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When you own an RV, you must keep in mind that it has a septic system. Thus, when you flush things down your toilet, you can’t possibly assume it will go down the sewer. It will go somewhere else so this is just one of the many responsibilities you have as an RV driver. You need to ensure the system is always clean.

There is always a possibility you will smell foul odor because of the septic system. When you are out in the middle of nowhere, that may happen and you won’t have a plumber to call. Thus, you need RV holding tank treatments to maintain the system. If you let the problem become worse, it will be too late.

It is no secret you will be using the toilet several times during your long trip so this is one product you must invest in right away. No matter how small your RV is, you must make space for it. In this case, it is better to prevent any type of damage to your RV. Thus, this is one way to do it.

You should contemplate once you see lots of products in front of you. All of them have something different to offer. Thus, it won’t be an easy choice to make. We take a look at the types of RV holding tank treatments you should consider below.

The 14 Best RV Holding Tank Treatment of 2019

Since there are a lot of holding tank treatment products for your RV, we decided to do the dirty work for you and narrow them down. You will definitely thank us late due to the abundance of products in the market. It will be up to you to narrow these products down to the ones that you think would fit your needs the most since all of them offer different things. Here are ten products that you should definitely consider in no particular order

Everything You Need to Know About RV Holding Tank Treatment

It is never smart to buy the first product you see. Besides, you should have researched each product you come across. There are a number of things that would normally affect your decision as to which one you would buy. Here are some of them:


Check the label of each product so you will know what they used to make the product. It would be best to go for a product that won’t put your health in danger. At the same time, it should give you the results you were looking for. The more the compounds they used, the trickier it will be so it will probably be better if they used fewer ingredients.


There are some holding tank treatments that are hard to contain so avoid those products. They will eventually make you spill them and that will lead to dire consequences. Thus, it would be best to go for products that won’t cause a lot of mess when you use them. Besides, you wouldn’t want to waste time cleaning up a mess you made because you used a terrible product.


All holding tank treatments are made from different things. Some are harmful while some are not so better do your research. Besides, the ingredients won’t have any explanations on the label so better know the good compounds and the bad ones. There are some ingredients you should stay away from because they cause nothing but harm to your RV.


Before buying any product, you must know what you need from it. When you need your RV’s septic system cleaned and you want foul odor eliminated, better check if the products accomplish that goal. There are some products that only accomplish one of those two goals. On the bright side, there are some products that will accomplish more than what you expected which makes them worth every penny you spend.

RV Holding Tank Treatment FAQ

How do you use a holding tank treatment?

All these treatments work in different ways. In fact, some are more effective than others. Whatever the case may be, they are all effective in what you want to accomplish. The best way to handle this is to read the instructions so nobody would laugh at you for doing the wrong thing.

What are the advantages of using a holding tank type of treatment system?

There really is no disadvantage of using a tank-based treatment. The main benefit is you can say goodbye to worrying about terrible smells that may come from your septic system. When that happens, nobody would want to use your toilet anymore. Once again, all types are different so it will depend on which item you actually use.

You don’t have to bring an entire tank with you for your weekend trips though. In fact, a couple of ounces may already do the trick. If you don’t do something about your malfunctioning pipes, you will be faced with a bigger problem in the future.

How do you clean the holding tank treatment products?

Just like any other products you have in your RV, you need to make sure the holding tank treatment product is regularly cleaned. You don’t even need to spend a lot of time cleaning the product. You just need to follow the instructions stated on the label.

At first, it is going to take some time to follow the instructions on the label. As you get used to it, it will take you an even shorter time to clean the tank. You won’t even need to buy many products as it is pretty basic.

What are some trusted brand that manufactures holding tank treatment products?

With the variety of choices regarding holding tank treatment products, there is no shortage of brands that make this product. Of course, they are always looking to outdo the other as competition is heavy in this industry. One trusted brand in this industry is Walex as they are known for making high-quality environment-friendly products. They are a company who won’t let you down if you’re looking for products that will impress.

If your septic system already has a bad smell, the best brand to choose would be Camco. When you use their product, it will only be a matter of time before you say goodbye to that terrible smell. No matter which brand you choose, you must research each one. They will definitely see to it that their products exceed your expectations as they all want to make a lasting impression.

Final Word

As you can see, it really depends on the situation. If you use the wrong product, you can’t blame it on the manufacturer. Some of the products work the same way as the ones you use in the toilet. Thus, it would be best to read the instructions first. It won’t be wise to put these products in the hands of people who are not familiar with it.

There are a lot of products on the list that are easy to learn though. They are pretty self-explanatory but that doesn’t mean you can leave them with the hands of your children. They may spill the acids onto their bodies and that is something you wouldn’t want to happen. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry so better take the necessary precautions when dealing with this product.

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When you spend your hard-earned cash for RV accessories, you must keep this item in mind. Besides, you wouldn’t want to encounter bad smells at any point during your trip. You’re going to vomit then realize you still have a long way to go before you reach your destination. It is a nightmare to encounter any mishaps during your RV trip which is why we made this article so you can experience safe and enjoyable trips.

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