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Missouri’s historical value is unique in that it played a central role in the US’s westward expansion. Not only that, but being a border state during the American Civil War, Missouri’s role in the war was more complex than that of others.

Missouri, of course, has plenty of things to see and do, but you will also have the chance to learn about the historical input of the state in the establishment of the US as we know it today.

Where To Rent An RV In Missouri?

If your route happens to lie through Kansas City or St. Louis, then you won’t have issues with finding a place to rent an RV. Many of the state’s rental locations are centralized around these two cities.

A couple of locations may be found in the state’s capital Jefferson City, but you are going to have an easier time in bigger cities like St. Louis or Kansas City.

You may find a few RV rentals to the south of the state as well. In the north though, there are little to no opportunities for RV rental.

Online rental platforms may allow you to rent an RV in remote areas, though most listings will again be situated in and around large urban areas. Check out such rental platforms as Outdoorsy and RVshare for additional rental options besides local dealers.

RV Campgrounds & State Parks In Missouri

Among Missouri’s best RV campgrounds & parks to stay in are:

  • Branson Shenanigans RV Park.
  • Oak Grove RV Park.
  • Camelot RV Campground.
  • Basswood Resort.
  • Cottonwoods RV Park.
  • Red Oak Resort & RV Park.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder RV Park.
  • Ozarks Mountain Springs RV Park & Cabins.
  • Pin Oak Creek RV Park.
  • Big Creek RV Park.

Popular Tourist Attractions In Missouri

People very often come to Missouri for its food – particularly notable are crayfish dishes and local barbeque.

Not only that, but pay a visit to monuments paying tribute to the history of Missouri. One of them is the 630 feet Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Being the world’s tallest arch, this monument is dedicated to the western territorial expansion of the United States.

Events In Missouri

Food events and festivals are held throughout Missouri year-round – notable are festivals dedicated to wine and local wineries.

One of the major events in the state is the Missouri State Fair held in late August. This event offers a little bit of everything – exhibits, competitions, shows, food/lemonade stands, all within the span of 11 days!