RV Remodel Ideas

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RVs come pretty packed up out of the dealership. However, built in accordance with a generic blueprint, they aren’t always able to satisfy the specific needs of RV owners. Some try to search for RV Remodel Ideas from friends and family to make their RV or  campers to make more comfortable

In addition, RVs may be generic not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of appearance.

These two reasons very often push RV owners to do significant remodeling along the course of their RV ownership. Every RV owner is going to do their own thing, but there is one thing that unites everyone – the generic nature of their RV is the cause for the desire for remodeling.

If you’ve yourself owned your RV for quite some time and are thinking about making some improvements in it, then we offer our 43 RV remodel ideas to your attention.

RV Remodel Ideas

43 RV remodel ideas


Let’s start with some general tips on interior remodeling. There’s a lot you can do here not only to make your RV have the desired atmosphere but also make it more useful and functional for you. Below, we are going to just scratch the surface of what you can do with your RV interior.

1. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff

Recreational vehicles come with a basic set of amenities that are very similar across various models and even RV classes. Entertainment centers, dinettes, sofas – things like these are very commonly included in the base package of modern RVs.

However, you don’t always need all the amenities that the manufacturers integrate into their vehicles. Due to this, all the extra stuff that you don’t need will be just occupying precious space in your RV.

Thus, our number one remodeling idea for you would be to get rid of all the unnecessary items in the RV. If you don’t need the entertainment area, remove it to allow for some more free room in the RV. Furthermore, you may use the freed up space to add a couple of things to your RV that would be more useful to you.

2. Replace the flooring

If you’re planning to do more or less major remodeling in your RV, make sure to start from the very foundation – the flooring. Since you have to remove everything from the RV when working with the flooring, it makes sense to do it first and then build new stuff on top.

There are many ways to go about floor remodeling. You may want to place some hardwood-style laminate to make for a cozier or home-like feel. Or you might upgrade your kitchen or bathroom tile with something more pleasant to the eye. Heck, you may even add a carpet to soften the surface under the feet!

Floor remodeling is no easy task, so you may want to have a professional do it. But we’d advise you to do it on your own since you’ll save money, earn some skills, and also make your RV more personal for you.

3. Install curtains in your RV’s windows

PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains Set - Window...

Curtains aren’t only design but also a functional addition to your RV. They are sure going to make your RV’s interior more home-like, but what’s more important is that they will allow you to keep things inside cool by blocking off sunlight. Plus, they will add privacy to your RV.

You may go for regular fabric curtains, or you may alternatively go for window blinds. Either is going to do a good job blocking off sunlight, so choose whichever option you like more.

4. Install a ceiling fan

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50602-01 Ocean Breeze...

Most RVs come with air conditioners and ducted systems preinstalled. However, delivering the oh so needed coolness into the RV, air conditioners consume quite a lot of power when running.

A solution to this issue would be a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan isn’t going to have the same cooling capacity as an air conditioner, but it is going to consume much less power. And when you need just a slight breeze to make yourself comfortable, why turn on the entire AC unit with its huge power requirements?

With RV ceiling fans though, installation becomes a problem. Ceiling fan setup is quite a major project, so if you have any remodeling plans associated with your RV ceiling, make sure to do everything at once to make things easier.

As an alternative to a ceiling fan, you may go for a regular portable fan. Such a fan will be cheaper, as well as will not require any setup, albeit it won’t be as effective as a ceiling fan.

5. Install a digital thermostat

If you have a thermostat-compatible AC unit or ceiling fan, then we’d suggest you installing a digital thermostat in your RV. Based on the readings from the digital thermostat, your thermostat-enabled appliances will be able to adjust their performance in order to deliver the required amount of cooling capacity with less power consumption.

6. Replace the fold-out sofa

Sofas in RVs get pretty beaten up from heavy use, and you’re going to need to freshen them up sooner or later. One way of doing so is to put a slipcover on them – this little addition is going to cover your beat-up sofa well enough, as well as perhaps completely change how your RV interior looks.

But why not go a step further and completely replace that flip-up sofa? If the size of your RV allows it, you could squeeze a full-size sofa in. This certainly is going to make your RV a lot cozier for its occupants.

7. Get rid of the fold-out sofa

Alternatively, if you can’t stand your fold-out sofa because it occupies precious interior room, go ahead and remove it from the RV altogether. By doing this, you will free up more room for other add-ons for the RV’s interior.

