The 12 Best RV Tire Covers: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Are you a proud RV owner? Don’t you just hate it when you see cracks, rust, or signs of corrosion on your RV’s tires while it is in storage or parked for your next travel? Would you not want to protect your wheels from the harsh outdoor elements and help them last longer?

If you own a vehicle, you definitely know how important it is to keep the wheels and spare tires of your vehicle uncompromised. It will not only save you money, but it also prevents road hazards. Rust, dust, wind, rain, frost, snow and even UV rays can degrade the quality of your recreational vehicle’s wheels..

To protect the tires of your RV from these conditions, it is crucial that you use the best tire covers for your vehicle’s wheels. Take note though that there is a wide range of tire covers available in the market and the difficult part is finding the right tire cover for your RV.

To help you with your quest of finding the best cover for your beloved RV tires, let us look at our Top 12 favorites. We also put together a short good to know information about Tire Covers for your RV to guide you in making a sound buying decision.

The 12 Best RV Tire Covers

ADCO 1757 Vinyl Tire Cover (Polar White) Review

ADCO 1757 Polar White Vinyl Tire Cover J...
586 Reviews
ADCO 1757 Polar White Vinyl Tire Cover J...
  • ADCO Tire Cover - Protect your tires from damage caused by UV rays and bird droppings
  • Fit's a Spare Tire with 27" Diameter


  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Dimension: 27 x 9 x 27 inches

ADCO is a brand known for providing sturdy and highly durable RV products for many years now. The ADCO 1757 Vinyl Tire Cover is a reliable and top quality cover that can guarantee your tires’ protection against damage. Since it is an ADCO brand, you know that you can trust its quality.

The ADCO 1757 can fit a 27 inches diameter tire. This cover used heavy-duty vinyl for its construction, which features a welt cord (hollow bead) and an elasticized back so it fits easily. The elasticized hem and back keeps it securely in place while making removal hassle-free. ADCO used flannel for its interior to avoid rubbing or scratching damages to the tires of your recreational vehicle.

The ADCO 1757 is weather resistant and can give high protection to the tires of your vehicle against harsh climate, including UV rays and road grime.

On the downside though, it’s vinyl material can be a little thicker. Some users also reported issues with the fit of the size. Fortunately, though, ADCO now offers this in different sizes to fit any wheel size.


  • Flannel made interior
  • Weather resistant
  • Elasticized back


  • Issues with fit and size
  • Thin vinyl material

ADCO 3962 Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover (Designer Series) Review

ADCO 3962 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel...
252 Reviews
ADCO 3962 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel...
  • ADCO Designer Series Tyre Gards - Protect your stored vehicle's tires; Fits 30" to 32" Tires
  • Heavy duty flannel backed vinyl repels liquid and saves tires from the sun's damaging UV rays and other environmental hazards


  • Weight: 4.74 pounds
  • Dimension: 18.1 x 12.7 x 12.3 inches

As we have mentioned above, ADCO is a top RV product manufacturer. They started out as a sewing business in the 1950s and is family-owned. They now specialize in motorcycle, trailers and recreational vehicles covers.

The ADCO 3962 Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover is their tan-colored designer series tire guard that provides exceptional protection, functionality, and precise fit. It fits a 30-inch to 32-inch diameter tire. Its fastening system features a patented bungee-ball for a more precise fit. It also has brass-reinforced grommets so you will not lose it to the strong wind.

ADCO 3962’s flannel-backed and tough vinyl material construction repel water while shielding the tires from UV rays, dust, and other harmful elements. ADCO designed this cover to safeguard the sidewalls of your tire from premature cracking that can lead to road blowouts.

You will also love that this cover has a 3-year product warranty without asking any questions. The only drawback we can find on this product is its price. This cover unit’s vinyl material is a little thin for its price.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Weather resistant
  • Prevents sidewalls’ premature cracking
  • Flannel vinyl material repels liquid


  • Pricey
  • Thin material

Amfor Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Covers (Set of 4) Review

AmFor Set of 4 Tire Covers,Waterproof...
298 Reviews
AmFor Set of 4 Tire Covers,Waterproof...
  • Convenient: Easy to install, remove and clean;no tools required.
  • Durable: Thick aluminum waterproof material, thick cotton wool lining, durable.


