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Buying a new RV might include an already attached retractable awning to the RV. This awning is composed of fabric and is usually supported by metal braces to let it hang outside of your RV. This will protect you from sunlight and from other weather conditions.

But RV awnings are easily damaged. This is because of the materials they are composed and due to the nature of their purpose. Damaged awnings will be of no use to you anymore.

Some RV owners have tried to fix their damaged awnings, but their effort just ends up for them to realize that they can’t fix it anymore as the awnings are beyond repair. This just led them to buy a brand you one and the best one.

And here, we will be talking with you all about RV Awnings, and we will share with you the basics of RV awnings. This article will also guide you in selecting the best awning for your RV by sharing with you like what are the factors to look for in a good RV awning.

The article also includes a list of the top 10 Best RV Awning available on the market today, in 2019. The items in the list are also reviewed for you to have insights, or you might compare them with one another.


The items in the list are the awnings that we think are the best among the rest, and there are 10 of them. They also reviewed for you to have insight and you might compare them with each other. And lastly, the list will help choose the best awning for your RV.





Durable Vinyl Material

SunWave Awning Fabric Ocean Blue Fade...

SunWave Awning Fabric Ocean Blue Fade...

  • Comes with vibrant color and beautiful design.
  • Lightweight, and easy to store

Awning is Durable

Black Slide Topper Awning - 10'6' (10'1'...

Black Slide Topper Awning - 10'6" (10'1"...

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Durable and affordable

Fabric Is Just Affordable

RV Vinyl Awning Replacement Fabric - Slate...

RV Vinyl Awning Replacement Fabric - Slate...

  • The replacement is easy to install.
  • The price is affordable.

Protects Your RV

ALEKO Manual Retractable RV Trailer Awning...

ALEKO Manual Retractable RV Trailer Awning...

  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t use electricity, it is operated manually 

Wide Selection of Sizes and Colors

Solera Universal Fit Heavy-Duty Vinyl RV...

Solera Universal Fit Heavy-Duty Vinyl RV...

  • Fit with any sizes of RVs
  • Wide range of sizes and colors

Compact and Lightweight

Dometic 944NS11.FJ1 11ft Camping Trailer...

Dometic 944NS11.FJ1 11ft Camping Trailer...

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to install, and you can use it with ease

Provide Extra Space

Carefree 291800 Vacation'r Screen Room for...

Carefree 291800 Vacation'r Screen Room for...

  • Screen comes with a wide selection of sizes
  • Easy to install and remove the screen

BlockS The Harmful UV Rays

Tentproinc RV Awning Sun Screen Shade 8' X...

Tentproinc RV Awning Sun Screen Shade 8' X...

  • Excellent to block the harmful UV rays
  • The material is durable and lightweight

Ideal For Sunny Days

Carefree 701508 Black 15' x 8' Drop RV Awning...

Carefree 701508 Black 15' x 8' Drop RV Awning...

  • Ideal for sunny and hot days
  • Material is thick and sturdy

Reversible Design

Camco 42880 Reversible Awning Leisure Mat-6'...

Camco 42880 Reversible Awning Leisure Mat-6'...

  • Easy to clean
  • Offers you various sizes and colors



Before you choose and buy an awning for your RV, you should know first what an awning is and understand how it functions and how you can use it. And to buy the best awning, you must know the important factors that you should look for in an RV awning.

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An awning is an additional cover or roof that you attach to the outside wall of your RV. This will prevent you from being overexposed by the sun or even shield you from a downpour. An RV awning can be stationary or retractable. And it is usually composed of vinyl, aluminum or even cloth.

Having an awning in your RV will make your adventures even more fun and enjoyable. It even gives you comfort during summer as it shades you from the scorching sun. As it provides shade, you eat comfortably under the shade or even relax and do some leisure activities. It is your place during a hot summer day or at times during heavy rain falls.

Also, an RV awning covers your RV’s windows to prevent the sun from shining through it. It covers your RVs sliding glass or even the entire side of your RV as well from the sunlight.

Most of the time, a brand-new RV will include an awning attached to it. But these built-in RV awnings usually come in lesser quality. They are even easier to get damaged and won’t last that long. You will have to buy a brand-new one to replace it.


Buying an RV awning is the best decision you’ll ever do, especially if you are a frequent camper or you constantly go on road trips with your RV as an awning offers you lots of benefits during your trip or camping.

Here are the benefits you can get from having an RV awning.

  • An awning with providing you comfort and a more enjoyable outdoor adventure.

You can enjoy more of your time outside your RV and have fun when you camp outside your RV. With RV awning, you can even hang out and relax during the day without worrying that the sun might burn you. You can even take a nap under the shade it provides you.

