The 10 Best RV Macerator Pumps: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Have you ever been in a situation where you are having a hard time disposing of the wastes from your RV? Because you are too far away from a sewage system and going to the place isn’t so practical. This is a nasty and awful bit of situation, and to help you avoid that situation from ever happening again, you should know about Macerator Pumps.

In this article, we will share with you all about Macerator Pump; A brief definition of the pump, Types of these pumps that you can choose, how can you use it, what are the factors to look for when buying one for your RV and many more topics. This will help you get familiar with the tool as it is important for Waste Management for your RV.

In addition, this article is a list of the Top 10 Best Macerator Pumps for your RV that have been used by other RV owners too. We also reviewed the products for you to have insights about each one of them. And the reviews will help you decide which one you will have.


RV Macerator Pumps
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It is important to know the basics of these pumps so you will know the use of it and the benefits you can get from the tool. And knowing the basics will help you pick the right one for you that will help you manage the wastes on your RV.


A Macerator Pump is like the waste-disposal tool found in your kitchen sink that grinds up the wastes into bits.

This pump will be connected to the waste container of your RV and takes its contents and grinds them up.  The grounded wastes are then pumped out from your RV waste container through a garden-sized hose and into a proper waste dumping site that is even far from your RV’s location.

The tool is an efficient aid to the grey and black tanks of your RV when they can’t be easily emptied of the wastes they contain. Especially when you have parked your RV farther away from wastes dumping site, and you need to empty your wastes’ tanks; the macerator pump would be a great help to you in this kind of situation.

With the macerator pump, you can just easily get rid of the wastes into a proper septic system or the sewer as they are now turned into a mixture of liquid and grounded toilet wastes, also known as a slurry. It will just easily flow through the hose into the sewer.

Everything considered; the macerator pump is a great help to you in easily disposing of your wastes and saves you from an unpleasant waste dumping situation.


As mention in the previous section, the pump will be connected to the black and grey tanks of your RV then takes the wastes they hold and grind the wastes into smaller bits of pieces. Then to complete the process, the tool will pump out the slurry through a smaller hose, the same size that is used in a garden, and into the sewer.

The pump doesn’t make you use that 3-inches hose, it just requires you to use a smaller one like a garden hose as only smaller particles will pass through it.

Another advantage of using a macerator pump, it can dispose of the wastes even if its uphill as they are electricity-powered devices. They are great in managing the wastes from your RV.


There are times that you are put in a situation where you do not have easy access to a dumping site or no access at all, the macerator pump will help you in this situation by managing your problem about your RV wastes for you.

You can even stop using those dumping stations at all by using a macerator pump. They will grind the wastes into small pieces, which let you dump them just easily into the sewers, which you can’t usually do without the help of the pump.

In addition, macerator pumps make use of smaller-sized hose like a garden hose which lessens the smell produced by the wastes from your RV when you pump them out. This feature is another advantage using macerator pumps.

It’s not mandatory to have a macerator pump, especially when you are frequent to stay in a camping ground. But it’s nice to have them around in case it will be in a situation where the dumping station is not easy to access.


Buying one with a hose included will depend on the model you choose. But in truth, buying a macerator pump that comes with a hose is difficult and rare to find.

One reason for this is that manufacturers of these pumps presume that you have the hose you can readily use. And the purpose of these pumps is to grind your wastes and turn them into a slurry that only requires a small hose to pass through like a garden hose.

But you should not use the same hose for washing your RV with your macerator pump; it’s a bad idea. You don’t what the waste residue to be all over your RV; it will be nasty. What you should do is to buy another hose just to be used by your macerator pump.


Using the pump is straightforward. You can follow these steps.

  1. First, you should attach your macerator pump to your RV’s waste drain point.
  2. Then, you connect your exit hose to the pump.
  3. Run the hose to where you can dump the waste like an open sewer or even into the toilet.
  4. After that, you should connect your macerator pump to your power source or your RV’s battery.
  5. You need to pull the drain valve of your waste tank.
  6. Then you may now turn on the pump.
  7. Leaving the pump running until the wastes isn’t flowing anymore.
  8. Then you should turn off the pump.


