RV Hacks

You are in no rush to catch a plane or train on time. You don’t have to look for hotels at a reasonable price. You don’t even have to leave behind your pets. For once, you can enjoy being lazy while having the time of your life. 

Yes! That’s what RV vacation is all about.

Are you looking for some useful tips to have a carefree camper journey? What luck! You landed on the right page. We are here to guide you with our baby steps.

Let’s begin. 

How to Make The Most Out of Your RV Trip?

The real deal is to make the best out of your RV trip. And, as we said before, we are here to make that possible for you. 

To start with, we will talk about some smart ways to set up your stuff in a camper.

As you know, we are short on space because your home is sort of a vehicle now. You have to keep that in mind while unpacking your things. It’s time-saving and trouble-free. 

Moving on, you have to be careful about the weather as well. What if it gets too hot or cold? You should know DIY ideas to deal with different temperatures. 

Do you think that’s enough for a remarkable journey? 

Not really, no. We need to dig in deep to figure out the details. 

Is it a Family Trip or Are You Travelling Solo?

If you are going solo, then you have to make sure to arrive on time. Be on your best behavior and leave a good impression on other travelers. Who knows, you might end up making friends? 

On the other hand, it’s a chill scene with family. More or less, you will feel like living in a motorhome. Pretty much exciting, right?

Hold on, though. Camper trips are a lot more than recreating your home inside a vehicle. By the end of your trip, you will know what a real adventure feels like, for sure. 

But, for that, you have to pay special attention to our important 40 RV hacks. 

40 RV Hacks You Need to Know 

Here is something we can guarantee: The more you know, the better your experience will be. 

Down below, we have discussed some major issues you may face with their counter solutions. See what you are comfortable with, and make your own to-do list from these hacks. 

Here we go.

How to Tackle Storage Issues?

The smartest thing to do is to unpack as soon as you enter your RV. Don’t even think of stopping at shops, unless you have placed your stuff neatly. 

You have to make your own strategy to set your things up. Here are some tips and tricks to tackle storage issues:

List Down the Things You Have

You can solve half of your storage issues by simply keeping a record of what you have. Don’t miss out on anything.

We know this hack sounds a bit childish, but it will help you in organizing your personal space. Plus, it will be easier to know if anything from your stuff gets misplaced. 

Shop Wisely

You don’t want to create a mess. Buy only what you need, and if you are buying something you already have, discard the same, old stuff in your possession.

You see, you won’t enjoy your trip if you are constantly worried about where and how to manage your belongings. 

Clean Daily 

Okay, that’s a hard part. However, the consequences of not cleaning will be harder to deal with. Set a routine for cleaning. Don’t keep on prolonging this task, stick to your routine. 

You can clean after every other day if your RV is extra large. If that’s not the case and your family is big, cleaning daily is the better option.

Up till now, we only talked about hacks which can help you organize your RV. 

Now, let’s see what kind of special storage items you need to create more room inside your RV. 

  • Suspension Rod

Running out of space to hang your clothes? Create an extra closet using a suspension rod. 

You don’t necessarily have to use it for your clothes, you can even hang your towels and bathrobes there. 

  • Door-Mounted Trash Can

Yeah, your everyday trash cans are not much of a help here. You need special trash cans that can stick to a door. That way, you can save some space. 

And, here is the good part: it won’t keep on falling once your camper picks up speed.  

  • Nesting Bowls

Well, RV kitchens are not too big. Keep your favorite utensils at home and buy some nesting bowls. Otherwise, your kitchen will get too messy. 

In fact, look for sets where you can get measuring spoons and a couple of other things with nesting bowls. Pile up everything together and you are done. 

  • Dish Cradle

Can you imagine the clitter-clatter of plates that won’t let you take a nap? 

You will regret not buying a dish cradle. It will keep your plates in a safe place. Play smart!

  • Pegboard

You took care of plates and bowls. What about your pots and pans? Don’t worry, we have a solution to hang everything. 

A pegboard has hooks for hanging small to medium items. However, you don’t need a pegboard if you can use some belts and clips to hang down your stuff. 

All you have to do is be creative with what you have. You will figure out everything on your own. 

  • Command Hooks

We are still not done with hanging stuff. Once you start with your journey, you will notice how hard it is to keep everything in place. 

The good thing is that you can put command hooks over anything. They are small and user-friendly.

You can even hang a picture of your family using a command hook. You see, you don’t have to waste your time on drilling walls. How cool is that?

  • Collapsible Camping Gear

A collapsible camping gear lets you camp wherever you want. They have everything you need for a comfortable, long trip. 

You will find a lot of variety on amazon at different prices. See which one suits you best and go for it.

