10 Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans

RV life brings out the adventurous and free side of everyone on board; however, taking precautions for any unforeseen situation in a new, unfamiliar area is mandatory.

Now the question may arise, what kind of unforeseen situation may arise when you are safe and sound in your RV or motorhome? Well, there are many. You may experience a flat tire, empty gas tank, some technical issue, dead battery, or worse, getting locked out of your RV.

Even if you are traveling in your fully secured RV, you cannot stay overnight on a roadside to wait for the morning. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to leave your family in the RV behind while you go out to look for some help, in a completely unfamiliar place.

Such situations call for a system where you need to sit tight and wait for some roadside assistance, that is bound to come. That’s where roadside assistance plans come in handy.

When you don’t leave any ambiguity in your safety matters while at home, why would you take it for granted when you are hundreds of miles away.

What is a RV Roadside Assistance Plan?

A roadside assistance plan is a service that facilitates you with all the necessary gear to get back on the road safely.

When you experience an unexpected situation on your way to your next destination, or in a deserted area, you choose to go to boondock, away from civilization. Calling a dedicated service can help you with the following facilities on the spot.

  • Towing facility
  • Extra gas delivery
  • Jumpstart facility

Several other features include these programs that offer roadside assistance. That’s how you differentiate and choose the one that best suits your requirements. I will get to those in detail later in the post.

What to Look for in a Roadside Assistance Plan?

Many features can affect your selection of the roadside assistance plan. However, I have mentioned the five most important ones, down below.

How Much Price Do They Charge?

Now, many reliable roadside assistance plans are working to help you out whenever you need it. Most of them offer almost similar services with few differences, along with varying price tags.

You can weigh the services and the facilities they offer with the amount they charge for a yearly subscription.

I would suggest you not to count the upfront charges only. If a program charges $100 with services including unlimited towing facility, you are most likely to break even on your investment in one night. And that’s just the towing facility I am talking about, and numerous other features are yet to discuss.

How Many Miles Do They Offer Towing For Free?

When you compare these plans, don’t forget how many miles they offer you to tow for free? Many programs offer an unlimited towing facility. However, some come with a limit.

The limit may range from as low as five miles to as high as 100 miles. After that, you have to pay to reach your desired place.

Do you know that towing services sometimes charge as much as $100 per hour to tow an RV?

If you plan to go RVing very far away, you may want to consider this factor and choose accordingly. The more miles you can get with your plan for free, the better.

What are the Included Features?

Although towing is one of the significant factors to consider, you must consider various other aspects. You may ask the following questions to determine the best plan for you.

  • What if the battery dies and needs a jump start, do they offer this facility?
  • Will they deliver oil, water, or gas on requirements?
  • In case I am locked out of my RV, will they send a locksmith to cater to the needful?
  • Will they provide support in case of a blown, flat tire?

You may look for these and several other features, the more your plan offers, the better.

Are There Any Restrictions or Claim Limits?

Several plans come with a restriction or limit on the number of times you can use their services. These are usually around four times a year. However, some plans may offer a little more than that.

As for the restrictions part, some plans do not provide services to some specific areas like Mexico, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico etc. or they may provide services but incur additional charges.

Does the Plan Cover Family Members?

Another feature that may affect your choice is the inclusion of family members in the plan. While your RV is being fixed at the workstation, some plans include trip interruption protection services.

Trip interruption protection services may include covering your expenses for food, car rental, hotel rentals, or even a replacement RV rental. When a plan covers all your family members, you can avail all these services within the package.

However, if the plan doesn’t include your family members, you may need to pay extra for your kids, wife, or friends. I would recommend you to choose a plan that includes your wife and kids under twenty-five years of age.

10 Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans

Now that you know the most important factors to keep in mind while choosing an RV roadside assistance plan, I have formulated a list of top ten plans to make the selection easier.

Let’s have a look at these.

1. Good Sam Roadside Assistance Program

Good Sam roadside assistance program is one of the most popular assistance programs among the RVers. It is an initiative by RVers who know all the ins and outs of RV living and the problems that may arise.

Their plans range from $80 to $150, making them the most affordable program given the services they offer.

Good Sam offers many plans with different services. The lowest one is starting from $64.95/ year and the highest one reaching up to $149.95/ year.

In case of any emergency, Good Sam extends help by dispatching a mobile RV mechanic to fix flat tires, battery jump starts, any replacement service (if needed), locksmith service, and even supplying fuel or oils up to five gallons.

One of the best features Good Sam offers is the unlimited towing facility. No matter where your RV or motorhome breaks down, you don’t have to worry about the additional towing charges. All three of their plans include this feature.

