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Class B RVs, otherwise known as van campers, are produced by modifying the chassis or shell from a standard van or truck. The big advantage of a Class B RV is that they are surprisingly easy to drive, and are not much different from an SUV or standard car. This makes the leap from car to RV that much more bearable.

In terms of fittings, you can expect to find many comfort items and most of the conveniences you’d expect to find in a modern-day home.

Class B RV

  • Size: Between 15 – 25 ft
  • Price: Between $50,000 – $150,000
  • Accommodates: Sleeps up to 4 adults


Made for city streets and traffic, they are easy to get around in and surprisingly quick of the spot. If mobility, ease of parking and maneuverability is a must-have feature, then a Class B RV is something you need to check out.

Most Class B RVs will contain a variety of amenities as standard, which will most likely include a bathroom, dining and kitchen areas, sleeping and a range of storage options.

If you’re someone that’s tall, you can find models with raised roofs and/or dropped flooring, allowing you to stand without the need to duck. You can even find models with pop up roofs for even more headroom.

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