The RV rental industry is booming right now, which is great news for the consumer, we have a lot of choices when it comes to renting. However, knowing which RV rental company is best can be a challenge.

If you’re looking to find an RV Rental near me, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rated the top 3 RV rental websites, scoring them on customer reviews, prices, and features.

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Whether you’re looking to rent from an RV rental company or a company that specializes in peer to peer rentals, then you’ve come to the right place.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best RV rental near me options.

RV Rental Near Me | Best Options

1. Outdoorsy Review (Highly Recommended)

RV Rental Near Me | Best Owner Options & Recommendations 1

Outdoorsy is a phenomenal company that has managed to inject new life into the RV rental world.

Rather than renting directly from a catalog of RVs, Outdoorsy uses peer to peer technology to connect RV owners with customers.

It’s similar in some respects to Airbnb. Every renter must submit an application as part of an in-depth process in order to keep standards high, which means you can be confident in your rental choice.

Outdoorsy Advantages

So, why should you part with your hard-earned cash and hire an RV from Outdoorsy?

  • Insurance is available to the value of $1 million on confirmed booking.
  • Roadside assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The fully online system, book your RV from home.
  • 10’s of thousands of Motorhomes and campers available to rent.
  • Thousands of five-star reviews.

The company was created by and is run by outdoor enthusiasts Jeff Cavins and Jennifer Young. Jennifer and Jeff wanted a way to escape the 9-5 drudgery that many of us experience. Their idea crystallized into the formation of Outdoorsy, which is now the 2nd biggest RV rental website working in the US today.

Since its inception, Outdoorsy has garnered over 5k reviews, averaging at 4.9 out of 5 stars, which is amazing.

Additionally, they’ve managed to score a rare A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Pretty decent compared to the competition.

RV Rental Costs

The cost to rent an RV from Outdoorsy varies a great deal depending on the city, state or season.

This is largely due to supply and demand, with the market balancing itself against what customers are willing to pay. This means that you should find that prices are normally equivalent to the standard market rate or slightly below.

Having said that, we’ve put together some rental averages to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay. A top of the line Class A motorhome can cost as much as $300 a night, while a simple popup camper can cost as little as $40 a night.

Be aware that these prices can vary from month to month, depending on the season and also on supply and demand. To get an idea of the prices in your area simply take a look at the available rentals and see how much they’re going for.

You might be surprised at the huge variety available, from classic airstreams to brands and RVs you’ve never seen before.  If you want to check out our in-depth review of Outdoorsy you can read it here.

You can check out Outdoorsy here.

2. RVshare Review (Recommended)

RV Rental

Hot on the heels of Outdoorsy is our second favorite RV Rental company, RVShare.

RVShare has a similar operating model to Outdoorsy, it uses a peer to peer system in order to provide rentals. If you own an RV you can sign up and rent your RV out when you’re not using it.

RVshare Advantages

So, why should you part with your hard-earned cash and rent from RVShare?

  • Insurance covering up to $500k liability and $200k coverage.
  • Roadside assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The fully online system, book your RV from home.
  • 10’s of thousands of Motorhomes and campers available to rent.
  • A loyalty program with up to 5% cashback.

As you can see above, they are similar in many respects to Outdoorsy. However, we think outdoorsy has a slight advantage due to the increased insurance and superior online reviews.

RVShare has managed to garner an average of 4 stars over hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot. Which is above average for the industry.

The biggest black mark against their name is the B-minus rating from the BBB. This is largely due to several complaints that RVShare is slow to respond to customer emails.

RVShare has almost identical pricing for RVs as outdoorsy. A top of the line Class A motorhome can cost as much as $300 a night, while a simple popup camper can cost as little as $40 a night.

As before, prices will vary from state to state and depending on the season you’re renting during. The market is quite fluid, so expect prices to fluctuate with the seasons. If you want to get a better idea of the prices available in your area then simply have a browse.  You can check out our in-depth review of RVShare here.

Check out RVShare here.

3. Cruise America Review

RV Rental Near Me | Best Owner Options & Recommendations 2

Cruise America is more akin to a traditional RV rental firm, in that they keep a stock of RVs available to rent.

So, while Outdoorsy and RVShare operate a peer to peer rental system, Cruise America outright owns a range of vehicles that they make available for rent.

