RV Kitchen Accessories

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A well-equipped RV kitchen can make your RV living an easy experience. But there’s only so much you can fit in an RV, right?

Some RV kitchen accessories and gadgets are a must-have. A lot of them are not quite different from the ones you would have in a home. The basic idea is to utilize the space as efficiently as possible. 

I like to think about space-efficiency, multiple purposes, and reasonable prices when it comes to any RV accessories. After all, that’s what RV living is all about. These points become all the more important if you’re traveling with your family, especially with kids. 

30 Best RV Kitchen Accessories

Some of the accessories are bare necessities, while some are more catered towards your personal preferences. Some of them might even seem luxurious by RV standards, but trust me, you’ll change your mind once they are there in your RV. 

Let’s get to the point, now. Here are the must-have accessories for your RV’s little kitchen:

1. Instant Pot

If you ask an RV owner what the most important kitchen gadget is, they’ll probably say an instant pot. Of course, that would also be a reply from a dorm student. An instant pot can make your life so much easier in the RV. 

Instant pots come in a variety of sizes, so you would want to pay attention to how many people each size serves. For instance, a three-quart version is enough to cook for two people. You can cook rice, stew, oatmeal, and meat, all in one pot, which, by the way, is easy to clean too. 

2. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillet is a must-have for camping. I personally prefer cast iron over any other material simply because of how well it transfers the heat. It’s especially great if you’re working with meat. 

It’s a versatile utensil to have in every kitchen, regardless of the size. Speaking of size, cast iron skillets come in a lot of different sizes. I would recommend a 12-inch skillet, which is not too big and not too small. 

3. Aeropress Coffee Maker

When you’re living in an RV, you can’t have any fancy big coffee machines in the kitchen. You have to make do with something smaller. Now, you could get a French Press or a pour-over coffee maker, but how about both?

I absolutely love Aeropress because of its minimal size and the fact that it’s a combination of the French Press and pour-over coffee maker. One batch can give you at least two cups of fresh coffee. 

Whether you’re in a hurry or have all the time to make coffee, this coffee maker is for you. Another plus point is that it’s easy to clean. Just throw away the filter and rinse the plastic coffee maker. 

4. Mason Jars

No, these aren’t a hipster thing; they are actually quite efficient for an RV kitchen. You can use them as jars to store spices, condiments, tea, and sugar. Take off the lid, and you have some artisanal glasses to drink from. 

A set of six mason jars should be enough for an RV kitchen. Also, mason jars are usually sturdier than regular glasses. I don’t recommend smashing them on the floor, but they might withstand an accidental drop or two. 

5. Collapsible Measuring Cups

Collapsible measuring cups obviously save space, but they also make it easy to cook with properly measured ingredients. Just because you’re living in an RV doesn’t mean you have to go freestyle with the measurements. Food is only good when the proportions of the ingredients are correct. 

6. Stackable Cookware

So instead of buying different pots and pans, I went with a stackable cookware set. It had a large pot, then a medium-sized one, a saucepan, and a large pan. All these stacked on one another, taking space for just the large pan essentially in the cabinet. 

Don’t just buy one pan and use it for everything you cook. You can be smart with the limited kitchen stuff to have all the things you need in there. As for the material, I recommend stainless steel, but you can also go with non-stick ones. 

7. Immersion Blender

Rather than going for a whole blender set, simply get an immersion blender. It takes minimal space and gets the job done quickly. You can use it to blend ingredients for a cake and even make smoothies.

You might not get the same consistency as a food processor when it comes to chopping vegetables, but it will just do the job. I would go with a reliable brand, so you’re not stuck with a dysfunctional blender on the road. 

8. Silicone Utensils

Silicone utensils are super useful, especially in an RV kitchen. First of all, they look adorable with their colorful designs. More importantly, they don’t make any noise jumping and moving around in the drawers when you’re driving the RV. 

Moreover, if you’re using non-stick pans and trays, silicone spatulas and spoons are perfect. They won’t tear the Teflon, unlike a steel utensil. It doesn’t hurt that these are cheap too, you can get a whole set of quality silicone utensils under $50. 

9. Collapsible Strainer

I wouldn’t be surprised if a newbie forgot to put a strainer altogether in the RV, let alone those big colanders. A strainer is not usually the first thing that pops in mind when you think of kitchen accessories. However, it’s an important one, even if you don’t cook so often. 

A collapsible strainer is much better than a colander because it’s space-efficient. Plus, you get a variety of straining hole sizes. Again, these are dirt cheap, so you won’t have to shell out a lot of money. 

10. Knives With Covers

Knives are, of course, a necessity in any kitchen. However, in an RV kitchen, I’d recommend keeping knives with covers. This way, you can make sure there are no accidents.

