10 Best RV Wax for Fiberglass of 2019: Reviews & Buying Guide

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When you invest in an RV, always remember to regularly maintain its cleanliness. There are times when you park in at a place where it would be prone to getting dirt all over it. There are a lot of factors that could shorten its lifespan too including the sun’s harmful UV rays. Yes, the sun’s UV rays can damage just about anything these days including the exteriors of your RV.

Nothing would make you feel better than to see your RV always looking as good as new. You will be able to boast it to other people when you bring it to trips. Of course, it is not easier said than done as you need to regularly clean it. There are a variety of cleaning methods you can implement and all of them will take time.

One of the most popular tasks that we highly recommend is waxing. When you use the best products in the market, you will have a great chance of preserving the good looks of your RV. You must treat your RV like your best friend as it will be with you during the good and bad times.

There are many benefits of using RV waxing products. You won’t have to deal with scratches on your vehicle anymore. In addition, say goodbye to worrying about the sun’s ultraviolet rays discoloring your investment. What’s more, these products will dry in just a few minutes so you won’t encounter any stains on your RV.

There are many RV waxing products in the market so we did the dirty work and narrowed them down for you.

Best RV Wax for Fiberglass

Without further ado, it is time to move to the RV waxes that need your attention. All these products are worthy investments. You won’t lose out when you buy any of them. In no particular order: here they are:

Everything You Need to Know About RV Wax


Just like any other product you are shopping for, you would want one that would last several years. Besides, it would be a waste of time to keep buying a replacement a few months after you just bought it. Good thing, a wax offers long-term protection compared to other cleaning materials.

There is a huge chance the manufacturer left some tips on how you can properly take care of their product. You would want a company like that as it says a lot about how they care about their customers. If they don’t put any instructions on the label, it means you have no choice but to research on how you are going to take care of the product.

There are some manufacturers who will reveal the expected lifespan of their products right away. This is to inform you so that you can prepare when it is nearing the time you can no longer use it. Of course, when that happens, you must prepare yourself to buy another one.

It would be great if the manufacturer would give you a bunch of advice on how you can take care of the product for it to last long. Besides, you wouldn’t want to research that as that would take up a lot of your time. Another good option would be to check out customer feedback about products you’re planning on purchasing. There is no doubt you will find out whether the products last long with them or not.


When you always drive your RV, you can never be sure what the weather will be like. There are times when it is too hot that you will perspire even if the air-con is already on. There are also times when it is too cold that you will wear too many clothes. Thus, it would be best if your wax can handle too much heat or too much rain.

If you get a product that can withstand whatever the climate is, you will feel confident about going to whatever place you want. If it is the other way around, your choices will be limited. Unfortunately, it may mean that you will have no choice but to only explore nearby places. That would take the sense of adventure out as it would be better to go on a long road trip to a far place.

Protection from Sun’s Rays

A lot of people overlook the damage the sun’s ultraviolet rays may bring. In reality, anything can be damaged heavily when exposed to the sun’s rays. There is a reason why we wear sunglasses when we’re out in public. There is also a reason why we wear sunscreen while at the beach.

If you pick a product with low UV protection, you are going to risk having your RV getting discolored. When that happens, you won’t be able to sell it at a high price. Thus, it would be best to pick an RV wax that offers extensive UV protection.

Custom Graphics Protection

When we treat our RV as our baby, we will put a ton of designs on it. Thus, you would want those things to stay on the exteriors forever. If you knew how much you spent for that customization, better do everything in your power to make sure it stays.

Better see what the RV wax’s capabilities are with regards to maintaining the custom graphics on the RV. It is best to find the one that really protects the graphics against bad weather and other things that may make it look bad. The sun’s UV rays is the number one cause of the graphics fading out. Thus, invest in one that can resist the sun’s UV rays.

Avoiding Scratches

There are some RV wax products that would cause dents or even scratches on your RV. Thus, better avoid those items as you would need to spend even more to repair the damages. It would be a splendid idea to check out the wax’s level of abrasiveness. In addition, better check it if performed well in past scratching tests so you wouldn’t get any on your RV.


