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One integral part of every RV is the propane regulator. It allows you to use all the appliances you put in your RV. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to do much while in the vehicle.

Due to how much it is needed, there are many propane regulators out in the market. Thus, we scanned all the propane regulators available and narrowed them down to the best ones. Besides, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time just scrolling through all those choices.

10 Best RV Propane Regulators of 2019

Now, we tackle the positives and negatives of each RV propane regulator that made it to the list. Keep in mind we did some deep research before we came up with the 10 RV propane regulators that truly deserve a spot in this list. Take not that this list is in no particular order so they are not arranged from highest to lowest or vice versa.

What to Look For In An RV Propane Regulator


It is better for the propane regulators to be covered for them to be safe from outside factors. If it is exposed to the weather, it may get wet or the sun’s UV rays may affect its performance. It would be a big hassle if you bought a regulator that does not come with a cover. Since it is a necessity, you will need to buy a separate one.

Even if there are a lot of brands that manufacture excellent covers, it would be better if the regulator already comes with one. Thus, this should be something you should look into. If the regulator does not come with a cover, better look for better options.


Compared to other accessories you need to buy for your RV, a propane regulator is inexpensive. Thus, this should be on the top of your list when it is time to shop for RV accessories. There are times when the salesperson will try to convince you to add more features to your purchase though. Thus, you will need to analyze whether you need those things or not.

The most common thing the salesperson will want to add to your purchase is a warranty. This is actually a good option but better take note of the number of times you use your RV in a week. If you know it is going to be used a lot then you will definitely need a warranty. If you purchase a warranty, you are going to be confident about your purchase.

The common price for an RV propane regulator is $30. If it is priced above that then you can be sure it is overpriced. It is probably loaded with features you don’t even need.

It is best to assign a budget for this item and $30 should be more than enough. No matter how much the salesperson may entice you, it is not a good idea to go over the budget. Besides, you have a lot of other items you need to buy for your RV so better save up money for that.


The first thing you must do when looking for an RV propane regulator is to know the materials the item was made of. This would give you an idea of whether or not the item will last long. You would definitely want a propane regulator to last at least 10 years so you won’t have to worry about buying another one for a long time.

Nothing lasts forever but you need to make sure this item lasts at least a decade. In fact, the most popular models usually have a 15 year lifespan. If you have the budget, go for those models.

In this scenario, it is best to check out second opinions. In fact, it would be better to get a third or even a fourth. Good thing, we list down the pros and cons about each product so you will have a clear idea of whether you will buy a product or not.

You can tell whether or not the manufacturer put importance in the materials if they put words like “stainless steel” or heavy duty” on the description. It means the item is protected from rust. There is no doubt you will be using it for a number of years.


As any RV enthusiast would know, the higher the capacity is then the more appliances you can place in your RV. If it is a long trip, then it is best to bring as many appliances as possible. You wouldn’t want to feel hungry any time during the trip. If you are in the middle of the highway, there will be no restaurant options so you will have no choice but to cook your food.

When you buy an RV propane regulator with a high capacity, you will obviously pay a bigger price for it. Thus, you need to evaluate whether it is worth the heavy price tag or not. Of course, that will depend on the appliances you want to bring with you.

Difficulty of Installation

There are RV propane regulators that are hard to install while there are some that are easy to install. As you’d expect, this is one task when you would not want to spend a lot of time on. Thus, it would be better to opt for one that is easy to install.

In fact, while you are shopping for one, better to ask the salesperson regarding the installation of the product. There is a chance he will teach you from the start until the end if they have the time. You’d want to listen carefully so you won’t have any difficulties when it is your turn to install it. Otherwise, you can check out the instruction manual as most manuals also contain pictures to properly guide you.

RV Propane Regulator FAQ

What are the best propane regulator brands?

Nothing would feel worse than buying from the wrong brand. It is true how there are some brands who want to sell their products cheap so they could rip you off. It would definitely be better to invest in a product that would meet your expectations. To ensure that happens, trust these two companies:


Camco is known for manufacturing high-quality products that not only meet customer expectations but exceed them too. They became popular with RV enthusiasts for a reason. They work hard in providing the best products at reasonable prices. Additionally, they only hire the best people as they won’t settle for people who have yet to accomplish anything.

They always keep in mind what the customers want. Everyone knows customers are the bread and butter in this business so it is important to please them. Thus, it would be foolish to think that Camco doesn’t read the customer feedback form that you submit to them. They may even print it out for everyone there to read.

Marshall Excelsior

For those who want to great a great product while not spending much then Marshall Excelsior is your best option. They put out all the stops in making a product as affordable as possible while still maintaining good quality. There is a reason why they have been in the industry for quite a number of years.

They certainly made a name for themselves and will continue to do so in the future. A lot of people always anticipate their future products because of how good they are. All RV enthusiasts who buy from them are always in a win-win situation.

Is it safe to adjust the RV propane regulator yourself?

Due to all the materials involved in this process, it would be better to not do this on your own. There are a lot of people who are highly trained in this sort of task so better let them do the dirty work. Thus, it would be wise to call them and adjust the RV propane regulator for you.

It would not make any sense to get your hands dirty if you are not familiar with this type of work. You are dealing with materials that may possibly explode before your very eyes. Thus, it would not be a good idea to risk the possibility of getting into an accident. Meanwhile, professionals in this industry spent years practicing how to do this task properly so better to let them handle it.

Keep in mind you are going to pay the professionals a hefty amount of money. It is alright as they deserve it since it is what they do. You will be able to feel confident knowing no accident will happen. If you were the one who spent a lot of money on your RV, you’d definitely want that.