There a couple of things to keep in mind with fold-out sofas though:

  • Fold-out sofas are sometimes covering heavy wiring or bare floors. If this is the case for your RV, you will need to think of a workaround in order to make the sofa’s spot look no different than the rest of the interior.
  • Since fold-out sofas are often bolted into the floor, you may leave holes in the floor after removing your sofa. You will need to fill these holes if you won’t be placing something instead of the fold-out sofa.
  • Make careful measurements. If the sofa can’t go out of the RV, it doesn’t matter how much free room it will free up once removed.

8. Reupholster the furniture

For some people, replacing all furniture isn’t going to be realistic. New furniture isn’t cheap, after all. However, if your furniture still is in good condition, you may completely renew your RV interior by just reupholstering your furniture.

Reupholstering isn’t an easy thing to do, so you may want to have it done by a professional. This may make reupholstering a bit costlier, but nowhere as costly as replacing all your RV furniture.

9. Replace the dinette table

Virtually any RV nowadays comes with a dinette. And for most people, it is going to do just fine.

At least at the beginning. As time goes on and as you become a more experienced RVer, you may start feeling that the dinette no longer satisfies your needs. Or maybe you start feeling that your RV has an insufficient home vibe for your taste.

Consider replacing the dinette table with a regular kitchen table and a couple of chairs. Given that you have the free room in your RV, such a setup would likely be much more comfortable than the original immobile dinette layout. Plus, the new dining area is going to be more reminiscent of home.

10. Convert your dinette into an entertainment center

As an alternative to replacing the dinette table, you may just get rid of the dinette altogether if you find that you don’t use it that often. If you frequently eat out or prefer to have meals outdoors, this may be a viable option for you.

Our suggestion would be to turn your dinette into an entertainment center if your RV doesn’t already have one. Or, if the layout of your RV allows it, you may use the freed up area to extend the entertainment area, complementing it with a better sound system, a gaming console, and other things.

11. Convert your dinette into a workstation

This is yet another way of making your dinette more useful for your specific needs. If you are doing much of your work remotely, it may be more reasonable for you to convert the dinette into an entire workstation. Go ahead and get rid of the dinette in order to make its area more useful to you!

12. Enhance your RV with a washing machine

RVs pretty much never come with washing machines because of room constraints. Due to this, you may be finding yourself spending much of your vacation time doing laundry.

Why not enhance your experience with a washing machine? With the variety of sizes available on the market, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find a washing machine that would fit your RV no problem.

If you find that you don’t really need certain areas in your RV – the entertainment area, for example – you may free it up in order to accommodate a washing machine. And with a washing machine, you’d free some additional time for enjoying your journey, especially if it is a lengthy one.

13. Replace your pantry

A pantry is often the most used piece of furniture in a recreational vehicle. And even though it may not make a big difference in the atmosphere of your RV, replacing the pantry can make your life more convenient.

When disassembling the old pantry, it is very easy to do inventory and find out what you have at the moment and what else you need. Aside from that, once you remove the pantry, you will be able to build a new one that fits your specific needs and your style.

14. Bring along plants

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Plants can drastically improve your RV’s atmosphere – literally and figuratively. Mainly, they can noticeably improve the air quality inside the RV. As a nice bonus, they can really add to the home vibe of your RV.

Before being able to place pots with plants around, you may need to do another upgrade – add a couple of shelves to make for a place for the green companions. RVs aren’t really designed to accommodate them.

Plus, you will need to think of how to safeguard the plants from the shocks of the drive – the roads out there probably aren’t the smoothest, and you also don’t want to crawl at a snail pace.

15. Upgrade the walls with some wallpaper

Feel walled in? Then consider enhancing your RV’s walls with wallpaper. Fortunately, it isn’t at all difficult to install wallpaper in an RV since there’s a wide selection of easy-to-install wallpaper available out there.

As an alternative, you may replace the entire interior paneling. This may be a better option if you were going to do it anyway. However, from a design standpoint, you probably won’t have as many options with panels as with wallpaper. If you really want something flashy, wallpaper is really going to be one of the few options available to you.

16. Repaint the walls

Another way to transform the walls in your RV is to just repaint them. With this option, you arguably have a little bit more freedom, albeit applying wallpaper may be easier than painting.

Nonetheless, a change in colors could really help you with refreshing your RV’s atmosphere. In fact, you could go further than the walls and apply new paint to any surface of your RV’s interior!

17. Remove the wallpaper border

Many people consider wallpaper borders to be outdated since they take away from the sleekness of the RV interior. And since wallpaper border really has no use, you could go ahead and remove it if you feel that it breaks the integrity of your interior.

