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Washington is a leading agricultural producer in the US, partly thanks to its diverse and fertile lands. This state boasts the largest production of apples, pears, and potatoes in the US, and it’s also a leader in lumber manufacturing.

These aspects are quite worthy of a more in-depth insight during your next trip to the state, don’t you think?

Where To Rent An RV In Washington?

The best areas for RV rental in the state of Washington would be major urban areas – Seattle, Bellingham, and Olympia in the west, Yakima and Pasco in the southern areas, and Spokane along with Clarkston in the east.

You may also be able to find a few locations in the north and northeast, but the best bet would be in and around the listed locations.

Of course, you may always rent an RV from online platforms like Outdoorsy or RVshare, but unless you have very specific needs, local RV dealers should be good enough.

RV Campgrounds & National Parks In Washington

Among the best RV campgrounds and state parks to stay at in Washington are:

  • Harmony Lakeside RV Park & Cabins.
  • Kenanna RV Park & Campground.
  • Eagle Tree RV Park.
  • Midway RV Park.
  • Columbia Sun RV Resort.
  • Wind Mountain RV Resort & Lodge.
  • Peach Beach RV Park.
  • North Whidbey RV Park.
  • The Driftwood RV Resort & Campground.
  • Riverbend RV Park.

Washington is home to a few national parks as well. Among them, the Olympic National Park is the most famous – it has a diverse landscape comprised of coastline areas, forests, rainforests, mountains, thousands of miles of hiking trails, and even archaeological sites!

Popular Tourist Attractions In Washington

Washington is home to some of the largest privately-owned aviation and car museums, partly because these industries are well-developed here. And the best place for museum visiting and urban entertainment is Seattle, the state’s largest city.

If you are more up to exploring the natural beauties of the state, then you’ll be glad to hear that it’s rich with hiking trails, beaches, and mountains.

Events In Washington

Seattle not only is the biggest and most spectacular city in the state, but it also is one of the best sports cities in the US. You have professional NFL teams like the Seahawks, baseball teams like the Mariners, as well as soccer teams like the Seattle Sounders.

And like many other states, Washington has its own state fair. Being the largest single attraction in the state, the Washington State Fair held in September showcases Washington’s best features via amusement rides, concert series, and agricultural displays.