Got everything you need to keep your RV spacious? Great! 

Here, the trick is to use the limited space in the best possible way. Now, we will move on to our next topic. 

How to Manage Temperature Inside Your Camper?

You never know when the weather gets unpredictable, right? 

If you are planning to go on a long trip, then it is important to make prior arrangements for different temperatures.

Tips To Keep your Camper Cooler During Sunny Days

We don’t want you to sweat throughout your journey. 

Here are some tips to keep you cool and comfortable in your RV:

  • Choose a Right Position For your RV

This is a simple step. Park your RV in a shaded area.

If you are unable to find a perfect shady spot, make sure to protect your refrigerator and air conditioner from the direct sunlight. 

They can stop working if the sun rays hit them too hard. 

  • Check Your Air Conditioner Filters

Wondering why your air conditioner isn’t working properly? You don’t have to be a pro technician to see the problem. 

Mostly, an air conditioner stops working because the filter gets dusty. You can clean it up with a mild detergent and water. 

  • Use Roof Vent Covers For Air Ventilation

Is it possible to travel without an air conditioner? Yes, of course. 

You don’t need an air conditioner if it’s not too hot. Simple air ventilation can do the job, as well. For that, It is better to book an RV with roof vent covers and fans. 

  • Buy LED Bulbs

Do whatever you can to avoid the heat. In this case, simply buy LED bulbs. These bulbs don’t take much heat to work as compared to incandescent bulbs and chloroform light.

  • Cook Outside

It’s time to spend some time with nature while cooking – plan a barbecue evening with your family. You wouldn’t want to heat up your camper by cooking in your RV kitchen. 

Or better, give yourself a rest and check-in some famous restaurants. 

  • Shut Down the Windows

Don’t leave anything open during the daytime. You have no idea how quickly your camper will heat up. 

After sunset, open the windows to cool down the internal atmosphere. And, try to stay inside your RV if it’s too hot outside. Make sure all the openings are tightly shut. 

Now, let’s have a look at the other side of the picture.

Tips To Keep your Camper Warmer During Colder Days

You have packed your jackets and blankets to suit yourself. 

But, would they keep your camper warm? We all know the answer.

Let’s see how we can help you. 

  • Bubble Wraps

Shutting down your windows won’t do the magic. You have to seal them completely. How can you do that? Use bubble wrap to cover every corner of your windows. 

If you still feel the cold breeze, hang down some thermal curtains as another shield.

  • Rugs and Carpets

You still can’t stop shivering? Well, the cold air can find its way through the floor. You have to block the air completely from seeping in your RC.

Do you think that’s tough? Not if you grab some good-quality thick rugs and carpets for your RV. They will help you put a barrier against the cold breezes blowing outside.

  • Cook Inside

Your kitchen is the solution here! Use it as your go-to heater. You have a golden chance to earn brownie points for your amazing cooking skills. 

Bake some cookies or try your favorite cuisine. And yes, don’t forget the coffee. 

  • Exercise 

Who says you can’t keep up with your workout schedule while traveling? Not us. 

We know the idea of lying in bed with a blanket sounds tempting. But, once you get out of your blanket, you will have to face the cold. 

You wouldn’t want to waste your precious moments lying in bed all the time, right? We thought so.

Here is our smart tip: stay active to preserve your very own body heat. 

Remember: You have to mentally prepare yourself for extreme temperatures as well. Trick your mind into believing that it’s not too cold or it’s not too hot. Trust us, your mind can be your helping hand. 

You may need an RV heater if the temperature is freezing cold outside. Our hacks won’t do 

much if you are traveling without a heater.  

What Else Do You Need?

We will let you guess.

You have tightly packed down everything to keep the cool air outside. 

You are cooking inside your RV kitchen and can’t even open the windows to let that steam escape. That’s because you understand what “Freezing to death” means. 

Can you see what’s next? 

The steam will condense into water droplets after it cools down. 

Don’t worry, though. A dehumidifier can maintain the humidity level inside your vehicle. What’s more, it can even keep the air fresh and healthy for you. 

Do you think you can take it from here? That’s great. 

We are not completely done, by the way. Stay with us to know more hacks.

What Safety Measures Can You Take?

It is important to feel secure while traveling. Otherwise, you will stay anxious for the rest of your trip. That’s a bummer, right? 

Worry not, my friend. Let’s see what steps you can take for maximum protection. 

Do your Research

If this is your first RV trip, then you have to be extra cautious. Don’t believe for a second that you can figure everything about your RV on the spot. Don’t forget that this is not a random car. 

Do you see where we are going with this? It’s better to spend some time learning about how RV works before you get on with your journey for your own safety. 

