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A historic area with Civil War-era battlefields and the last of the Thirteen Colonies to be established, Georgia boasts unique historical heritage. For admirers of natural beauty, it also features quite a few state & national parks to visit.

Where To Rent An RV In Georgia?

You won’t find as many local RV dealers in Georgia as in states like California. Not only that, but most RV dealers appear to be situated in and around Atlanta, the state’s capital. With that in mind, if you are intending to rent an RV from a local dealer, then you will want to plan your route through Georgia’s capital.

Things are a little bit better on peer-to-peer RV rental platforms – most importantly, RVshare and Outdoorsy – but you again have a relatively limited number of listings. As of early November 2019, there were just around 150 listings on RVshare. This is a good number, but it’s not as high as in more populous states.

With that said, if you won’t be traveling through or near Atlanta, online rental platforms may allow you to find an RV to rent throughout the state. 

RV Campgrounds & National Parks In Georgia

Georgia is rich in RV campgrounds, with a few situated right on the state’s shoreline. A few of the best RV campgrounds here are:

  • Red Gate Campground & RV Resort.
  • Coastal GA RV Resort.
  • Pine Mountain RV Resort.
  • River Vista Mountain Village.
  • Eagle’s Roost RV Resort.
  • River’s End Campground & RV Park.
  • Yonah Mountain Campground.
  • Albany RV Resort Inc.
  • Scenic Mountain RV Park & Campground.
  • Fair Harbor RV Park & Campground.

Georgia also features a number of national and state parks. Remarkably, it’s not only natural beauty that you can visit these parks for – Fort McAllister State Historic Park, for example, has a more historical meaning since it lies on the final location General Sherman’s March to the Sea. Aside from wildlands, you can pay a visit to an old confederate fort featuring cannons and barracks in their original form.

Popular Tourist Attractions In Georgia

With its plethora of museums, bars, restaurants, and historical attractions, the entire city of Atlanta is one huge tourist attraction. The mountains northeast of Atlanta also offer many outdoor activities, particularly those suitable for RVers.

Events In Georgia

In Atlanta, you may take part in the Martin Luther King March & Rally, which is an event celebrating the birthday of the icon of human rights.

Besides, be sure to make an effort to participate in the Blessing of the Fleet, an annual shrimping festival held in Darien. Here, you’ll be able to partake of foods and drinks, participate in live entertainment and art shows, as well as bless shrimp boat captains with a safe season.