  • Weight: 1.59 pound
  • Dimension: 14.5 x 8.7 x 3.7 inches

The Amfor Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Covers comes with four pieces of covers. Its aluminum film construction makes it waterproof, thus adding to its durability. This versatile product is well suited with different applications including on campers, trucks, trailers, cars and recreational vehicles.

The Amfor Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Cover fits a 27-inch to 29-inch diameter tire. Its lining made of tough cotton wool ensures that your tire is scratch free. You do not need any professional help or any tools to install this cover and cleans very easily too. Its hook design ensures a secure fit and makes it resistant against the wind. When not in use, storing these covers is also convenient as it is foldable and compact.

The Amfor Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Cover’s best feature would be its ability to protect the tires of your RV from damages due to weather conditions, dirt, rust, corrosion, UV rays or any other harmful elements.

The downside would be, over time, it shows deterioration.


  • Waterproof material
  • Hook design
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Wind-resistant
  • Good fit
  • Compact design


  • Material prone to tear and wear

Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel and Tire Protector Review

Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover -...
1,702 Reviews
Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover -...
  • Fits tires from 30"-32"
  • Protect the tires and wheels from sun, dirt, corrosion and all types of weather while your vehicle is parked


  • Weight: 2.55 pounds
  • Dimension: 12.2 x 3.1 x 5.9 inches

Camco is a company based in North Carolina founded in 1966. They are now a known manufacturer of RV accessories. Coming from a known brand, the Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel, and Tire Protector is one of the most reliable tire covers in its category.

This tire cover fits 30-inch to 32-inch diameter RV tires. It has a vinyl material construction that guarantees durability and sturdiness while remaining supple. Meaning, it will last for a long time. Is vinyl material can also protect your vehicles’ wheels from the sun’s rays, dirt, corrosion, and the ever-changing extreme weather conditions.

The Camco 45323 Vinyl Wheel and Tire Protector comes with a strap that has a buckle for easy installation and removal. It is also very compact so you can store it conveniently when not in use. Use its adjustable strap to tighten or loosen the cover around the RV tire, ensuring maximum protection.

A major drawback we noticed on this product is, similar to other tire covers for RV’s, it becomes prone to weathering with frequent outdoor exposure. After several uses, you might also see some discoloration.


  • UV protection
  • Weatherproof material
  • Strap and buckle design
  • Compact and durable


  • Prone to tear and wear
  • Prone to discoloration

Camco 45346 Spare Tire Cover (Vinyl) Review

Camco 45346 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover (27 inches...
641 Reviews
Camco 45346 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover (27 inches...
  • Fits 27" diameter tire; cover measures 27.75" in diameter
  • Heavy nylon thread helps ensure weatherproofing of seams


  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimension: 27.8 x 1 x 8.8 inches

As its name suggests, Camco created the Camco 45346 Spare Tire Cover specifically for spare tires. This cover is very versatile and can fit different sizes of spare tires. It fits a 27 inches diameter RV tire.

The Camco 45346 Spare Tire Cover has a rugged vinyl material construction that offers durability and strength. It uses a strong nylon thread with heavy-duty seams for extra sturdiness. It even is waterproof to ensure your spare tire’s maximum protection from heavy rains, dirt and sun’s heat.

This comes in different sizes, of course, so make sure you get just the correct size for your spare tire. It is relatively easy to install and has an opening at the bottom for drainage and airflow. As a bonus, it comes in an arctic white color that looks nice and good on your spare tire.

On the negative side though, it is prone to wear, tear and cracks over time. Also, the topmost part where the sun hits the most develops a discoloration and turns yellowish.


  • Dry rotting protected
  • Weatherproof
  • Waterproof nylon thread
  • Water repellant vinyl material


  • Prone to cracks, tear, and wear
  • Seams that turns yellow
  • Lacks drain grommet

Classic Accessories 80-084-161001-00 RV Tire and Wheel Cover Review

Classic Accessories OverDrive Standard RV &...
901 Reviews
Classic Accessories OverDrive Standard RV &...
  • Fits RVs & trailers with 27" - 30" diameter tires, up to 8.75" wide
  • Two wheel covers included


  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Dimension: 66 x 8 x 30 inches

The Classic Accessories 80-084-161001-00 RV Tire and Wheel Cover guarantees buyer’s satisfaction. It is conveniently manageable to use because it has a slip-on fit. This cover can fit 29-inch to around 31.75-inch diameter tires and is available in different sizes up to 42 inches.