Every type of these macerator pumps works differently in certain situations. And for your RV, there are three varying types of these pumps that offer you different functions and advantages. These three RV macerator pumps:


This type of pump will be attached to your RV all the time. There are some RVs that come with a macerator pump holder for you to attach the pump.

Some RV owners prefer this type of pump as this wouldn’t give them any hassle of installing them due to its one-time installation.


As its name states, this type of pump is just easier to carry and move around because of its portability. And its flexibility will not make you worry about installation.


This type of macerator pump is for RV owners who are not satisfied with the power provided by a regular 12V pump, as they think, it is not enough.

These pumps are AC powered. The electric current of these pumps is regularly reserving direction. They make the grinding process faster.

But these pumps come with high prices, though in turn they greatly improve the time it takes to complete the process which is lesser than a regular RV macerator pump. Additionally, this type of pumps might be a bit powerful to use in some RVs.


There a lot of factors that you need to consider when looking for a macerator pump for your RV. So, in this section, we will share with you the important factors in choosing a macerator pump. This will guide you to choose the one that is perfect for your needs.


As mentioned in the previous section on the type of macerator pumps, there are three types that you can choose from. And each type of pump comes with features that different RV owners will like. And to name them; the 110V Macerator pump, Portable Macerator Pump and Permanent Macerator Pump.

If ever your RV has a macerator pump holding place, then you should buy the permanent type of pump. And you should look for a permanent macerator tank that comes with a grey water bypass feature. As this feature would not run your macerator pump to empty your grey water tank.

But if your RV doesn’t have a pump holding place or even a built-in pump, then the ideal type of pump that you should have is the portable macerator pump. This type of macerator pump is proven to be the best choice in these situations as it doesn’t require a lot of effort to install, you just have to attach it to your waste drain and let it work. It is also the cheapest type of pump of all the three types.

And if ever you feel like these two types of macerator pumps (portable and permanent) take a lot of time to finish its grinding and dumping process, then the 110V macerator pump will rid of that feeling. But you should know that this type of pump will cost you a lot of money. And to note, there is a variation of this type that comes in a 115V.

All things considered, it all depends on your needs and preference. Just make sure that you choose the one fits your needs.


Having one of these pumps will cost you some money regardless of what type of macerator pump you choose for your RV. There is a wide range of prices for these tools and at an average of 200 to 300 dollars, you can already have a good macerator pump.

They are expensive, but they will be a great help for you, especially when you can easily access those dump stations when you need to empty your tanks. The price wouldn’t matter that much with the benefits they offer you.

Fortunately, you can have one from the cheaper options available, cheaper than the average 200 dollars pump. But there is a drawback to this option, they will only last for a shorter period which will let you spend more money to replace it.

To sum it up, your money spending will depend on how often you will use the macerator pump. If ever you are just having the pump just in case of emergency, I advise you to look for cheaper pumps and buy one of those. In contrast, if you are going to use it all the time, you need to have those average priced pumps or even higher priced pumps just to ensure you have the best quality and durable pump.


When you have finally purchased your own macerator pump, there are still things that you need to buy so that your pump will work smoothly.

  • Hose

The next thing you should buy is a hose, that same size as your garden hose. You should take note you should not use your regular garden hose in your pump. Waste residue will be in your garden hose, and you will be spraying them all over RV the next time you use it to clean your RV.

  • Clear Elbow

You should also buy a clear elbow in which you will connect one side of it to the waste drain of your RV, and the other is to your macerator pump. With the clear elbow, you can see the wastes and liquid pass through.

It will also let you check if your tank is already empty as there would be no more wastes passing through. You might think it as gross, but it is necessary for you to check the flow of wastes, especially once it stopped to prevent damages happening to your pump.

You need to avoid your pump from running dry as this may cause your pump to burn out and damage it. That is why you should have the clear elbow to see if the flow of wastes has stopped for you to turn off your macerator pump to avoid dry running.

