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An RV journey through Alabama is perhaps the best way to see all the things that the state has to offer. And you don’t even need to own an RV to do such kind of a thing! The multitude of RV rental opportunities in Alabama allows you to enjoy the ride and see plenty of attractions for not too much money!

Where To Rent An RV In Alabama?

When it comes to rental in any area of the United States, you have two main options – peer-to-peer rental and dealer rental. These differ from each other quite a bit in pretty much any way, and it’s important that you understand the benefits and downsides of each.

Peer-to-peer rental

In peer-to-peer rental, you are renting an RV from non-corporate RV owners. People renting out their RVs are individual RV owners who don’t need an RV at the moment and rent it out to earn money.

The best thing about peer-to-peer rental is that you have plenty of options to choose from. This applies both to the price and RV models. If you have very specific needs, then peer-to-peer RV rental is more likely to satisfy them than dealer rental.

Another great thing about peer-to-peer RV rental is that RV owners can be pretty flexible about pick-up options. They may be willing to deliver the RV to your doorstep, not to mention that you can find RV owners all over your state.

And finally, some people like the more personal approach of peer-to-peer RV rental.

The two most popular peer-to-peer RV rental platforms in the US are RVshare and Outdoorsy. We won’t be overviewing their differences in depth in this post. Overall, these services are pretty similar, but there may be some small differences between their quality assurance policy, booking options, or whatnot.


At RVshare, you may rent an RV for as low as about $60 per night. Such low nightly rates usually apply to small travel trailers that don’t have too many conveniences in them. On the other end of the price spectrum though, you have class A motorhomes with nightly rates reaching $1,000.

Here’s what you would roughly pay for different motorhome classes per night:


  • Class A motorhomes: $200-$300.
  • Class B motorhomes: $150-$250.
  • Class C motorhomes: $200-$250.
  • Fifth-wheel trailers: $120-$150.
  • Travel trailers: $80-$150.
  • Toy haulers: $120-$150.
  • Popup trailers: $75-$120.


As of late October 2019, there have been 200+ RV rental opportunities on RVshare in Alabama. This is lower than the over 420 RVs that were available at the same time on Outdoorsy. With that said, the supply of RVs fluctuates from time to time, so this doesn’t tell us anything about RV options at the platforms.


The first thing to catch the eye on Outdoorsy is that it has a deeper separation of RVs by type. In addition to what RVshare has, Outdoorsy offers truck campers, campervans, and utility trailers. Not that you won’t find such RVs on RVshare, but it seems that Outdoorsy makes it easier for you to find them by providing search filters.

When it comes to prices though, we wouldn’t say that Outdoorsy is too much different from RVshare. There are plenty of RV owners listing their vehicles on both Outdoorsy and RVshare, and you can find a pocket-friendly deal with both.


Then, you have RV dealers. RV dealers aren’t as convenient geographically since they have a limited number of stores in Alabama. Plus, dealers won’t provide you with as many options and price opportunities as peer-to-peer rental platforms.

But if you just want to quickly rent an RV and get going with your journey, then dealers are often more convenient than peer-to-peer platforms.

It’s pretty difficult to give RV dealer recommendations since their location varies. You may pretty much always find nearby RVs on RVshare and Outdoorsy, but this doesn’t apply to dealers. You will have to look up dealers locally to find an option that’s convenient for you.

In terms of pricing, dealers do not differ much from peer-to-peer platforms. Depending on the type of RV, expect to pay from $100 to $300 per night. But while the prices aren’t too far off the prices on Outdoorsy and RVshare, you have much less flexibility when it comes to features, delivery options, or whatnot.

Where To Go During Your RV Trip In Alabama

If you don’t have a plan as to where to drive your RV in Alabama, then let us give you a couple of options. We are going to focus on state parks/campgrounds, as well as a few events that you may pay a visit to along the way. You can find things to do and see in Alabama all year round!

A simple Google search should also provide you with plenty of information on where to go in Alabama.

State parks/campgrounds

US Space & Rocket Center Campground

If your route lies through Huntsville, then be sure to have a stay at the US Space & Rocket Center Campground. It’s right next to the US Space & Rocket Center, and it’s open year-round. And most importantly, it’s pretty rich in facilities and has 27 full hookup sites.

Montgomery South RV Park & Cabins

Located just outside Montgomery, Montgomery South RV Park & Cabins offer a quiet pastime with a plentitude of amenities and 33 full hookup sites year-round. Not only that, but this RV campground is pet-friendly!

Shady Acres Campground

With its 92 full hookup sites and rich facilities & amenities, Shady Acres Campground is a great place to stay throughout the year. This is perhaps the most convenient and feature-rich campground in the state, and it even provides the opportunity for boating in the Dog River!


Hangout Fest

Hangout Fest is annually held at the public beaches of Gulf Shores. Lasting 3 days, this is a major music festival featuring many music genres.

While the festival location lies close to its sister restaurant, The Hangout, amenities seem to be limited here. Be sure to come prepared and packed for the 3-day stay.

Alabama Crimson football team matches

If you are a fan of American football, then make sure to check out the games of the Alabama Crimson Tide team – a team that’s been playing since 1925 – at the Alabama Football Stadium. Games are scheduled throughout the year, so you may be lucky enough to be here during a match no matter when in the year.