You could go in the opposite direction as well if your RV interior design allows it or if you don’t like empty walls. Wallpaper border may be useless, but it may be able to significantly add to the coziness of your RV design.

18. Hang your art collection in the RV

Abstract Mountain in Daytime Canvas Prints...

Empty walls are another thing that strongly bothers RV owners. Some people really do like things to look sleek and seamless, but others prefer it when there are more variety and fullness in their interiors.

Have a favorite art collection? Then go ahead and decorate the RV walls with it! Fortunately, you don’t have to use any nails or screws and damage your RV’s walls – removable adhesive hangers are going to do the job just fine.

To further develop your RV’s interior, you may also decorate it with pictures of your family or maybe with tabletop display pieces that represent your hobby. And all in all, when decorating the RV interior, get creative and consider every surface in your RV as the canvas in your artwork!

19. Add mirrors

MCS Wall Mirror, Pewter

Adding mirrors kind of relates to our previous point, but there’s more to them. While mirrors indeed make for good decorations, they enhance the atmosphere of your RV in a little bit different way.

Wall mirrors are a quick way to make your RV space feel larger and airier. And besides, let’s not forget that they have a specific function – to help you ensure that you’ve got the best face before going out!

20. Consider buying an air freshener

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, Upgraded...

RV remodeling is mostly associated with cosmetic upgrades, but why limit yourself just to them? They can indeed improve the atmosphere in the RV, but an air freshener is going to do a no worse or maybe even a much better job!

There are many air freshener options out there you could go for. Scented candles are one popular selection due to their strong aromatizing properties, but some people reasonably dislike them due to the open flame. If you don’t mind sacrificing scent intensity for safety, then you may go for an air freshener diffuser instead.

One thing to note with diffusers, however, is that they can have pretty high maintenance costs. At the very least, you need to refill them with essential oils every once in a while. Due to this, don’t rush to buy a freshener diffuser if you are on a budget.


The kitchen is probably the most heavily used area in your RV, so the changes in it will likely be more functional than cosmetic. From time to time, you may need to replace or refurbish some of your cabinet or appliances. However, there actually is plenty of design potential when it comes to kitchen remodeling.

21. Upgrade your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have a specific function – to store food and cooking utensils – but they also are an inseparable and quite a significant part of your RV’s interior design. Thus, if you haven’t given your kitchen cabinets a good treatment for a long time, don’t neglect their importance and refresh them.

You don’t necessarily need to outright replace your RV kitchen cabinets. If they are in good enough condition, cosmetic changes are likely going to be sufficient. Give them a fresh coat of paint for a start. You may also replace the cabinets’ door pulls or, as an alternative to painting, decorate them with self-adhesive paper liners.

22. Replace old kitchen appliances

RVs come packed up with a variety of essential kitchen appliances. And since they are being used pretty often, it is likely that you will have to replace an appliance sooner or later.

Appliances, compared to other forms of remodeling, can be a very big investment. However, you should definitely keep an eye on your appliances and go for a replacement as soon as something starts to work funky.

One thing that some people may not realize is that appliances can make a big difference in how your RV’s interior looks. So if you do care about looks and integrity in your RV’s design, pick appliances that fit your current theme.

23. Add new appliances to your kitchen

You could not only replace your old appliances but also add a couple of new ones to your RV kitchen. While it may seem to you that a cooktop, a refrigerator, and a microwave are everything one would need in an RV, there are plenty of other things that you could upgrade your kitchen with.

For example, you may invest in a coffee maker or an espresso machine if you are a coffee lover. Or maybe opt for a brand-new toaster. You could also go for simpler things like improved can openers that just make your life more convenient.

These can again be quite big investments. And aside from your budget, you would also need to consider the free space available in your RV.

24. Replace your backsplash

If your RV kitchen doesn’t come with a backsplash, we’d strongly recommend you to install one. Or if you find that your old backsplash is starting to give in to time, definitely consider replacing it.

This remodeling task may sound expensive and difficult, but you actually don’t need to deal with any tiles. Quite a few manufacturers out there offer peel-and-stick backsplashes which look like real tile but without the headache of installation and cost.

25. Add a kitchen island

A kitchen island is a simple addition that is going to add a lot of countertop surface to your kitchen. A few RVs out there come with kitchen islands by default, but many do not.

Given that you have the free floor room in your kitchen, you may want to make it more useful with a kitchen island. If you don’t have much free room in the RV, you may get rid of all the unnecessary stuff to free up some space for it.

You may go for a simpler kitchen island that will just serve as a countertop. Installing such a kitchen island is going to be very easy. Alternatively, you may enhance the kitchen island with an additional cooktop or maybe a freezer, though such a setup would be more difficult to make.


