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The desert lands of Nebraska may appear boring at first glance, but their varied terrain along with the scenic landscapes has been a magnet for visitors from other states and abroad for years. An RV would be just right to explore the vast sandy and rocky spaces of this state!

Where To Rent An RV In Nebraska

If you are intending to rent an RV from a local dealer, then you’ll have the best chance in the state’s capital Lincoln. Many of the dealers in the state are situated here.

Aside from that, there is a good number of rental locations in urban areas along and near Interstate 80.

In northern areas of the state, you’ll have a hard time finding an RV rental location. There, you could opt for online rental platforms like Outdoorsy or RVshare. You may be lucky to find RV owners willing to rent their vehicles out in the remote northern areas of Nebraska.

Rentals through Outdoorsy, RVshare, and other similar platforms tend to be $25-$50 more expensive than with local or nationwide dealers like Cruise America. For example, as of early November 2019, Cruise America offered class C motorhome rentals for about $80-$90.

On RVshare or Outdoorsy, the prices would be closer to $150 or even more. However, you do often get bonuses like free nightly miles or generator hours on peer-to-peer platforms.

RV Campgrounds & State Parks In Nebraska

Nebraska is famous for its Great Plains, rocky formations, and expansive sand dunes. This state even used to be known as The Great American Desert!

Here’s where you may stay in your RV to admire Nebraska’s beauty:

  • Mormon Island State Recreation Area.
  • Robidoux RV Park.
  • Grand Island KOA Journey.
  • Camp A Way.
  • Sleepy Sunflower RV Park.
  • Branched Oak State Recreation Area.
  • Double Nickel Campground.
  • Victorian Acres RV Park & Campground.
  • Holiday RV Park Campground.
  • Prairie Oasis Campground & Cabins.

Popular Tourist Attractions In Nebraska

The more popular tourist attractions in this state are lying on the banks of the Missouri River along the border with Iowa. Here, you may explore the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge, as well as the Wilson Island State Recreation Area.

If you would prefer an urban experience, then visit the state’s largest city Omaha. This city features a splash park that is great for kids, a large zoo area, and plenty of bars and restaurants to spend some time at.

Events In Nebraska

If you like sports events, then know that college athletics is strong in Nebraska. Cornhuskers – a football team from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln – very often attracts over 80,000 fans to their games at Memorial Stadium!

If you happen to be in Omaha, then be sure to watch Creighton University’s Bluejays, a skillful university basketball team.