This operating model offers both advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious disadvantage is the higher prices, it’ll cost you much more to hire a motorhome from Cruise American than it will from any RVShare or Outdoorsy.

Another problem is that they have a limited amount of RV rental locations. This is not surprising as they need to build and stock each location.

We think the biggest advantage is that they offer the ability to pick your RV up from one location and drop it off in another. If you’re planning on traveling across the state or country and then flying back, this is a great option. It can also work out pretty cheaply if you’re flexible on the type of RV you’re looking for.

Cruise America Advantages

Another advantage offered by Cruise America is that everything is very standardized. Renting the same rig from multiple locations should result in a near-identical experience. This does offer some reassurance that you know what you’re getting and some amount of security that RV should run and be clean.

However, making a rental booking can be a protracted and frustrating process. Additionally, you’re limited to a range of standardized RVs that are only available from a handful of pickup points.

Cruise America Reviews

Unfortunately, Cruise America has a pretty terrible reputation. On the BBB website, they’re averaging 1.75 stars out a possible 10, and have been awarded a rating of C-.

They are the only company that I’ve come across that has a warning on their BBB page.

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more, we recommend reading a first-hand account of the pitfalls of renting from Cruise America, then I urge you to take a look at the article published by Heath and Alyssa.

If you want to know how Cruise America stacks up against the competition in terms of prices, then take a look.

Putting an exact figure on Cruise Americas prices is not straightforward, a lot depends on how far you’re traveling and the extras you’re looking for. A ballpark average price could be as little as $99. Which on paper sounds pretty decent, but you need to factor in the 35 cent charge for each mile traveled.

If you want to include optional extras such as utensils, or bedding, then you’re going to have to pay more. If you’re still interested in taking a look at Cruise America, you can check them out here.

For a more in-depth review of Cruise America, you can read or big review here.

RV Rental By Owner

When it comes to choosing an rental, there are essentially two choices. Renting from a traditional company such as Cruise America or renting from the RV rental owner. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to renting an RV directly from the owner.

One of the biggest advantages of renting from an RV owner is that the overall costs are generally lower. Each owner can set their own prices, which can lead to competition for business, allowing you to negotiate the best rate possible. Websites that facilitate renting from RV owners will have a huge selection of RVs to choose from, while traditional RV companies will generally only have a couple of models to pick from.

Not only will you have more options, but the facilities and extras that are included are generally higher by default. Quite often linen, dishes and cooking utensils are included when renting an RV from an owner, but these are more often than not paid extras when using a corporate RV rental company.

Travel Trailer, Camper, Class C, Class B, Pop Up Rental Near Me

No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a travel trailer, camper, class C, Class B or Pop Up, we can help you on your rental journey.

Our experienced team can recommend the perfect RV Rental in whatever location you’re in.  Just give us a call and we can help you out.

Tips For a Great Experience

RV Rental

Now that you know about the best RV Rental companies in operation today, now’s the time to get the most bang for your buck and guarantee an exceptional rental experience.

Family Experience

Taking your family on an RV holiday can be a brilliant experience for everyone. It pays to take a minute out of the technology and gadget-obsessed society we live in, and very few things beat the thrill of hitting the road and taking in all the sites and sounds that nature can produce.

Buying an RV outright is not always an option, but renting can provide the RV experience at a fraction of the cost.

Interesting Fact: A recent customer survey carried out by the RBIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association), a whopping 62% of people who have little experience in owning an RV thought that an RV was one of the best ways to enjoy a family vacation.

In our opinion, there is no better way to leave the trappings of everyday life, while still being able to travel in comfort. When you’re on an RV vacation, there’s no rush to get out of the door first thing, no commute, no working late, and no working lunches. It’s just you, your family, and whatever destination you can dream off.

If you find a particular destination is not for you, you can quickly be on the road again to a brand new location. Which is something that cannot be said for a holiday abroad or a hotel stay?

If all of this sounds a little bit overwhelming, then don’t worry. Planning the perfect RV rental holiday only takes a small amount of planning!


It’s always a good idea to set a budget when planning a trip away, and one of the bigger expenses is going to be RV rental cost per night. As we’ve already discussed above, rental prices vary a great deal based on the state, city, time of year and class of RV.

