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If you’re looking to buy an RV then you’ve come to the right place.  RVs or Recreational Vehicles are available to suit every budget, lifestyle, hobby or passion, there’s something for everyone.

We can broadly break RVs down into four distinct categories, which are Towable RVs, Motorized RVs, Speciality RVs, and Park Model RVs.

Towable RVs

Towable RVs are designed to be towed or mounted on other vehicles in order to be taken from destination to destination.  Modern towable RVs are lighter and stronger than ever and can be pulled by a huge variety of vehicles, including day to day family sedans.

Motorized RVs

Motorized RVs are distinct in that they are purpose-built accommodation built into a motorized van or truck chassis.  They are great for people that don’t want the extra hassle of pulling a trailer.

Speciality RVs

Speciality RVs are often designed to fulfill a very specific requirement, niche or need.  Speciality RVs can either by motorized or are towable.

Park Model RVs

Park Model RVs are semi movable units that are designed to move to a location for months or years at a time and will often require specialized equipment to move. We can class Tiny Homes in this category.

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