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Being the fifth smallest state in the US, Massachusetts is nonetheless one of the leading states in the country when it comes to tourism, particularly on the East Coast. In its small territory, Massachusetts manages to pack miles of sandy beaches, hundreds of acres of forests, and great urban entertainment to delve into.

Not only that, but since Massachusetts is a small state, it’s pretty easy to explore its key attractions in just one decent RV drive!

Where To Rent An RV In Massachusetts?

As in other states, you have two options for RV rental in Massachusetts – local dealer rental and online rental.

Massachusetts is a small state, and while there are not too many local dealers here, they are well distributed throughout the state, making it easy for you to reach a dealer from any point in Massachusetts. Most of the dealers are closer to the shore though, so you’ll have an easier time renting an RV there.

Of course, you also have online rental platforms where you can find dozens and even hundreds of RVs for rent. In most places – Massachusetts is no exception – RVshare and Outdoorsy are the first places that should be checked out.

RV Campgrounds & State Parks In Massachusetts

Massachusetts is most famous for its seaside views and activities, though are things to see and do inland as well.

There are no national parks in Massachusetts, unfortunately. But you can admire the local views and engage in local activities at state campgrounds and parks just fine.

Among the RV campgrounds & parks in Massachusetts are:

  • Pinewood Lodge Campground.
  • Normandy Farms Campground.
  • Wompatuck State Park.
  • Prospect Mountain Campground.
  • Hidden Valley Campground.
  • Boston Minuteman Campground.
  • Adventure Bound Camping Resorts – Cape Cod.
  • Cape Cod Campresort & Cabins.
  • Salisbury Beach State Park.
  • Peters Pond RV Resort.

Popular Tourist Attractions In Massachusetts

One remarkable thing that you may do while in Massachusetts is to board your RV on the Steamship Authority’s ferry and visit Martha’s Vineyard resort.

To further take in local nature, we suggest that you visit the Deerfield River’s Glacial Potholes or Shelburne Fall’s Bridge of Flowers.

Events In Massachusetts

If you happen to be in Massachusetts in spring, then pay a visit to Nantucket Wine Festival featuring world-class winemakers and chefs.

Another interesting event to attend is Jacob’s Pillow dance festival held in summer in the historic dance center and school of Jacob’s Pillow in western Massachusetts.