It’s rugged and tough vinyl material construction is waterproof while its soft back ensures that there are no scratches on your wheel. It has an interior lining that makes it breathable. It features an elasticized back panel that ensures a good and secure fit on your RV’s tire.

The Classic Accessories 80-084-161001-00 RV Tire and Wheel Cover is also UV rays and mildew resistant, thus protecting your RV’s tires from damage from the sun and the harsh elements.

Just like the other tire covers though, with time, its vinyl material suffers from tears.


  • UV and mildew resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Scratchproof backing
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Heavy-duty and waterproof vinyl material


  • Vinyl prone to tears

Classic Accessories 80-108-041001-00 Wheel Cover (OverDrive RV Dual Axle) Review

Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Dual Axle...
248 Reviews
Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Dual Axle...
  • Fast and easy slip-on fit
  • Waterproof, wipe-clean vinyl with soft, non-scratch backing


  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Dimension: 66 x 8 x 30 inches

This Classic Accessories 80-108-041001-00 Wheel Cover is very convenient and easy to just slip on. It has a tough vinyl material construction that is waterproof and easy to clean. It ensures maximum protection from the damaging sun and from mildew. To ensure maximum protection of your vehicle’s tires, it even comes with a backing that is non-scratch.

This cover has two rear eyelets that secure its bottom flaps while giving your tires a clean and neat look. Its back panel is also elasticized giving it flexibility for convenient installation. With its well-stitched thick vinyl cover but soft inner liner, the Classic Accessories 80-108-041001-00 Wheel Cover does not only give good protection for the RV tires but also gives your tires an elegant gray covered look.

This cover unit is lightweight making it easy to install and remove. However, compared to similar models of the same material it is not as durable.


  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Water repellent


  • Not durable

Classic Accessories 80-221-152302-00 Deluxe Wheel Covers (White) Review

Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe RV &...
719 Reviews
Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe RV &...
  • Fits RVs & trailers with 24" - 27" diameter tires, up to 8.5" wide
  • Four wheel covers included


  • Weight:4.14 pounds
  • Dimension: 27.5 x 8.8 x 27.2 inches

The Classic Accessories 80-221-152302-00 Deluxe Wheel Covers is a multifunctional tire cover that you can use not only for RVs but also for 5th wheels and travel trailers. This is definitely a Class A tire cover for motorhomes.

It fits 26.75-inch to 29-inch tires and can cover 8 ½ inches tires. This cover has a tough wipe-clean vinyl material construction with an anti-scratch soft black backing. Its waterproof exteriors can withstand water and moisture while protecting the RV tires from dirt, rust and ultraviolet rays.

With its elasticized panel at the back, it provides a secure fit. Each cover also has two rear eyelets to help secure its bottom flap for a clean and neat look. It comes in white color, which helps in reflecting the sun’s rays.

Our only problem with this tire covering is that you would need to slip the entire cover over your tire then you have to tie it with a string or rope. It just takes a little extra time and effort in installing compared to the other tire covers for RVs.


  • Scratchproof
  • Easy installation
  • Protected from dry rot, snow, corrosion, and dust
  • Versatile
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable


  • Takes time to install

Leader Accessories RV Tire and Wheel Covers Review

Leader Accessories 2pcs RV Tire/Wheel Covers...
63 Reviews
Leader Accessories 2pcs RV Tire/Wheel Covers...
  • Fits 26.75"-29" in diameter from side to side,it is not the rim size.
  • Protect the tires and wheels from sun, dirt, corrosion and all types of weather while your vehicle is parked


  • Weight: 7.26 pounds
  • Dimension: 12.9 x 11.9 x 11.1 inches

The Leader Accessories RV Tire and Wheel Covers is an ideal tire cover for the wheels of your RV during the winter. It can also protect the RV tires from cracks and damages from the sun’s harmful rays. Its thick, heavy-duty and sturdy vinyl construction ensures that your tires receive the highest level of protection from sun damage, corrosion, dirt, and other harmful weather conditions. This tough and solid cover can resist UV rays, molds, and mildew.

The Leader Accessories RV Tire and Wheel Cover fits 29-inch to about 31.75-inch diameter RV tires. It is convenient to install as it has a quick and easy slip-on design. With its tough six stitches per inch, soft non-scratch backing, eyelets and cord, it gives a good and secure fit.

Our only complaint is that the elastic cord that comes with it is low quality and its vinyl material is less durable.


