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The 10 Best RV Propane Generators of 2019: Reviews & Buying Guide

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All the conveniences in your RV have no value if your RV doesn’t provide them with power. At the moment, an RV generator is the best way of powering RV appliances.

Today, we’d like to address propane generators specifically. Propane fuel has many benefits over gasoline, including much longer shelf life, which allows you to avoid firing up your generator too often.

And if this sounds like the thing that you need, maybe the top 10 of our favorite RV propane generators will be of interest to you.

The Best RV Propane Generators

Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel Generator

Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel (Gas and...
1,151 Reviews
Westinghouse WGen3600DF Dual Fuel (Gas and...
  • 3600 Rated Watts & 4650 Peak Watts (Gasoline); 3240 Rated Watts & 4180 Peak Watts (Propane); 4 Gallon Fuel Tank (with Fuel Gauge); Electric Push Button and Remote Start
  • Intuitive Control Panel Features a 5-20R 120V Duplex Outlet, an RV-Ready TT-30 30 Amp Outlet, and an L5-30 30 Amp Outlet

Up first on the list of our favorite RV propane generators is the dual fuel WGen3600DF by Westinghouse. Not the most powerful portable generator on our list, the WGen3600DF has a couple of features to boast nonetheless.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the WGen3600DF generator is its remote starting capability. Thanks to it, you can start the generator remotely at distances up to 109 yards. This is a handy feature that seems to be absent in the other 9 units on our list.

Aside from the remote starter, the WGen3600DF generator has a push-button electric starter, as well as a push-pull recoil starter as a backup.

This unit has a decent amount of power output on propane – 4,180/3,240 starting/running watts, slightly lower than the gasoline 4,650/3,600 watts. The runtime in the WGen3600DF is also good – 20 hours at 25% load with a 20-pound propane tank. With gasoline (4-gal fuel tank), the runtime is 18 hours at 25% and 13.5 hours at 50% load, which is again very good.

And possibly the best thing about this generator is that it doesn’t cost too much money!


  • Not too expensive.
  • Has electric, remote, and recoil starters.
  • Good runtime.


  • No DC power outlets.

Pulsar PG7750B Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar 7, 750W Dual Fuel Portable Generator...
52 Reviews
Pulsar 7, 750W Dual Fuel Portable Generator...
  • 7500W peak, 6000W rated (LPG)/ 7750W peak, 6250W rated (gas)
  • The powerful 420cc, 4-stroke, OHV, air cooled Engine is protected by a durable powder coated Steel frame

The PG7750B portable generator by Pulsar is a true powerhouse. Its 7,750 watts of peak power output on gasoline still isn’t the most we are going to see today, but it’s probably more than enough for most people out there.

The propane output is a little lower though, standing at 7,500 starting and 6,000 running watts. Still, these are very good numbers for the majority of RV applications.

The wattage of this generator is complemented with a plentitude of power outlets. The PG7750B generator has 4 standard 120V outlets, one 120V with a twist lock, and a 120/240V outlet with a twist lock. There also is a DC outlet in this generator.

Keep in mind that the twist-lock outlets aren’t compatible with standard RV electrical services. You may need to get an adapter to get this thing working with your RV.

The gasoline runtime in this generator is pretty good in spite of its high power output, partly thanks to the large 6.6-gal fuel tank – this thing can run up to 13 hours at 50% load, which is around as long as in the Westinghouse generator we reviewed earlier. Thus, you could expect the propane runtime to be similar.

The one big downside of this generator is that it weighs 205 pounds, but it, fortunately, has wheels to help with transportation.


  • Attractive price.
  • 7.500/6,000 watts of propane power output.
  • Has electric & recoil starters.
  • Good runtime.
  • Has a variety of power outlets.


  • Weighs 205 pounds.
  • Has no standard RV outlets.

Firman H03652 Dual Fuel Generator

Firman H03652 4550/3650 Watt Recoil Start Gas...
5 Reviews
Firman H03652 4550/3650 Watt Recoil Start Gas...
  • From the great outdoors to family BBQ's, the H03652 Hybrid Dual Fuel portable generator delivers clean fuel and efficient power. Perfect for camping, emergency power, work-site and great outdoors.
  • 208cc dual fuel engine with low oil shut off and cast iron sleeve

The Firman H03652 generator’s power output is close to that of the Westinghouse generator, but this unit is a little bit simpler and slightly cheaper.

For example, this thing doesn’t have fancy starters – it just comes with a classic recoil starter which requires some effort for starting but is virtually maintenance-free. This may be a big plus for some.

In terms of power outlets, the H03652 generator is identical to the Westinghouse unit: it comes with the same layout of L5-30R 30A, TT-30R 30A, and duplex 120V 20A outputs.

The power output in this generator, as we mentioned, is very close to that of the Westinghouse generator, rated at 4,550/3650 watts for gasoline and 4,100/3,300 watts for propane. However, the runtime in this generator is actually a little bit longer, standing at 14 hours at 50% load for gasoline, half an hour longer.

With propane, the runtime should also be longer. And in the long run, the half-an-hour difference could allow for pretty big savings.


