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Alaska is perhaps the most wonder-rich area of the United States. It is likewise tough and unwelcoming to visitors, however.

Nonetheless, what would be the best way to explore the natural riches of Alaska? Renting an RV to cover its vast terrains, of course!

Where To Rent An RV In Alaska?

Compared to many other states, Alaska is poor when it comes to local RV dealerships.

Unless you are in a larger locality like Anchorage, you are going to have trouble with finding a local dealer. A quick Google search shows that the vast majority of dealers are situated in Anchorage and a few other large towns.

Online rental platforms like RVshare, Outdoorsy, or Cruise America appear not to be of much help either. Even though you may be lucky enough to find an RV owner willing to rent their RV out no matter where you are in Alaska, it’s much less likely to happen in remote areas.

You will either have to move closer to large towns or cities like Anchorage, or you will have to look for other options for travel. 

RV Campgrounds & National Parks In Alaska

While there certainly are fewer campgrounds in Alaska than in other states, there are a few good options you could choose from. Among them are:

  • Eagle’s Rest RV Park & Cabins.
  • Alaskan Angler RV Resort & Cabins.
  • Heritage RV Park.
  • Kenai Riverfront Resort.
  • Diamond M Ranch Resort.
  • Stoney Creek RV Resort.
  • Big Bear RV Park & Campground.
  • Portage Valley RV Park & Cabins.
  • River’s Edge Resort.
  • Homer Spit Campground.

Remarkably, Alaska also has 8 national parks, and the only state to have more is California with its 9 national parks. Among the best national parks in Alaska are the remote reserve of Gates of the Arctic North and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, which is the largest national park in the US.

Tourist Attractions in Alaska

Alaska boasts numerous unique attractions as well.

The most notable among them is the Aurora Ice Museum filled with beautiful ice sculptures. Aside from that, be sure to pay a visit to the Alaska Fisheries Science Center with its 3,500-gallon aquarium showcasing the rich wildlife of Kodiak Island!

Events In Alaska

Alaska hosts several minor league teams like the Alaska Aces hockey team, the Anchorage Glacier Pilots baseball team, or the Anchorage Bucs baseball team. If you are lucky, you may be here just in time to see these teams perform!