If you’re looking to save money, then opt for a Class B or camper van over a 5th wheel or Class A. If want a very cheap trip, consider a popup camper or A-Frame camper.

Most RV rental sites will accept payment with a credit card, and you may need to pay an additional security deposit as well, so you should figure that into your expenses.

Success is in the Details

There’s no avoiding it, if you want a perfect trip, you’re going to have to do a bit of planning.

The summer months are exceptionally busy months for RV rentals, so factor this into your planning. If you want to travel during these months, that’s fine, just make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.

What’s Your Destination?

The possible destinations are nearly infinite when you travel by RV, however, it’s also important to not overdo it and have too many points on your itinerary.

As an example, traveling through the Rocky Mountains or along Route 66 are excellent options, but they each require distinct planning and logistics.

Once you have your destination in mind you can then begin to think about whether you’ll rent locally and then drive there, or whether it’s better to fly somewhere to pick the RV up.

Give yourself enough time to enjoy the journey. You can complete a trip on a weekend, but if you spend your whole time driving, then it might a wasted journey.

How Many Are Travelling?

Since we have our destination in mind, now we need to look at who’ll be joining us for our trip. Without an accurate headcount, we can’t accurately determine what sort of RV rental will meet our needs.

Maybe you’re just looking to set off with just the two of you. Or you’re going to take your nieces, nephews, kids, and aunties. Whatever you decide, choosing the right RV for your group to ensure everyone remains comfortable is an incredibly important decision.

How Much Can You Spend?

Accurate budgeting is an important part of planning your RV rental. Just bear in mind, your budget needs to cover more than just the cost of the RV rental. You’ll need to plan for food, fuel, activities, as well as the cost of camping overnight.

Pro Tip: Set aside some money in case of an emergency.

Must Have’s

Every family is different and has a different set of priorities when it comes to must-haves. You might be someone that needs the most basic amenities, but you might also insist on luxury fittings and state of the art entertainment systems. Knowing exactly what you need and what you can live without will make your RV rental search far easier.

What Is The Best Option For You?

Do you need a luxury travel trailer, or would you rather have a class C motorhome? Some models are easier to park, while others offer a ton of internal space and room for toys such as bikes.

There’s no shortage of RV types available, from travel trailers, through to pop up campers, there should be something to suit your needs. Have a read of our RV Classes guide to get a better understanding.


If you’re considering an RV that will be driven (Class C, B or A), then are you also going to tow a car? If you’re not, then you’re going to have to factor in driving the RV to all the destinations and activities you’re looking to do.

Maneuvering a 36 foot RV around a rental park or national park can be an exercise in frustration. A smaller model will be much easier and will cost less gas to tun.

If you’re considering towing a car being the RV, make sure you know the laws around that and the types of vehicles that can be legally towed.


Q. How Much Does Insurance Cost?

A. Traffic accidents involving RVs tend to be more expensive compared to ordinary vehicles. A car accident that results in $500 worth of damages can turn into $5000 if the accident involves an RV. Because of the disparity between these two types of accidents, most RV rental insurance policies are more expensive than their automobile counterparts.

Generally, the cost of most RV rental insurance policies is determined by the size and model of the RV you’re renting. A small RV usually costs between $15 to $20 a day, while larger models cost between $25 to $30 per day.

Furthermore, if the RV that you’re renting has any extra features then that may also increase your insurance costs. An extra dehumidifier or an advanced HVAC unit, for example, may add a few extra dollars to your daily insurance costs.

Finally, most RV rental insurance packages consist of liability insurance, collision insurance comprehensive insurance, giving you more protection but also higher costs.

Q. What Equipment Comes With the Rental?

A. RV rentals tend to come with several items, furniture, and amenities, all of which are designed to help you in your travels.  But it largely depends on who you’re renting from.  Items may include:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Cleaning Equipment (Brooms and Detergent)
  • Power Generators and Complimentary Amounts of Fuel
  • Around 50 to 100 Gallons of Fresh Water
  • A Toilet
  • A Special Tank for Storing Dirty Dishwater
  • A Special Tank for Toilet Waste
  • A Special Tank for Toilet water
  • A Fridge
  • A Freezer
  • Cooking Equipment (Stoves, Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens)
  • An A/C Unit
  • A Furnace

Additionally, Rental RVs also include cabinets and storage areas. They also feature one or two beds (varies depending on size) as well as showers and special bathing equipment.