You shouldn’t worry to incur some extra costs in buying these items as they don’t cost that much. These two are both important for your RV macerator pump to run smoothly.

Additionally, the things you need to buy in addition to the macerator pump itself will also depend on the type or model of the pump. There are those that require you to buy switches, fuses, alligator clips, adapters, and other more. Or you can just buy one full kit to avoid missing out some items.


You need to make sure that you choose a high-quality macerator pump and a durable one to ensure that you won’t have a problem using it.

You should also check for defects to avoid buying it; this will be a problem for you once purchased. And to avoid malfunctions in the middle of grinding the wastes as it will be a big problem, and the wastes get nastier than before.

Additionally, you can look for product reviews before you decide to buy it. Luckily, we have added a list of the macerator pump that you can browse and see which one appeals to you the most.

The Best RV Macerator Pumps Quick Picks:





Affordable Price

Flojet 18555000A 18555-000A Portable RV Waste...
Flojet 18555000A 18555-000A Portable RV Waste...
  • It has run dry protection for 30 seconds.
  • The pump is lightweight, weighing only at 6 pounds.

Dry Run Protection Feature

SHURFLO (3200-001 12V Macerator Pump
SHURFLO (3200-001 12V Macerator Pump
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the pump.
  • Has thermal protection and ignition protection.

Portable Pump

Amarine Made 12V Quick Release RV Mount...
Amarine Made 12V Quick Release RV Mount...
  • This pump comes with thermal protection on its motor.
  • The pump has a dry run protection feature.

Motor Made of Stainless Steel

Jabsco 18590-2092 Macerator Pump, Self...
Jabsco 18590-2092 Macerator Pump, Self...
  • It also comes with a run dry protection feature.
  • The pump comes at an affordable price.

Hose Inlet For Easy Cleaning

Quick Release RV Macerator Pump - 12V, 12GPM
Quick Release RV Macerator Pump - 12V, 12GPM
  • It can handle both the black and grey tanks of your RV.
  • The motor of this macerator pump has thermal protection.

Stainless Steel Shaft

Clean Dump CDTO Twist-On Portable Macerator...
Clean Dump CDTO Twist-On Portable Macerator...
  • The pump is quick to finish its job and does it efficiently.
  • This pump can be attached to 3 inches wastes drain of your RV.

Easy To Clean

Clean Dump CDPU Permanently Installed...
Clean Dump CDPU Permanently Installed...
  • It can pump out the wastes uphill and even greater distances (up to 150 feet).
  • The comes includes a full kit.

Easy To Install

Flojet 18550000A 13 GPM RV Macerator Pump
Flojet 18550000A 13 GPM RV Macerator Pump
  • The pump can handle both of your RV’s black and grey tanks.
  • The price of this macerator pump is just affordable.

Has Triple Sealed Motor

SEAFLO Macerator Waste Water Pump 12V New...
SEAFLO Macerator Waste Water Pump 12V New...
  • This pump comes with an anti-clog feature.
  • The price of this macerator pump is just affordable.

Has Thermal Protection

New SEAFLO Macerator Pump System 12V for RV...
New SEAFLO Macerator Pump System 12V for RV...
  • This pump also comes with four chopping blade design.
  • This pump has a waste flow rate of 12 gallons per minute.


A wide variety of macerator pumps are available in the market today for you to choose from. We decided to help you reduce the number of options to include only the best ones you can select. So, this list gives you the Top 10 Best Macerator Pumps and included a detailed review of each pump.


It is really up to you to decide whether to have a macerator pump or not. If you decide to push through in buying one, you should know the fundamentals of Macerator Pumps and know the types and the aspects to look for in a macerator for you to select the one that best fits your needs. If you haven’t read the detailed decision about the macerator pump in the above sections, you should read it first.

The section of the reviewed top 10 best macerator pumps in the market today will be a great help for you to select a macerator pump for your RV.

Just keep in mind, you should always consider your needs and personal preferences when choosing the item for your RV.

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