  • Back hem is elasticized
  • Soft cotton back
  • Waterproof vinyl


  • Low-quality elastic cord
  • Less durable

TCP Global Canvas Wheel Tire Covers (Set of 4) Review

TCP Global Set of 4 Canvas Wheel Tire Covers...
883 Reviews
TCP Global Set of 4 Canvas Wheel Tire Covers...
  • Set of 4 Covers Fits Tire Diameters 31" to 39.5"
  • Wire embedded rod sewn into cover for form fitting onto tire


  • Weight: 5.1 pounds
  • Dimension: 23.6 x 23 x 1.7 inches

The TCP Global Canvas Wheel Tire Covers is ideal for those who want canvas tire covers instead of vinyl. It even comes with 4 pieces of tire covers. The canvas material is breathable while still providing high protection against the sun, rust, dirt or damage from any harmful elements.

Aside from recreational vehicles, the TCP Global Canvas Wheel Tire Cover also works well with campers, trailers, trucks, cars and other automobiles. It fits 31-inch to 39.5-inch diameter tires. It can even cover 9-inch deep wide tires and wheels.

You can expect this cover unit to suitably form-fit to the wheels due to its wire-embedded rod. You can quickly install or remove it as it has a wire tension backer for a snap-on design. If even works effectively with wind blocking.

On the downside though, it lacks a vinyl backing and about an inch or two smaller than expected. While it can protect the tires of your RV, it is not as good as vinyl in terms of rain or dust protection.


  • Thick but breathable canvas
  • Durable
  • Protects from UV rays, rust, and dirt
  • Sewn with wire embedded rod


  • No vinyl backing
  • Smaller size

TCP Global Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel and Tire Covers (Set of 2) Review

TCP Global Set of 2 Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel...
162 Reviews
TCP Global Set of 2 Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel...
  • Set of 2 High Quality Vinyl RV Wheel Covers for 26.75" to 29" tire diameters, Fits up to 11" deep-wide tires, Includes 3 year warranty
  • Waterproof and weatherproof, a must have for summer or winter storage by keeping the sun, rain or snow from damaging your tires


  • Weight: 1.95 pounds
  • Dimension: 13 x 8.5 x 4 inches

TCP as a company started as a small store in 1974 in Lakeside California. Now, it is a giant company manufacturing RV accessories. The TCP Global Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel and Tire Cover is just one of its product know for durability and versatility.

It comes in a set of two, both made from heavy-duty and top quality vinyl material. It is waterproof and weatherproof. This tire covering comes with an elastic inner edge, flannel backing, and nylon strap with buckle. The buckle ensures the secure coverage of the tires in any weather conditions. With its high versatility, this tire-covering unit is compatible not just with recreational vehicles but also with trailers, motorhomes, trucks, and campers.

The TCP Global Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel and Tire Cover fit 26.75-inch to around 29 inches diameter tires. It also has several sizes so make sure that you find the ideal size for your vehicle’s tires. Since this cover is both weatherproof and waterproof, it is perfect for your recreational vehicle during winter or summer storage. It can protect your wheels from the damage coming from the sun, rain or snow.

This covering for RV tires is rather easy to install, remove and even clean. Its snug fit ensures maximum tire protection. When not in use, it folds into a compact size for easy storage. With its durability and reusability, you definitely get value for the money you spent on this tire cover for RVs.

The drawback though, is that its nylon strap buckle breaks easily with frequent outdoor exposure.


  • Nylon strap buckle
  • Cleans easily
  • Flannel backed
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof


  • Nylon strap buckle prone to breakage

Tsofu Spare Tire Cover Review

Spare Tire Cover PVC Leather WaterProof...
51 Reviews
Spare Tire Cover PVC Leather WaterProof...
  • MULTI-FUNCTION - Waterproof, strong wearability, wipe-clean vinyl with soft, non-scratch backing. Helps guard against sun, rain, mud, and other elements. And strongly improves your vehicle appearance.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Our Spare Tire Cover are made of high quality PVC leather material, Thickest material in the market. with Non-scratch soft backing. Elasticized, breathable and durable material...


  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Dimension: 9.5 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches

Although not as popular as the other brands on this list, the Tsofu Spare Tire Cover deserves its spot as one of our favorites. It is a multifunctional covering unit for your spare tire. Its top-notch PVC leather material is sturdy and waterproof, allowing it to protect your RV’s spare tires from the harmful UV rays, heat, mud, rain, mildew and other harmful elements.