Bathrooms in RVs are usually very cramped, so there isn’t much you could do there. However, there are a couple of things that you could do to make your RV bathroom more convenient no matter its size.

26. Get a pressure shower head

The showering experience in most RVs is pretty lackluster, and some people even prefer to shower at campground bathhouses rather than in their own RV. One reason for this is the insufficient pressure delivered by stock RV shower heads.

An easy solution for this issue is a pressure shower head. For not so much money, this simple upgrade could completely change your showering experience. In addition, if you spend money on an RV with a shower, it would be a waste not to use it and instead to rely on campground bathhouses.

27. Upgrade your toilet

Your RV toilet is a thing that you want to be functional at all times. And if you find that it is about to break down, you should replace it as soon as possible.

Replacing an RV toilet isn’t too expensive – you could get a decent plastic RV toilet for about $100. On the other hand, where you may experience problems is toilet installation – if you don’t know how to do it, your toilet replacement project could make a mess in the bathroom.

One other suggestion with regard to your RV toilet would be to replace its old plastic unit with a porcelain one. This certainly is going to be more expensive, but porcelain is more durable and will also make your bathroom feel more like home.

28. Reorganize your bathroom storage space

RVs do come with adequate storage space, but there may be some room for improvement for you.

For some perspective, you may get rid of the cabinet doors and replace them with pull-out storage bins. If you don’t already have towel hangers in your bathroom, make sure to add them. There are many things that you could do in order to make your RV bathroom more convenient and storage-efficient, but whatever you do, choose upgrades that will actually make your bathroom more convenient for you.


There isn’t much to do in the bedroom either, unless you have a large RV with an accordingly large bedroom. However, if you find that there is a lot of unused free room in your RV bedroom, you could do pretty spectacular things with it.

29. Replace your mattress

TRAVEL HAPPY with A 8 INCH Short Queen (60' x...

The very first thing you would want to replace in your RV bedroom is your mattress. RVs very often come with super uncomfortable mattresses, so this actually is an upgrade that you may want to do as soon as possible.

A high-quality memory foam mattress is going to make a huge difference. Namely, considering that RVers have to make long trips in a short time frame, the comfort and support provided by a good mattress is truly invaluable.

A mattress can be quite an expensive upgrade though. But we do think that you should not skimp on a good mattress. If you have the option of buying a cheaper mattress now or saving money and getting a better mattress later, you should go for the latter.

Plus, keep in mind that RV beds are sized differently than standard bed frames. Before buying a mattress, consider making measurements in order to get the right mattress for your bedroom setup.

30. Go for a larger bed

This is one of the things that you won’t be able to do if your RV bedroom doesn’t have extra space in it. If it does, you should be able to replace your bed with a larger one.

One problem that you may come across when replacing your bed is bringing the new into the RV. Due to this, you should go for a bed that can be assembled on spot. In addition, since beds can be quite heavy, make sure not to exceed the weight limits of your RV.

31. Add an entertainment system to your bedroom

Your RV likely has an entertainment system in the living room, but why not add another one to your bedroom? A second entertainment system will not only come in handy when you are too lazy to get out of the bed in the morning but will also allow you to watch TV or play video games if the primary entertainment system in the living room is occupied.


The changes made on the exterior side of your RV are going to arguably make the most difference for you. There is a lot of design stuff you could do on the outside to make your RV prettier, but what’s more important is that exterior modifications can make your RV much more efficient and convenient for you.

32. Switch to solar energy

RV solar panels can be a costly investment up-front, but they are going to rather quickly pay for themselves. And besides, solar panels are nature-friendly.

Getting electrical power from solar panels is also way better than from a generator. First, solar panels free you from any fuel costs. Secondly, you won’t have to inhale any toxic fumes. And lastly, solar panels produce no noise while running, unlike the quite noisy RV generators.

33. Repaint your RV

Repainting is a viable remodeling option inside, and so it is outside. Your rig may get stains that are impossible to remove even with a pressure hose, and in this case, one great option would be a new coat of paint.

Here, a plethora of opportunities open to you. You may stick to the original design and not make any changes to the color scheme of your RV. Or you may give way to your imagination and create something truly personal and eye-catching.

34. Upgrade your RV awning

Your RV awning is stored away most of the time. But in spite of this, the awning is a crucial piece of RV equipment since it creates a shaded living space outdoors, as well as keeps the interior cool by blocking direct sunlight.