Do you need a professional to install a regulator?

In most cases, you won’t need to hire an expert to install the RV propane regulator. You just need to follow the simple instructions provided on the instruction manual. You won’t even need to buy additional materials for the installation as everything is already provided. If ever the product requires you to buy additional materials, it would be better to look for another option.

There is always the option of watching a video about installing an RV propane regulator if you’re not satisfied with reading the manual. The only reason you should hire a professional is if you have the budget to do so. Remember, you will save some money if you decide to do it yourself and that is certainly the best option. If you’ve been doing DIY tasks for quite some time, then there is no need to hire a professional for this simple task.

What is the main purpose of an RV propane regulator?

There are many reasons as to why you should invest in an RV propane regulator. The biggest reason is to make sure your appliances are working properly. Also, it makes sure the propane tank is at a level that is manageable. You wouldn’t want it to be too high or too low.  You may want to check out our article on propane tank recertification.

The main reason why an RV propane regulator is one of your essential items for your trip is your appliances won’t work without it. Thus, you will find out you brought all those items for nothing. It is not a good feeling so this item should always be on your list of things to bring on your next RV trip.

There are times when you don’t know the amount of propane you use for your appliances. When you use too much propane, you will run out of it rather quickly. When that happens, you will end up buying more propane than what you normally need. Good thing, this item will balance the amount of propane so that won’t happen.

One of the appliances that need propane is a heater or a generator. It is normal to go out camping in the cold season but you need to find a way to stay warm. If you get cold out in the wild then you will regret going to the trip.

What are the different types of propane regulators?

It is never wise to assume that you can purchase any type of propane regulator. Not all of them are a good fit for your RV. For example, the first type which is the single stage regulator is never a good fit for your RV. It is normally used for other purposes.

The type that is best used for your RV is the two-stage regulators. No matter how much propane you have in your RV, it is more than capable of handling it. Thus, you will feel confident about bringing many appliances with you so you can eat while on your journey.

RV Propane System Parts, Fittings and Accessories

Just as you must be familiar with an RV propane regulator and choose a reliable one, you should be aware of the various parts, fittings, and accessories required for a propane system to be fully functional and efficient. You will need a propane adapter kit or individual components such as the adapter tee, valve and extension hose, assembly hose, pigtail hoses, cylinder or tank adapter, pigtail flares, connector kit with the shutoff valve, nuts and screws, low pressure hose, distribution post, storage bag, plugs, pipe threads, converter and other fittings for appliances.

There are many types of fittings used in a propane system. All such fittings have female and male ends. There is no one size that fits all. You must choose appropriate fittings depending on the configuration of the system you have in your recreational vehicle. A standard RV propane regulator will be suitable for all propane systems unless there is something truly unique in your setup. Propane tanks are standardized, regardless of their capacity but you should know about the various types of fittings. For starters, you can read about Type 1 or ACME fitting, POL fitting, Male Disposable Cylinder Port, Female Disposable Cylinder Port, Male Inverted Flare, Female Inverted Flare, Male NPT, Female NPT, Male Quick-Disconnect, Female Quick-Disconnect, and Flare Fitting.

These are simple components of the propane system. You should be familiar with these as you will have to buy most of them at some point in time. All these components should be perfectly compatible with the system. Compromising the quality of fittings will make your system unsafe. You will be unable to use most of the incompatible fittings so buying them will be a futile expenditure that you must avoid at all times. Some incompatible fittings may seem to work in a system and you may be oblivious to the fact that the system is not safe with such components. If you are ever in doubt, consult a technician or you can contact the company whose fittings you are purchasing just to be sure that you are choosing the perfectly compatible fitting.

Final Word

If you have made it this far, we have to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope we have educated you regarding the top RV propane regulators in the industry. Besides, the last thing we would want to happen is for you to spend a lot of time and effort in narrowing down your list of propane regulators. We did that for you as we base our opinion in our many years of investing in these products.

There is no doubt you will be more confident about your trip when you have a dependable RV propane regulator. All the appliances you will put in your RV will function properly. In addition, you will feel great about bringing more appliances to your RV. Of course, you must check the capacity of the vehicle before adding more items because it may not be able to take more appliances.

The choice would definitely be up to you. Take note that you should keep the purpose in mind. If you will use it for your RV then the single stage regulators are out of the running. Of course, that means you will have lesser choices which would make life even easier.

We are also RV enthusiasts and we would love to share our experience with you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or you’re also a seasoned veteran like us. The important thing is you learn a lot from our articles. What’s more, we only provide our honest opinion so we are not biased towards any company and their products.

We are definitely open to any comments and suggestions. If you have tried lots of RV propane regulators and you think there are some items that deserve to be on this list, let us know. The same goes if you think there are items that don’t deserve to be on this list. We are certainly all ears to all your opinions so kindly let us know in the comments section below.

If you want to know additional information about the products or RV propane regulators in general, kindly post your questions. You can rest assured we will answer your questions as soon as possible. You have the option to comment your question or you can shoot us an email. No matter how many emails we get, we make sure to respond to each and every one of them. The last thing we would want to happen is to keep you waiting.

We love talking to other people who love RVs as much as we do. Clearly, there are a lot of things to talk about. Thus, we dedicated this website to provide you with all the information you need about RV accessories and other related stuff. In fact, if you want to make a suggestion about what you want us to feature next then go ahead. We are all ears.

If you look at our archives, we have featured numerous RV accessories. Despite the number of our articles, we will continue to provide you with even more informative articles in the future. We would love nothing more than to provide you with all the useful information you need. Nothing would make us feel better when you enjoy your next RV trip to the fullest.

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