RV Trade In Value

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Don’t throw away good money at bad, is a saying that applies to sell your RV. Before putting out in the market for sale, there are lots of things you could do for an upgrade. Earning a little more bucks for your RV isn’t bad, and we’re going to show you how. There are lots of ways you can upgrade your RV. All you need is a little creativity. Here are 13 tips for increasing your RV trade value in value.

RV Trade In Value

1. Clean your RV thoroughly

You will want to clean your RV before showing it to prospective buyers. But cleaning here isn’t your regular dusting and vacuuming. Two smells that turn away customers are smoke and cat pee; smoking and pets. Yes, most of us travel with pets, but you aren’t sure about the buyers. They might be allergic to cat fur, or even cigarette smoke. You’ll have to clean your RV to put away these smells thoroughly. Use warm water and rugs to clean the interior and fabrics of your RV.

Tidy up the place and ensure everything is in order. Throw away unused items or put them to good use. With time, the walls of your RV tend to discolor. This is normal. You’ll also have to do something about this. Consider replacing them or still using odor eliminating paint to coat it. If you’re not familiar with the cleaning procedures and techniques, you can call in a professional to do the job for you. First impression matters and cleaning your RV is the first step to a good one.

2. Dispose of any personal items

When you sell your RV, it means someone else will own it. The RV will be their new home. They need to transform it from a traveling vehicle to home. This will not be the case if your items remain back. Help your buyer envision and increase their adventure by removing your items such as picture frames, and souvenirs. 

Doing this removes your memories and also creates a chance for them to make their own. Strip down the RV to the necessary items and essentials. This also creates more room for the new owners to fill in their items. In no time, the new buyers will have forgotten about the previous owner.  

3. Make charging sockets easy and accessible

We’re in the 21st century, and we can’t go anywhere without our mobile phones, leave alone staying for five minutes without looking at the screens. While a decade ago, the night times were spent outside looking at the stars, technology has spiced things up. Nowadays, we opt to pass time by either browsing the internet using our phones, laptops, or tablets or watching TV.

One thing that will be a massive disappointment to your buyer is lack of access to charging ports. That will be like denying them their freedom. Absence of charging ports kills the vibe of travelling. We’ve occasionally seen kids fight over who will have the socket to charge their tablets. Well, you can avoid these awkward situations by fitting new plates which feature inbuilt USB Ports. 

The new buyers can now conveniently charge multiple phones, tablets, and laptops as well as watch TV. While this move might seem insignificant, it shows the buyer that you’re keen on putting the VR up to date with technology.

4. Look for ways to create more storage

Do you know that even with the original design of the RV it is possible to create more storage space? Many buyers will be looking for more space to store their belongings. With vast space, you will be sure to sell your VR. Buyers are searching for incredible amounts of storage without having to sacrifice their space. 

Motor homes are known to be limited on space, so it’s essential to be creative on how to incorporate more storage. You could opt to buy furniture pieces that double as benches and storage compartments. Also, find a way to organize your RV. Replace bulky cabinets with storage shelves and compartments to create more storage space. 

When it comes to creating space in RVs, look up. The height is the way to go. Installing shelves and bins along the height will create more space without having to sacrifice the living space. You will be surprised at how much more space you can add to your RV.

5. Upgrade to a modern living style

We’re in modern times, and buyers are looking to make their lives easier and better. Fit your RV with modern touches to ensure that this is the case. Updating and upgrading your RV will not only make it stand out but also make life more comfortable and convenient for the new owners. The first step to go about with this is changing your old turn style awnings with new mechanical awnings.

Incorporating smart technology is also a thumbs up to upgrading to modern style. There are many smart features, such as automatic locks and lights, which are controllable by the comfort of one’s mobile phone. On top of being in style, they will go a long way in enhancing and tightening the security. Another great way of adding value to your RV is by adding extra special touches such as light colors and diming features.

6. Deciding on where you want to sell your RV

There are many potential areas that you could sell your RV, in different ways too. You could opt to sell it either online or offline. Selling your RV offline means that you are selling it to the local market. Probably leaving the sign ‘for sale’ outside it. If this is your route for sale, then you need to locate an excellent place to park your RV, somewhere likely to be seen by many people. This will assist many people who are interested in buying the RV to notice it.

Selling it online means looking for customers, not from the local area. You can sell it through sites such as eBay, Craiglist, RVT.com, or RV Trader. People buying through sites are looking for cheap items, and so probably you won’t make as much money as you would like. Whatever means you choose to use, market your RV in the best possible way. Let relatives and friends know that you’re selling it and widen your market. You can also advertise it on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Timing is everything. It’s important to know that most people plan their trips during the summer and spring seasons. This mainly occurs to families who are looking to travel with their kids during the school breaks. The best time to put your RV out there for sale is before spring when the flowers are beginning to bloom. During this time, when the grasses are starting to grow, people are busy making travel plans. This is the peak season when people will come from very far in search of your motorhome.

7. Write a good advertisement

Good marketing is essential in finding a reasonable price for your RV. If you decide to market and advertise your RV through magazines, newspapers, or online, then you need to write a strong and enticing ad. Include all the relevant information related to your RV. It’s ok to write a lengthy description but make it fun to read and tell the buyer what he or she needs to know.

The information to include about your RV are inclusive of how long you’ve owned it, the total number of miles it has traveled if you’ve made any repairs recently, the qualities of its features and so on. The list goes on and on. Make the reader conversant with the RV as much as possible. Also, make known to the reader why your RV stands out from the rest of the market and why they need to buy it. With no time, you’ll find yourself selling your RV.