Even their basic plan provides coverage for your spouse and dependent children i.e trip interruption protection service. That means, you don’t have to worry about your stay or food-related expenses.

With the standard RV plan, the coverage amount goes up to $150 a day with a total value reaching $1000. The other plans reach up to $1200, making the basic plan almost equally worthy. You get coverage on rented, leased, or borrowed RVs as well.

Even being one of the best roadside assistance plans, Good Sam has some low points.

If you choose to travel to Mexico, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands, Good Sam will provide support worth $1000. After that, you are on your own, expenses wise. Moreover, their basic plan does not cover leased, rented, or borrowed vehicles.

Good Sam roadside assistance offers an app for hassle-free use as well. Not only can you reach them quickly but also find numerous discounts that they offer.

2. American Automobile Association (AAA)

AAA is one of the oldest federations of motor clubs in the US. Their comprehensive and affordable plan provides impeccable services for more than 57 million members across North America.

They offer numerous plans ranging from $50 to hundreds of dollars. AAA’s services include jumpstarting your vehicle’s battery, tire repair or replacement, and standard fuel delivery. You can also avail battery replacement services upon requirement.

It pays up to be in the industry for several decades. AAA offers numerous codes and affiliated links all over in the US. There are hotels, repair centers, restaurants, and various other businesses offering discounts for AAA members.

On the other hand, there are some downsides to the AAA plans. There is a limit of using their services, which is four times a year.

Their basic plan allows a free towing facility up to five miles only. As for the other options, you get a free towing facility up to 100 miles. 

Moreover, they do not cover your family members in the trip interruption protection service. You may choose to pay up to $350 per person to include your spouse and/or kids in the coverage.

These two factors can ramp up the cost ominously. Apart from these, AAA is an excellent option.

3. Coach-Net

With the basic plan starting from $180, Coach-Net is a relatively expensive program offering RV roadside assistance. However, you get some quality services at this price tag.

Coach-Net offers assistance that are specifically designed for RVs and camper trailers. They know their job so well that they have set up a 24/7 online assistance program for your convenience. 

In case of a smaller issue that you can solve upon guidance, their online service comes in handy. You don’t have to wait for help to come when you can fix it up yourself.

Coach-Net offers an unlimited towing facility. No matter where you are stranded, they would come to tow you to the nearest RV station or repair center for free.

If you don’t need towing, they extend help by providing tire repair or replacement services, locksmith services, battery boost, or jumpstart services, and the delivery of fuel, oil, water, power steering fluid, brake, and transmission fluid as well.

With so many advantages, Coach-Net does have a significant downside. Their assistance is merely non-existent in some areas in the US, such as Maryland. It would probably be best to consult them before you leave for your destination whether they would be covering the areas you’re heading to.

4. RV Advisor

RV Advisor is a roadside assistance program offered by America’s leading membership clubs. They offer quality services with an affordable price tag.

RV Advisor offers uniquely structured plans. Instead of devising offers on a sliding scale or the basis of your rig’s size, they offer a fixed cost on all of their plans.

The roadside assistance plan for non-members comes at $129/ year, while the members are eligible for a $30 discount, making it worth $99/year for them.

RV Advisor offers more discounts upon purchasing a two or three-year plan.

The services they offer are emergency delivery of fuel, water or oil, locksmith services, repair, or replacement of the tires, including the labor charges and the tire parts.

Other services include jumpstarting your vehicle’s battery, providing winching, assisting in emergency evacuations, and returning travel arrangements.

RV Advisor offers an unlimited towing facility, giving you the peace of mind wherever you go.

They offer an extension of coverage to your whole family and multiple RVs in the same package. Furthermore, you can avail of their roadside assistance services even when you visit Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Virgin US Islands, and more.

RV Advisors also offer trip interruption protection services. However, their services are quite ambiguous, with no clarity on the extent of support they may offer.

A significant downside is that RV Advisor doesn’t offer repatriation of the remains, though I hope no one needs to avail this service ever.

5. Better World Club

Another popular RV roadside assistance program is the Better World Club. The unique feature about them is the eco-friendly model they support. They aim to get you back on the road as fast as possible without bringing any harm to the environment.

Better World Club offers all the standard services, like tire repair and replacement services, locksmith services, battery jump start services, winching, etc. As for fuel delivery, they offer a limited supply of two gallons only.

It is an expensive option to start with. You need to pay $97/ year plus $45 surcharge to avail an RV coverage. Moreover, you must pay an additional $51 per person to cover them in the plan.

The towing capacity is limited to 100 miles; after that, you have to pay. Since Better World Club is planned for regular automobiles, they charge extra for RVs.

6. Allstate Motor Club

Another popular roadside assistance program goes by the name, Allstate Motor Club. The features include standard services similar to other roadside assistance plans, such as tire repair and replacement services, lockout services, fuel delivery, water or oils, and much more.

