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Pennsylvania is perhaps most remarkable for its historical value. One of the original Thirteen Colonies and the second state to ratify the US Constitution, this state has played a major role in the establishment of the US.

Well, we suggest that you explore this aspect of Pennsylvania during your next RV trip!

Where To Rent AN RV In Pennsylvania?

Things are pretty weird with local dealers in Pennsylvania.

If your route lies through the state’s largest city Philadelphia, then you will have an easy time finding a rental location. There are plenty of RV dealers in this city.

Outside of Philadelphia, RV rental coverage is poorer – even the capital city of Pennsylvania Harrisburg only has a few local dealers. You have a couple of points toward the west of the state as well and around the city of Pittsburgh, but the best bet is the area of Philadelphia.

Things are a little bit better at online RV rental platforms like RVshare and Outdoorsy. You have plenty of options to choose from, and the availability of RVs throughout the state may be better as well.

RV Campgrounds & State Parks In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is quite popular among RVers for its diverse landscapes. Here are the campgrounds and parks where you may observe this state’s natural beauty:

  • Hersheypark Camping Resort.
  • Lake-In-Wood Campground.
  • Woodland Campground.
  • Pine Cradle Lake Family Campground.
  • Twin Grove RV Resort & Cottages.
  • Rose Point Park Campground.
  • Leonard Harrison State Park.
  • Sara’s Campground.
  • Gettysburg/Battlefield KOA Holiday.
  • West Haven RV Park and Campground.

Popular Tourist Attractions In Pennsylvania

To commemorate the state’s rich contribution to the establishment of the US, visit the Independence Hall in Philadelphia where the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were adopted.

To have some fun, pay a visit to Hershey Park. With its 70 rides and attractions, this is a perfect location if you are coming to Pennsylvania with your family.

Events In Pennsylvania

State and county fairs in Pennsylvania will allow you to explore the best things this state and its counties have to offer.

The de facto state fair of Pennsylvania is the Pennsylvania Farm Show held each January in Harrisburg. While this event is more focused on agriculture, it showcases many of the state’s riches.

If you happen to be a NASCAR fan, then you’ll be glad to hear that Pennsylvania has several race tracks – most notably, Pocono Raceway and Watkins. With an RV, you’ll be able to join in the tailgating parties before the race begins.