The Tsofu Spare Tire Cover’s thick material construction is also breathable with soft non-scratch backing and elasticized. It can retain its shape even when exposed to extreme temperatures or harsh weather.

This cover for a spare tire is easy and quick to fit on or remove without needing any extra tool. Its elasticized hem comes with fast-to-connect clasps so you can adjust the fit easily. It is available in varying sizes so it can fit any car make and model like Honda CRV or Jeep Wrangler. It works well not just for recreational vehicles but also with campers and trucks.

On the negative, they could make the elastic core a bit more durable as it has the tendency to rip easily.


  • Mildew and UV resistant
  • Multi-functional
  • Waterproof
  • PVC leather material
  • Easy to install


  • The elastic core can rip easily

RV Tire Covers Buyers Guide

Tire Cover for RV: What is it?

RV Tire Covers

A tire cover for your RV is an important accessory for your treasured recreational vehicle. The cover protects your RV’s tires from damages possibly done to it by the natural elements, thus helping your tires to last longer. That means, you can save money from not having to buy new tires, plus it minimizes the dangers of driving with damaged tires. Keep in mind that some of the damages show up once you have already hit the road.

When you are not using your RV, or just keeping it in storage for the winter, cover your wheels with the best tire cover for RVs. It guarantees an extended life for your RV’s tires. With the covers on, you do not expose the tires to the harmful rays of the sun, the wind, and other harsh conditions.  Additionally, they are easy to install and remove.

Most tires nowadays have Ultraviolet protectant layers but the layers can only shield the tire surface if the vehicle is moving. There are also chemicals and solvents that can remove these protection layers when they come in contact with your tires. This means that you may not know when the protective layers can no longer do their jobs and your tires have no protection from the sun’s rays when not moving.

If you plan to park the RV for a certain period before while waiting for your next travel, we recommend that you invest in a good Tire cover unit to protect your RV’s wheels.

How do RV Tire Covers Work?

The goal of these tire covers for RVs is to extend your tires’ lifespan by preventing damage to your RV wheels. Thus, it works by protecting the tires from harmful elements such as the heat of the sun, frost, wind, dust, rust, corrosion, etc. It even reduces heat penetration to your tires, which has a negative effect on rubber.

Tire coverings for RVs are available in different colors but we recommend using white covers. Other colors like gray, black or tan might look good aesthetically but they attract heat more. Regardless of color though, the best tire covers for your RV would ensure protection for your RV’s tires.

Another great feature of most tire covers is their elastic top. It gives a good fit to ensure effective coverage. There are also some models with built-in drawstrings at the cover’s bottom so you can easily make adjustments on its tightness.

Manufacturers have obviously put some thought into these tire covers’ features and material construction. Most of them are waterproof and windproof so you have fewer worries even during the wet or rainy season. The backing normally has a softer fabric to avoid scratches on your tires.

Types of Tire Covers for RV

The size is the most commonly used category in determining the various types of tire covers for RVs. These covers are normally in a single size or in double XL and available in back, or white.

You usually use the smaller, single size covering unit for the RV tires’ front part. If you want to protect the whole RV tire, go for the larger sized double XL. People who want some air to freely flow through their RV tires go for the smaller sized ones.

Another category type would be the style of your tire cover unit. The shield type covers just your RV tire’s front part. The bag type, on the other hand, covers the entire tire, giving protection to the whole RV tire.

Color is also another type. Most covers come in black or white colors. Both colors provide the whole protection expected from a tire cover. Some owners of RVs choose white so it attracts less heat especially in areas with extreme temperatures, while others choose black to keep the dirt hidden. It depends entirely on the buyer’s preference. Some tire cover units come in gray or tan colors.

Is it necessary to have tire covers for your RV?

For people who do not yet understand the purpose of tire covers for RVs, they might still ask if those are necessary. To answer their question once and for all, yes, we can actually say that tire covers for RVs can be a necessity.

If you own an RV, you definitely know how much you have to spend on those tires. If any of those sustain any damage, you need to spend again to replace it. If you can save money by increasing those tires’ lifespan, would you not go for it? So, go ahead and cover those tires up when not in use to make them last longer.

Your exposed RV tires receive plenty of wear from harsh environmental elements. The main one is the harmful heat or UV rays from the sun. It does a lot of damage to rubbers. Your tire covers will serve as shields that protect the tires from the sun’s rays.

