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Ohio is quite a unique state. For example, did you know that it is the home state to seven US Presidents (behind Virginia with eight)? Or did you know that Ohio is among the leading industrial centers in the United States?

Well, it seems that there are plenty of things for you to look forward to for your Ohio RV trip aside from natural views.

Where To Rent An RV In Ohio?

As in other states, you have two main options for RV rental – local dealers or online platforms.

When it comes to the former, things are pretty decent in Ohio. You have plenty of RV dealers throughout the state, and you are very likely to find a decent RV option for your needs in major urban areas like Cincinnati or the state’s capital Columbus.

Online peer-to-peer rental platforms are also pretty good, as in most states – you have a few hundred listings to choose from. The more popular online platforms are RVshare and Outdoorsy, and here, you are more likely to find an RV for very specific needs.

RV Campgrounds & National Parks In Ohio

There are plenty of things and places in Ohio to explore. You could experience a good chunk of what the state has to offer by staying at its campgrounds and parks for a few days. Among the best options are:

  • Camper Village Lighthouse/Cedar Point.
  • Wapakoneta KOA.
  • Olive Branch Campground.
  • Buckeye Lake/Columbus East KOA.
  • Cross Creek Camping Resort.
  • Berlin RV Park & Campground.
  • Evergreen Park RV Resort.
  • Lazy River At Granville.
  • Wood’s Tall Timber Resort.
  • Cutty’s Sunset Camping Resort.

Ohio also houses one of the United States’ national parks – Cuyahoga Valley National Park with its 125 miles of trails and many season-specific activities to engage in.

Popular Tourist Attractions In Ohio

The Amish country of Ohio is quite popular with RVers who like the simple yet challenging life in an RV. Not only that, but you may also partake of these areas’ delicious dishes.

You may like the Wilds as well, a private non-profit safari park with over 9,000 acres of land.  This park may be explored on foot (if you are up to hiking), on horseback, or via zip lines.

Events In Ohio

If you are a fan of sports, then know that Ohio allows you to watch professional baseball teams like the Cincinnati Reds or the Cleveland Indians, or alternatively football teams like the Cleveland Browns.

Arts are a strong suit of Ohio as well – you may watch some remarkable plays in the Ohio Theatre in Columbus or the Playhouse Square in Cleveland.