Certain items are also optional, such as electronic devices, a first aid kit, and even wifi.

Q. What Should You Look For In a Rental?

A. One of the most important factors you will have to consider before renting an RV is the cost. You will want to know the rental cost right away before everything else. However, it is important to note that rental fees may fluctuate depending on many factors such as the size and type of RV you want, your location or the length of your trip. It is also important to consider the payment system you will use to rent the RV.

When it comes to your RV rental, you will also need to consider your specific needs so that you can be able to decide on the type of RV you would like to have. Some RVs such as the class A motorhome provide a more luxurious driving experience while the class C is more compact and has an extra sleeping area, a storage unit above the driving area as well as an entertainment set.

You’ll also want to thoroughly look over the terms of the rental and what you might be liable for.  Some rental companies won’t allow you to travel out of state or further than 200 miles, make sure you understand what you’re getting.

Q. How to Clean A Rental?

A. All rental RVs need to be cleaned before they are returned. The goal of any cleanup work is to restore the RV to the same visual condition as when it was originally rented out.

Cleaning up a rental RV consists of the following activities:

  • Removing Dirt Off Of the RV’s Floors
  • Removing All Types of Stains
  • Removing All Types of Trash
  • Making Sure that the Toilet and Bathing Areas Are Clean
  • Cleaning Up the Stove, Oven, and Other Cooking Amenities
  • Removing All of Your Food, Clothes and Personal Belongings Off of the RV
  • Cleaning Up the Sinks, Counters, and Refrigerators, and Making Sure That They Are All Empty

You may be provided with special cleaning equipment. These include brooms, garbage bags, cleaning agents and anything else you’ll need to clean up the RV once you’re done using it.

Q. How Many People Can Fit In a Rental?

A. Originally, RVs were only used for smaller family or couples-oriented trips but the RV market has gradually adapted to the changing times. It is now easy to find rental RVs that can accommodate larger groups of people for conventions, music festivals, spring break destinations among other group-oriented trips. You can rent an RV for more than 10 people although this may also introduce a few unique challenges and can also limit your RV selection. A standard motorhome can hold at least 4 to 5 passengers.

Most RVs available can seat and sleep less than 10 people hence you will need to look for a special type of vehicle if you intend to accommodate more than 10 passengers. The class (A) motorhome the largest motorized recreational vehicle that is built on a bus-like chassis. Though it has a poor fuel economy, it is the most ideal RV that can accommodate more than 10 passengers. Adding a non-motorized fifth wheel trailer plus a separate towing truck may open up a few more additional sleeping slots in the truck.

Q. What Size of RV Do I Need?

A. When it comes to rental RVs, large models offer a lot of features and amenities but they also require a lot of maintenance. So when you rent an RV, remember that there are always trade-offs.

For example, when you rent a large RV, you will have more items to clean and take care of throughout your trip. Furthermore, larger RVs also have higher costs with regards to gas mileage, toll booths, and ferry costs. And depending on the RV’s model, you may also need to purchase additional insurance.

On the other hand, a larger RV will allow you to bring along more items on your trip, and you’ll have better amenities. Class A RVs, for example, usually have plenty of extra room for toilets, showers, and beds. They are also more spacious and some may even allow you to bring bikes, electronics, and hiking equipment.

You might need to consider maneuverability and whether or not your RV can fit in the campground and along the roads you might be traveling.  Smaller RVs are easier to manage but tend not to offer as luxurious surroundings.

Q. What Should I Bring?

A. There are certain restrictions as to who can legally rent a recreational vehicle. Most people who are already planning for their vacations do not realize that there are rules regarding who can legally book or drive an RV. Before renting a motorhome, you will need to be aware of your license and age requirements beforehand. However, the specific criteria may vary depending on the supplier. Anyone wishing to rent an RV must have attained a minimum age of 21 years but some rental companies may charge an additional fee for drivers under the age of 25.

