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Do we really need to explain why the state of New York is famous around the world? It’s for New York City, of course, the country’s most populous city and the financial and cultural capital of the world.

And while this city will probably be the focus of your journey, the attractions of the state of New York span well beyond the huge metro area of New York City.

Where To Rent An RV In New York?

The state of New York a small US territory, but fortunately, you won’t have any problems with renting an RV no matter where you are, be it closer to New York City or in the western areas of the state.

In and around New York City, it’s the easiest to rent an RV since many of the state’s rental locations are here. You are also going to find plenty of rental locations outside of New York City – Cruise America, for example, has quite a few rental locations throughout the state.

If in need of some very specific RV features or types, then we suggest RVshare or Outdoorsy. Expect to pay around $75-$150 for a towable RV and $150-$300 for a motorhome per night here.

RV Campgrounds & State Parks In New York

There are numerous campgrounds throughout the state of New York where you can enjoy this territory’s key attractions and activities:

  • Lake George RV Park.
  • Interlake RV Park.
  • Hidden Valley Camping Area.
  • Hickory Hill Family Camping Resort.
  • Wildwood State Park.
  • Camp Bell Campground.
  • Lake Placid/Whiteface Mtn. KOA Holiday.
  • Branches of Niagara Campground & Resort.
  • Brennan Beach RV Resort.
  • Medina/Wildwood Lake KOA Holiday.

Popular Tourist Attractions In New York

While there are plenty of other unique urban areas throughout the state, New York City will most likely be in the center of your attention.

This city is the biggest attraction of this state. Here, you have the Statue of Liberty, of course, as well as gourmet restaurants, the Central Park, busy financial districts, as well as peaceful communities.

Events In New York

The state of New York is home to numerous festivals and events held throughout the year.

You may travel to the Finger Lakes region of the state to celebrate summer in the Finger Lakes Wine Festival. In New York City itself, you may participate in the yearly New York City Food and Wine Festival held during the harvest season.

Consider also the Taste of Country Music Festival held in Hunter. This 3-day event allows you to enjoy country music, as well as camp on the slopes of an expansive ski resort area.