  • Rather inexpensive.
  • Very decent runtime.


  • Has no DC outlets.
  • Only has a recoil starter.

Quipall 5250DF Dual Fuel Gas Portable Generator

Quipall 5250DF Dual Fuel Gas Portable...
13 Reviews
Quipall 5250DF Dual Fuel Gas Portable...
  • Powerful 224cc overhead valve engine.
  • Convenient Electric Start

Clean electricity is a priority for some people. And if you are one of them, you will probably appreciate the 6% of total harmonic distortion that the Quipall 5250DF generator has. With such low THD, you should be able to safely power any kind of appliances with this generator, apart from probably the most sensitive ones.

The low THD isn’t the most notable thing about this unit, however.

The Quipall 5250DF generator actually is a dual-fuel generator – it can run on gasoline and propane. For these types of fuel, this generator delivers a power output of 5,300/4,800, 5300/4,800, and 5,000/4,560 starting/running watts respectively.

And, as you could’ve noticed, the power output of this generator is the same on propane and gasoline.

The runtime of this generator seems to be great as well: Quipall boasts a 24-hour propane runtime at half load on a 40-pound propane tank.

When it comes to power outputs, this generator is decent – it has 120V 20A duplex, 120V 30A twist-lock, and 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlets.

However, the Quipall 5250DF generator has no DC outlets, and you need to use an adapter to hook your RV to its 30A outlets. Aside from that, it is quite a pricey and heavy generator – with a weight of 218 pounds – so be mindful of that.


  • Low THD of 6%.
  • Supports 3 types of fuel.
  • Equipped with an electric starter.
  • Long runtime.


  • Pricey.
  • Weighs 218 pounds.
  • No DC outputs.
  • The 30A outlets aren’t RV-compatible.

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready...
327 Reviews
Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready...
  • Dual Fuel - Operate your 3400-watt portable generator right out of the box on either gasoline or propane, plus the unit holds 0.6-quarts of oil (recommended 10W-30) and has a low oil shut-off sensor
  • Convenient Electric Start with 3-Position Ignition Switch - Battery included, plus Quick Touch Panel allows you to access all your controls in one spot.Noise Level :59 dBA at 23 feet. Frequency 60 Hz

Being an inverter generator, the Champion 3,400-watt dual fuel unit is pricey yet very efficient in the long run. This is primarily because it adjusts the power output to current demands rather than runs at full power all the time.

Another advantage of this inverter generator is its noise output of 59dB at 23 feet, which, compared to the around 60-70dB of non-inverter units, is very quiet. In addition, this generator can be run in parallel with another Champion generator, which is useful for cases where its base wattage isn’t sufficient.

In terms of outlets, the Champion generator should be capable of satisfying a wide range of needs since it has a 120V 30A RV, 2 household 120V 20A, and DC outlets.

On the other hand, the power output of this generator isn’t too high – 3,400/3,100 on gasoline and 3,060/2,790 watts on propane. Plus, the runtime of this generator isn’t too long due to the small 1.6-gallon tank – only 7.5 hours at 25% load on gasoline.

However, in spite of the drawbacks, this generator has many other advantages to offer.


  • Rather quiet operation.
  • Has electric & recoil starters.
  • Throttles up and down to match current power demands.
  • Can be run in parallel with a second generator.


  • Short runtime on gasoline.
  • Relatively low power output.
  • Pricey.

Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Generator

Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready...
397 Reviews
Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready...
  • Dual Fuel - Runs on GAS or PROPANE straight out of the box. Engine type: 4-stroke, wheel diameter: 8.0 inches
  • 4750 starting watts, 3800 running watts with up to 9 hours run time on a full tank of gas and up to 10.5 hours on a 20 lb. propane tank

If you don’t really care about throttling and paralleling and would rather get a little bit more power than 3,400 watts, then maybe the Champion 3,800-watt dual fuel generator is a better option for you.

This is a much cheaper non-inverter generator, so it has none of the inverter-related benefits of the 3,400-watt generator. However, it has a higher power output of 4,750/3800 on gasoline and 4,275/3,420 watts on propane. Plus, it has a larger 3.4-gal fuel tank and gasoline runtime of 10.5 hours at half load.

This generator has outlet set similar to that of the 3,400-watt generator, with the exception of the DC outlet, which may be a downside for some people and the only notable downside in this generator. But it can be easily connected to an RV with no adapters.


  • Not too expensive.
  • Recoil & electric starters.
  • Decent runtime.


  • No DC outlets.

Duromax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Generator

Duromax XP4850EH 3850 Running Watts/4850...
276 Reviews
Duromax XP4850EH 3850 Running Watts/4850...
  • POWERFUL DUROMAX ENGINE: The XP4850EH is Powered by a DuroMax 7HP, 212cc OHV Engine.
  • DUAL FUEL TECHNOLOGY: The ability to run on Propane or Gasoline allows the Freedom and Flexibility of Fuel Choice.

The Duromax XP4850EH dual fuel generator is a toughly built generator with a good amount of power output – 4,850/3,850 watts on gasoline and 4,608/3,658 watts on propane.