You should definitely keep an eye on the condition of your delicate RV awning and replace it when necessary. If you have an older hand-cranked RV awning, consider going for newer versions that deploy with a push of a button and even have inbuilt LED lighting.

35. Enhance your outdoor kitchen

The whole reason of RVing is spending more time outside of the four walls of your home. And to make your outdoor pastime a little cozier for your companions, you may consider upgrading your outdoor kitchen.

And we don’t just mean adding a stovetop or a sink to it. If the outdoor kitchen in your RV is big enough, you can easily enhance it with an entertainment system. And once you do, you won’t have to pause your meal and go inside to watch your favorite TV show.

36. Buy an RV GPS

In recent years, manufacturers have come up with a variety of GPS products designed specifically for RV use. With one, you will no longer have to wonder whether you’ve got enough clearance, and you will no longer accidentally make a wrong turn.

RV-oriented GPS units aren’t cheap, but they are worth the investment. Sure, any kind of mobile device has access to maps, but they aren’t going to satisfy RV-specific needs. For some people, the limited functionality of mobile maps is completely alright, but others would definitely want to have some more RV-specific features to accompany them on the journey.

37. Add bigger mirrors

Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing...

If you have a motorhome, then consider replacing its mirrors with bigger ones. Any kind of motorhome is going to come with adequate stock mirrors, but to make your ride safer and more convenient, we’d advise you to opt for larger mirrors.

38. Add a backup camera

To complement your new larger mirrors, you may go a step further and get yourself a rear camera system. Such a system is going to make maneuvering your RV easier and will also complement the vehicle’s mirrors.

Again, some RVs may come with one preinstalled, but if your RV does not, we’d definitely recommend you to get one.

One thing to note with backup camera systems is that they are going to be useful not only with motorhomes but also towable RV types. So regardless of what kind of an RV you have, do consider enhancing it with a backup camera system.

39. Replace your windows

Your RV’s windows may also need replacement if you’ve had your mobile home for quite some time. Glass windows get stained and grimy over time, while plastic windows can be easily scratched up. If you do notice that your windows aren’t as clear as before, it may be high time to replace them.

Keep in mind that to replace the windshield, you will most likely need the help of a professional. As for side windows, they aren’t that difficult to replace, so you could easily do it yourself.

40. Replace your tires

Bald tires not only look beat-up but also are very dangerous on the road. They simply don’t have the grip of brand-new RV tires, which means that you need to keep an eye on your tire condition at all times.

Regulations require that tread depth be at least 2/32 inches. Experts recommend having no less than 4/32 inches of tread left in the tires. If the tread depth in your RV’s tires is getting close to these metrics, consider replacing them.

Aside from the tires, you may also want to replace the entire wheels in your RV. This is a good idea not only if the wheels are beat-up but also if you want to make some changes to the exterior look of your RV.

41. Install electric stabilizer jacks

Some RV manufacturers do equip their vehicles with electric stabilizer jacks, but most RVs actually come with manual ones. If your RV is one of the latter, then you may want to replace your stabilizer jacks with electric stabilizer jacks.

The primary benefit of electric stabilizer jacks is that they can be easily adjusted with a push of a button. The increased convenience of such operation is going to be especially noticeable and useful when you need to do a lot of small adjustments to the jacks.

The same applies to your RV’s tongue jack. If your RV has an old-fashioned manual tongue jack, consider upgrading to an electric tongue jack.

42. Improve the RV suspension

Any RV has certain weight restrictions that you should not exceed when driving. If you take too much stuff on board, you may void your warranty, waive your insurance coverage, or create a dangerous situation on the road.

If you do need to exceed the weight limits of your RV, then you will need to increase its weight capacity. One way to do this is to upgrade your RV’s suspension system. You won’t add hundreds of extra pounds of carrying the capacity to your RV, but you will definitely have a little more room for additional weight.

43. Add an antenna to your RV

Streaming movies and music online gain popularity among RVers, but it still remains quite an expensive way of watching your favorite shoes while on the road. Due to this, broadcast and satellite television remains the only option for many RV owners.

Some RVs do come with inbuilt antennas, but if you have a cheaper travel trailer or camper, it probably doesn’t come with any. If you’ve traveled a couple of times and found that you lacked TV coverage in your RV, then go ahead and set up an antenna on the roof.

You may also want to get a satellite receiver. Satellite receivers work in the same way as antennas, but they usually receive only paid programs rather than broadcast TV signal. A satellite receiver thus may extend your TV coverage if you already have an RV antenna, or it may be the only suitable option for you if the desired programs aren’t on broadcast TV.

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