You don’t want a loose knife sliding here and there on the counter or the floor when you’re on the move. Also, cutting yourself when looking for a spoon in the drawer is very much a possibility. 

11. Drying Rack for Dishes

A drying rack is a must in any kitchen, but in an RV kitchen, you have to be extra smart. There are tons of drying rack solutions perfect for the size and needs of an RV. My personal favorite is a rolling rack that you can roll out and keep over the sink, and all the water drops right into the sink.

Other options include a collapsible drying rack that you fold over the sink. Both of these are space-efficient as you can simply put them away once the dishes have dried. 

12. Cooking Gloves

You need a pair of cooking gloves to handle hot utensils in and out of the kitchen. You can use them when you’re cooking outdoors as well. There’s no need to burn your fingers handling a hot pan, just because you’re in an RV. 

There are all sorts of cool designs available in the market. You can hang them off the hook or keep them hidden away in a drawer. I would recommend gloves rather than mittens because they give more movement and better grasp.

13. Collapsible Trash Can

These foldable trash cans make it so easy to manage trash. They don’t take a lot of space, plus when you fold them up, you get a lot of room for trash. Depending on how many people are living in the RV, it could cover your trash for a few days straight. 

This is a good alternative to having a regular trash can that takes floorspace. Another great thing is that it has a covered mouth, so you won’t have any bad odor inside the RV. 

If you have a dog living with you in the RV, you’ll need poo bags, amongst other accessories

14. Under the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

You’re probably thinking, how is that a must-have? You’ll thank me once you install it in your RV kitchen. Rather than having the traditional paper towel holder that sits on the countertop, why not get one for the wall or cabinet?

You can install it under a cabinet, and put on a paper roll. It’s much easier to access than the standing paper towel roll holder. This is one of those things you’ll only appreciate once you have it in the kitchen. 

15. Electric Griddle

Electric griddle may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a useful kitchen accessory. If you own one or have enough budget to buy, I’d say go for it. I cook a lot of burgers, so it works out great for me. 

This is pretty useful when your stove isn’t working, or it’s just too hot to operate the stove in the dead of summer. You’ll find the electric griddle so useful on hot days. You can cook a variety of things: pancakes, fish, bacon, burgers, and sausages. You can even saute some veggies. 

16. Electric Kettle

I love the good old-fashioned kettle that you heat up on the stove. However, in an RV, I prefer an electric kettle a lot more. It’s really just about convenience, that’s all. 

Rather than turning on the stove every time, just plug in the electric kettle, and the water would be boiling in just minutes. Also, is it just me, or does the water stay hot longer in an electric kettle? Another win-win situation!

17. Can Opener

I recommend using fresh ingredients when cooking in an RV, but it’s also completely fine to use canned food from time to time. In fact, you should always stock on some good old canned beans for desperate times. That means you should also get a decent can opener. 

18. Shelf Racks

Don’t have shelves in your cabinet? No problem! Just get a shelf rack for your cabinets. Even if there’s a rack in the middle, you can increase the shelves by adding a removable rack. 

Make sure to measure the cabinet size, so that you get the right size of the rack. This is especially great for the cabinet where you store spices and food. You can fill the whole cabinet with small bottles and packets. 

19. Spice Rack

A spice rack can also come in handy. Rather than storing the spices in cabinets or drawers, you can store them in the rack. I like those that come with the small containers, so I get everything in one single product. 

You can mount this rack on the wall using wall space instead of the cabinets or the countertop. Make sure these spice jars/bottles are always closed. No one wants paprika spilled all over the RV.

20. Microwave Plate Cover

This should be in every home with a microwave. I simply love the fact that I don’t have to clean the microwave now and then. Instead, you just have to clean the cover, which is a lot easier, trust me. 

I’ve also noticed that having a cover over food in the microwave results in more even heating. Also, this cover is easy to store; you can simply leave it in the microwave. 

21. Non-Slip Shelf Liners

This is a genius product, especially for RV owners. Do you know your dishes keep sliding here and there inside the cabinets? Well, not anymore!

The non-slip shelf liners provide enough friction that even on the bumpiest of roads, there’s no sound of dishes colliding into the cabinet walls. These are cheap and extremely functional for RV kitchens. 

22. Tension Rods

Similar to the shelf liners, you can use small tension rods in the cabinets to keep the contents from flying off. The rod will keep the bowls, glasses, and jars in their place. You can actually use them for securing the contents of the cabinets. 

I really like tension rods, so I keep a couple in different sizes in the RV. You can use them for hanging utensils as well –a must-have for those DIY folks who are always finding out of the box solutions for their problems. 

