWNING-S-110 Hi-Intensity LED Awning Light
1 Reviews
Boogey Lights KRV-VS-MC-BK-AWNING-S-110 Hi-Intensity LED Awning Light
  • 16' long, 300 super bright multi-color (RGB) LEDs on Black PCB that stay stuck
  • Multi-Color LEDs Designed to Affix Just Beneath the Awning

Now, this set of LED RV light is ideal for your camp parties. And it is multi-colored, you can change the colors thru a remote control. The remote control is included when you purchase this RV light for you to easily set your preferred settings of this RV light and start your camping adventure right away.

The colors of this RV light are been green, orange, light blue, blue, red and purple. And all the lights of this product are bright in any color you choose. And this one is even brighter than the previous RV light in this list. For your outdoor parties, this can act as a strobe light.

The colors of the RV light from this brand are elegant to look at that won’t hurt your eyes, even the bright colors purple and red. They resemble the lights in a diner or from a bar which adds to the ambiance of the place.

I highly commend this RV light to you especially if you are planning to have a lively camper party. This light will surely set the mood and energized you and all the people in your party.

These lights have lived up to its brand name, the Boogey Lights, as they are perfect for your camp parties.

Product Summary


    • This one is a multi-colored LED strip light with seven varying colors for you to choose from
    • These RV lights produce a bright light and you can use it as a strobe light
    • This one comes with a lighting system that is elegantly designed
    • It includes a remote control when you purchase the item
  • You can change the brightness and color thru the use of remote control


  • This RV light falls at the expensive price range
  • You can’t stick this RV light for too long

White Rope Light Track by Valterra

Valterra Clear A30-0600 Rope Light Trak
84 Reviews
Valterra Clear A30-0600 Rope Light Trak
  • Converts an existing utility track into a rope light track plus a utility track
  • Holds 3/8" or 1/2" rope lights

The RV light is very useful for you as it keeps the rope light in your RV awning rail without falling off. And one of the biggest problems RV owners faced is that their awning lights will fall off which is due to the weak adhesive it has. But this awning light is exceptional, even if the adhesive comes off the light are still in place thanks to the tracks that you will have to install in your RV awning and where you will have to put your awning lights.

Even if you travel around the woods, you can be sure that these RV lights are still in place. And even if the place you are going is windy or rains are always present, all these won’t make the lights fall off.

And lastly, the amazing part of this utility track light is that is it UV resistant. This light will be unaffected even if it is directly exposed to sunlight or even the LED light produces much strong light. The white color of the utility track will surely go well with your RV as it is a subtle color that can’t be easily noticed while attached in your RV.

All in all, this product will not let you down as it does not let your awning light fall off easily.

Product Summary


  • The utility track and the lights themselves are easy to install
  • This product makes use of a durable plastic material
  • The track perfectly fits with your RV light
  • The utility track has a subtle white color and is smoothly designed


  • No metric measurements that included in this product
  • The track itself may need an additional adhesive to keep it from falling off


Wide selections of RV awning lights are available in the market today that can transform your camper into a much cooler one than before and that can brighten your campsite.

You just will have to know what you really what in your camper and what you are really looking for an RV awning lights. For you to fully enjoy the benefits that these lights can offer you.

And you have this guide that will help you choose the best RV awning light for you.

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