There are some RV enthusiasts who are not familiar with what this product is and that is a shame. If you are one of them, check out these frequent questions about RV wax products:

Can an RV Wax be applied to other vehicles?

Believe it or not, the answer to that question is a resounding yes especially if the manufacturer made it that way. Yes, it is far from the wax you are used to seeing. Another thing that is so good about this product is that you are completely safe because they didn’t use dangerous compounds.

Not only will you get protection from the sun’s UV rays, but you will also not need water so you won’t spill anything. You will feel confident since you can easily apply the waxing to your RV. There won’t be a need to read an instruction manual just to learn how to use it.

What are the advantages of using RV Wax?

Your RV’s roof is the most prone part of your vehicle. It is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays and rain. Thus, it would be best to maintain its great condition. When you use RV wax on it, there is a huge chance you will extend its lifespan. Here are more benefits you will experience when you choose to use an RV wax on your vehicle:

Prevents Oxidation

There is always the risk of oxidation happening every time oxygen collides with any type of material. This could result in a lot of terrible things that you wouldn’t want to know. One of the things it will eventually cause is for the RV’s roof to deteriorate.

Everyone knows the roof is one of the RV’s most important components. There is a reason why everyone hires the best roofers to repair your home’s roofs. An RV’s roof may be smaller but it functions the same way. It protects your vehicle from outside debris such as rain and the sun’s UV rays.

It would be best to take care of your roof and one way would be to wax it. Another terrible effect of oxidation would be causing the roof to look old. Since it is the first thing that other people see in your RV, it would be wise to preserve it. Thus, it would not be wise to overlook the effects of oxidation.

Undeniable Versatility

RV waxes are not only applied to the exteriors of RVs. These things can also be applied to other similar vehicles. Of course, you need to check the materials of the product if it would safe to apply to your other vehicles. There are some compounds that aren’t a good fit with some surfaces.

There are products that can be applied to various surfaces. Of course, you must still check what the surface of your vehicle’s exterior is. After that, check if the product can be applied to it. It is true that RV waxes are suitable for most surfaces but there are a few exceptions. In this case, it is better to be safe than sorry unless you want to risk your RV getting damaged.

Prevents Dirt Buildup

When debris builds up in your RV, it will only be a matter of time before it stinks. The moment that happens, you are going to be so distracted that you don’t know what to do. In fact, you may even get into an accident because you’re going to be so paranoid.

Avoids Black Streaks

It is never good to deal with black streaks as they can result in something more severe. Thus, it would be best to do whatever you can to avoid your RV getting black streaks. No matter how difficult it may be, all your effort will be worth it in the end.

Maintains Awesome Look

If you love your vehicle, you would want it to look great for a long time. There is nothing like feeling proud of the condition of your vehicle. That is exactly what is going to happen when you use the RV Wax as the vehicle will look like what it did when you first bought it. Everyone knows how hard that is because of everything the RV will go through.

Prevents Scratches from Appearing

Perhaps, one of the most horrific things drivers will react to is when the person sees a scratch on his vehicle. When you often apply wax to your RV, you will eventually prevent that from happening. You can never predict when the RV will get scratched due to the many ways it can happen. The best thing to do would be to prevent it from happening and get it waxed is one excellent way.

Controls Water Effects

There are many ways water can damage your RV so it is a good thing RV waxes repels it. If water gets in your RV’s machine, it may destroy it. Thus, it would be best to prevent it from entering your interiors.

Immediate Impact

Perhaps, the best part about this product is that you won’t have to wait long before feeling the effects. In fact, it provides results faster than you can say, “Hello!” Other than being fast, the results will stay on your RV for quite a while. It will stay so long that you will forget to wax it again.

What are the two types of RV Wax?

The types are basically based on how the wax is applied to the surface. The two types basically contain the same ingredients but they look different. You can’t blame yourself if you would conclude they have different compositions because of the way they are presented.