8. Upgrade the safety features

Safety is a core concern when it comes to living in your van. Vans are potential things that attract thieves and burglars. More than once have we heard of people being attacked while inside their vans and their items taken. For this matter, therefore, it would be very wrong and unethical for you to sell your RV when proper security measures haven’t been taken. More so, no one would want to buy an RV that doesn’t guarantee them their safety and those of their kids. 

One thing that every buyer will cross check before buying RVs is whether there are proper safety features that have been put in place. Many if not all, buyers opt for high-performance safety features. What’s great about upgrading the safety features of your RV is that it is simple and will add tons of value to your van. With this, you’re guaranteed of selling your van at the desired price.

Some of the steps to take in the topic of security include switching outdated smoke and CO2 detectors with new and smart ones; new ones that are sure to alert you of emergency cases even if you’re out of you VR. You can take the security matter a step further by installing water detection motors that will alert you when there is water leakage. These measures become appealing to buyers who intend to do a lot of traveling with the RVs. 

9. Install your RV with new appliances

If you are looking to impress new buyers, especially during the peak periods, you need to think outside the box. Installing your RV with new appliances is a great way of tempting your buyers to consider buying your motorhome. Invest extra money into your RV to make it more appealing and attractive. However, note that this doesn’t imply that you throw money at all the appliances found in your RV.

A good rule is that of replacing any appliances that are over five years. You could opt to buy new ones or still exchange them with used ones. This is in a bid to cut costs. Other appliances in your RV to replace are those that are out of date. This gives your RV a cohesive theme and attractive look. You’ll find that most of these outdated appliances don’t work and are just there to be seen.

Having sleek and modern appliances in your RV will attract new buyers, it will show them that you have put in the time and effort to care for your RV and that they aren’t going to waste their money by investing in you. As we usually say, first impression matters, and adding new appliances to your RV makes that statement true. Think outside the box and stand out from your competitors.

10. Equipping your RV with Laundry Features

Another great perk for buyers is equipping your RV with laundry features. This is sure to add you points and sell the RV at any reasonable price that you propose. This is especially true with large families. With the small spaces provided by the RVs, people tend to under pack their clothing. With this, there is sure to be lots of laundry stops along the way. You will be surprised at how much people will appreciate and get attracted to RVs with laundry features.

Equipping you RV with laundry features saves not only the new owners lots of laundry cash but also loads of time driving around looking for places to wash their clothes. This time can otherwise be used to spend quality time with loved ones. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should rush to the store and get a washing machine for your RV. Washing machines for these vans are different from the ones that you use at home.

Washing machines designed for RVs are more compact and smaller and occupy less space. Others come as stackable ones and feature dryers as well. If you’re serious about impressing the buyer, you can opt to purchase a hand-operated washer that not only occupies less space but also consumes less water. This way, the buyer will see that you’re serious and concerned about their livelihood. 

11. Customize a greener way of travel

We are in an era of a healthy lifestyle and efficient living. As the world is changing to a greener lifestyle and reducing the carbon (IV) oxide emissions, you should also update your RV. On top of appreciating, how efficient and cool your RV is, potential buyers are also looking for smaller and greener changes that will save them money.

You don’t have to go big. Small changes and practices such as switching off your bulb lights to save energy will go a long way in saving you loads of cash. It, however, doesn’t end there. There are lots of other things and measures that you can put in place to ensure that you save energy and make a difference. Water taps and fixtures are also a thumbs up in saving costs. Go for taps that shut off smoothly and reduce water flow in a bid to save water and energy.

Finally, some RVs come with their heat and cooling system. You could consider changing them and switching to wireless thermostats. Wireless thermostats have numerous advantages. With them, you can control the airflow and also regulate the amount of power that you use on heating and cooling. Doing all these things show that you’re concerned about the environment and are doing everything possible to conserve energy.

12. Install fuel-efficient features

Another great way of increasing the trade value of your RV is by installing fuel-efficient features. Those people that have spent the most time on the road will tell you that the biggest expense you’ll incur is fuel costs. The market is coming up with newer and more eco-friendly RVs, but you can personally go out of your way to cut down some of the fuel costs.

One thing that normally results in the high fuel consumption, yet many people don’t know is the type of tires your vehicle is using. Low tire pressures might be the reason for high fuel consumption. They tend to drag along, which results in the fuel being burned more quickly. To solve this, you should install your RV with tire pressure monitors that will increase its appeal and value.

The monitors will alert you when the pressure is low so that you may slow down and stop burning fuel more quickly. Another measure that you can take to cut on the fuel cost is by installing solar panels on the roof of your RV. With this, you will use solar energy for electronic devices and appliances in your RV. At the end of the day, you’ll find that you’re using less money on fuelling your vehicle and more on exploring new places.

13. Updating your old cabinetry

Last but not least in our list is updating your old cabinetry. Most motorhomes are covered with cabinets in the interior. If they have been there for long, you should consider replacing them for a refreshing look. Removing them from their hinges isn’t a difficult job, and you can do it yourself, with a hand from one more person. Also, you could decide to sand them and add some coats of neutral paint color to change its look completely. 


After doing all the above-listed things, it’s now time to get your RV sold. The secret with RVs is to keep making the little changes and upgrades while you still own yours so that when it comes time to sell it, the job will be minimized. Also, remember to negotiate respectfully with your buyer and agree on a favorable price for both of the parties. Take care!