In addition, these tire covers protect the tires of your RV from the ever-changing weather and extreme temperatures (too much heat or coldness). Thus, it helps prevent premature cracking on your tires’ sidewalls.

You will love the fact that these covers come in different types, sizes, and colors. There is a shield style for just covering your tire’s front part and there is the bag style that can cover the whole RV tire. As we have also discussed above, these tire covers come in different colors with white or black as the most common. You also have the option to choose custom tire covers for RVs or covers for RVs spare tire. You can also find chrome wheel covers for RV if you want that option.

Benefits of Tire Covers for RVs

Every owner knows that an RV is not a cheap investment. So, protect it at all cost. Your RV’s wheels and tires are part of what makes your RV function and run so they also need protection from damage. If you still doubt the necessity of investing in tire covers for RVs, we listed some of the advantages you will receive in buying tire covers for RVs.

Prevents Blowouts – Harsh elements can cause your tires to crack and dry rot. These damages sometimes just show themselves once you are already on the road and can cause your tires to blow out. Covering your tire to prevent cracks or dry rot can help prevent tire blowouts while you are traveling.

Saves Money – Once damaged, you cannot repair your tires anymore. Your option would be to buy new ones and they usually do not come cheap. Check and see how much you can save from buying tire covers for your RV versus buying new sets of tires.

Tires look new – Having the right tire covers for your wheels would ensure protection from the harmful elements that can cause damage. Even if you cannot frequently check your tires ‘condition while your RV is in summer or winter storage, you can rest easy that your wheels will still look new on the next camping season.

Protected from cracking and dry rotting – Weather changes and exposure to outdoor elements often cause premature cracking or dry rot on the wheels of your RV. Investing in the best tire covers for RV in the correct size can guarantee prevention of these unwanted cracks and rot.

Shielded from outdoor elements – This is primarily the goal of RV tire covers. Manufactures designed them mainly as a shield for your RV wheels and tires. When parked outdoors, you expose your RVs tires to all the harmful environmental elements including bird droppings, dirt, dust, grime, UV rays, wind, frost, rain, snow, rust, mildew, molds, etc. The chemical reactions of these pollutants with your tires lead to degradation and deterioration. The tire covers would serve as the RV tires’ shield that protects them from all the elements and thus prolong their lifespan.

Protected from rust and corrosion – Moisture build-up can lead to the development of rust and corrode your wheels. Using tire covers, especially waterproof ones, will protect your wheels from moisture. It can help prevent rust and corrosion, requiring you to purchase new ones. Make sure that you invest in snug-fitting and rightly sized tire covers for the tires of your RV and protect your wheels from rust and corrosion.

Waterproof and Weatherproof – To ensure that it can give the highest level of protection, most tire covers for RVs are waterproof and also weatherproof. Moisture can cause the deterioration of your tires quickly. Waterproof tire covers would ensure the protection of your vehicle’s tires from rain or any liquid. Weatherproof tire covers can even protect your RV wheels from frost or snow during the cold season. Your RV wheels would stay in good condition and look new even under the harsh changes of weather and temperature spikes.

Protected from UV rays and the sun’s heat – Your tires have rubber materials in it, thus, it suffers when exposed to excessive heat or harmful UV rays. Get a good tire cover for RVs to block those harmful rays from penetrating and damaging your tires.

Protected from rodents – Take into consideration that some of those cute, furry critters would also look for a warm and safe place to sleep especially during the winter and those wonderful wheels are just the perfect spot. Most of the time, they do not just sleep, they scratch and they gnaw as well. Tire covers will block their access to your precious tires and protect it from those small but sharp claws and teeth.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Tire Covers for an RV

Every RV owner knows that you need to invest in a good and reliable tire cover for your RV to ensure maximum protection for the tires of your RV, thus keeping it in good condition. You certainly would also know that there are so many different types and brands of tire cover out there. Therefore, you need to know exactly what to look for in choosing for your RV’s tire covers.

Installation Process – Tire covers for RVs come in different designs, but please do not make your decision based on design alone. It would be wise to check if the tire cover’s design would ensure quick and easy installation and removal. Find one that you can install in more or less 15 minutes. Go for a good cover that you can conveniently install when needed and remove just as fast and easily when you are ready for a trip.

Price – With so many different types of tire covers for RVs, there is also a wide range of different prices. Although most high-quality tire covers would obviously have higher prices, you should still not assume that the most expensive cover unit for RV tires is the best one out there.