  • It will protect you from certain weather conditions.

As said before, an awning can prevent you from getting overexposed to the sun by providing you a shade. It can also shield you from heavy rains and keep you dry as it acts as a roof of your RV. Even strong winds, you will be protected by the awning.

There are types of awnings that can protect you from bugs and insects.

  • It will also give you added privacy.

Screen room, a type of awning that gives you an added level of privacy while you relax under the shade it casts right outside your RV. If you are uncomfortable with some people’s prying eyes, this is your best option.

In general, RV awnings provide you protection against some weather conditions and give you extra privacy. They will make your camping or road trip adventures even more fun and make them as enjoyable as they can be.

There are different types of awnings that offer you varying benefits. You should choose the one that you prefer and where you can have more benefits.


rv awnings

As previously mentioned, there are a lot of types of awnings that you can choose from. And each one is composed of different materials as well.

Here the different types of RV awnings that will perfectly fit with your RV


This type of RV is an ideal one if you spend most of your time on the road. This type of awnings is collapsible, so you can just easily fold it and keep it in your vehicle. And it will only take a few minutes of your time to successfully install it to your RV.

Not to mention, this type comes with metal arms that you can easily fold when you are not using it. This will let you move from a place to another to continue your adventure, as it can be easily kept and easy to install.

There are variants to this type of RV awnings. It can be electric powered or just manually operated. The electric retractable awnings can be operated or by just pushing a button. Other electric powered retractable awnings include a remote control for you operate the awning wirelessly and even away from your RV.

The manual operated retractable awnings use a crank for you to close or open it. The manual awning’s advantage is that it comes with just a few parts. While the advantage of an electric one, it is more convenient to use.


This type will block the sun for you, so you that your area will be cooled where you can enjoy and relax. This type of awning will protect you from the scorching heat from the sun. And this is an ideal RV awning to have in your RV adventures, particularly during the hot summer days.

In general, shade awnings are easy to use and install. And RV awnings that belong to this type are best paired with sunshade panels, particularly the drop-down mesh. With this combination, you can now have a lot more shade and added protection from the sun’s harmful rays.


This type of awnings is a wonderful awning to have as it protects you even more from the harsh rays of the sun. And this type comes in a wide selection of colors and fabrics for you to choose from.

But this type of awning is not that durable. It can withstand heavy downpours and strong winds.


The shelter awnings are specifically designed to give you dependable housing that will protect you from various natural elements. The majority of this awning type has a fiberglass framework or even plastic framework as compared to types that are made of fabric materials.

This type of awning is the best option that will protect you and your RV from bad weather conditions as they are made from durable materials. The only drawback to this awning type is that it is heavy and takes a lot of your time to disassemble.


This type is perfect for you if want to have more space around your RV, instead of buying a larger RV which will cost you a lot. With screen room awnings, you will have more area where you can hang out and enjoy doing some leisure activities.

Not to mention, the screen room awning will keep those insects and bugs away from you and your RV. This awning will protect from the heat of the sun, strong winds, and heavy rains. It also adds to your privacy while you enjoy your time.


To find the size of the awning that will perfectly match to your RV, you should know the dimensions of your existing RV awning.

But in some cases where the RV doesn’t have a built-in awning, what you need to do to get the correct measurement of the awning that you will buy is to measure the total length of your RV and get the 1/3 or up to ½ of the total length.

The standard sizes of RV awning start at 3 meters up to 5 meters. And do not buy an awning that is smaller or even larger than the actual size needed for your RV, as this won’t fit properly, or it will loosely hang for the larger one.


What RV owners usually look for in the fabric of the awning, if it is waterproof. And this will depend on what fabric is used by the awning.

Acrylic can repel liquids effectively. But this material is not waterproof. So, you should not touch the underside of the awning as this might seep the liquid from your hand and makes it wet. Other than acrylic, there is vinyl.  Vinyl is a laminated fabric that won’t let liquids seep through it, making this material waterproof.

If you prefer awnings that are waterproof, then choose those awnings that are made of vinyl. But you should keep in mind that each type of fabric offers you different benefits.


Follow these steps in opening the awning of your RV.