With the 3.96-gallon fuel tank, the runtime of this generator on gasoline is 10.42 hours at half load, which is rather good. For propane, Duromax indicates 8.92 hours at half load, but they probably tested this with a small propane tank.

The set of outlets in this generator is also decent – it has 2 120V household outlets, a 30A 120/240V outlet, as well as a DC outlet. However, the XP4850EH generator doesn’t have a non-twist-lock 30A RV outlet so you will have to use an adapter to hook this thing to your RV.

Duromax also equipped this generator with an onboard voltmeter, which may be a very useful feature for some RVers.


  • Good amount of output power.
  • Equipped with electric & recoil starters.
  • 10.5-hour runtime on gasoline at half load.
  • Has an onboard voltmeter.


  • Doesn’t have an RV 30-amp outlet.

Ford FG11050PBE Dual Fuel Generator

Ford FG5250PBE 5,250W M-Frame Dual Fuel...
9 Reviews
Ford FG5250PBE 5,250W M-Frame Dual Fuel...
  • Peak watts gas/LPG: 5250W/4750W, rated watts gas/LPG: 4250W/3800W
  • (1) 120V 30A (RV) outlet, (1) Duplex 120V 20A outlet, (1) 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet (L14-30)

The Ford FG11050PBE is the most powerful generator on our list with its gasoline output of 11,050/9,000 watts and propane output of 10,050/8,100 watts.

For a 50A RV, this generator is an excellent option. It not only has the power but is also equipped with a 120/240V 50A RV outlet. Aside from that, it has a 30A twist-lock (non-RV) outlet and 4 120V 20A GFCI outlets, but no DC outlets.

The gasoline runtime in this portable generator is very good at half load, given its insane power output – 10 hours. This is partly thanks to the large 6.6-gallon fuel tank.

On the other hand, the FG11050PBE generator weighs nearly 200 pounds, so you’ll need to have RV cargo capacity left for it.

Aside from that, in addition to the downsides mentioned above, this generator is quite pricey, so it definitely isn’t the best option if you are on a tight budget.


  • Peak propane output of 10,050 watts.
  • Has an electric starter and backup recoil starter.
  • Suitable for 50-amp RVs.
  • Very good gasoline runtime.


  • Has no DC outlets.
  • Weighs nearly 200 pounds.
  • Expensive.

Firman H08051 Dual Fuel Generator

Firman H08051 10000/8000 Watt 120/240V 30/50A...
7 Reviews
Firman H08051 10000/8000 Watt 120/240V 30/50A...
  • Power when you need it most. The H08051 Hybrid Dual Fuel portable generator is there to get the job done. Best used for emergency power, jobsite, farm/ranch, large RV's and buses
  • 8 gallons 12 hours

The Firman H08051 is very similar to the Ford generator we’ve just overviewed. However, it has a little bit less oomph and is slightly cheaper. If you’d rather prefer 9,050/7,250W propane output to the 10,050/8,100 watts of the Ford generator, maybe the FIrman generator is a better option.

This generator is again a great choice for 50A RVs since it has a 120/240V 50A RV outlet. However, it isn’t compatible with 30A RVs without a power adapter, even though it has 2 30A power outlets (twist-lock 120V and 120/240V outlets.) It also has 2 120V 20A household outlets, but again no DC outlets.

Thanks to its 8-gallon fuel tank, this generator can boast a very good gasoline runtime of 12 hours at half load. Aside from that, Firman has equipped it with a primary electric starter and a backup recoil starter.

As for the downsides, the H08051 generator pretty much shares them with the Ford generator, including the steep price and weight.


  • 9,050W peak propane output.
  • Has recoil and electric starters.
  • Suitable for 50A RVs.
  • Great gasoline runtime at half load.


  • Weighs 221 pounds when set up.
  • No DC power outlets.
  • Expensive.

DuroMax XP2000EH Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

DuroMax XP2000EH Dual Fuel Inverter...
14 Reviews
DuroMax XP2000EH Dual Fuel Inverter...
  • 2000 peak watts/ 1600 running watts
  • Produces stable, clean power suitable for sensitive electronics like cell phones or laptops

And the last generator on our list is the DuroMax XP2000EH inverter generator, which is quite a pricey unit with a plentitude of benefits.

Among the key advantages of this inverter generator, as you’d probably guess, are the capability to adjust the power output to current needs, lower noise level (61dB), and paralleling capacity. Aside from that, the XP2000EH generator is the smallest and lightest unit on our list, weighing just 53 pounds.

On the other hand, this generator can boast neither great power output nor long runtime. It has 2,000/1,600W gasoline and 1,900/1,520W propane output, as well as 6.78-hour gasoline runtime at half load.

Besides, this generator only has 2 120V household outlets, so you can’t hook it directly to your RV’s electrical system.

With this in mind, we’d say that this generator is a great option if you just want to run your appliances separately rather than the entire RV.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Adjusts to current power needs.
  • Supports paralleling.
  • Rather quiet.


  • Pricey for the size.
  • Short runtime and low power output.
  • Only has household 120V outlets.


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