If you take the time to check different products and compare their features, you might find a very good high-quality tire cover unit for RVs at a modest price. Just spend some time looking around and thoroughly checking. Make sure that you take note of their pros and cons including prices when making your comparisons.

Durability – Do not forget to assess the tire cover’s durability before making your decision. Remember, these covers will need to protect your RV’s tires from harsh weather conditions so they need to withstand exposure to those elements. Find a heavy-duty tire cover to ensure the highest protection for your recreational vehicle’s tires. The most durable tire covers can handle extreme weather changes, from the hottest days to the heaviest rains. Make sure to check user reviews and features.

Construction Materials – Always check the specific materials that manufacturers used in the tire cover’s construction. Make sure that you invest in a tire cover with good and solid construction. Manufacturers use different types of materials for these tire covers. There are some made from the fanciest of materials. However, if these cannot give the protection your RV tires’ need, it would be best to avoid them completely.

Go for tire cover units for RVs that are at least water-resistant if not waterproof. This would ensure that you get the best possible results from the cover as it can even protect the tires from rust. Do not forget that rust occurs when there is moisture build-up. Waterproof covers can best prevent this natural occurrence. Tire covers with vinyl materials are usually the best in terms of being water-resistant or waterproof.

Size – The size of your tire covering unit is a crucial deciding factor when buying. It would obviously have the biggest impact on your choice. Please do not get a cover that does not fit your tire size. If you are not sure of the size of your RV wheels, measure it first before making a purchase.

Never forego size for the design. Your tire covers should fit the tires of your RV perfectly and completely cover them. A wrong sized cover will cause sagging and can lead to friction or a water buildup. You would not want that, as it would cause more damage than good. You can also find your RV tire’s size on the tire’s sidewall where it is usually printed. Make sure to invest in a tire cover that fits the size of your tires exactly.

Warranty – Consider the product’s warranty when buying your RV’s tire covers. You can actually find some that offer a 3-year warranty. Knowing that someone will help you when you need it will add to your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you clean the tire covers for RVs?

Cleaning the covers of the tires of your RV is relatively simple. You just need warm, clean water. Most users do not recommend using soap since the chemicals on the soap may wash away certain protective layers of the cover.

Get a bucket full of warm clean water and use a sponge or soft cloth to clean your tire cover. Never use chemicals or harsh cleaners as your cleaning solution. Take note, you expose your tire covers to Ultraviolet damage. Some materials, vinyl especially, will peel, crack, fade, dry or develop brittleness when exposed to chemicals after long sun exposure.

You can protect your tire covers as well so they serve your RV’s tires for a long time. You can apply protective dressing on it after cleaning. That way, you preserve its good condition and excellent look. Use water only in cleaning it. In cases where you need to use soap to remove stubborn dirt or grime, make sure that you use a mild soap.

When cleaning your tire cover, ensure that you rinse the entire cover’s surface including the sew lines. Then, dry the tire cover completely before you apply the protective dressing. Do not forget to do this as part of the regular maintenance to protect the wheels of your RV. Watch out for dirt and clean it immediately. Dirt is an abrasive and can lead to damage or wear out the tire covers’ seams. Mildew also develops in damp and dirty surfaces. So, make sure that you protect your RV’s tires by putting tire covers on it and protect your tire covers by cleaning them regularly.

How do you cover the tires of your RV’s wheels using a tire cover?

As long as you have the accurate size, you can easily cover your RV’s tire with the tire covers. Find a dry storage place for your tires, preferably a cool place as well to protect minimize the effects of the heat. You can store them in the basement, garage or your workshop. If you have temperature controlled storage area, that would be the ideal place. If you can, do not leave the tires outdoor even when they have a cover.

When you have already decided on a perfect storage place, fit your tire covers into the RV tires. This is why it is important that you have the correct size. This can take a few minutes, but as long as you have the right tire covers, you will not encounter many problems.  When you have already installed the covers on the tire and fitted it correctly, attach the bungee strap, clip or hook to secure the covering from flying off and disappearing.

How do I know if my tire cover for my RV is the correct size?

The size of the tire cover unit for RVs is a crucial factor to consider in buying one. Keep in mind that RV’s do not have similar sized tires or wheels, which is actually, why there are different sizes of tire covers in the market.