  1. You should first unfasten the locks of the awning by squeezing its release mechanism. The mechanism is usually found at the side of each arm.
  2. Then you must loosen the rafter knobs. After that, you should set the sliding mechanism into a roll-down position to release the awning eventually. There are some models have a remote release for the sliding mechanisms.
  3. Extend the RV awning by pulling the pull-down strap together with the pull rod. Just slide the awning arms in an upward direction then you snap them in place.
  4. Secure the Awning. To secure it, place yourself in front of the awning then you should draw the awning tube and at the same time pulling it downward to create tension.
  5. Now, you should tighten the knobs. They are usually found on the tension arms.
  6. Extending the awning fully, you should grip the lift handle, and then you need to disengage the catch pin then move it upward. Extend the RV awning until it reaches its maximum length then secure back the catch pin.
  7. Don’t let water gather on top of your RV awning. To prevent this, you should position a corner of your awning just three inches lower than the other corners. The water will just slide through and out of your awning.


Just follow these steps on how to close your awning.

  1. To lower the awning arms, you should pull-down the strap.
  2. Loosen the rafter knobs which are found on the back of the awning arms.
  3. Just let the awning to roll itself up while you set the rafters to a resting position. Hold the rod and strap for you to handle the awning properly while you loosen the rafters.
  4. Roll up the ratchet mechanism. To do this, use the switch found near the top.
  5. You should connect the hook to the awning pull strap and roll the awning. Remove the hook right after.
  6. Secure all the locks, including the handle release.
  7. You should secure the rafter knobs to prevent your awning from opening automatically.


Tearing and tear can happen to your RV awning, and they are not uncommon. And campers don’t frequently check their awning for early signs of tearing that will eventually lead to a bigger problem.

The good is that there are a few ways your damaged RV awning. Here are the steps you should follow.

  1. You should clean both sides of the affected area of your RV awning. And take note to use a non-abrasive cleaning product.
  2. Dry the area by using a towel, use an absorbent one. Do not leave any moisture in your awning.
  3. Put the awning on a flat surface then carefully patch the damaged area. Use a clear repair tape. Remove bubbles when seen on the tape. Apply the tape carefully and if mistakenly placed the tape in a wrong angle, just apply a second layer.
  4. Do step 3 on the other side.


The 10 Best RV Awnings of 2020: Brand Buying Guide & Reviews 1

There is a wide selection of RV awnings available on the market for you to choose. And because of this, it gives you a hard time in choosing the best one for your RV. But there is a way to filter your choices and lessen the number or your options, and this is by knowing the factors that determine the best RV awning for you to have.

Here the factors you should look for when buying a brand-new RV awning.


You should select the correct awning material that will suit to your RV trips and the places you’ll go. Also, the fabrics of RV awnings have an important factor in choosing your own RV awning.

If you go on trips during summer, bring with you a breathable acrylic awning. Or if you’ll have your trip together with your RV during winter, then go for an awning that is made by a sturdy material like vinyl.

The awning fabrics come in different appearance, weight, and durability. Most lightweight materials like polyester are quick to dry when drenched with water. This will let handle the mat easily due to its lightweight feature.

On the other hand, acrylic is an expensive material option, but it offers you higher quality than most fabrics, and it can last for a longer time. It is resistant to UV rays, and the fabric is a bit lighter and rigid.

Most reviews will suggest you in getting an acrylic fabric, you should consider the cost before buying.


Select an RV awning the will take less of your time when installing it. And make sure that the manual will have a clear instruction on how you can install it. Aside from being easy to install, select the one that is also easy to use.

There are manufacturers who have an online video tutorial on how you can install their production and how you can use it.


You should always consider the size of your RV in buying an awning, as this is where you will attach the awning. And because of different sizes of RV in the market, RV awning will try to accommodate all the available RV sizes by presenting to you a variety of size options for the RV awning. You should never buy an awning that is smaller or bigger than the actual awning size for your RV.

If you have an existing awning in your RV, you just get the dimension of the existing awning and use it as your reference in buying a new RV awning. If you don’t own any awning, just get the 1/3 up to ½ of the total length of your RV and use it as your reference.


Make sure that the awning will accommodate the needs of your trip. If you’ll be going to the boondocks or wilderness, you should never get an electric awning as a power source will be scarce instead have a manually operated awning.

Electric awnings are best used in areas where the power source is abundant like camping sites. Just remember that different types of awning function best in different situations.


When you have fulfilled the above list of factors then you should also consider this aspect of your RV awning. There are a lot of colors and design options that you can choose. Make sure to choose that one that appeals to your preference the most.


With what you’ve learned from the above section and add in the list of review RV awning, you can now decide which awning you will buy. And buying the best RV awning will let you have the most enjoyable RV or even camping adventure you will have.

An awning will give comfort to your area or camping place where you can have fun or just relax. It can even protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and other bad weather conditions.

You can just browse through the review section of this article anytime when you are planning to buy your first awning or for the replacement of the previous. It will guide you to your selection process.