Drivers of rental RVs must show proof of age and a valid drivers license before signing the rental agreement. The license should be clearly identifiable and in the language of the hiring country. Foreign drivers must present an English translation of their driver’s license issued in their home country or a valid International Driver’s License. All RV rental companies require drivers to have full auto insurance coverage but most RV dealers will have the insurance ready for purchase or will automatically include it in the contract.

Q. How Much Does Travel Trailer Rental Cost?

A. The prices vary with different companies but they are normally fairly similar. Different factors will determine how much it will cost you per night; it all depends on your preferences.

On average most rental companies will charge you about $99 per night for the regular Travel Trailer, but the price could go higher during the peak seasons like during the holidays.

You can even get the travel trailers with as high as $275 for a really luxurious one; it mainly depends on the condition of the RV. Even though this is the basic charges you can incur more charges such as utensils, beddings, and distance covered.

These charges range from 35 cents to 40cents per mile and if the RV has a generator you may incur a small fee for it. You are allowed to carry your own utensils and beddings and avoid being charged for them.

Q. How Much Does a Class A Rental Cost?

A. As the largest and most luxurious RVs on the market, renting a Class A RV costs a lot of money. Class A RVs usually cost around $150 to $500 per day/night. Older models or those that have been used for 10 years or more are cheaper and only cost around $150 to $250.

Newer models or those that have been used for only a few years usually cost between $350 to $500 per day/night. These rental costs may also rise if you choose to include extra amenities and features, and it’s worth mentioning that rental rates tend to fluctuate based on season and location.

Despite the high cost of many Class A RVs, however, they do offer plenty of space, and they also have enough storage areas to allow you to bring along plenty of items during your travels, including camping gear and mountaineering equipment. So despite their steep price, they are well worth the money.

Q. How Much Does a Class B Rental Cost?

A. As the most compact RVs on the market, Class B RVs usually cost between $100 to $350 per day/night. Older models or those which have been used for over 10 years cost less.

On the other hand, newer Class B RVs or those which have been around for less than 2 to 5 years cost between $200 to $350 per day/night. The rental costs may also go up if you wish to add a few extra amenities and extra items.

Compared to Class A and Class C RVs, Class B RVs are cheaper and require less maintenance. So they are the best choice for those of you who are on tight budgets. Despite their compact design, however, they do carry a substantial number of amenities, including built-in water systems, a cooker, fuel or electrical system and an AC unit or heating system.

Q. How much does a Class C RV Rental Cost?

A.  Often referred to as mini-RV or mini-motorhome, a Class C RV rental can cost an average of $1,000 to $1200 per week for a 25-foot. The cost varies depending on the size and other additional options such as entertainment units, upholstery, countertops, mini-appliances, and other storage areas. Most Class C RV rentals are fully equipped with all the ideal kitchen stuff like glasses, plates, cups, and cooking pots and other items like towels and beddings. Most of them also have showers and convertible dinette and sofa. The sizes range from 6-inch to 36 inches in length and can accommodate about 6-8 people. Class Cs RV rentals are ideal for use by families.

In case you prefer a more advanced option, then expect to pay more. The advanced Class C RVs are referred to as Class C+. They are mounted on trucks with heavy-duty chassis. Most Class C+ RVs have upgraded options like full-sized kitchen appliances, external storage units, home theater systems, and large-sized bathrooms compared to Class C.

Q. How much does 5th Wheel Rental Cost?

A. 5th Wheel RV rental prices can vary depending on factors such as; the type of the RV, the season you rent it, upgrades included, the vehicle’s age, the rental location, and many more.
In general, a 10-year-old (or older) 5th wheel up to 30′ long will cost around $60- $ 125 per night. If you prefer a newer version, it may cost you$ 150-$300 per night. Its a good idea to budget around 100-150 per night without factoring in gas.

Other costs you should consider include; cleaning fees; ($50- $100), delivery or set up fees;( $100- $150), and rental insurance; (generally at 6% of your total rental cost). In addition, you should take into consideration the security deposit which is usually at $500, though this is returned at the end of your trip.

Keep in mind that the cost of renting a 5th Wheel per month is cheaper than daily rates (usually at 10%-20% less).

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Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found this article helpful while planning who to rent your RV from and how to plan your trip.

If you have any questions or comments on the companies we’ve featured, we’d love to hear from you. Please send a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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