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Aside from offering a wealth of natural views, Mississippi is also known for its music culture, particularly because King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley was born in the state’s city of Tupelo. Music festivals are thus a strong suit of the state. Besides, if you love seaside vacations, then Mississippi has a few miles of beach to delight you with.

Where To Rent An RV In Mississippi?

When it comes to local dealers, Mississippi isn’t the most convenient state in the United States. There are a few dozen dealerships here, but most are situated in and around Jackson, as well as along the coastline.

In northern areas, there probably are only 2-3 dealerships. So if you want to rent an RV from a dealer, do so to the north of the state.

Things aren’t too good on peer-to-peer platforms as well. While there were around a hundred listings on the most popular rental platforms RVshare and Outdoorsy, you have noticeably fewer options to choose from than in other states.

And like it is with local dealers, finding RV owners willing to rent out their RVs in remote areas may be problematic.

RV Campgrounds & State Parks In Mississippi

To explore the historic locations and picturesque landscapes of Mississippi, we suggest that you stay at one of these campgrounds and parks:

  • Campground at Barnes Crossing.
  • Flea Market & RV Park at Menge.
  • Frog Hollow Campground & RV Park.
  • Benchmark RV Park.
  • Okatoma Resort & RV Park.
  • Magic River Campground.
  • EZ Daze RV Park.
  • Cajun RV Park.
  • Paradise Ranch & Resort.
  • Mimosa Landing Campground.

Popular Tourist Attractions In Mississippi

Geyser Falls Waterpark – one of the US’ biggest water parks – is situated in Mississippi. If you are fed up with beaches, this is a perfect spot for those looking for water fun.

An interesting tourist attraction is the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale. Featuring exhibits focusing on music stars such as William Ferris or Ike Turner, the museum allows visitors to learn about the music of the South.

Events In Mississippi

Consider visiting the Rivergate Festival held in downtown Tunica in mid-to-late April. This family-oriented event features live music performances, activities for kids, plenty of crawfish, and a BBQ competition.

Another popular event is the Tupelo Elvis Festival dedicated to Elvis Presley, the son of Tupelo. Aside from paying tribute to the great singer, this event also features plenty of activities to engage in, including disc golf, a pet parade, dances, as well as live performances from local and national artists.