23. Folding Table and Chairs

A folding table is another important item when you are RVing. You can buy any kind of foldable table you like, but I personally prefer those with an adjustable height. That way, I can eat comfortably or even put my legs up when I just want to lounge outside. 

You’ll most likely see all campers with folding tables and chairs. You can buy any comfy foldable chairs that you like. Since these are all foldable, you can easily stow these away in the RV. 

24. Wooden Cutting Board

Wooden cutting boards are essential for any kitchen, including an RV’s. However, don’t get something too big to handle. A small wooden cutting board should be ok for use in the RV. 

On the other hand, if you have a bigger size, you can simply put that on the sink when cooking. This will give you even more space to work on, given that you’re already pressed for counter space in an RV kitchen. 

25. Garlic Press

This is one of my favorite things to have in the kitchen as I cook with garlic a lot. You get chopped garlic with just a press. It’s instant, clean, and easy, so what’s not to like?

A high-quality stainless steel garlic press would last a lifetime. If you cook with garlic often, you need this press in the kitchen for a super-smooth experience. You can’t always keep grinding garlic and ginger in a blender. 

26. Cheese Grater

A cheese grater may seem like a luxury to have in your RV kitchen, but it’s really not. It’s one of the most basic kitchen gadgets that you’ll use a lot if you’re not lactose-intolerant. 

Don’t get those big box graters as they take a lot of space in the drawers and the counter. Instead, go for a smaller handheld cheese grater that you can also use to grate the lemon zest. You can easily hang them on a hook in the kitchen or inside a cabinet. 

27. Door Storage Hanger

A door storage hanger for your pantry will hold so much stuff that you thought won’t fit in an RV. All the extra spices, utensils, cans, etc., everything can go into the pockets of this hanger storage. 

You can hang it on any door, but I prefer the back of the pantry door because it’s near the kitchen. There are different sizes in these, so if you think you don’t need something really big, just get one with a handful of pockets. 

Similarly, there are varying designs you can choose from. It’s up to you to decide which one works best for your RV. In any case, it’ll be a great storage solution for keeping all the extra stuff that wouldn’t fit in drawers or cabinets. 

28. Portable Grill

A small portable, propane grill can be your very own outdoor kitchen. That’s one of the benefits of living or traveling in an RV. You get to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, including outdoor cooking. 

A small grill wouldn’t take up so much space in the RV and give you some nice burgers, sausages, and steaks during the barbeque season. Just imagine grilling up some tasty meat by the side of a lake.

You need a propane tank for the propane grill. You could go for an electric grill, but those are pretty heavy on the pocket. So I would recommend sticking to the plain old liquid propane gas grill.

29. Grilling Utensils

If you’re going to cook outside, you’re going to need grilling utensils. These are stainless steel utensils made specifically for grilling. You can buy a whole set of these in a box or get each of them individually. 

I’m talking about tongs, fork, spatula, basting brush, digital thermometer, and some skewers. You’ll need almost all the items above to cook outside. Every camper prefers to have grilling utensils, so if you’re getting an RV, you might get outdoor cooking utensils (and grill, definitely a grill!).

30. Knife Sharpener

Believe it or not, you want a knife sharpener in your RV. There’s nothing more annoying than a sloppy knife doing shoddy cutwork. To be the best RV chef, you need the best knives. 

Instead of getting rid of old knives, simply get a knife sharpener tool and sharpen the blades every time their performance gets dull. I’m not talking about those fancy knife sharpening machines. I use the simple stainless steel tool to sharpen my knives. 

Make Your RV Kitchen the Best

Who says cooking in an RV cannot be fun? For cooking, you just have to have the right stuff and the love for food. It doesn’t matter how big or small the kitchen is. 

Some of the accessories and gadgets above are more important than others. So if you’re just starting with an RV, especially a used one, you should gather basic kitchen materials, like utensils, knives, pots, pans, jars, storage, etc. 

You don’t have to buy everything at once. Collect things on the go if your budget is tight. Also, you can find a bunch of these items in garage sales or even online. You’ll get quite a bargain in a garage sale, though. 

Here are some tips to help you set up your RV kitchen:

  • Always keep space in mind, whether something would fit in the kitchen or not
  • If it’s collapsible and foldable, it’s good enough for the RV
  • Think about materials and choose quality ones over cheap ones, you want your stuff to last long
  • Take into account your cooking and eating needs when buying kitchen accessories (if you like baking, perhaps get a small countertop oven)
  • Hooks and magnets are your best friends in the RV kitchen, apply these in multiple places to hang and attach utensils

Your RV kitchen can be quite comfortable if you make it. It took me a lot of time and mistakes to find out what worked best for me. It’ll be the same experience for you, so get on with it!