Check the size of your vehicle’s tires to know the ideal size to get for your tire covers. You can look at your spare tire and check its sidewalls. There is usually a tire code or specific label printed there that shows the number size of your RV tire. If you cannot find that number, then just measure the tire to get the size. Measure the tire from one tread then across the rim to another tread.

Where do manufacturers make RV tire covers?

The location where they make the tire covers for RVs would depend on the manufacturers. Regardless of the manufacturer or where it’s from though, you can always find the tire cover unit you need from any car shops or even online. Whatever you choose, make sure that you have thoroughly checked out all the important information about the product.

Do tire covers for RVs have UV-shield? Are they waterproof?

With so many different types of tire covers for RVs, you can definitely find one that is either waterproof, have UV protection or both.

A waterproof tire cover for your RV protects the tires from heavy rains. It also prevents moisture build-up that can lead to the development of rust and erosion. Nowadays, most tire covers for RVs have UV protection, even tires now have UV protection. The UV protection on tires, however, only works when it is rotating. Therefore, if your RV will sit for a long time without moving, you need tire covers for RVs to protect the tires from the sun’s UV rays.

Is it worth it to have tire covers on your RV?

The answer is a very big Yes. As we have stated several times in this article, a tire cover for your RV’s tires will ensure their protection from damage made by the harsh environmental factors.

Excessive sun exposure, for example, can cause damage to the rubber material of your tire. The heat and sun damage level also doubles in every increase of 16 degrees Fahrenheit. Bear in mind that once damaged, you cannot repair it. You need to replace it and that means you need to spend extra. This is one scenario where prevention is better than cure.

Prevent the damage by investing in tire covers for your RV. The cover unit will serve as a shield that protects the tires from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It will also protect the tires from frost or cold temperatures or even moisture build-up that can cause rusting. With tire covers on your RV’s tires, you can also prevent premature cracks from developing on your tires’ sidewalls. You can obviously see its worth just by looking at the benefits it can give.

What are good brands for RV tire covers?

You will be glad to know that there are several reputable and reliable brands of tire covers for RVs. Some of them have been producing RV products for several years already. With RV tire covers becoming more of a necessity than an accessory, many more top brands compete with each other.

One of the popular brands is Classic Accessories. They are popular for their high versatile tire covers for RVs. Their tire covers fit various kinds of vehicles including travel trailers tires, 5th wheel and of course RVs. It is also a top-notch choice for most RV owners as Classic Accessories tire covers come with a rugged and sturdy material construction.

Camco is another excellent RV tire cover brand, known to produce products with durable and sturdy material construction. They usually use vinyl for their products, which guarantees a strong enough material that will last long.

TCP Global is another brand that most RV owners trust. Their tire covers for RVs are highly durable but completely breathable, providing the highest protection for your tires.

You can also check tire covers for RVs manufactured by Leader Accessories, ADCO and Amfor.

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What are the different Cover Types for Spare Tires?

The two different types of covers for your spare tires are the Hard and Soft, which means it depends on the material used in construction.

Soft Covers – Soft covers usually have vinyl materials. They wrap around the RV spare tire and a cord or elasticized hem keeps that cover in place. Some of these soft covers have cotton or felt anti-scratch to prevent damage or scratches on your tires. These types of covers for spare tires come cheaper than the hardcover but it is less durable so you might still need to spend a little extra in buying replacements.

Hard Covers – Hardcovers have rigid materials like molded plastic, stainless steel or a combination of both. A hardcover type has two parts, the rin, and the faceplate. The ring would sit around the spare tire and the faceplate will cover the tire’s front. The ring keeps the faceplate locked in place and secures the whole tire cover.

Due to its material construction, this type of covering unit for spare tires is mildew and mold resistant. It is also very durable and lasts for a long time compared to the soft cover. It obviously is more expensive, sometimes twice the price of soft covers but it does provide better security for your spare tire.

It is important to note though that hardcover is a little harder to fit. If this is the case for you, modify the mount of your spare tire so it fits correctly with your hardcover.


To enjoy traveling and camping in your RV, it needs to be in good running condition. It definitely will not run without a good set of wheels. So make sure that you protect the tires of your RV.

Having the best tire covers for your RV is a good investment and certainly worth it. It will protect the RV tires from damage and degradation caused by various elements including weather conditions, corrosion and rust formation.

Spend time reading on different tire covers and compare them before making a decision. With the help of this short guide and some product reviews, you can definitely find the best tire covers for your RV.

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