You have the sprayer type and the container type. For convenience, the sprayer type is obviously the more popular choice. From the way you see it, you already know how to use it. Don’t forget to wipe the surface with a hand pad so it will look great though.

Believe it or not, you are going to use the container type the same way you use the sprayer type. The big difference is the way it looks as you’d have to choose the size. It really depends on how often you use your RV. If you use it often then you will need a large container. From the size alone, that will definitely cost you more money compared to the small version.

It would be better to invest in a large container so you won’t keep coming back to the hardware store. It is pretty safe to have a huge RV wax since you can also use it for your other vehicles. Even if you don’t have other vehicles, you can rest assured you’re going to use it on your RV for quite some time.

How do you know which product is best for you?

Perhaps, the easiest part is choosing the product because each one indicates on the label their uses. For example, if you want to use it for aluminum purposes, all you need to do is to look at the label. After that, consider the pros and cons of each product. In fact, this is why we are here as we are going to review each RV wax thoroughly until you get a gist of what to expect from them.

You must take your time in deciding the product that is best for you. We are going to tackle that a little bit later. After all, there is a reason why we explained what each product can do for you. We want you to decide what is best for you as it can be a life-altering decision.

Other than checking out our reviews below, you also have the option of asking your friends. If they are also RV drivers, you can bet they regularly clean their vehicles. That is a must because nobody would want to be seen with a dirty RV. If someone sees you with a dirty RV, they will assume you are an irresponsible person.

How to apply RV Wax?

It is normal for RV drivers to use their bare hands in applying the RV wax. The only problem is you would need to wash it off your hands and there are times when you find difficulties in doing so. The best way to apply the RV wax is to make solid use of a dual-action buffer. If you don’t know how to use it the now would be the best time in learning to do so since it is not that hard anyway.

Other than the buffer, you can also check out the instructions on the label with regards to the proper way of applying the wax. Of course, there is no better method than to trust what the manufacturer says. They may indicate that you would need to use a cloth for it.

Final Word

Due to the number of outside factors that may cause deterioration in your RV’s exteriors, you must prioritize protecting it. Good thing, we covered all the products you need to be focused on. There may be many choices but we narrowed it down to the best so you can narrow it down to what you really want. Another tip would be to look at each product’s con and determine whether it will have a big impact on you or not.

Each product we mentioned is special in their own way. There is no such thing as a perfect product so all of them have their own pros and cons. It is up to you to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa. Nothing would please us more than seeing you make the right choice for your RV.

When you buy one of the products we suggested, kindly tell us how it went. We would love to hear about customer experiences. Even if you actually have negative feedback, we will forward it to the people concerned so they can improve on their products next time. They actually love hearing feedback so they could serve their customers better in the future.

We would love to express our gratitude for taking time in reading this long article. We hope we gave you all the information you were looking for. If you were looking for something but didn’t find it in this article, kindly drop us an email and we would love to help you.

If you don’t agree with anything we stated above, kindly let us know in the comments section below. We promise not to critique you for it. After all, you have the right to your own opinion. Just remember we did not arrange the top RV waxes in order. We think all 10 of these products deserve a mention.

When you drop us a line, you can rest assured we will get back to you as soon as we can. We would love nothing more than to interact with our readers. We feel great every time we strike a conversation with fellow RV enthusiasts. When you are passionate about something, you would want to find other people who are passionate about the same thing. There is no doubt it would result in endless stories and you may not even notice how fast time flies.

If you think a certain product deserves to be mentioned here, let us know too. It is possible we were not able to include some products that truly deserve the spotlight. You can’t fault us too bad because we are all humans after all. There is also a possibility we already know about the product you want to include and we just didn’t want to include it. It is not our fault that there are 10 products better than it.

If you truly care about the well-being of your RV, it would only be right to spend your hard-earned cash in the best RV wax available. For more articles on RV materials and accessories, head over to our website. We are also RV enthusiasts and we love to help our fellow RV drivers.

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