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Class A

Class A RV or motorhomes are custom designed and constructed vehicles based on a specialized truck chassis.

If you’re looking for luxury living and a true home away from home experience, then a Class A RV should be at the top of your list. Amenities will often include kitchens, spacious living areas, full bathrooms, entertainment systems and adjustable air conditioning and heating.

Class A RV

  • Size: Between 20 – 45 ft
  • Price: Between $50,000 – $600,000+
  • Accommodates: Sleeps up to 8 adults


Regardless of the size of the Class A Camper, you’re going to be getting an RV with plenty of room which is jam-packed full of home-like comforts.

Larger models (more expensive) are more luxurious and well-appointed than many condo’s or flats.

Some may even feature basement storage options, adding to the already impressive array of storage available.

Many Class A RVs will allow you to simply touch a button to activate the Slideouts, moving the RV walls out as much as 3 feet. This feature increases the available floor space allowing an already spacious vehicle to feel positively cavernous.

As a Class A RV is not necessarily easy to get around in, many owners opt to tow a small car for day trips and errands. Check out our article on the subject for some recommendations.