Allstate offers trip iteration along with trip interruption coverage as well. Moreover, the motor club offers several retail discounts and affiliations.

The best feature about the Allstate Motor Club plan is that you can access these services without buying an Allstate auto insurance plan. Instead, you can opt for paying a very nominal membership fee.

Another excellent feature includes the Allstate motor club’s flexibility to provide assistance and services equally, if you can rent an RV through a peer to peer services such as RVshare or Outdoorsy.

The flexibility to buy a short term plan allows you to enjoy an RV trip without the hassle of buying a long-term, and expensive plan. Meanwhile you still enjoy being backed up by a roadside assistance plan in case of any unforeseen situation.

7. Paragon Motor Club

Another RV roadside assistance plan to make my list is the Paragon Motor Club. They offer emergency assistance to their clients.

In case of any mechanical disorder or running out of gas, you can count on them. Paragon motor club offers flat tire repair and replacement services, battery jumpstart services, locksmith services, and fuel delivery as well.

Their classic roadside membership plan offers towing facilities up to 100 miles. While Paragon Motor Club offers numerous other roadside assistance, you need to pay extra for any additional services.

Paragon would reimburse any emergency transportation expenses you may incur in case of an unfortunate event of your vehicle or RV stolen within 100 miles of your home.

Furthermore, the Paragon motor club offers a referral program that allows you to add another member without any extra charges. Moreover, the plan covers multiple vehicles under one membership. You don’t have to own the vehicle necessarily; it could be rental or borrowed as well.

8. Progressive Insurance Company

Progressive insurance companies, although quite popular in the US, do not offer its coverage in Canada. They offer numerous plans, each offering different coverage levels. You can customize your plan according to your requirements.

Their roadside assistance plans include services like repair and replacement of flat or blown out tires, handling accidental lockouts of your RVs, jump start services, or the replacement of your dead battery along with the delivery of fuel and gas.

Progressive’s RV coverage provides towing facility to the nearest RV station or repair facility, the motorhome or trailer is disabled within 100-feet of publically accessible road.

They offer vacation liability as well, which may offer you liability of $10,000 if someone gets injured around or in your RV. You can choose to upgrade the liability leverage to $500,000 with a minimal additional fee.

9. FMCA Roadside Assistance Program

Another effective plan to help you in the hour of need is the FMCA roadside assistance plan. Like other programs, FMCA offers fully equipped mechanical services such as repair and replacement of flat or blown out tires, lockout service, battery boost by jump start, and fuel delivery.

FMCA offers a towing facility to the nearest qualified repair station.

You can extend your coverage to your family members and add multiple vehicles under the same name. FMCA offers trip interruption protection services up to $1500 per day for its clients.

Moreover, you get online tech assistance if you experience a small issue that you can fix yourself. Instead of waiting for help, you can talk to a tech expert and work on the issue under his knowledgeable guidance.

10. Coachmen RV Roadside Assistance

Unlike others, Coachmen RV roadside assistance comes with the purchase of Coachmen RV. Within one year of purchase, they offer roadside assistance for their clients for free as they aim for their customers’ peace of mind.

The services include the usual mechanical services other programs offer. These include repair and replacement of tires, battery boosting through jump start or replacement of your dead battery, locksmith services if you are accidentally locked out of your RV, winching out, and delivery of fuel and gas upon requirement.

Online technical assistance is available, as well. In case of a small issue, you can contact the tech support and work on the issue yourself instead of waiting for help to arrive in an unfamiliar place

Coachmen RV roadside assistance offers you a towing facility to a nearby, qualified RV station or repair center. Moreover, Coachmen offers trip interruption protection service for your spouse and dependent kids as well.

Final thoughts

Roadside assistance holds excellent value. You cannot take it for granted, thinking you may not need it. Over time, the weather and the usage takes a toll on your vehicle, wear and tear occur, and it gets vulnerable to a breakdown.

Always remember, breakdown is not going to occur, following a schedule, rather it happens at the most unexpected time and place.

Invest in a good roadside assistance plan to get the much-needed peace of mind. If you want an affordable plan that offers unlimited towing, Good Sam would be an ideal choice.

If you want to avail of several discounts and affiliations all over the US, along with an affordable price tag, you can opt for the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Similarly, if you want the liberty to go to Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and more with the peace of mind that you will be backed up in case of an emergency and coverage for your family, you can pick RV Advisor.

If you are an eco-enthusiast, Better World Club can be your pick. For a short term plan, you may invest in the Allstate motor club’s minimal membership fee.

In short, for every kind of traveler, there is a plan. Just pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Have a safe journey.

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