For instance, you should know how to solve troubleshoot problems and how much wind an RV can withstand. 

There’s no harm in learning everything beforehand. It will only help you be more comfortable once you’re actually on the road.

Take Turns While Driving 

This is not the right time to challenge yourself. Once you feel like you need some rest, go for it. Don’t keep on driving and testing your patience. 

Accidents usually happen because the driver is not careful. We would say, make sure your moves are calculated. Know when to drive and when to take a short break. 

You can also have multiple drivers to give everyone a chance to drive and ride. That way, you don’t have to stop every two hours to catch a break. 

However, make sure the other person knows how to drive well. Like we said before, staying careful and planning everything beforehand can solve most of your problems. 

Know Where to Park 

You need to park your RV while you are taking a break or camping outside.

However, you will probably get into trouble if you don’t know where to park your motor van, especially if you are in a residential area. 

Most of the parking lots don’t allow any RV’s inside for a longer period of time. Also, you have to know the rules before parking. Is RV parking allowed? If yes, then, for how long? 

There are special places like RV parks for parking such vehicles. In fact, there are special routes designed for driving campervans because of their overall size and structure. You can have a look at them in google maps.

What should you do if you need to park while you are out in a residential area? Here are some RV-friendly spots you can use for parking:

  • Truck stops
  • Casinos
  • Schools
  • Private Driveways

Tip: Don’t park unannounced, that’s rude. First, make sure to take permission with the officials or managers. You may end up paying a heavy fine if you don’t follow the rules properly. 

Also, try taking help from sites like RVwithMe and Outdoorsy. You will know who is willing to let you park in their driveway within no time.  

Double Check the Locks 

This goes without saying: Never, and we repeat, never go outside without locking your RV windows and door. 

In fact, it is better to install a proper security system in your RV. You may think we are exaggerating now, but that’s the only way to keep uninvited strangers from checking in your RV. 

No, we are not making this up. You can never know what’s happening at your back.

Even when you have parked in a campsite area, you can’t stop people from invading your RV privacy. 

We know that sucks, so it is better to plan accordingly. 

Carry your First-Aid Box 

Forgot your first-aid box at home? Make sure to stop at the nearest medical store. Buy all the necessities and keep them all together. 

You never know when you end up with a migraine or stomach flu. Don’t let anything spoil your fun. 

Quick Summary

Before moving on to the next part, let’s have a quick recap.

Up till now, we have discussed the following points:

  • Where and how to put up your stuff
  • How to prepare for any kind of weather
  • What some ideal spots are for parking RVs
  • How to remain safe during your trip

In short, if you can tackle all the situations above, you are pretty much prepared to start your RV trip. Have a look at the best small truck campers perfect for getting away. Buy the one you like the most. 

So, have we left anything to tell you?  

We suppose, yes. 

Let’s see what’s next.

Are You Going too Fast?

Simple advice: Do not rush! 

You have a lot of places to explore, we get it. 

But, would you believe us if we say, you don’t have to jump from place to place for an outstanding trip? 

Confused? We bet you are, 

Let us help you understand. 

Enjoy the Moment 

We want you to build connections with the places you visit. It’s now about how many places you can travel in a row. It’s more about giving quality time to each place you go to. 

Why do you think that’s important? 

Well, you will see for yourself. Your motto should be to study the places you visit. Know how it makes you feel. Make a bond with its surroundings. Observe nature. 

Once you slow down your pace, you can see the beauty to the next level. 

Visit Common Places

Don’t get us wrong. We are not discouraging you to travel to special tourist points. For sure, go there and enjoy the beautiful view. 

But, here’s a small catch. Local parks and markets have their own charm. You can’t miss it just because they are not famous.

Gain experience from different places. 

Ride a Bicycle 

Or, you can go for a long, morning walk. Our point is, get out of your RV and have some me-time. 

Put on your headphones, wear your favorite sweatpants, and make memories outside. 

Re-discover what you like and try new activities. 

Make Unexpected Plans 

Do yourself a favor and listen to your heart. Go where your heart takes you. You have to taste what freedom actually feels like. Do not put restrictions on what you should do. 

Remember: RV trips are about living freely. Don’t be the one to bound yourself.

Try Local Food

You don’t always have to dine in fancy restaurants. Flavour wise, street food has no competition. Get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and try something different. 

Do you see how important it is to slow down and savor the moment? There is a lot to discover at every step. 

We know destination matters but make your journey count as well. 

Final Thoughts

That was a lot to take in, right? But, most of these hacks are pretty simple to workaround. 

To sum it up, sort out the interior first. Don’t forget to prepare for the weather changes. And, once you are finally on the road, make sure to drive safely.   

Happy RV vacation!

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